5 Genius Decor Hacks for Your Small Kitchen

A small kitchen is a problem that is faced by many homeowners. A tiny kitchen always seems to be crowded and often looks messy for the simple reason that it is very difficult to organize and store all your cooking tools and food. But don’t let the small size of your kitchen hold you back from making it look amazing.

Here we have made a list of some hacks and tricks that will help you de-clutter and maximize the potential of your small kitchen space.

Get a Kitchen Cart

A kitchen cart, that also doubles as a dining table for a couple of people, is a great way to maximize the potential of your small kitchen. This kitchen cart will give you a lot of extra mobile storage space. There are many kitchen carts available in the market, and you can get one that matches the design and color of your countertops so that the kitchen cart doesn’t stand out.

Build Some Retractable Workspaces

The main thing that has to be done to make a small kitchen look good and function properly when you have a heavy workload is to make use of every possible inch of space. You should build some retractable work surfaces that can be hidden into a cupboard or a drawer when it is not being used. By building these retractable workspaces, you can make sure that you have a lot of workspace when you need it at holidays or family events and a lot of space to move around in the normal days.

Organize and De-Clutter

Sometimes a small kitchen or a small room can look very untidy, and this is usually because the room isn’t well-organized. You should take some time to organize and maintain your kitchen.

Clutter can make a small kitchen look even smaller. So, only keep the things that you regularly use like the toaster, microwave and other important appliances on the countertops and put everything else in cupboards and drawers.

Also, keep all your appliances clean. A clean kitchen looks more open and inviting. You can see some reviews online to find out some simple steps to clean a toaster oven and many other appliances.

Build a Separate Walk-In Pantry

The biggest problem that homeowners have to face because of a small kitchen is low storage space. A great solution to this problem is to build a separate walk-in pantry outside the kitchen. This will allow you to free up a lot of space inside the kitchen, and it will allow you to maximize the potential of your small kitchen.

Upgrade the Lighting of the Kitchen

The lighting of any room has a very crucial role to play in setting the mood and ambiance of the room. The same theory applies to the kitchen, as well. The proper lighting can even make a small kitchen look open and spacious.

Instead of using traditional fluorescent bulbs to light up the kitchen, you should go for more design-oriented options like wall sconces. You should also use LED bulbs for brighter light and lower electricity bills.

Make your small kitchen more practical as well as beautiful by following the simple tips written above. Let us know if the article helps you out.


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