20+ Best Entryway Table Ideas to Greet Guests in Style

Entryway table may look like a simple furniture piece, but it presents the glimpse of your house to the guests. The perfect entry table ideas can create a great impression on your guests and make them feel welcomed. You can also use the table as additional storage space, making it easier to grab things when you go out. Keep your keys, shoes, bike helmet, and other important things on this table for practicality.

Entryway Table Ideas for Inspirations

There are various entryway table designs you can choose, from Victorian to rustic and even modern-minimalist. Here are some ideas for you to consider before purchasing.

1. “Floating” Shabby Chic Table with Round Mirror

Floating Shabby Chic Table with Round Mirror

Wall-mounted, floating table is perfect for the narrow entryway. This table is perfect to keep the essentials, such as car keys and simple decorations. A round mirror with intricate frame draws attention to an otherwise simple entryway. Two candles and tall, thin porcelain vase add simple elegance to this narrow floating table.

2. Rustic Entryway Table with Baskets

Rustic Entryway Table with Baskets

Rustic entryway table gives a warm look that your guests will immediately notice. This table is made of dark wood with wheeled legs for easy moving. Woven baskets are stacked underneath to provide the homey look and additional storage. Decorations such as mason jar, round clock, and table lamp with floral cap complete the look. The mason jar can be used as a vase to keep dried flowers, creating a farmhouse style look.

3. Natural Wood Entryway Table with Plants

Wood Entryway Table with Plants

Make your modern entryway table more welcoming with plants. This table looks humble with the natural wood finish, but the potted plant, round shrub, and flowers make it more welcoming. The whimsical “hello” touch blends perfectly with the window frame and old-school lanterns. You can see interesting details, such as the large “B” letter, metal-frame basket, and a small flower in a cup. A wooden fan adds a tropical sparkle on the wooden table surface.

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4. Bench-style Entryway Table

rustic entry table ideas

Have a construction plan for a long bench, but do not know where to put it? Change it into an entryway table. This DIY entryway table was created from an X-braced bench construction plan. The rustic look and dark color will match any home interior design perfectly. The table is decorated with slightly whimsical, homey ornaments, such as glass lantern, wooden toy bird, and vintage bottle. The narrow style makes it perfect if you have limited space in the entryway.

5. Repainted IKEA Table

 DIY Entry Table

IKEA has entryway tables in its catalog, but why sticking to the boring default colors? Use bright color schemes to repaint the table and create a new look, such as dark blue and gold colors for beautiful contrast. The smooth dark blue color brings elegance to a modern home, but the gold touch on the legs’ bottom parts add luxury without being tacky. Pair it with a framed square mirror, white table lamp, and a small basket.

6. Forest Cabin Style with French Vanilla Wood

Brilliant Entry Table Decor Ideas

Combining forest cabin aesthetic with French vanilla wood creates the rustic but elegant look. This pale table has a natural wood finish that matches the wooden lantern, woven basket, and wooden ornaments. A round shrubbery, potted plants, vase, and DIY lamp from glass bottle complete the look. The bottom part of the table has additional storage space that is raised from the floor.

7. Corner Entryway Table for Small Space

Small Corner Entryway Table Ideas

Entryway table is versatile and perfect even for small space. This table has an extra tier to accommodate the letter “bucket” without taking up too much space. The top is adorned with a lantern, a unique ornament, and a potted plant. A round mirror and basket flank the table on the top and bottom, adding functionality while making the structure looks more welcoming.

8. Designer Contemporary Console Table

Design Contemporary Console Table

A contemporary entryway console table will add a fancy touch to your house, and with just small efforts. This entryway table, designed by Sarah Sherman Samuel, offers a modern look with its thin frames and minimalistic design. Identical table lamps neatly flank a small stack of book, potted plant, and simple modern trinket. A circular mirror with a decorative frame fills the empty space between the lamps. A basket adds storage space for the simple table.

9. Classic Entryway Table with Elegant Mirror

Editorial-worthy Entry Table Ideas Design

Create a grand entrance for your guests by pairing a pale wooden entryway table with large, elegant mirror. This table has an unfinished wood look that goes well with the seagrass baskets and wooden framed-picture. However, the grand decorative mirror with carved brass frame adds a luxurious touch to the entire ensemble. Two identical elegant lamps and a porcelain bowl for flower make this table an elegant way to welcome guests.

10. Rustic Blue Entryway Table

Best Entry Table Ideas

Combine bright color with rustic color to get that 18th century pastoral home look in your entryway. This recycled wooden table was painted bright blue, but you can still see its wear and tear, which give a well-worn look. A repainted wooden crate repurposed as a bookshelf completes the look. The table goes great with a potted plant, framed black-and-white pictures, decorative glass bottle, and a framed round mirror. The white panels on the drawers match the white photo frames.

11. Elegant, Traditional Entryway Console Table

rustic console table ideas

Bring classic elegance to your house by pairing a wooden console table with vintage decorations. Vintage clock, brass photo frame, and white ceramic flower vase create a classic, homey look in the entryway. An ornamental deer head creates a focal point in the empty space above the table. This entryway look is perfect for houses with materials that look “old”, such as exposed brick walls or carved stone tiles.

12. Repurposed Sewing Table

sewing machine base table

This DIY entryway table was created from an old-school sewing machine. The top part was replaced with a polished wooden plank, roughly cut to create a distinctive look. The supporting metal structure was left in its original style to give it a unique character. This classic combination of wood and metal was improved with a bright-colored decorative glass vase and pine cone as unique trinkets.

13. Folding Table from Repurposed Wood

solid wood entry table

A folding table is flexible, space-efficient, and perfect for any entryway design. This table is made of repurposed wood with unfinished touch, resulting in rustic but elegant look. The bottom part has a shoe platform and woven basket for extra storage space. Flower pot, table lamp, and framed mirror complete the elegant but welcoming look. A thin drawer is a perfect place to store small things such as car keys and spare changes.

14. Stylish Tiered Console Table

DIYs For Your Rustic Home Decor

If functionality is your first priority, this stylish tiered console table is the best option. The identical wooden planks and white “X” support beams look modern and straightforward, without unnecessary flair. A simple flower vase and framed picture or mirror are enough to adorn this table. The table is also lightweight and easy to move if necessary. A home woodworking enthusiast can make this table as a practical DIY project.

15. Wooden Console Table with Multiple Drawers

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas

Combine beauty with functionality with a wooden console table that has multiple drawers. You can keep things such as car keys and duplicate keys in the tables (add locks if possible) and use the surface to display your favorite trinkets. An extra tier near the bottom is great to put a basket, pillows, potted plants, or shoes. A warm message on the top will make your guests feel welcomed.

16. Console Table with Sofa Bench

small entry table ideas

A console table with extra space underneath is great to store additional seat, such as this sofa bench. The simple dark surface suits the house’s modern interior, and the bench has a lighter color to create good contrast. A big mirror instantly turns the entryway table into a dressing table for quick makeup touch-up before leaving.

17. Sleek Console Table with “X” Beams

Modern Rustic Entryway Table Ideas

A sleek console table with “X” beams looks elegant in a simple way. The dark, polished surface is a great place for chic ornaments such as framed pictures, porcelain “bottle” vase, and white table lamp. A simple square mirror completes the look.

18. Square Entryway Table

front entry table decor ideas

A square entryway table made of wooden planks have a stronger look, perfect for a farmhouse look. The crate-like structure creates two storage planks for storing table lamp, flower vase, baskets, and welcoming message on the top. A refurbished wooden frame makes a great ornament for such table. You can put a mirror or other unique ornaments in that frame, such as metal frames that form a “window” look.

19. Floor Cabinet as Entryway Table

entry table with storage

Maximize your storage capacity by turning a floor cabinet into an entryway table. The top of the cabinet can be used as a regular table, while the bottom space is used to store things such as shoes, towels, and other necessities. A hollowed space under the surface can be used to store baskets or removable drawers, maximizing the storage capacity.

20. Vintage Pedestal Console Table

farmhouse entry table ideas

A vintage, pedestal-style table will give a unique touch to your entryway. The wooden surface is great to store potted plants or framed photos/welcoming message. The old metal pedestal creates a strong statement since the first time your guest enters the house.

These entryway tables are not only beautiful, but also practical and perfect for any interior designs.

Tips to Style Your Entryway Table

Creating an impact through entryway table composition may sound simple, but you can end up with an awkward combination without good planning. Here are some tips to compose an entryway table style that works for your house:

  • Consider the space

An entryway table should not become another clutter. Consider the size of your entryway and choose table style that accommodates the space. If possible, choose a table with wheels on the legs to make moving it easier.

  • Avoid clutter

It is tempting to decorate your table with various trinkets but remember to avoid clutter. Depending on the size of the table, make sure that half of them are functionals. For example, you can adorn the table with vintage clock, key box, and potted live plant. Leave empty space to do things such as quick note-taking or putting your car key.

  • Add proper lighting

A dark entryway will make your guest feel unwelcome, especially if there is a long distance between the front door and the other parts of the house. A lighting device that provides a soft glow not only lightens your entryway, but also brings attention to the entryway table. Another option is to add a wall lighting fixture or even table lamp.

  • Consider the size of the mirror

Adding a mirror atop your entryway table will provide decorative and practical purposes. Make sure the mirror can properly fill the empty space above the table (you should measure the empty wall space before buying the mirror). Make sure guests with average heights can see their faces in the mirror without bowing. Choose a mirror with a unique frame that matches your table.

  • Create a statement that matches your interior

Consider the interior of your house, including the color schemes and decorations. What style that looks more prominent? Recreate that style on your entryway table using statement trinkets, from flower vases to table lamps or baskets. Think outside the box when choosing functional objects. For example, instead of putting a box for car keys or coins, use a wide ceramic bowl with cute prints.

  • Get creative with the table style

Some of these tables have unique styles. One was made of an old sewing machine. Another one was built from a bench construction plan. You don’t have to get stuck with the usual idea for entryway table and think about which old furniture at home you can repurpose!

Using these tips, you can create a unique entryway table style that matches your personality.


An entryway table not only offers practical functions, but also gives glimpses of your home design. The right decorations will create a great statement for the guests and make them feel welcomed. These entry table ideas will help you greeting every guest with style, and make you feel welcomed when entering the house.

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