How to Make Your Kitchen Look and Feel Bigger

A kitchen of any size can look bigger or smaller depending on the tricks you employ. Whether you live in a small apartment or an average house, there is a high possibility that you wish your kitchen felt and looked bigger.

Bigger kitchens leave you with enough space for kitchen traffic among many other things. Kitchens in developed areas are known to be the smallest, yet they exhibit high levels of attractiveness. You can also take your style and design tips to another level.

Keep reading for insights on how to make your kitchen look and feel bigger.

Go for Open-Shelving

Open storage is known to give your kitchen a more spacious look. In most cases, cabinets come with doors so that you can lock your items inside. If you want to achieve the bigger look, test by opening the doors and observe the shelves from a distance.

Cabinets are necessary tools for your kitchen but can often make it look small, especially when the doors are locked. In case the original cabinets have permanently fixed doors, talk to your local carpenter to have it renovated.

If you wish to add a little luxury to your open-shelving experience, go for the shiny copper shelving. Apart from the beauty, the polished surface will enlarge your kitchen’s visual appearance.

Install Lighting around the Cabinet

Ordinary kitchens have a single lighting device that is usually placed in the top-center of the house. This form of light creates dark shadows of items below it, making the room darker.

The dark shadows make the kitchen look small hence the need for enough lighting. Install lighting objects all over the kitchen and within the cabinets. The extra light emanating from the additional objects makes the room feel bigger and brighter.

Use Glass Door Cabinets

A glass-door cabinet is another way of enlightening your kitchen. Traditional cabinets have solid doors that hinder the display of material stored in them. The fact that nothing is seen creates an impression that the kitchen is too small to store anything.

Instead of the solid door, use a glass door and display attractive drinkware via the opening. Apart from the impression created, the reflections from the mirrors give enough lighting to your kitchen, giving it a bigger appearance.

Natural Light

Natural light has to be a priority in your kitchen for it to look bigger. The kitchen window should be fixed at a point where the outside environment is enticing to see. This will encourage you to lift up the curtain to let in natural light.

Sheer curtains should be your ultimate choice for the kitchen or else you may decide to cover a small part of the window and leave the rest. The natural light that comes via the window provides airiness as well as expanding the visual space of the kitchen.

Kitchen Materials Should Be Reflective

Materials with shiny surfaces can bounce light which eventually makes your small kitchen feel bigger.

However, the reflection has to complement the color of your cabinet, which in this case has to be white. The reflective sheen of individual objects in the kitchen combines with the white surfaces to enhance the space in your small kitchen.

Choose a Perfect Dishwasher

The lifestyle that your family leads will determine the type of dishwasher that befits your home. Based on the fact that it is a small kitchen, it means that a concealed dishwasher will do you justice.

Most standard dishwashers are 24-inch although 18-inch dishwashers are slowly gaining some footing. The latter ensures that you save some precious space that you can use to have additional cabinets to enhance the room.

Additionally, a smaller washer gets filled fast giving the satisfying notion of a larger kitchen environment.

Use Slimmer Cabinets

Although there is a recommended size of the cabinet, defy the norm and go for slimmer lower cabinets. Making such a move will have a massive impact in that it will open more floor space.

This space is all you should be longing for as it makes a difference in your small kitchen. The narrow cabinets also ensure that you keep only the items that you need in your kitchen.

Use a Single Color

White is the most recommended color for your kitchen, but that does not mean that it is the only option available. Whichever color you pick, try your best to ensure that it is the only one.

Cabinets, countertops, and walls require similar shades or if it is unavoidable, let the colors complement one another. This will reduce the visual contrast that makes rooms appear smaller.

Open up the Floor

Kitchen floor space has to be sought after using all means possible. When it comes to the purchasing of tables, go for small models that leave you with enough space to move around in the kitchen.

Always go for downsized models of kitchen equipment to give room for smooth movement and meal preparation.

Consider Vertical Stripes

Have you been to a building with horizontal lines? What did you notice? Just as horizontal lines make objects appear taller, vertical stripes will similarly benefit your kitchen. However, this time around, your room will look bigger.

Your cabinets should adopt a vertical arrangement to make it bigger. Additionally, you may use vertical wallpapers to enhance your kitchen.

Slimmer Refrigerators Are the Best

There is a tendency among clients to go for big fridges that they do not necessarily need. Filling up a 36-inch freezer is an uphill task and thus consumes an ample space for nothing.

In case you are the type that doesn’t fancy cooking or shopping for fresh produce, big fridges are not for you. A 30-inch refrigerator will be convenient for you as there is nothing much to store.

Small fridges ensure maximum utilization and leave adequate space for other essentials.

The kitchen is the focal point of every home, yet small space is usually allocated to it. Instead of demolishing the whole structure, go for approaches that make good use of the available space. Downsized models should always be your priority if you want your kitchen to look bigger.

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