21 Amazing Curtain Window Ideas to Bring Style to the Room

Choosing a window curtain is a design decision. Yet, many homeowners choose their curtain windows only based on their functionality. Thus, aesthetical function is overlooked. Don’t do the same mistake. Here, we listed 16 amazing curtain window ideas to help you decide what curtain you should choose.

The curtain can make or break the décor of a room. That is why it is important. The question is, what kind of curtain window should you use? While we can’t answer the question for you, our ideas below will help you to find the best answer. So let’s get to them now.

Scarf Curtain Window

Curtain Ideas Small Windows Scarf Curtain Window
Scarf and Curtain Window Ideas img src : pinterest

Something as simple as scarf curtains can bring style to the room. This is especially true if the scarf curtains have a color that complements the overall theme of the room. For example, cream scarf curtains will complement a room with white background.

If you want more style from scarf curtains, try to create a unique shape from them. Here are several things you can do and so on.

  1. Hang them in an unusual way
  2. Let them flow down to the point the edges almost touch the ground
  3. Create texture

Fringe Window Curtain

Window Curtain Ideas Bedroom Fringe Window Curtain
One Curtain Window Ideas img src : Spring

Need simple curtain window ideas? Try fringe window curtains. Not everyone likes elaborate design for their curtain. Some homeowners just want something simple that can style their room and be done with it. If you want the same thing, consider using fringe window curtains.

Fringe window curtains are very simple, particularly ones that look like the above. They have a simple rectangular shape, no fold, and no elaborate design. And yet, when properly placed they can add more style and interest to the room. It is so simple you can just hang it and be done with it.

Curtains within Window Frame

Window Curtain Ideas Living Room Curtains within Window Frame
img src : cottagehouseprimitives

Curtains are often installed above the window frame. Yours don’t have to be like that. Take the example above. The curtains are not installed above the window frame.

They are installed within the window frame. It is a great option if your window doesn’t have any space above or if you want unusual styling.

Notice how the curtains are pulled to the side. Not only it is a smart way to open the curtains, but it is also a smart way to style it, too. By pulling the curtains to the side, the curtains look far more appealing than when they hang.

Modern and Bright Kitchen Curtain

Window Curtain Ideas for Kitchen Modern and Bright Kitchen Curtain
img src : birperde

The window curtain can make a break the style of the room, including the kitchen. What kinds of curtains are best for the kitchen? One of the best is curtains that can brighten the mood. In other words, curtains with bright colors like white and yellow, and cute patterns.

When you use the same color palette and patterns for the tablecloth, cushions, and curtains, you will get a kitchen that makes cooking fun. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

You can bring a more positive vibe to your kitchen with a window box. If you want to know more about window box, check out our window box ideas here.

Window Curtain Ideas for Bathrooms

Window Curtain Ideas for Bathrooms Window Curtain Ideas for Bathrooms
Small Bathroom Curtain Window Ideas img src : decopad

For a small bathroom window, you will need a small curtain. A window curtain doesn’t need to be elaborate to be charming. Sometimes, less is more. A sliding white curtain with curtain rods looks good, too.

Combined with a black window frame, the sliding curtain makes the bathroom more interesting. When the curtain is closed, it provides a nice background for the flower to stand out.

Curtain Big Window Ideas

Curtain for Big Window Ideas Curtain Big Window Ideas
img src : Curtain Window Ideas pinterest

Next in our curtain window ideas list is monochrome window curtains. When used improperly, monochromatic colors will look dull and boring.

But, if used properly, they can look elegant, stylish and inviting. They add a minimalist vibe, too, in case you like minimalist designs.

To get elegant, stylish and inviting monochrome window curtains, use two layers of curtains. The outer layer has a darker color, like dark gray, while the inner layer has a brighter color, preferably white. The layers add style and texture, preventing the curtains from being dull and boring.

“Criss-cross” Curtains

Window Curtain Ideas for Living Room “Criss-cross” Curtains
source : Curtain Window Ideas pxfuel

Do you like to play with your curtains? Well if you do, you might want to try to style them like the curtains in the picture. This works really well with long, thin white curtains.

All you need to do is to “criss-cross” the curtains. So, instead of the curtains flow down to the ground like usual, pull them to opposite sides. Then, create a simple knot from each so they can be pinned to the walls. Voila! You get a beautiful window décor.

Elegant Hanging Curtains

Curtain Window Ideas Curtain Valances Ideas Elegant Hanging Curtains
img src : decoratedlife

Flowing curtains look very elegant. If that’s what you want for your curtains, you will need long curtains. For the color, white is probably your best option if elegant looks are what you are after.

To enhance the elegant look, use dark curtain rods and black side ropes. These side ropes should pull and hold the curtains on one side and limit their overflow.

The contrast will make the curtains look more appealing. If you want more natural light to enter the room, use thin curtains.

Bay Window Curtain

Curtain for Bay Window Ideas Bay Window Curtain
img src : luxdecor_montreal

Our previous curtain window ideas can suit bay windows. That said, we admit that bay windows need a bit different window treatment. They tend to be different from other types of windows, after all.

For bay windows, you will need several curtains, instead of one or two like other windows. The curtains should be slightly longer than the windows, preferably with neutral darker colors like neutral purple or dark gray.

Stunning Striped Curtains

Picture Window Curtain Ideas Stunning Striped Curtains
img src : helmihytti
Curtains for Kitchen Window Ideas Stunning Striped Curtains 2
img src : helmihytti

One great thing about curtain window is that it doesn’t have to be full to look stylish. That’s right, even incomplete curtains like the example look stunning, too.

In the example, you can see that the hanging curtains don’t cover the whole window. This allows more natural light to enter. Not only that, since the curtains are black and white, other items can stand out, creating interesting focal points in the room.

Beautiful Window Curtain

Window Curtain Ideas for Bedroom Beautiful Window Curtain
img src : Michele Marchese

Earlier, we said that less is more, and that’s true for certain situations. This one is another example of simple curtain window ideas that can make the room more stylish.

The curtains flow from above to down below. When the curtains are styled like this, they create folds, lines, and texture, all of which certainly add appeal and style to the room. You can make them even more appealing by adding items, like pots with plants, on the window sills.

Blue and White Curtains

Large Window Curtain Ideas Blue and White Curtains
img src : Curtain Window Ideas kohls

Blue and white go along really well, including when used for the curtains. Just look at the curtains above. Very stylish, isn’t it?

For the blue curtains, you need to choose thick and solid curtains. On the other hand, for the white curtains, translucent and thin curtains are the better option.

The different characters counteract and balance each other. If you don’t want single colored curtains, blue and white curtains are a good option.

Burlap Curtains

3 Window Curtain Ideas Burlap Curtains 1
img src : remodelista
Triple Window Curtain Ideas Burlap Curtains 2
img src : remodelista

Most of our curtain window ideas are made of fabric. However, fabric curtains are certainly not your only option. There are other options, too. For example, curtains made of burlap.

Burlap curtains look unusual and interesting. If you need some privacy for yourself, burlap curtains can help you get that, too.

Although for people who want texture and flowing parts burlap curtains might not be the best option, they are among the best option for those who want something unique and unusual.

Slider Curtains

Double Window Curtain Ideas Slider Curtains
img src : Curtain Window Ideas carousell

Sliding curtain windows are very practical. There is no need to tie or fold them. You just slide them to the side to cover or uncover the windows. The question is, can they add more style to the room? The answer is, of course, they can.

To add style to the room, use two layers of curtains on each side. The outer layer should be colored and/or patterned, while the inner layer should be white.

Black and White Short Curtains

Curtain Ideas for Bay Window in Kitchen Black and White Short Curtains
img src : sincerelymariedesigns

When placed properly, black and white décor makes a room even more interesting. Of course, this applies to the curtains on the kitchen window as well.

While the other items have one color, the curtains have two. This makes the curtains easily distinguishable. Here, they serve as the focal point of the kitchen beside the hanging wreath. Thanks to the curtains, the kitchen is far from becoming boring and dull.

A kitchen window looks even better if you have a decorated window box. If you have window box yet still unsure how to style it.

Farmhouse Curtains Window

Curtains for Bedroom Window Ideas Farmhouse Curtains Window
img src : Curtain Window Ideas pinterest

The last example in our curtain window ideas is farmhouse styled curtains. Similar to the previous example, this one is also for the kitchen window. This time, the curtains have a farmhouse style instead of black and white patterns.

The farmhouse curtains, with their unique patterns, create an interesting point of interest. This happens because of the curtains and the surrounding contrast with each other. Thanks to this, an ordinary kitchen window becomes extraordinary and stylish.

More Curtain Window Ideas

Curtain Window Ideas Window Curtain Designs More Curtain Window Ideas
img src : popsugar

Curtain Window in Living Room

Curtain Big Window Ideas Curtain Window in Living Room
img src : Nemet Joussef
Thermal Curtain Window Ideas Curtain Window in Living Room 2
img src : lauren rainville

Long Curtain Window

Bay Window Curtain Ideas Living Room Long Curtain Window 1
img src : Rafika S
Modern Bay Window Curtain Ideas Long Curtain Window 2
img src : Curtain Window Ideas bhg
Window With Curtains Long Curtain Window 3
img src : anthropologie
Ideas for Window Curtains in The Living Room Long Curtain Window 4
img src : homebunch
One Curtain Window Ideas Long Curtain Window 5

The differences between the layers create both united and divided look at the same time. Stylish? Yes. Interesting? Absolutely.

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