OMG! Gorgeous DIY Vanity Mirror You’ve Probably Wanted To Make Forever

DIY Vanity Mirror – If you’re planning to produce an attractive make-up room, make your personal make-up mirror with lights. This classic vanity has old Hollywood appeal and also develops also lighting for the ideal makeup application.

When you’ve figured out where to set up your makeup space, gather your products and also comply with the straightforward setting up directions that come with your vanity light bars. You’ll be radiant in no time at all!

Below are 10+ DIY vanity mirror ideas as well as projects.

DIY Vanity Mirror with Lights for Under $100

Nicole Tanneberg, a minor YouTube master worrying skincare and also makeup items, has actually determined to venture right into the DIY globe as well as give her followers with an effective vanity mirror. One that packs a punch.


  • Vanity light bar
  • 15ft Extension cord
  • Wireless Remote
  • Picture hangers Large
  • Mirror 24×30
  • 60-watt incandescent bulbs


Believe Eco-Friendly light bulbs. They load the very same kick, last way much longer as well as reduced on your month-to-month expenses.

Adapt measurements to your needs. Think large. Think small. However, generally, believe customized.

Hollywood Vanity Mirror

DIY hollywood mirror with lights
Makeup at Midnight

Most of us females always dreamed a vanity lit up with hollywood lights and also below’s the excellent DIY to do simply that!

These lighted mirrors range from $300 up to over $500, so this is exactly what convinced me making one myself! I think every girl would enjoy any kind of version of this Hollywood vanity mirror.

Vanity Table with Mirror and Lights

how to make a vanity mirror
The Find Guru

It was actually really very easy to make and I did it under $250.00. This mirror has a dimmer so you can readjust the lights and also its large sufficient so you could see your full outfit.

I am not a specialist but I did obtain a great deal of details from an electrician. If you are planning to earn this be sure to be mindful and also if you are under age ensure an adult is able to help you.

Vanity Mirror with LED Lights


  • LED Strip Lights
  • LShape Connectors
  • Scissors


So, you’re checking out all these DIY and also slowly developing over the fact that you’ll need to get your hands unclean.

Not only that, but you’ll really need to understand a thing or more regarding splicing cables as well as doing an appropriate electrical setup.

DIY Wall Vanity Mirror

wall mounted lighted makeup mirror
Amber Scholl


  • A wall mirror.
  • LED Puck lights

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  • Hang mirror.
  • Paste puck lights around the mirror.
  • Try to buy those awesome puck lights with head swivels.
  • Wall Surface Vanity Mirror with Lighting.

Wall Vanity Mirror with Lights

DIY Lighted Vanity Mirrors


  • A mirror
  • Vanity light bars
  • Light Bulbs
  • Picture and frame hangers (or hardware)
  • Remote Lamp Control
  • Outlet adapter or extension cord (to connect lights to the wireless remote)
  • Scissors and screwdriver
  • Extension cords


  • To start with you have to discover a mirror of dimension 30 x 36 inches.
  • Exactly what you want to do first is separating the extension cable and the plug that is connected to it by sufficing off.
  • After that, split the 2 cords and with a scissor cut off concerning an inch of the rubber, but do not cut off the copper string!
  • After attaching the light bar to the expansion cables you may put in your light bulbs and also attempt it out to make certain that every little thing functions!
  • When it choose to choosing light bulbs pick light bulbs that doesn’t generate yellow light, as you could see these bulbs have a blue tint which is perfect for make-up light.
  • You could prefer to do like me, have much shorter bars or perhaps have lightning that goes all around your mirror.
  • I connected these with the hardware that was consisted of which only was 2 screws for each bar.
  • Super simple and I recommend to connect the “base” component prior to connecting the leading part of bench as well as the lights to secure it to the wall surface.

DIY Vanity Mirror with Lights

diy vanity mirror with lights

A vanity mirror table with light bulbs is so charming as well as on every lady’s shopping list. This huge make-up mirror with lights is really suitable for every make-up addict.

This style of vanity mirror additionally called Hollywood vanity mirror because the layout is the same as seen on the television show.

You can install this type of mirror anywhere you like. Additionally, the vanity mirror with light bulbs will offer your space a sophisticated appearance.

Small Makeup Vanity

Small makeup vanity table with lights

A set of wall table and also with the basic lighted vanity mirror is great to mount in a little room. However, you still could apply your make-up like a pro due to the fact that the mirror has lightbulbs on each side. It could give a great lighting when you apply your make-up.

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If both cupboards under the table typically aren’t enough to save all your points, you can place some of it on the table.

Vanity Mirror with Lights for Bedroom

Vanity Mirror with Lights for Bedroom

The big vanity mirror with lights will most definitely aid you to apply your make-up goodly. Positioning a blossom vase on the table as on accessory is an excellent option also.

In the past, mirrors were signs of riches. However today they await every house due to the fact that mirrors are not just practical however likewise wonderfully ornamental.

Particularly for any person who want to apply makeup. They will set up a nice vanity mirror or go for DIY vanity mirror bathroom makeup.

DIY Vanity Mirror with Light Bulbs

DIY Vanity Mirror with Light Bulbs

If you’re unwell of the old school versions, the DIY makeup mirror with lightbulbs is amongst the absolute best things available. Not only is it a satisfaction to use such a mirror, yet it likewise looks great as well.

And also, you could mount it anywhere you want, as well as if you are near a power resource, you could even add some power devices to plug stuff in.

Makeup Table Mirror with Lights

Makeup Vanity Table Ideas

The best component of having a clothing table vanity is that you could tailor it to be specifically what you desire it to be– antique, shabby-chic, modern-day, classic, and also retro.

With the best vanity, chair, as well as mirror, you can produce any look your need to compliment or balance out the decor of your washroom or room.

You could be whomever you want to be– the reasonable one … the attractive one … the wild one … the resourceful one.

As well as your dressing table vanity could go right along with you on the journey of self-discovery and also be whatever you envision it to be, too. The only limitations are your one-of-a-kind imagination and your long-lasting design.

Vanity Mirror with Lights DIY

makeup vanity mirror with lights

It is a lot more meaningful and also meeting compared to just doing your makeup at the humdrum shower room counter.

While you may never ever appear on the big screen (or the tv), you also could experience the lush indulgence of having such an area to prepare for your day or nighttime activities.

Hollywood Glow Vanity Mirror

hollywood vanity mirror with lights
Impressions Vanity Large

Light Vanity

makeup vanity mirror with lights DIY
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