21 Brilliant Study Room Ideas To Keep Your Home Looking Smart

Studying is hard. That is a fact and it applies to everyone. Studying in a messy study room makes it harder. There is no need to panic, though. We are here to help you. Here we listed 21 creative study room ideas to make every study session fun.

There are many ways to make studying enjoyable, even fun. From decorating the room beautifully, creating a corkboard wall, introducing various bright and vibrant colors, to a space-efficient organization to keep things tidy and free from clutter. Are you ready to make study fun? Here are the ideas.

Wall Corner Desk

Study Room Decorating Ideas Wall Corner Desk
source : architecturaldigest

Let’s start with a study room corner desk. As this desk corner has demonstrated, having such a small space is not an excuse to create a good-looking and fun study room. True that it takes imagination, but it is very doable.

The desk corner occupies a very small part of the room. This is even more so when the study room is not used. The desk can be folded up to the cabinet, thus preventing the room from looking cramped. The cabinet helps to keep things tidy and well-organized.

A tidy and well-organized desk makes reading, studying or working more fun and enjoyable. Want to make such a corner? Then you don’t want to miss these corner desk ideas.

Study Room with Cork Board

Study Room Ideas for Small Rooms Study Room with Cork Board
Study Room Ideas for Small Rooms – source : apartmenttherapy

Of all the study room ideas on the list, this probably takes the place as one of the most unique ideas. That shouldn’t be a surprise considering this study room design incorporates a cork board wall on the side.

The beauty of a cork board wall is that it serves as a multifunctional platform. You can attach and decorate it with many things. From your schedule, to-do lists, photos, beloved memorabilia, and even some motivating quotes or words to remind you what you are studying for.

Study Desk Organization

children's study room ideas Study Desk Organization
source : glaminati

Since you are here, you probably wonder how to make a study room look good. There are many answers to that question. But the most important answer is organization. That is, how you categorize your items and store them.

As seen here, items are placed in stored in their respective places. Remember the times when you need a certain item yet somehow you can’t find it? Keeping things in their place will prevent that from happening in the future. Not to mention the study room will look eye-pleasing, too.

In the Corner

Study Room Ideas Ikea In the Corner
source : thefashionistasdiary

Looking for study room ideas to reserve some space? Reserving space is a must, regardless of whether one has a small or large room.

One of the most underutilized areas in a house is the corner. Admittedly, it is a lot more difficult to work with such a space with a 90-degree angle. Creativity is required for that.

This study room design is a good example of utilizing the corner. The desk and wall-mounted shelving are placed nicely in the corner, with enough space in-between them. With the corner turned into a study room, the remaining space is free to be used for other purposes.

Accent Lighting

family study room ideas Accent Lighting
source : ideiasdiferentes

While most ideas for study room can be used for everyone regardless of age, this one is a study room for kids and teenagers.

Kids and teenagers need a good-looking and attractive study room so they don’t get bored when studying. And that can be achieved simply by adding accent study room lighting.

Notice how the study room looks more like a gallery than a study room. Moderation is the key here. The accent lighting should lit the space enough to make it appealing but not lit too much it becomes a distraction.

Vintage Study Room

Vintage Study Room Ideas Vintage Study Room
source : pinterest

Adding farmhouse touches is not a bad idea, too. If anything, farmhouse touches make the study room more inviting and warmer.

Want to have a stylish study room design that is fun to study in? Then this is among the best study room ideas for you to try.

It doesn’t take much to make it looks and feels farmhouse. For example, add a wooden chair and table with finish, brown shelving, and an antique mirror. There you have it. A study room with farmhouse touches.

Home Office Study Room Ideas

home decorating + study room ideas for college aged students Home Office Study Room Ideas
source : beautyandthechic

Bringing the fun is not always about incorporating bright, vibrant colors or unique design elements. Sometimes, you can have fun with a simplistic study room design, too. The study room/home office here is a perfect example of such a design.

If you love your stuff to be organized, you’ll love this idea. Basically, you keep things simple and tidy, use white and neutral colors, and add stuff you need. That is all. This kind of study room will allow you to focus on the task at hand with very minimal distraction.

The best thing about a home office is that you can do your work at home. Are you planning forward to create your own home office? If you are, our home office ideas here can help you get started and design your dream home office.

Study Room with Chalkboard Wall

small study room ideas Study Room with Chalkboard Wall
source : John Donkin

What kind of study room decoration that has both aesthetical and functional purposes? There are many but one of the most versatile is a chalkboard wall. A chalkboard wall, similar to a cork board wall, allows you to make a statement while making it functional.

Say, for example, you are skilled in drawing. You can draw anything you want on the chalkboard wall, thus creating a very personalized decor. Or, you can write your favorite poem, words, or quotes. Not to mention the chalkboard’s black also makes a great background for other decorations, too.

Minimalist Study Room Ideas

Office Study Room Ideas Minimalist Study Room Ideas
Office Study Room Ideas – source : apartmenttherapy

Minimalism does elicit beauty, in its own way. This is an example of a minimalist study room design. Compared to most study room ideas on the list, it takes the smallest space. Just look at how simple and alluring this study room design is.

Notice that all it takes to create the study room is a chair, a board that serves as the desk and wall-mount supports. Nothing more, nothing less. It is as minimalist as one can get. The result? A stylish minimalist study room.

Cozy Study Room

Cozy Study Room Ideas Cozy Study Room
Cozy Study Room Ideas – source : terrysfabrics

The next one on our ideas for study room list is for the organization. Rather than going for a cabinet or cabinets, go for ‘floating’ shelving instead. This type of shelving provides not just storage for items but also a sophisticated and modern vibe as well.

The beauty of ‘floating’ shelving is that you can arrange it the way you want. You can stack it one on top of the other, creating horizontal lines of storage, and give small or large space in-between them, you get the idea.

Navy Blue

Office Study Room Ideas Navy Blue
Office Study Room Ideas – source : idealhome

There is no doubt that navy blue is among the most versatile color out there. It provides enough contrast and balance when combined with a lighter color but not too much it looks like a sore thumb. Notice how attractive the study room design here thanks to the navy blue wall.

If you want an idea that works and looks good most of the time, using navy blue is one of the most foolproof study room ideas you can try. Navy blue works with most color and works best with white.

Study Nook

Study Room Decor Ideas Study Nook
source : homebeautiful

Like both modern and minimalist decor styles? You don’t have to choose either one for the study room design. That’s right. Instead of choosing either one, combine the two decor styles. This study room here exhibits how stunning the combination of modern and minimalist decor styles can look like.

Notice there are many modern design elements like straight, defined lines, rectangles, and black surfaces. At the same, the decorations also have a minimalist color like whitish brown. There is no clutter and purposeless decoration in the room, which speaks of its minimalism.

Make Use of the Wall

study room ideas for home Make Use of the Wall
source : tidymeplease

Don’t let the wall of the study room be empty. Decorate it framed photos, pictures, shelves, or a mirror. You can even use the wall to be the third leg of the desk, too.

Like other study room ideas here, moderation is the key. Wall decor is necessary. What you need to keep in mind is not to overdo it. Don’t add decorations that add no aesthetical or functional value to the room. Doing so will only create clutter, and nothing good is ever come out of it.

Scandinavian Study Room

study room wall decor Scandinavian Study Room
source : kidsinteriors

The study room here has a Scandinavian design style. Just look at the pale wall, neutral color palette, carpet, wooden flooring, and wooden furniture. All of them are so Scandinavian.

The Scandinavian design style combines simplicity, beauty, and functionality, all of which this study room has. Such an interesting, colorful, and inviting design is perfect to be a study room for kids or teenage girls.

Bohemian Study Room Ideas

Men's Study Room Ideas Bohemian Study Room Ideas
Men’s Study Room Ideas – source : momagency

Functionality is the primary focus of all study room design ideas. But, being focused on function doesn’t translate to being plain, common, and boring.

You can still emphasize the functionality of a study room while making it beautiful. This study room with wall mural here just proves that.

Elegant Study Room

Children Study Room Ideas Elegant Study Room
Children Study Room Ideas – source : theeverygirl

No one says you can go with elegant study room ideas. Of course you can. However, when designing the study room, keep in mind that the décor shouldn’t create too much distraction. It is, after all, a designated room for studying. Therefore, the form should follow the function.

This study room design here is elegant. But, the elegance is rather subtle than obvious. Notice the frame with the golden accent, the leopard pattern, and the bright arrow sign, all of which work together to add elegance to the study room.

Teenage Girls Desk

Modern Study Room Ideas Teenage Girls Desk
Modern Study Room Ideas – source : theeverygirl

Adding style is not synonymous with incorporating complex, delicate and superfluous decorations. On the contrary, you can bring style to the study room and make it fun even with simple decorations.

Just look at the simplicity of this study room. Simple, isn’t it? Yet, you can’t help but feel how stylish it is. The color pay, the contrast play, the accent colors, all contribute to making the study room design stylish and alluring. As seen here, there no complex, delicate and superfluous decorations required.

Make It Personal

study room ideas for adults Make It Personal
source : fivestarstudy_

Many previous study room ideas have shown you how to make a study room look good. But what looks better than a study room that looks and feels personal? That’s a rhetorical question, of course. None is better than a personalized study room.

You can personalize your studying/working space with your favorite decorations. For example, using your favorite drawings or better yet, your own drawings, as wall decorations as seen here. Adding cute study room lighting won’t hurt, either. Make it personal.

Rustic Minimalist

Study Room Ideas from Ikea Rustic Minimalist
source: ikea_australia

Rustic? Minimalist? Why not both! This is not a situation where you can only choose one. And the combination of the two different décor styles looks amazing.

You can just feel the warmth of this study room design here. At the same time, appreciate its simplicity, functionality, and organization.

If you find your study room boring, you might want to incorporate rustic and minimalist design elements into it. The minimalist side keeps things organized and tidy with no clutter and the rustic side makes it pleasant to the eyes and inviting.

For Girls

Study Room Ideas For Girls
Study Room Ideas – source : littlebigbell

When it comes to a study room for kids, the design must be as attractive and bright as possible. Attractive, so they will not get bored quickly. Bright, to brighten their mood to study. There are lots of ways to do so. One of the most common is to use lots of colors.

Notice how compared to the previous ideas for study room this one is very colorful and bright. Since it is for kids, a bit of distraction is allowed to keep them from boredom.

Calm and Relaxing

Toddler Study Room Ideas Calm and Relaxing
Toddler Study Room Ideas – source : iconjanehome

Last but not least on our study room ideas is a calm and relaxing study room design. The abundance of earth-tone colors and brightness from sunlight give off a calm and relaxing vibe to the room.

The simplicity of the colors and design keep you from being distracted. The bright sunlight brightens not just the room but also your mood.

The beautiful scenery outside gives you a refreshing view. All these make spending hours upon hours in the room not only enjoyable but fun.

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