15 Creative Paver Patio Ideas to Help You Create an Amazing Patio

Looking for some paver patio ideas? There are myriads of ways to make the backyard more appealing. Of course, one of them is to create a paver patio. A paver patio makes a great relaxation spot, especially if you design it creatively and beautifully.

Just as there are many ways to make the backyard more appealing, there are also many ways to design a paver patio. Don’t know where to start? There is no need to worry. We got you covered. Here, we will give 15 creative ideas that will help you design an amazing patio you will enjoy. Ready? Let’s get started.

How to Design and Build a Paver Patio

simple paver patio ideas How to Design and Build a Paver Patio
source : Field Outdoor Spaces

Let’s start with how to design and build a paver patio first. In designing and building a paver patio, you need to know the proper paver installation, what material needs to be used, as well as the right patterns to use. The details are below.

Paver Installation

Here are the steps to install a paver patio

  • First, clear the area

After you decided where to create the patio, clear the area from any stumps, roots, and shrubs. Dig the soil, around 6 inches or so, for the base and pavers. Make sure the soil is firm.

  • Next is weed control

If no prevention is taken, weeds may pop up in-between pavers. To prevent this from occurring, place landscape fabric on the soil bed that you just made. Cut the fabric’s edges so that it can fit the soil bed.

  • Smooth the ground using crushed gravel

Spread it over the fabric, about 2-inch high, and smooth the layer.

  • After the crushed gravel is put in place and the layer is smooth, tamp it out

Do this until the base is very firm. A firm base will make it easier to settle the pavers evenly. Then, add another layer crushed gravel, about 2-inch high, tamp and make it firm again.

  • Check the surface levelness

Make sure that it is as level as it can be.

  • Prepare another layer of support

Spread builder’s sand on the crushed gravel layer until it is about 2-inch high. After the layer of sand is ready, smooth it until it is flat.

  • Prepare the pavers

This is where you mix and match or cut the pavers. You need to decide what pavers to use and how to use them. If you don’t know where to start, our paver patio ideas below may help.

  • Lay the pavers

Make sure that the pavers that you lay are straight. You can use the house’s edge or a mason’s line to check and keep the pavers straight. Keep the pavers close to each other, with up to 1/8 inch space in-between them. Use a rubber mallet to tap the pavers into place

  • Finally, the finishing touch

Pour a bit of sand and spread it on the pavers to create a thin layer. Move the sand so that they fill up the crevices between pavers.

Material to be used

What is the material should you use for your paver patio? There are many materials you can use. For example,

  • Concrete

Concrete is the most versatile of all. It comes in various sizes, shapes, textures, maneuverability, and finishes.

  • Stamped concrete

Love both concrete’s versatility and natural stones’ unique shapes but can’t decide which one to use? Well, choose stamped concrete and get both advantages.

  • Brick

Among the other materials, brick is one of the most versatile materials as it can be arranged in many ways thanks to its uniform shape.

  • Flagstone

If a natural look is what you are after, flagstone paver is among the best options.

  • Slate

Flagstone is similar to flagstone in terms of giving a natural look to the patio. The main difference is that slate is relatively cheaper.

  • Wood

Wood is a good choice if you want to go for a rustic vibe.

Right Patterns

Patterns matter a lot as it basically sets the vibe of the patio. There are several patterns to choose for a paver patio, such as

  • Stacked bond, which is a great pattern choice if you want a contemporary look
  • Stretcher bond, a very versatile pattern that can work with various sizes, colors, and materials
  • Basketweave, a pattern that brings the traditional vibe
  • Herringbone, another versatile pattern that can make a plain surface looks interesting
  • Ashlar, the right pattern that balances traditional and contemporary elements
  • Circle, the best paver patio choice to surround a fire pit

Paver Patio Designs Ideas

Paver Patio Ideas Paver Patio Designs Ideas

Now that you get the gist of how a paver patio is installed, what material to be used, and pattern options available, it is time to get to our list of paver patio ideas. Below are the ideas that will inspire you.

Stones between Pavers

Cheap Paver Patio Ideas Stones between Pavers
Cheap Paver Patio Ideas – source : yelp

It is difficult to find something that looks as contemporary as concrete pavers. Especially, if the pavers are arranged in stacked bond patterns like this.

If a contemporary look is what you are after, using concrete in a stacked bond pattern is one of the best paver ideas for patio for you.

To highlight the pavers, create enough space in-between each paver. Adding stones in the space is a good idea as well, as the pavers will stand out even more.

Downlighting on Paving

Backyard Paver Patio Ideas Downlighting on Paving
Backyard Paver Patio Ideas – source : installitdirect

Flagstone pavers make a patio look natural. Just notice how natural this patio looks. Thanks to the pavers, it is as if you are out in the open, not in the backyard. Indeed, that is just how impactful flagstone pavers are.

Since flagstone pavers are cut in different sizes and shapes, they bring additional décor cues for the patio. It is definitely among the best paver patio ideas to try if you want a natural-looking patio in your backyard.

Speaking of patios, using stone as the main material is a good way to make a patio feels and looks more natural. Interested in a stone patio? Check out our stone patio ideas for backyard.

Permeable Pavers Patio

Paver Patio Design Ideas Permeable Pavers Patio
source : installitdirect

What if you want a background for your colorful furniture? In that case, going for contemporary flagstone pavers in herringbone is one of backyard paver patio ideas you should consider.

These pavers don’t look imposing, let alone overwhelming. As such, they make a great background on which the furniture can stand out. It is among the best small paver patio ideas as well since it makes the patio looks less constricted and more open.

Backyard Paver Patio Ideas

Small Paver Patio Ideas Backyard Paver Patio Ideas
source : Belgard Collection

When it comes to paver patio ideas, there are just limitless ways to improve the patio and make it amazing. Among them is to include a simple painting like in these pavers.

Notice how the slate pavers are arranged in herringbone patterns. The pavers have an earth-tone, neutral color, bringing a warm vibe while allowing the furniture to be the star of the patio. The simple painting on the pavers makes the patio a whole lot more interesting.

Creating a patio on the deck is a good idea as well. If you are into making a deck, you don’t want to miss our backyard patio ideas.

Lafitt Grana Slab

Stone Paver Patio Ideas Lafitt Grana Slab
Stone Paver Patio Ideas – source : belgard

Into a minimalist patio? If you are, this idea is one of paver patio designs ideas worth considering. Unlike many paver patio ideas here, there is very little space in-between the pavers. Not only that, but the pavers are also arranged in mixed patterns between stacked bond and herringbone.

Since the pavers used are concrete, they look very simple. However, due to their unique arrangement, they create an interesting background for the patio. Just look how simple yet attractive this patio is.

Paver Pattern

Outdoor Paver Patio Ideas Paver Pattern
source : belgard

Patios come in various sizes and shapes, including circular. Of course, for a circular patio, you will need appropriate paver patio design ideas. Here is one: concrete pavers arranged in circularly for the patio and stretcher bond for the entryway.

The two pavers are not just different in the pattern but also in the color. These differences make it easy where the patio starts and ends.

If you want to make a statement, using different patterns and colors for the entryway and patio is definitely one of the best paver patio ideas for you.

Flagstone Style Pavers

Patio pavers ideas for Cheap Flagstone Style Pavers
source : Belgard

Even if you are on a budget, it shouldn’t be an excuse to not decorate the patio properly. For example, say you want to have a natural vibe for the patio and flagstone pavers are way too expensive. What should you do? The answer is to go with slate pavers.

Using slate pavers is among the most inexpensive paver patio ideas. It is true that slate pavers are not as versatile as flagstone pavers, but they do bring the same natural vibe.

Rustic Flagstone in Herringbone

Paver Patio Ideas Pictures Rustic Flagstone in Herringbone
source : houspire

Just take a look at this patio. Looks warm, isn’t it? You may wonder how you can make a patio looks and feels warm. That’s easy. Just install rustic flagstone pavers like these.

This patio also includes other natural stones and unfinished wooden furniture as well, all of which complete the rustic look.

Pavers Patio with Firepit

Brick Paver Patio Ideas Pavers Patio with Firepit
source : trendir

There are just countless paver patio ideas you can find on the internet. There are, for example, small paver patio ideas, paver patio fire pit ideas, and so on. The best thing about these ideas is that you are free in how to implement them.

This one is a good example of mixing and matching. Notice how colorful the pavers are. There are three patterns in the patio, too. It looks very interesting and amazing. So, don’t be afraid to mix and max patterns, colors, and even pavers.

Simple Paver Patio

Large Paver Patio Ideas Simple Paver Patio
source : ourhavenbliss

The next in our paver patio ideas list use concrete pavers but with two different patterns: stacked bond and herringbone. While many previous paver ideas for patio do use a single material type with a single pattern, that is not a must.

That’s right. Using two entirely different patterns is certainly not a bad idea. If anything, it makes the patio more appealing and attractive.

You can, for example, use the herringbone pattern for the center area while arranging the edges with the stacked bond pattern.

Bricks in Herringbone

Paver Patio Ideas DIY Bricks in Herringbone
source : evinblake

Some homeowners prefer a more integrated look. If you want the same, consider using colored brick pavers in a herringbone pattern.

Red brick pavers like these are great as they differentiate the patio and the rest of the house. These pavers not just make a clear distinction but also a statement.

Red brick pavers are also one of the best outdoor paver patio ideas too if you have a green lawn on the backyard. The contrast between the red bricks and the green lawn will make the patio look amazing.

Slate in Herringbone

diy paver patio ideas Slate in Herringbone
source : nextluxury

Sometimes, going for easy paver patio ideas is the best option you have. Indeed. Just because certain ideas are easy, doesn’t mean they look bad. This slate in herringbone is among many paver patio ideas here just proves that.

Notice how the pavers create a neutral background, allowing the wooden surfaces to stand out. Not only that, the black stone decoration on the side becomes more noticeable, too.

‘All in One’

Paver Patio Ideas with Fire Pit ‘All in One’
source : nextluxury

A patio, a fire pit, and a relaxing spot to enjoy the air. Want all these? Just create an ‘all in one’ patio like this. Notice this patio has various combinations of sizes, colors, patterns, and materials of the pavers. The combination of various elements in the patio makes it looks so amazing.

You can add a fireplace to complement your paver patio, too. The fireplace is undoubtedly an excellent addition to any house. The best thing about it is that it is flexible.

That’s right. You can make it inside your house or outside. If you are considering building one, our outdoor fireplace here will inspire you.

Paver Patio Edging Ideas

Paver Patio Edging Ideas Paver Patio Edging Ideas
source : nextluxury

The last in our paver patio ideas list is slate pavers in herringbone. While slate pavers in herringbone look great on their own, this one has a unique character.

That is, there are lines made of stacked stones around the slate. These lines make it clear which space is which and make the patio more attractive.

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