Creative CD DVD Storage Ideas For Perfect Decor!

CD DVD Storage Ideas – DVD storage is one of the most difficult hurdles one has to contend with in life. When at most care and diligence is not observed and some decision made as regards to DVD storage, it makes the appearance of the room untidy. Purchasing a standard DVD case may look attractive but that can only lead to boredom. It’s not such a noble decision to make. The question that then arises is “what should then be done in terms of DVD storage to ensure tidiness of the room?” The answer to the above question lies in the following:

Rip DVD to MP4 Video

Before learning the following DVD storage ideas, another cost-effective andconvenient solution may bring you some new inspiration. You can rip DVD to MP4 video and save the contents in your hard drive, flash drive, cloudservice and so on. Better yet, creating digital copies for your valuableDVDs protects them from the disasters of being scratched, damaged andcorroded.

DVD Storage Units

Storage units

In this case, it’s good for DVD storage since they have stylish outlook and are more practical. The DVDs are easily visible and one is always advantaged to pick any DVD he feels like watching without having to go through a pile of DVDs looking for his favorite disk.

DVD Storage Ideas Under the Bed

Another way of overcoming DVD storage challenge is through the use of trank bed. It offers space for storage of such stuff as DVD. It has the capacity of accommodating more DVDs thereby emptying more space in the living room. This makes life more comfortable even to those living in small rooms.

Storage DVD On the Wall

Store DVD on the wall

Walls offer more to just a place to hang pictures. It can as well be used to store DVDs. To achieve this, one needs to purchase DVD storage shelves and pin them in the living room walls or any other convenient room to the users. This will not only help save on space but will also act to decorate the house and makes it look attractive.

CD DVD Storage Curtains

DVD curtains

Use of DVD curtains as a storage for DVDs also act to free some space occupied by piles of bulky DVDs in a small room. All that you need to do is to buy DVD pockets join together into a curtain and DVDs is inserted into it without cases. The end result of this? A well creative decoration and tidiness of the room.

Binders and CD Storage Ideas

It’s more economical and smart t store DVDs in binders and CD sleeves as it will help you save a lot of money that would otherwise go on extra expenses. For instance, loose-leaf binders and plastic CDs are less expensive as compared to bookcases and DVD racks. One needs to store the DVD in a series of binders stored in shelves and drawers.

This method, however, had the disadvantage of time-consuming since it takes a lot of work to put the binders together.

Cases and DVD Storage Ideas

Cases and DVD storage racks

This kind of DVD storage comes with enormous benefits that one needs to explore. Of such benefits include; easy accessibility of the collection anytime, gives one opportunity to arrange the disc in whichever manner or order he may prefer.

However it also has some disadvantages for example; is relatively expensive, space consuming in most cases it may require a while room just for DVD storage alone.

Creative CD and DVD Storage Ideas

Creative CD and DVD storage ideas

From the pictures, one can deduce that the CD racks is accomplishing its intended function. This can be designed in a number of ways. An example of a material used here is oak wood since it’s a hardwood thus can withstand bump. The dimension of this rack is 1500mm ×1350mm holding 300 CDs, way above the expected result.

Each piece has slots at both top and bottom. These pieces can be put together in a number of ways although some ways are superior and much better than others. This explains why one should consider how they look on the wall before they even start drilling it.

Speakers are mostly less mobile due to wiring. The lengthy between the speakers should be approximately a half a meter.

Unique CD Storage Ideas

On the wall cabinet to save space

Building a CD rack hanging on the wall will help solve the puzzle such as not being able to find favor CD or lacking storage space for DVDs. It offers both functional and creative art on the wall boosting appearance.

DIY DVD Shelf Storage Ideas

DIY DVD shelf

Build your own DVD shelf case especially when you have space to store DVD collection. This has much more benefits as compared to standard bookcases which waste a lot of space on every shelf.

DVD Storage Ideas Behind the Door

DVD rack behind the door

Building DVD racks behind your door at a cost of only $35 and taking only 2 hours will help in hiding away the DVD collections. Having a wooden door is advantageous as it will enable screwing of the DVD shelves unit right on the door.

DVD Storage Ideas Space Cabinet

Lovers of music need media storage and a great piece of furniture for their CDs. This necessitates wooden wall structure in which the picture is made u sliding vertical shelves having CDs.

Biola Shape DVD Storage Ideas

This type of storage looks quirky and different. It’s of high traditional quality achieved through warm woods and more convenient when placed in the living room.

Vіntаgе Cabinet DVD Stоrаgе Ideas

Having a cabinet will helping storage of DVDs. use of functional drawers will store a large number of CDs and DVDs. This will help keep them tidy. The cabinet is made up of solid dark brown wood offering more decoration to the room.

Hidden DVD Storage Ideas

Hidden DVD storage

Another way to conveniently store DVDs and CDs is by hiding them in a wall mounted on the storage unit. It looks like floating shelf by has to drop down door mounted on hinges saving on space inside. It’s silk white in nature.

Cube CD Storage Ideas

Cube CD Rack

It has a shape of honeycomb holding 60 CDs on a singles piece enabling one to easily select albums. Here up to three CDs can be stacked on each other to store CDs

DVD Storage for Entertainment Center

DVD storage for entertainment center

DVDs and CDs should be locked in spacious storage cabinet which should have TV stand of wooden cabinet divided into five compartments should be used.

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  1. Great read, just going to add to it. I had a humungous collection of DVDs and even the thought of giving them away because of space issues was heart breaking. That’s when I started shopping for CD and DVD storage boxes in bulk. Most boxes are lightweight, portable and very compact so it was really easy to index and organise my collection.


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