20 Creative CD and DVD Storage Ideas (Easy Guides)

Are you a movie lover? Nowadays, you just need to browse the internet to find your favorite movie and simply click buy to watch it. Or you can subscribe to a streaming program for a monthly bill or yearly. There’s no need to be in a long queue in line to purchase your favorite movie at the store like the old time.

But what do you do with your old CD and DVD purchases? do you still have it? Did you store it well? if you happen to find this article and wanted to reorganize your CD and DVDs, you can scroll these 20 Creative CD and DVD storage ideas till the last page.

First, I’ll be calling CDs or DVDs in this article as “collections” to make it simple ok? We have gathered our recommendations for you to store and organize your collections nicely. Whether you are a movie, music or gamer collector, you might find that these ideas are quite easy to do. We hope you get inspired!

1. Let’s Upcycle Boxes as Simple Storages

Creative CD DVD Storage Ideas

I believe in your house there are shelves, cabinets or drawers that you usually use to keep your stuff. If you’re not trying to make a new one especially for your CD and DVD collections, just use them to store it. For a minimal budget, you can use your shoe boxes or any unused boxes that will fit your collections.

Do not forget to rename each box to make it easy to find. Then, store the boxes on your shelves, cabinets, drawer. This CD and DVD storage idea is super easy right? Absolutely!

2. DIY Wall Storage Ideas

Creative CD DVD Storage Ideas

This CD and DVD storage idea is doing a DIY Wall Storage for your favorite collections. Pick your best and favorite CDs with ratio minimal 3×3 to 6×6. Mount them on the wall and arrange them as you wish. Voila! The wall-mounted CDs is ready and also will be your room decoration replacing the old photo frame or paints.

3. Simple and Stylish Wooden Storage

Creative CD DVD Storage Ideas

This is also a simple CD and DVD storage idea, even though you really need to do a bit of work for this. These wooden floating shelves are strong enough because it is nailed to the wall. Coincidentally, these shelves are a good place to store your collections. It’s not only can be used to store your CD and DVD but also books, magazines and so on. Use different sizes and arrange them nicely. So Stylish!

4. Hidden Storage Cabinet

Creative CD DVD Storage Ideas

As you can see from the title, we will offer you the easy guides to organize your collections. Here are another simple and easy CD and DVD storage ideas. A simple cabinet with a lot of drawers is the best solution to store your large collections.

By using this idea, you can easily pull out the DVD that you want to watch because it allows you to look at the title from the side of the DVD case. Cool things!

5. Cool CD and DVD Storage

Creative CD DVD Storage Ideas

This idea is the detail of the previous idea. This is a perfect fit for drawers (actually any empty drawers). It’s also easy to do. You just need to insert/add “slots” as depicted in the picture to organize your collections neatly. Super cool!

6. Under-Stairs Storage as It Best

Creative CD DVD Storage Ideas
Creative CD DVD Storage Ideas

Move on to another CD and DVD storage ideas, your under-stairs space might be the best small space – solution to store your collections. It’s packed but functional. You just need to create multiple shelves with 10 inches apart and the width of the wall for 10 inches. Now, your collections will be in a good place and nicely organized.

7. Cool Rack for Large Living Room

Creative CD DVD Storage Ideas
Creative CD DVD Storage Ideas

As a movie lover, the best place to watch movies is at your cozy living room accompanied by a fluffy sofa and couch and also a blanket! The Living room is the best place to store your CD and DVD collections. You can build a cool wooden rack as your DVD wall storage and place over the sofa. It will be easy to reach when you need it right?

8. Use the Leftover Space

Creative CD DVD Storage Ideas

Sometimes people think that a furniture needs to place in its specific room. We rarely find any furniture in the hallway or transition room. So, why don’t we make one in the hallway to organize your CD and DVD collections?

No need to be huge or unique one, just as simple as making a bookcase. But, built along the hallway, don’t create leftover space. Then store it nicely with or without boxes.

9. A Corner for Your Soul

Creative CD DVD Storage Ideas

A special idea for you, music lovers. Instead of CDs and DVDs, they usually love to collect CD Album and Vinyl Record. Think simple and create a simple corner to store the collections, the speaker, and the vinyl record player with a wooden open cabinet. You’ll have a vintage and soulful corner instantly.

10. Multifunction Storage Chest

Creative CD DVD Storage Ideas
Creative CD DVD Storage Ideas

A nook or corner at your home is a comfy place to sit and daydream. If you run out of places to keep your collections, why don’t you create a multifunction storage chest? You can use it as a bench but also can be used as multifunction storage. This idea also can be found at “Entry Table Ideas”.

Let’s go and make one, then store your favorite collections in it. A super creative CD and DVD storage idea that easy to follow.

11. Assign an Entire Wall

Creative CD DVD Storage Ideas

If you’re looking for a modern theme, you might check this CD and DVD storage idea. Metal shelves with its silver color would refresh the look at your room. Because silver-colored metals can also be a good place for you to store your collections in. Create huge shelving through your entire wall.

Because wooden shelves and storages are already too much as of the moment of this writing, you are basically going hipster by using these metal shelves.

12. A Unique Open Shelves

Creative CD DVD Storage Ideas

Do you ever think to have a cabinet or storage at your kitchen island? If it’s a no, you should look at the picture. Actually, you can use your kitchen island to store many things in it. Instead of having cabinet facing inside, you can try to make an open cabinet at outside of the kitchen island.

Isn’t it quite unique but useful? Immediately turn your kitchen island into open shelves and store your collections nicely.

13. Industrial Open Shelves

Creative CD DVD Storage Ideas

The industrial style is never failed to turn your home into a fresh and spacious look. This is one of the most creative CDs and DVD storage ideas that we offer for you. Depict the picture, the black-colored wire combines with wooden shelves. Isn’t it nice?

You are also can adopt the idea of making the signage to divides the collections alphabetically. Surely you can also decorate the shelves with other stuff, for example, your robot collections and so on.

14. DVD Storage Closet

Creative CD DVD Storage Ideas

From the photo source, we found out that this DVD storage closet is the largest private collection in the world. Occupying three U-shaped cabinets and a long glass wall, reaching 12 feet up beyond anyone’s reach without a ladder.

With the same condition, if you have a lot of collections but don’t want to toss it away. You should make a private closet like this storage. The classic design always works the best, don’t need to make it extra because all you need is the space that can be used efficiently.

15. All in One Wall Unit

Creative CD DVD Storage Ideas
Creative CD DVD Storage Ideas

Nifty, cozy, and cool are the best words to describes the wall unit spotted in the picture. You can store your books, magazines, CD and DVDs, and even vinyl records all in one wall unit. Place your tv in the middle, and you’re ready for binge watch TV series or movies. So, you’ll have your collections lying right next to the TV.

You can also decorate your living room with a cozy fireplace to warm up the room. Then, you’ll a super cozy and nifty living room. You also can turn this room into a home theater room by looking at “Basement Home Theater Ideas”. This will be our best pick for CD and DVD Storage Ideas.

Here are a few tips on how to manage your multimedia center:

  • Use adjustable shelves.

Instead of piling your boxes on a table, invest in adjustable shelves that let you split up the big black stack.

  • Reposition the television.

Put your TV low, so the screen is at eye level while you’re vegging out.

  • Go for small speakers

(you don’t need huge ones for high quality).

  • Hide wires.

Tuck the wires into the grooves on the back of the shelves or neatly attach along the back with thin strips of packing tape.

  • Distract with pretty things.

Hide those few inches of cord you just can’t conceal with a couple of strategically positioned vases.

  • Store your DVD collection in covered boxes.

It’s for neatness and privacy

  • Camouflage.

Floral wallpaper is an unexpected, decidedly untechy backdrop. With its winding pattern, this one camouflages any errant cables.

  • Stash your remotes.

16. Space Saving Storage

Creative CD DVD Storage Ideas

One of the best CD and DVD storage ideas for the laziness champions is to DIY a console table that lies behind a sofa. Use spare wooden planks that may be lying in your garage or get some from a charity shop. Besides that, all you need is some nails or wood glue and a hammer to fix it. Paint it with a color that perfectly matches to your house’s scheme.

17. Maximize the Space

Creative CD DVD Storage Ideas

If your DVD collection is a big one and you still haven’t shifted to Netflix and chill, you might wanna customize shelving above TV unit. It is also one of the creative CD and DVD storage ideas because you’ll have your collections right above the TV. Of course, it will maximize the use of the shelving.

So, on a Saturday night when you and your family plan to binge-watch movies, you don’t have to spend hours rummaging through boxes in the attic to find the right one.

18. Over the Door Storage

Creative CD DVD Storage Ideas

Okay, this one is a bit more decorative than it is practical, people sometimes like to use their CD and DVD collections to be part of the decoration instead of practical storage ideas. Frank Lloyds Wright said: “Form follows function—that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union”.

The form that was created by dividing the room can be functioned as the storage. That’s unity. Even though you’ll have a hard time picking it, but this CD and DVD Storage idea is awesome and easy to do.

19. Hidden Door Bookshelf

Creative CD DVD Storage Ideas

It’s classic and timeless. But it can be modern too. The hidden door bookshelf also can be as CD storage solutions for large collections. It’s also smart saving storage. You can use all of the space of the shelves to keep your collections and others. And double function as the door to the hidden room storage, for example you can check this “video game room ideas” out.

What’s more for a creative CD and DVD storage ideas? check out the last idea that will amaze you right away.

20. Built-in Shelving for Large Collections

Creative CD DVD Storage Ideas
Creative CD DVD Storage Ideas
Creative CD DVD Storage Ideas

Having a big space is beneficial for you who have large collections of books, CD and DVDs, vinyl records, and so on. But, what to do with very very large space? In the picture, you can see a large living room with double foyers.

Actually, there’s a huge library. But you can opt the idea for the and build large multimedia shelving to store your collections.  Living room built-ins can add style and personality as well as storage. And because built-ins can be designed to cater to your household’s specific needs, the options are virtually endless.

The beauty of built-ins is that they can be customized to suit a home’s or homeowner’s specific needs. Sometimes simplicity is best. These no-frills, frameless built-ins provide plenty of storage while reinforcing a contemporary aesthetic.

Before you decide how to store your CDs and DVDs, first, go through your movie collections and get rid of anything you know you’re never going to watch again. Find movies not worth owning, and those were the first to go. Do the same to your music and video game collections.

Then, opt for any ideas from these 20 creative CD and DVD storage ideas that will suit your conditions and your house design scheme the best. Don’t push your desire to much, just think what’s the most relatable to your needs right now.

More Ideas?

Rip DVD to MP4 Video

Before learning the following DVD storage ideas, another cost-effective andconvenient solution may bring you some new inspiration. You can rip DVD to MP4 video and save the contents in your hard drive, flash drive, cloudservice and so on. Better yet, creating digital copies for your valuableDVDs protects them from the disasters of being scratched, damaged andcorroded.

DVD Storage Units

Storage units

In this case, it’s good for DVD storage since they have stylish outlook and are more practical. The DVDs are easily visible and one is always advantaged to pick any DVD he feels like watching without having to go through a pile of DVDs looking for his favorite disk.

DVD Storage Ideas Under the Bed

Another way of overcoming DVD storage challenge is through the use of trank bed. It offers space for storage of such stuff as DVD. It has the capacity of accommodating more DVDs thereby emptying more space in the living room. This makes life more comfortable even to those living in small rooms.

Storage DVD On the Wall

Store DVD on the wall

Walls offer more to just a place to hang pictures. It can as well be used to store DVDs. To achieve this, one needs to purchase DVD storage shelves and pin them in the living room walls or any other convenient room to the users. This will not only help save on space but will also act to decorate the house and makes it look attractive.

CD DVD Storage Curtains

DVD curtains

Use of DVD curtains as a storage for DVDs also act to free some space occupied by piles of bulky DVDs in a small room. All that you need to do is to buy DVD pockets join together into a curtain and DVDs is inserted into it without cases. The end result of this? A well creative decoration and tidiness of the room.

Binders and CD Storage Ideas

It’s more economical and smart t store DVDs in binders and CD sleeves as it will help you save a lot of money that would otherwise go on extra expenses. For instance, loose-leaf binders and plastic CDs are less expensive as compared to bookcases and DVD racks. One needs to store the DVD in a series of binders stored in shelves and drawers.

This method, however, had the disadvantage of time-consuming since it takes a lot of work to put the binders together.

Cases and DVD Storage Ideas

Cases and DVD storage racks

This kind of DVD storage comes with enormous benefits that one needs to explore. Of such benefits include; easy accessibility of the collection anytime, gives one opportunity to arrange the disc in whichever manner or order he may prefer.

However it also has some disadvantages for example; is relatively expensive, space consuming in most cases it may require a while room just for DVD storage alone.

Creative CD and DVD Storage Ideas

Creative CD and DVD storage ideas

From the pictures, one can deduce that the CD racks is accomplishing its intended function. This can be designed in a number of ways. An example of a material used here is oak wood since it’s a hardwood thus can withstand bump. The dimension of this rack is 1500mm ×1350mm holding 300 CDs, way above the expected result.

Each piece has slots at both top and bottom. These pieces can be put together in a number of ways although some ways are superior and much better than others. This explains why one should consider how they look on the wall before they even start drilling it.

Speakers are mostly less mobile due to wiring. The lengthy between the speakers should be approximately a half a meter.

Unique CD Storage Ideas

On the wall cabinet to save space

Building a CD rack hanging on the wall will help solve the puzzle such as not being able to find favor CD or lacking storage space for DVDs. It offers both functional and creative art on the wall boosting appearance.

DIY DVD Shelf Storage Ideas

DIY DVD shelf

Build your own DVD shelf case especially when you have space to store DVD collection. This has much more benefits as compared to standard bookcases which waste a lot of space on every shelf.

DVD Storage Ideas Behind the Door

DVD rack behind the door

Building DVD racks behind your door at a cost of only $35 and taking only 2 hours will help in hiding away the DVD collections. Having a wooden door is advantageous as it will enable screwing of the DVD shelves unit right on the door.

DVD Storage Ideas Space Cabinet

Lovers of music need media storage and a great piece of furniture for their CDs. This necessitates wooden wall structure in which the picture is made u sliding vertical shelves having CDs.

Biola Shape DVD Storage Ideas

This type of storage looks quirky and different. It’s of high traditional quality achieved through warm woods and more convenient when placed in the living room.

Vіntаgе Cabinet DVD Stоrаgе Ideas

Having a cabinet will helping storage of DVDs. use of functional drawers will store a large number of CDs and DVDs. This will help keep them tidy. The cabinet is made up of solid dark brown wood offering more decoration to the room.

Hidden DVD Storage Ideas

Hidden DVD storage

Another way to conveniently store DVDs and CDs is by hiding them in a wall mounted on the storage unit. It looks like floating shelf by has to drop down door mounted on hinges saving on space inside. It’s silk white in nature.

Cube CD Storage Ideas

Cube CD Rack

It has a shape of honeycomb holding 60 CDs on a singles piece enabling one to easily select albums. Here up to three CDs can be stacked on each other to store CDs

DVD Storage for Entertainment Center

DVD storage for entertainment center

DVDs and CDs should be locked in spacious storage cabinet which should have TV stand of wooden cabinet divided into five compartments should be used.

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