27+ Stylish Coffered Ceiling Ideas For Any Room

There are many kinds of decor out there right now that are all in contrast to each other.  Whether you’re more into modern design, comfortable practical design, or artistic and classic design, there is something out there for everyone.

One of hottest trends right now is a throwback to older times, and that is a coffered ceiling.  These are all of the rage for all of the right reasons.  Take a look at how you can make one part of your design ideas today.

What Is A Coffered Ceiling?

By definition, a coffered ceiling is when there is a structure of the ceiling using the beams as the lines, and the interior of it is sunken in, or, upwards.  This way, the beams are outlining the ceiling (in various matching or contrasting forms) and they create a classic and memorable look.

These are popular in domes or vaults, and can be found in all kinds of home decor throughout the years and are signs of wealth and superior intellect in terms of transforming your home.

Can I Use A Coffered Ceiling?  How do I Make It Work?

What is A Coffered Ceiling Can I Use A Coffered Ceiling How do I Make It Work
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There are all sorts of ways that you can create a coffered ceiling for your home.  If you’ve got a spot where one structural, load-bearing beam is present, you can add additional ones that are there for aesthetic.  That will create the coffered look that you are hoping for.

You can also work with hollows in your ceilings by creating them yourself and putting them up there.  This will dress up the decorative aspect of your ceiling and make it look as great as possible.

These are often used to disguise mistakes in the engineering, too, which is why they were popular back in the day.  Now they can be used for that purpose, or to simply add some character to your home.  The thing is to make sure that you are creating it using beams and hollows, in however you want it to work, in your room of choice.

Where Does the Coffered Ceiling Go?

Coffered Ceiling paint Ideas Where Does the Coffered Ceiling Go
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A coffered ceiling can be an effective piece of decor just about anywhere you want it to.  Traditionally, this was found in dining rooms, living rooms, or halls with deep ceilings, but you can also find it now in bedrooms or even bathrooms.  The thing is to make sure that you are creating this distinctive look wherever you want to for the best effect.

Just as you would have thought, there are different kinds and forms of coffered ceilings, depending on where you want to put them in your home.  You can look at different “severities” in terms of the coffering, and you can also look at different materials such as wood, steel, etc.  You can choose from contrasting or complimenting paint and stain choices, etc.

There are all sorts of options out there to take a look at when planning out your look.  There are many common popular options, but the best two out there are traditional rustic, and shabby chic.  They are put in different settings and places, but they’re effective everywhere when used correctly.

Where Do I Get Started?

To make this trend work for you in the most effective way possible, you need to take a look at the inspiration photos below and all of the different settings so that you can see what you’re looking at in terms of options.

From there, you’ll be able to see how you want to move forward, and just where you’re going to be looking in terms of motivation and even specific ideas.  Take a look and see for yourself.

Clean Look

Coffered Ceiling Living Room Clean Look
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This is what you would call a traditional coffered ceiling in your living room setup.  You can see that it uses traditional colours and is using clean lines to form the box design.  The sunken centre is also perfectly square to create this memorable look and feel.

The colour matching is very traditional of old time styles and can be left plain, painted, or wallpapered to create a unique look.

Exposed Roof Beams

Coffered Ceiling Designs Exposed Roof Beams
img src : zillow

It’s hard to go wrong when you’re looking at something like a rustic wood design.  The contrast between the colour of the stains on this all natural wood ceiling coffering is absolutely stunning.

This is perfect for creating a warm and welcoming introduction to your home where you want the wood tones to have the floor as far as their effect.  This is especially popular in dressed up and professional wood cabins.

Modern White and Gray

Coffered Ceiling Images Modern White and Gray
img src : houzz

This is a more modern version of a coffered ceiling, and you can see from the colour blending that it’s all about a modern and comfortable style.

This can be enjoyed a classic, common home where this sits in the dining room (perfectly accented with lighting like in the photo), or it can be used in a beach house or equivalent.  The option is yours.  This minimalist design is a sight to be seen for sure.

Geometric Design

Build Coffered Ceiling Geometric Design
img src : grainwoodshop

This is certainly a unique take on a coffered ceiling, but you have to admit that it’s pretty incredible, isn’t it?  This geometric design is all about clean lines and matching tones that creates a fun and innovative look and feel for you and all those who see it.

This is great for a bedroom or a bathroom and is minimalist while also making sure that it stays in the coffered ceiling world.  You can customize this to your heart’s content.

A Geometry Wood

Wood Coffered Ceiling A Geometry Wood
img src : flickr

Much the same as the one above, this one is done entirely with wood grains.  While this is one is definitely more muted due to the texturing in the wood base, this is absolutely a great idea and a fun twist on the above idea.  Very cute for a library or a den.

Breakfast Room Circular

Coffered Ceiling Dining Room Breakfast Room Circular
img src : echeloninteriors

As the name suggests, this one is recommended for a breakfast nook or dining room where you want natural light and dark wood to compliment each other.  This is an absolutely adorable way to really play up the design with a unique touch.

Greenhouse Style

Farmhouse Coffered Ceiling Greenhouse Style
img src : housedecor

Balancing out a wood grain with a white ceiling makes this kitchen look modern but traditional, and the coffered look really suits it.  This is a great minimalist look that uses supportive decorative beams to really dress it all up.

Classic and Dressy

Coffered Ceiling Beams Classic and Dressy
img src : houzz

More traditional than the one mentioned above, this is gorgeous and a real play a toned down of a coffered ceiling in a modern setting.  Classic and dressy, this is a muted option to consider for your kitchen if that’s more your style.

Ceiling Wine Cellar

Coffered Ceiling Lighting Ceiling Wine Cellar
img src : houzz

If you’ve got a wine cellar, than you might be interested in the dome ceiling featuring a circular and muted, rich coffered ceiling.  This is entirely different from anything you would have seen before, but it’s classy and perfect for putting that air of professionalism to work.

Home Theater

Coffered Ceiling Cost Home Theater
img src : houzz

Lively and exciting, this contrast of wood and white ceiling options can give you a lot of class, comfort, and a modern feel.  This is great for dressing up the home movie theater of yours so that it’s as welcoming as possible.  The inset lighting is a great touch, too.

Low Ceiling

Modern Coffered Ceiling Low Ceiling
img src : wiggly

More classic in its design, this another effective but quiet version when it comes to a coffered ceiling.  You can see from the photo that it works well with the dining room or living room aspect.  A very clean and dignified look.

Diamond Detailing

Coffered Ceiling Ideas Diamond Detailing
img src : renoguide

This painted and diamond shaped detailing on the coffered ceiling certainly offers a lot to be desired, all you need to do is take one look at the gorgeous clean lines, and it all comes together to make the right final effect.

Painted Box Beam

Adding Coffered Ceiling Painted Box Beam
img src : pinterest

This is a beautiful contrast of dark and white and it really works with the design of the beams to create the right warm effect.  Vibrant and modern, this is a sweet option to consider for when you need to dress up the space without going too fancy in all that is offered.

White Ceiling Kitchen

Coffered Ceiling Kitchen White Ceiling Kitchen
img src : houzz

You can see here, how the coffered ceiling really lightens up an otherwise gray kitchen.  This is perfect for showing how it can really transform a space in the perfect way.  You’ll love how it is going to dress it all up.

Turquoise Style

Coffered Ceiling in Kitchen Turquoise Style
img src : houzz

With general colouring like this, this gorgeous kitchen is dressed up with a matching coffered ceiling, complete with the panelling matching the turquoise touches.  Perfect for the colour lover out there who wants to see it all coming together.

Mediterranean Design

Coffered Ceiling Design Mediterranean Design
img src : pinterest

Another example of a minimalist play on the coffered ceiling, this brings in warm Mediterranean feelings that really create the right kind of attitude for the style of this room.  The ceiling balances out all sorts of aspects perfectly.

Coffered Ceiling Wood

Low Profile Coffered Ceiling Coffered Ceiling Wood
img src : happymodern

Modern and flashy, this coffered ceiling really dresses up the room with charm and modern touches to transform it into a living creation that is all about gorgeous pieces coming together.  A well designed room with matching colours.

Redwoods Ceiling Design

Coffered Ceiling Definition Redwoods Ceiling Design
img src : houzz

This is very different from a lot of the options that you’ve seen, but it’s really effective in the simple design of the coffered look and feel.  If you’re hoping to make sure that you always create the right kind of coffering, this is a sweet way to show that it’s always effective, no matter how it’s used.

Traditional Wood Ceiling

How to Make a Coffered Ceiling Traditional Wood Ceiling
img src : vanderhornarchitects

Fun and classy, this dressed up room with wooden beams and a white panelled ceiling is fantastic for really opening up the space to be what it is.  This is ideal, too, for creating the right kind of design for a memorable room with all of the warmth you’d want to infuse.

Modern Style

Modern Coffered Ceiling Designs Modern Style
img src : houzz

This is all about a col style, and you can see that it achieves it perfectly with the low coffered ceiling being the icing on top.  Perfect for dressing up a blah room, this will transform the space into a totally rejuvenated version of itself for a memorable experience.  A cute option for those who want to really play around with it.

Coffered Ceiling Lights

Coffered Ceiling Bedroom Coffered Ceiling Lights
img src : houzz

The gentle muted ceiling is another example of a quiet coffered ceiling that really helps complete and transform the space.  It’s certainly a great way to really open it up and allow the light in, too, which is perfect for the right kind of atmosphere that you want to set for a bedroom that needs to have a little something to dress it up.

Rustic Wood

Coffered Ceiling Pictures Rustic Wood
img src : houzz

Traditional yet rustic, this coffered ceiling is a great way to enjoy the right kind of space that is made even better by the way that it transforms and warms the room with all of the wood gains that catch the light.  Perfect for the rustic and homey option that you can customize to make your own.

High Ceilings

Coffered Ceiling Kits High Ceilings
img src : houzz

This is a very modern, light-filled option for a coffered ceiling that does all of the talking to itself.  Worth the time to create it, it’s a great overall look that can transform the space that you want to use it, in no time at all.

Dark Wood

Coffered Ceiling DIY Dark Wood
img src : denisebosleyinteriors

This creates a very sophisticated and glamorous look that is all about making sure that you will have the right kind of space that is all about the seriousness that you’re looking for.  The dark wood beams are gorgeous.  What part do you love most about this one?  It’s hard to pick with that much nice decor to look at.


Coffered Ceiling Tiles Geometric
img src : cocodsgn

Another example of a more carefully constructed, rigid geometric version of a coffered ceiling, this will really transform the space and give the ceiling the depth that it needs to show off its true self in all of its deserving glory.  A more traditional take on the idea of a coffered ceiling as a architecture point.

Silver and White

Coffered Ceiling Styles Silver and White
img src : decor10blog

Finally, this muted but authentic creation of a coffered ceiling with a silver and white feel to it is certainly all about modern tough and feel and making it look as dressy as you want it.  It has a variety of shapes in the room to play off of, and the creation of the colour combination is perfect for a memorable spot for sure.

Without a doubt, there are all sorts of options above in how you can best create a coffered ceiling with the best options in terms of the results.  You can see that there are many ways to get this look for your ceiling, and there are many options out there that exist when you’re looking at finding the right one for your home.

The thing to remember with a coffered ceiling is that you are using it as decor statement, similar to a fashion statement.  You have to find a way to make it as unique as possible for your spot, and you’ll be able to dress it up in terms of making sure that you are looking at creating the right kind of look for your home.

Make sure that you create the right kind of welcome for your guests by putting this effective design into place, and remember that it is going to go a long way to add some class and architectural traits to your home.  It doesn’t matter what kind of home that you live in, a coffered ceiling – however you choose to put it into place – is going to absolutely dress your spot up so that you can enjoy what everyone has to say about the space.

If you so wish, you can even put one in every main room of your home.  It, again, depends on what you’re looking to do.  While it’s always recommended that are particular with how you put the coffered ceiling into your design, you can dress up your dining room, breakfast nook, bedroom, bathroom, living room or foyer with the right design and the perfect kind of atmosphere that you wanted.

You can go for the contrasting paint or wallpaper, the wooden beams, the inset lighting, the matching look, the gentle panelling, whatever you want to do.

The space is yours to transform, and when you do it right, the results are going to be absolutely incredible in the best way possible.  It could really step up your home decor game in a memorable and impressive way.  Now the only thing left is to decide what you want to use where you want to use it for the right final effect.

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