45+ Amazing Kitchen Backsplash Ideas That Totally Steal the Show

Are you looking for some fantastic ideas for your new kitchen splashback? Installing a new backsplash is a great way to update your kitchen without going through a full remodel. To inspire your future renovations, we’ve collected our favourite kitchen backsplash ideas from across the web.

Now, let’s get into the best kitchen backsplash ideas for your dream kitchen.


Chalkboard Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Pros: This versatile, on-trend look does double duty as the family message center. And since it goes on with a paintbrush, “installation” is a total breeze.

Cons: Keeping tabs on pieces of chalk.


Metal Laminate Backsplash Ideas

Pros: Similar to high-pressure plastic laminate, this budget answer to the sheet metal look is available in a range of finishes and textures.

Cons: It takes less wear and tear than sheet metal and shows fingerprints like whoa.


Sheet Metal kitchen backsplash designs

Pros: Nickel, zinc, copper, stainless steel. There’s a reason commercial kitchens use this stuff: It’s virtually impervious to everyday abuse.

Cons: It’s pricey and gets pricier the more you have to cut it to allow for outlets and other wall obstacles.


Clay kitchen backsplash trends

Pros: Whether matte or glazed, chevron or brick–this stuff just looks expensive.

Cons: Tile and grout must be sealed annually, and since clay tile is often unsealed on the edges, it requires finishing with trim where it meets the wall.


Hex kitchen backsplash tile

Pros: This Victorian favorite stands up to frequent scouring and instantly gives any kitchen a fun, period flair.

Cons: You have to seal it periodically.


Beadboard choosing a kitchen backsplash

Pros: This solid-surface option makes for a classic, country-chic aesthetic (at a relatively low price point). It’s also easy to cut and glue during installation and easy to wipe down during cleanup.

Cons: Over time, dirt, food and mold may get stuck in the grooves.


Ceramic white kitchen backsplash

Pros: This old standby is popular for a reason: It takes a beating for decades and can look demur, showy, modern or retro, depending on how you apply and grout it.

Cons: The tile itself will outlast the materials used in installation, meaning it may need re-grouting or re-caulking every few years.


Tin kitchen backsplash colors

Pros: These vintage-looking tiles will stand up to water and heat. And as long as you clean them regularly with soap and water, they truly will last as long as your kitchen.

Cons: If you have an oddly shaped area, installing the tiles without cutting into the designs can get tricky.


kitchen backsplash ceramic tile

Pros: Hello, conversation piece.

Cons: Cement is heavy, pricey and porous. Tiles sometimes chip during shipping, meaning you’ll want to buy a few extra.


Dark kitchen backsplash design ideas

Pros: Marble, granite and limestone can work for a traditional or modern look, depending on cut and installation.

Cons: Dark colors are more expensive than light ones, and the stone is often uneven in thickness. (If that sort of thing bothers you.)


Mosaic kitchen backsplash decor ideas

Pros: Mesh-backed sheets are super-easy to install (there’s a reason they’re a fave among DIYers). Style options are limitless with materials ranging from stone to glass to even stainless steel.

Cons: Mosaic sheets come with the tiles prearranged, meaning you’re stuck with that blue/gold/amber combo unless you want to shell out more money to adjust.

Gray and White and Marble Kitchen

Gray and white kitchen backsplash ideas 2019

Perfect kitchen with white upper cabinets and brass hardware, marble tile backsplash and grey lower cabinets.

Climbing Vines

Climbing kitchen backsplash images

A custom-made tile backsplash brings this kitchen to life. The twisting vines even delicately go around the electrical outlet.

Go the Extra Mile

kitchen backsplash ideas pictures

And if you’re feeling really creative, take a tip from this space with a marble oven hood.

White and Blue Kitchen Backsplash

White and blue kitchen backsplash

A kitchen sink, Kohler Frost Blue Sink, stands under windows flanked by eclipse glass cabinets.

Liven Up Your Neutrals

awesome tiles for kitchen photo

Neutral spaces have a calm and meditative feel, but the eye still needs something to engage.

A simple patterned backsplash can be all it takes to bring a little visual energy to your kitchen.

Moorish Backsplash for White Kitchens

kitchen backsplash for white cabinets

Just when you thought you’d seen everything a blue and white kitchen could do, we gave you Moorish tile.

Neutral Kitchen Backsplash

kitchen backsplash for dark cabinets

Neutral tones of the backsplash tiling pairs perfectly with dark colored cabinets.

Cool Pattern Kitchen

kitchen backsplash before and after

A bold pattern creates a sense of intimacy in a large room. Choose a neutral color if you don’t want it to pop too much.

Kitchen Backsplash Styles

kitchen backsplash ideas pictures

Extending the backsplash to the ceiling and using materials such as statuary marble, mosaic glass tile mixed with natural stone, creates an artistic focal point in a kitchen space. Photo by Rio Costantini. Design by Danenberg Design

A Polygon Marble Tile Backsplash

A Polygon kitchen backsplash ideas and photos

A marble mosaic backsplash lends an elegantly modernized layer to a monochrome kitchen.

Vintage Industrial Kitchen

kitchen backsplash ideas antique white cabinets

Add shine and sophistication with an urban edge to your kitchen. Incorporate this style with bold details, like metal mosaic tile and cage pendant lighting.

Marble Subway Tile Backsplash

kitchen backsplash ideas contemporary

I am absolutely in love with this counter to ceiling marble subway tile mixed with these natural wood open shelves! Talk about simple and stunning

River Rock Backsplash

River Rock Backsplash Ideas

Although the most common use of these river rock pebbles is actually shower floors, photo stylist Chris Walker and her husband came up with the idea of using them as a kitchen backsplash.

Eye-Catching Inset

Eye-Catching Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas

This kitchen is simple and symmetric with its neutral color palette and congruent cabinetry.

A gray ceramic-tile backsplash matches the room’s color scheme and style, but an eye-catching inset above the range instantly adds a visual interest on a long wall.

The angled tiles are framed with a slightly arched top, drawing attention to the space while still aligning with the kitchen’s style

The Dark Side

kitchen backsplash color ideas

A dark brown backsplash keeps this kitchen from looking too stuffy or boring.

It not only blends beautifully with the countertops and flooring, but the contrast with the stark white cabinetry adds a gorgeous balance that keeps the space interesting and warm.

Subway Backsplash Ideas

kitchen backsplash decorating ideas

This is probably the most popular kitchen backsplash idea around, and for good reason.

Subway tiles originated with the New York City subway system (and the London tube), where white tiles are stacked in an offset pattern.

While you will generally find white subway tiles, you can find them in many different colours. These tiles look best in a farmhouse or classic kitchen, but can work with any style!

Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash

mosaic kitchen backsplash decor ideas

This custom 18″x18″ handmade mosaic kitchen backsplash has a matching 4″ border that wraps around a good portion of this beautiful kitchen.

Using glass, stone, and various glazed ceramic pieces, we created this mural + border combo and we think it fits this kitchen pretty well!

Green Hexagonal Kitchen Tile Backsplash

pictures of backsplash ideas

If there’s one thing we love more than this forest green hexagonal tile, it’s the way it ends, just halfway up the walls.

Coupled with the all-white cabinetry and minimalist wooden shelf, this bright spot features just the right amount of color.

Moroccan Tile Kitchen Backsplash

paint a backsplash kitchen ideas

Playing around with color is daunting, but that’s why a backsplash is perfect.

It can create a subtle pop in a neutral kitchen, or add to an already bold room with very little work on your part.

It doesn’t matter if your dream kitchen is rustic and cozy, or modern and sleek, these tile design ideas have you covered.

Colorful Moroccan Tiles Kitchen


On the other hand, this splashback idea is perfect for eclectic or exotic kitchens. These Moroccan-inspired tiles will look great with butcher block worktops and open shelving, as in the pictured kitchen.

You can often find tiles like these at markets or charity shops, so while not have a look next time you’re out?

Then you can hire a professional to install your reclaimed colourful kitchen tiles in your new kitchen.

Blue Herringbone Backsplash

images of kitchen backsplash ideas

Do you love the look of a chevron splashback but only want to use one tile colour? If your answer is “yes,” rectangular tiles arranged in a herringbone pattern is right up your alley.

For this look, you can either use skinny rectangles (pictured) or ordinary subway tiles. Both will look great, it just depends on your preference.

Installing tiles in a herringbone pattern is more laborious than installing them in a traditional manner, so keep that in mind when you’re reviewing bids.

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Beautiful White Kitchen Backsplash

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White Kitchen with Mini Subway Tile Backsplash

best farmhouse kitchen backsplash

Yellow Subway Tile Backsplash

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