20 Exciting Balcony Decor Ideas to Make the Best Out of the Balcony

The balcony has many potentials. Yes, all kinds of balconies. We don’t discriminate here. Large or small, balconies have the potential to be turned into something amazing. Here, we have a list of no less than 20 balcony decor ideas to show its potential.

Our ideas encompass many decor styles. From rustic, minimalist, contemporary, farmhouse to luxurious and dramatic. With so many ideas on the list, you will find several to your liking. Without further ado, here are the ideas.

Ambient Lantern

decor ideas for small balcony Ambient Lantern
source : stadshem

Enjoy the beautiful scenery outside on your balcony. Can you make it better? Of course. There is always room for improvement. For example, you can add an ambient lantern as the light source for the balcony at night.

To get the best out of the balcony, add a pair of wooden chairs and a small table. Cover them with white cushions and a table runner.

You can add a pot or two if you want to make it fancier. Such balcony decoration will look gorgeous, especially during sunset or sunrise.

Outdoor Balcony Decor Ideas

Outdoor Balcony Decor Ideas Outdoor Balcony Decor Ideas
Outdoor Balcony Decor Ideas source : roeosbornphoto

What if you want to enjoy the scenery in private? These balcony decor ideas are for you then. Rather than filling the space with furniture and decoration, just add a single rocking chair. Make it better by incorporating farmhouse design elements to make the balcony warmer. For greater seclusion, install an outdoor privacy screen that can enclose the balcony when needed. A retractable privacy screen allows you to quickly open up or close off the balcony as desired, giving you control over your privacy.

Paint the balcony white and add a layer of finished wooden to top the railing, use a wooden flooring and you are set. A warm spot where you can just sit and relax for hours and hours in private. This one here is surely among the best balcony ideas privacy.

Green and Modern

Modern Balcony Decor Ideas Green and Modern
source : ohmeohmyblog

As good as it is, a warm balcony is not everyone. Some people prefer to have a refreshing balcony. Does that describe you? If it does, try this: introduce natural materials and a bit of green in your balcony.

The wooden surfaces make the balcony feel familiar and relaxing, while the light green makes it more relaxing. Add a table with a glass tabletop and several pots, and it will allow you to have a refreshing time in the spot. Install a blinder in case the sun is too bright and/or you want privacy.

Cozy Couch

Apartment Balcony Decor Ideas Cozy Couch
Apartment Balcony Decor Ideas source : Petra

What’s a better place to enjoy the evening than a cozy balcony? Only a few places can match it. Just look at how inviting this cozy balcony is. It is a solid choice if you want more relaxed and casual balcony decor ideas.

There is no chair here. Only a large sofa with a comfortable cushion and pillows on it. A small coffee table is not a must, but having it will certainly make things better. The vertical gardening on the back is a nice touch. It is a very inviting balcony alright.

Mini Garden

Small Apartment Balcony Decor Ideas Mini Garden
Small Apartment Balcony Decor Ideas source : pinterest

Living in an apartment is a bit tricky in terms of decor. For example, you have very limited options to build a garden of your own. It is difficult to make one, but not impossible.

Check out your balcony. Is it small? Size doesn’t really matter here as you can turn it into a beautiful garden even if a tiny spot if all you have. Want to make the apartment balcony decor more special? Create a small patio in it and enjoy your mini garden anytime you want.

Small Balcony Decor Ideas

modern outdoor apartment balcony decor ideas Small Balcony Decor Ideas
source : marzena.marideko

Of all the balcony decor ideas on the list, this one is the best if you want to enjoy the balcony both during the day and the night.

Give the balcony the living room treatment. Yes, decor it as if it is a living room. That means giving it adequate lighting so you can enjoy it when the night comes.

Add a sofa, a chair, and a table. Don’t forget the cushions too. As for the lighting, use string lights so the balcony looks even more dramatic. There you have it. An open relaxing spot that is available 24/7.

Refreshing Relaxing Spot

Small Balcony Decor Ideas Refreshing Relaxing Spot
Small Balcony Decor Ideas source : interior_delux

If the balcony is rather small, your best option is to use space-efficient balcony decoration. For example, rather than using thick and plushy sofas, opt for a pair of simple metal chairs and an equally simple table to accompany it. Add string lights to light it up at night.

The main benefit of space-efficient balcony decoration is that it allows you to enjoy the balcony to the fullest while allowing remaining space to be used for other purposes. Want to make it more refreshing? Add some greenery. Want to make it more relaxing? Add dim lanterns.

Balcony With Hammock

Balcony Decor Ideas Pictures Balcony With Hammock
source : lisadanielle

Let’s break out from the routine of balcony decor ideas. Instead of a set of chairs and table, attach a hammock on the balcony. Let it ‘hang’ in there. Compared to the other ideas for balcony decor, this one undoubtedly takes the place as the least formal, more casual and fun.

If privacy matters for you, install screens on the railing of the balcony. Screens will give you the privacy you need while still allowing you to enjoy breeze and sunlight from the outdoor. Now you can lie down on the hammock and relax.

Balcony Decor with Plants

balcony decor ideas with plants Balcony Decor with Plants
balcony decor ideas with plants source : apartmenttherapy

Giving the balcony living room treatment is but a way to decorate it. There are still numerous ideas for balcony decor you can try. Here, tather than receiving a living room treatment, the balcony gets a garden treatment. Notice how gardenlike the balcony is, especially with the hanging chair there.

A hanging chair is surely a nice addition. One, it is a lot more comfortable than your regular chair. Second, it just looks unique. A hanging wooden chair completes the whole garden like decor, too. It blends perfectly well.

Hanging chair is also a solid decor option, balcony or not. If you are interested in adding a hanging chair or two in your house, you don’t want to miss our hanging chair ideas here.

Conversing Spot

Long Balcony Decor Ideas Conversing Spot
source : zioandsons

The living room is the first and foremost conversing spot. However, it has a rather formal tone. Want a more casual one? Make a spot on the balcony then. Most of our balcony decor ideas are applicable to balconies of any size. This one here is not an exception.

Add a comfortable bench, sofa, and coffee table to the balcony. Install two wavy fabric curtains and make it more gorgeous. All that will give you a comfy conversation spot as seen here.

Warm and Inviting

Balcony Decor Ideas Warm and Inviting
Balcony Decor Ideas source : marzena.marideko

Having a balcony with amazing outdoor scenery would be everyone’s dream. Unfortunately, it is a dream for many people.

Can you still have a nice balcony despite not having amazing outdoor scenery? Well of course. Take a good look at this warm and inviting balcony decoration.

Rather than directing the focus outwardly to the outdoor, direct it inwardly. Yes, inward to the balcony itself. Dress the balcony with lots and lots of plushy and soft cushions and pillows. Furry cushions are welcome, too. And finally, add string lights and candlelight to light the balcony. There you go.

Cozy Outdoor Space

christmas Balcony Decor Ideas Cozy Outdoor Space
source : Furn.nl

The previous balcony decor ideas have shown how amazing a balcony can be. This one here is an example of an outdoor-focused decor. Notice how open it looks and feels. With such low railings, you can’t help but feel as if you are really outside, in the outdoor.

And at the same time, the comfy pillows and cushions keep you inside. The outdoor gives you a refreshing vibe while the indoor provides you with comfort. It is a truly cozy outdoor space.

Indoor Camping Vibe

Balcony Decor Ideas Pinterest Indoor Camping Vibe
source : decogama

Do you prefer ideas for balcony decor with a camping vibe? That’s easy to make. Don’t go decorating it with chairs or tables. Instead, use a hammock as the centerpiece and get rid of the table. This will create a balcony with an indoor camping vibe.

To make the space looks better, add a carpet or two to provide texture and a pot to make it fresher. You can also go for an enclosed look by adding screens above the balcony railings.

Balcony with Mini Garden

Open Balcony Decor Ideas Balcony with Mini Garden
Open Balcony Decor Ideas source : jamjustyna

We did say that balconies, regardless of size, have potential. A balcony is basically an empty canvas, on which you can draw anything you want.

You can turn it into anything you want. Be it an extra living room, a garden, a patio, a spot for relaxing and enjoying the outdoor scene, you get the idea.

Unlike many of the previous balcony decor ideas, however, this balcony combines two design elements: those of a patio and those of a garden. The result? A refreshing and inviting patio you want to sit and spend hours in.

Southwest Living

Balcony Wall Decor Ideas Southwest Living
source : corretordosbacanas

Size matters, but only when it comes to more options to choose from. Other than that, not so much. As seen here, even such a small balcony holds so much potential. Despite how the small balcony is, you can make a beautiful spot out of it.

Notice how simple the balcony decoration here is. Yet, it somehow has a unique charm that makes you want to stay there. It also proves how simplicity, properly arranged, can elicit beauty.

Urban Style

Fall Balcony Decor Ideas Urban Style
source : houzz

Don’t think farmhouse or dramatic treatment suits your balcony? Give your apartment balcony decor an urban treatment.

This probably is among the best balcony decor ideas if you live in the city. Such a balcony decoration wouldn’t feel off. Rather, it complements the urban looks from the apartment.

While the decor may be urban, that shouldn’t stop you from adding a refreshing element to it. Say, for example, add a bunch of small trees behind the chairs as seen here. Those seemingly insignificant additions will surely make the urban-style balcony looks more attractive, refreshing, and lively.

Romantic Balcony

Balcony Decor Ideas on a budget Romantic Balcony
source : balconygardenweb

If you like to have a bright balcony, these ideas for balcony decor should suit you. Perhaps the best thing about a balcony is how flexible it is.

Since you can make just about anything you want, why not make the balcony bright and beautiful? That’s right, just like the balcony here.

Making the balcony bright is especially beneficial if you often spend your night hours on the balcony. You can enjoy the beautiful night in the comfort of your bright balcony. Not to mention it makes such a wonderful dinner spot, too. Who wouldn’t like to have dinner at a bright and beautiful balcony like this?

Apartment Balcony

Balcony Decor Ideas Apartment Apartment Balcony
Balcony Decor Ideas Apartment source : pinterest

If simpler balcony decor ideas are what you want, then Scandinavian style is for you. This style shares a lot of things in common with minimalism, particularly on how it is free from clutter and its simplicity. The difference is that the Scandinavian style is a lot more colorful and decorative than the minimalist style.

As seen here, the balcony has a simplistic yet colorful look. Nothing is overboard and superfluous. Yet, somehow it looks so pleasing to the eyes. The lack of clutter makes it even more so. It is basically minimalist but with more decorations and colors.

Modern Minimalist

DIY Balcony Decor Ideas Modern Minimalist
source : homify

Now it is time for modern minimalist ideas for balcony decor. Even at a glance, you can already notice that it is a minimalist style.

It is a minimalist balcony decoration with some modern touches. Just look at the wall on the back and the shapes of the windows. Those look so modern, aren’t they?

The modern minimalist decor here combines several functions in a single balcony. First, of course, as a relaxing spot with the hanging chair. Second, breakfast nook. Notice there is a tabletop to place foods and drinks. Third, a vertical garden. A very practical and aesthetical decor.


Boho Balcony Decor Ideas Bohemian
source : nasze_domowe_pielesze

The last but definitely not the least is a Bohemian decor. Compared to the previous balcony decor ideas, the Bohemian decor is more carefree and relaxed. As such, it makes the perfect relaxing spot after work or during holidays as it allows you to escape from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

The most distinguishing characteristic of Bohemian style is its freedom. That is, you can incorporate various design elements such as railings made of wooden sticks, a hanging wind chime, unfinished furniture and so on, into it. There is no rule or restriction to abide to.

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