How to Plan the Best Barndominium Floor Plans

Barndominium Floor Plans – Barndominium is rising in popularity as the traditional way to build a home becomes more and more unfeasible in terms of cost and efficiency. Barndominium may look plain and, to a certain degree, unsightly from the outside.

You may even not be able to distinguish a barndominium from a barn or a storehouse. The design of a barndominium indeed adopts the design of a warehouse or a barn.

The word barndominium itself is actually a portmanteau of barn and condominium. Many barndominiums are actually former warehouses and barns that are reused as living spaces.

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Despite the simplicity of barndominium’s design, it does appeal many new homeowners because of many benefits that it offers. By applying the right barndominium floor plans, a barndominium will surely be a great home for you.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of living in a barndominium and some floor plans that make your barndominium the best living space for you.

The Advantages of Living in a Barndominium Floor Plans

There are many reasons why barndominium attract many people nowadays. Read the following advantages of having a barndominium to find out the reasons why barndominium is so attractive.

Barndominium is sturdy and durable

Barndominium is made entirely from steel, which is a strong and durable material. A steel barndominium requires less maintenance than that required by a regular brick and wood home.

small barndominium floor plans Barndominium is sturdy and durable
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Barndominium is cheap

There are several reasons why barndominium is cheap to build. Barndominium usually uses recycled materials. Some barndominiums are actually built on old unused barn or warehouse. Only little modification is needed to transform a barn into a barndominium.

In the case of barndominium that is built from scratch, the material needed is also not as expensive as that of a standard home. The cheapness of barndominium is also caused by its quick building time, which will be explained below.

Barndominium is fast to build

Barndominium requires less time to build. Transforming an old barn or warehouse into a barndominium requires less time than the one required to build a traditional home.

If the barndominium is built from scratch, the process is also not very long because barndominium is built in the same way a modular home is built. Prefabricated steel panels are delivered from the factory to be assembled on site. The assembling process is shorter to accomplish than the building process of a home.

Barndominium is spacious, energy-efficient and eco-friendly

Barndominium generally adopts the original structure of a barn. It has a spacious interior with tall ceiling that will surely create an airy atmosphere inside the building.

Once transformed into a home, it will have excellent insulation system, which—together with the airy and bright interior—makes the home efficient in using energy. Barndominium is also built using recycled and recyclable materials, making it an eco-friendly home for nature lovers.

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With so many advantages of having a barndominium, it might be the best time for you to build one. Just make sure that you choose the right floor plan for your barndominium.

How to Plan the Best Barndominium Floor Plans

There are thousands of barndominium floor plans that you can find online or on home magazines. The plentiful samples may make it easier for you to find floor plants; however, they may also make you confused because it is not always easy to choose the best among all of those barndominium floor plans.

Here we will show you some important factors to mind when you want to choose the best floor plan for your barndominium.


You have plenty of space to use when you construct a barndominium. Therefore, don’t be too frugal with space. You can plan as spacious as possible bedroom or bathroom if you want. Because there is plenty of space to exploit in your future home, you should make use of it efficiently. Don’t let an essential part of your home be too small and cramped after your home is constructed.

Most barndominiums feature very spacious living room, hallways and entertainment areas (including dining room and family area), but they also have bedrooms that are larger than standard.


The most important element of a barndominium floor plan is layout. You should place every part of the home correctly and strategically. You want to make sure that your dining room—sometimes also living room—has good access to your kitchen.

You may need to avoid placing your bedroom near the noisy entertainment areas. Placing your bathroom near those areas is also not a good idea as you will have problem handling your privacy. Here is an example of an ideal floor plan that you can apply to your barndominium.

barndominium floor plans with pictures barndominium floor plan layout
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If you live with children, elderly people or disabled people, be sure that the barndominium floor plans that you choose will not cause safety risks to those people. Having a workshop with many dangerous tools and machineries located near entertainment areas is not considered safe for your children.

The floor plan you see above also shows how a working space is located far on the opposite side of the entertainment space, giving you enough privacy and peace in mind as well as safety to your children when you do your works.


You want to have a house that is easy to clean, easy to take care of, and efficient in using energy. Therefore, you may prefer to have a one-story barndominium with open plan and few separators as seen in the picture below.

If you are tempted to use floor to ceiling window, be sure that you live in a cold area because you will be spending more on cooling system if such kind of window is used in an arid region.

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Lastly, you should choose barndominium floor plans that fit your lifestyle. If you spend much time outdoors, you may want to allocate a portion of your building site for outdoor leisure facilities, like backyard or porched area.

If you work at home, you need to include a home office facility with enough lighting and good access to the rest of your home in your plan. Assess your lifestyle to determine the best barndominium floor plans for your home.

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