17 Kitchen Pantry Ideas (Enlarging Your Space)

With the presence of various kitchen pantry ideas, we have can freely choose one to match the theme of the room and other considerations like space size, budget, or location. Here is good news. There is no need to spend much money to have a wonderful kitchen pantry. It is because we can pick a concept that doesn’t require lots of features and materials. Regardless of the preferences, here are some recommended ideas to try. Thus, these top styles should be everyone’s choice when decorating a kitchen pantry. Here we are..

1. Old Furniture Never Dies

kitchen pantries for storage Unique The Return Larder Cupboards

Just because we want to beautify a kitchen pantry, doesn’t mean we need to buy new furniture or kitchen accessories like cabinet. The idea is to repurpose available furniture and rearranging them properly.

There would be requirements, though, which are some woodcraft skills. The idea is to install or alter something in old furniture and turns it into something more beautiful or useful like built in shelving.

Another idea is to find an old pantry cabinet or buy used ones at a nearby store. The next thing to do is to paint it to match the theme of the kitchen. All these aspects are required for the best kitchen pantry ideas, for sure.

2. Modern Pantry is Popular

Modern furniture never bore society. When it comes to kitchen pantry ideas, this style provides both sophistication and simplicity at once. The concept is to choose simple and functional decorations.

The next aspect is to give a soothing tone color to the room. There are two common options, which are dark and light colors. The first choice is popular, as it creates a better mood.

The second color choice gives a wider sensation to the pantry, instead. Next, it is about the material. It usually comes with glassy and metallic style!

3. Classic Pantry is Fantastic!

Living a modern era doesn’t always include modern decors. It is because many people choose to decorate their kitchen pantry with traditional designs. It is, in fact, one of the most popular kitchen pantry ideas.

There are some elements to create a classic design. The purpose is to give a vintage atmosphere to the room! The simplest method is to choose dark tiles, which must suit creamy painted furniture.

Next, it is important to provide some classic china and decorations to the room. A traditional chandelier, somehow, can give a classy touch too! Don’t forget to include it.

And, dreaming more inspiration of the kitchen look, finding them on kitchen lighting ideas!

4. Working with Labels

For those who are into excellent organization, this idea would be the best choice. It works well with a small pantry, too. The only need to do is to provide some jars or containers and stamp a label on those.

Being one of the most cherished kitchen pantry ideas, this would be popular among millennial these days. Don’t you think so?

5. Dollar Store Pantry

This example of labeled pantry suits everyone’s preferences due to its simplicity and affordability. All those items and labels can be bought cheaply at a dollar store, after all.

The affordability makes it one of the most preferred kitchen pantry ideas, especially among those with a low budget and small kitchen.

6. A Kitchen Pantry with Outstanding Entrance

This concept is perfect for those who own a walk in pantry. By installing an exceptional door, the pantry won’t look messy! The door would conceal all items stored in that room, after all. Plus, the design of the entrance varies!

For example, there is a barn door that gives a rustic ambiance to the room. It is made of steel and has a sliding feature. Not to mention it consists of wooden flooring that makes it more valuable.

Next, there is a chalkboard door, which is both unique and functional. That means you can write a to-do-list on that door! It also gives a better ambiance to the pantry.

7. Wooden Pantry

The simplest method to create an astonishing pantry is by using wooden furniture or shelving. Not only is it space-friendly, but it is also cheap. As an extra, you can include some beams installed on the ceiling.

As an alternative, you can include a freestanding cabinet. The purpose is to spend as little money as possible. What an easy choice among the best kitchen pantry ideas!

8. Pantry with Tiles

The best method to make a pantry larger is to apply white tiles and decorations. This bright concept even suits those with a skinny and quite small room. For a better result, it must include clear jars or containers.

And Kitchen cabinet ideas will also help you to find the fittest one to your kitchen.

9. Pantry with Blue Tone

Each color gives a different mood to a room, including a kitchen pantry. In this case, blue is recommended, as it gives some feelings like tranquility, calmness, orderly, and productivity.

You can simply paint both walls and shelves with blue color. Next, it must include sleek wooden table surfaces and some ornaments. Thus, it must be in the list of the best kitchen pantry ideas, especially related to color.

10. Applying a Wallpaper

Wallpapers are a great alternative to paints. This cheaper option is as beautiful as painted walls and gives a stylish nuance to the pantry. Also, the pattern varies, so it can match the entire concept of the room.

11. Farmhouse Kitchen Pantry

Recently, people are into a farmhouse impression. The simplest way is to include some glass jars, wicker baskets, and some traditional utensils. Don’t forget to apply traditional wooden walls, painted in white, too.

12. Kitchen Pantry with Brick Wall

The next idea is to include brick walls to the pantry. This creates a traditional look inside the room. Despite the fact, the kitchenware can be both modern and contemporary.

Next, this idea should include cabinets. Both top and under shelves are important, as well, for this brick wall pantry. And, dreaming more inspiration of the kitchen look, finding them on kitchen backsplash ideas!

13. Featuring Tall Shelves and Ladder

This becomes one of the most favorite kitchen pantry ideas due to its uncommon concept. The room features tall shelves or cabinets. Have no worries. It comes with a wooden ladder to reach items easily.

14. Kitchen Pantry with Undivided Shelving

It is common to include shelving in a kitchen pantry. This one is unique, as it doesn’t come with dividers at all. That means you can store items in a row freely! The benefit is a neater and tidier room.

This should be included in one of the most chosen kitchen pantry ideas, shouldn’t it? Another choice is to use a pantry cupboard, which is a cheaper option. However, it may take much space in the kitchen.

15. Multiple Levels Pantry

Among kitchen pantry ideas, this one is optional. It features several levels, which store different types of items. In the bottom, it can be recipe books, flours, and big stuff.

In the middle level, it is meant for kitchenware and utensils. The next levels are suitable for seasonings! What about the top? Well, it is perfect for displaying decorations and flowers.

16. Hidden Corner Pantry

Having a corner pantry is troublesome sometimes, especially when it comes to decoration. This one is simple but requires some budget. The idea is to build a hidden pantry, featuring a sleek white door.

The theme should be white, as well, so it creates a wider or larger sensation (which is suitable for small spaces). The rest space of the kitchen is meant to store utensils and kitchenware.

Using tables with lots of drawers is a nice choice, too. It may help you to store more items in it and create a straighter setting.

17. Mixture of Traditional & Modern Pantry

Who says a kitchen pantry should come with a specific theme? The fact is that you can mix two different styles like modern and farmhouse design. It only requires some items that represent those concepts!

For instance, the pantry can include both wicker baskets and modern storage on shelves. For creating a more comfortable atmosphere, in this case, a white tone and patterned tiles are recommended.

This mixture idea indeed becomes one of the most preferred kitchen pantry ideas out there. Do you have other conceptions for the mixture?

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