17 Dreamy Guest Bedroom Ideas That Will Make You The Best Host

Do you have a bedroom that is meant for your guest? If you do, you may want to see our guest bedroom ideas here. Our ideas here will give you the inspiration to design yours. No need to worry, our ideas are mostly simple.

Since our ideas vary greatly, you will find to find one or two favorites that you want to try. Alright, let’s get to these ideas now.

Monochromatic Guest Bedroom

Guest Bedroom Ideas with Paint Monochromatic Guest Bedroom
Decorating Guest Bedroom Ideas Monochromatic Guest Bedroom 2
Guest Bedroom Ideas with Paint img src : thefrugalhomemaker

Using monochromatic guest bedroom wall décor and furniture brings a sense of calmness and relaxing in the room. The guest bedroom is made exactly for that, using monochromatic color schemes is almost always a good idea.

Applying a monochromatic theme is not difficult and they look really nice. For most parts, use neutral color tones like white and gray.

Then, add one or two bright color tones to be the focal points of the room. Bright colors will prevent the room from looking boring and at the same time, making it more interesting.

Cozy and Welcoming

Luxury Guest Bedroom Ideas Cozy and Welcoming
Luxury Guest Bedroom Ideas img src : prettypeachtree

The next idea in our guest bedroom ideas is a cozy and welcoming guest bedroom. There are many ways to create such a bedroom. One of them is by playing with neutral colors. Just notice how colorful the bedroom above.

There are many colors, including white, pink, green, blacks and gray. Yet, none of them stand out on their own. Rather, they create a balanced look which not just makes the room more appealing but also cozy and welcoming as well.

Colorful Farmhouse

Gray Guest Bedroom Ideas Colorful Farmhouse
Simple Guest Bedroom Ideas Colorful Farmhouse 2
img src : savvysouthernstyle

Farmhouse décor is often seen with black, white and dark brown surfaces. That doesn’t mean you can add other colors to create a farmhouse look. You can. For example, navy blue, light brown and gray looks great too, as the image above shown.

Simple Farmhouse

Cozy Guest Bedroom Ideas Simple Farmhouse
img src : wilshirecollections

There are several farmhouse guest bedroom ideas on our list. This one looks quite simple. Notice how the room is filled with white and various gray shades.

Does it look boring? Far from boring, the room looks warm and inviting. Without a doubt, your guest would enjoy this kind of bedroom.

Teal and White

Guest Bedroom Ideas Pinterest Teal and White
Cute Guest Bedroom Ideas Teal and White 2
img src : zdesignathome

To make a cozy guest bedroom décor, there is no need to use too many colors. In fact, using too many main colors will make the room less cozy and comfortable. That’s not what you want for a guest bedroom.

In the example above, there are two main colors: white and teal. The contrast between these two colors creates a calm and relaxing look. At the same time, the other colors accentuate the look and make it colorful without being too obnoxious.

‘Summer Breeze’

Guest Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms ‘Summer Breeze’
Guest Bedroom Ideas Modern ‘Summer Breeze’ 2
img src : sfgirlbybay

Ready to welcome both your guests and summer? In that case, you may want to try this idea. That’s right. Bring the ‘summer breeze’ to the room! Compared to other guest bedroom ideas on our list, this one is on the more colorful side.

The colorful curtains, the warm rug and a touch of freshness from the plant bring freshness to the room. With white walls, all these colors stand out even more. It is a really nice way to welcome the incoming guests and season.

Can you use the style for your own bedroom? Of course. Speaking of which, here we also have master bedroom ideas that can help you design yours. If you need any inspiration or two, be sure to check them out!

Guest Bedroom with Office

Office Guest Bedroom Ideas Guest Bedroom with Office
img src : the simple farmhouse

While the most important thing about a guest bedroom is to allow your guests to rest, in some cases an office within the bedroom is needed.

This is especially true if your guests are very busy individuals. To accommodate such guests, you will need a guest bedroom with office.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be complex. The minimum you need is to add a chair, a table, and a bookcase. You can style all these in a farmhouse style to make the bedroom feel warmer and relaxed.

Comfy and Cozy

Modern Guest Bedroom Ideas Comfy and Cozy
img src : settingforfour

A refreshing rest is what all guest needs. To make a guest bedroom more suitable for refreshing, you need to incorporate proper colors.

For example, shades of gray, white, black, and light blue. Compared to other guest bedroom ideas, this one is among the most refreshing.

The above example has all of that. It also has layers of bed covers and blanket with a warm rug underneath. All these create a welcoming, comfy and cozy guest bedroom.

Country Guest Bedroom

Guest Bedroom Furniture Ideas Country Guest Bedroom
img src : BoutiqueRugs

Take a good look of the bedroom above. What do you feel? A country-style guest bedroom makes you feel like home, doesn’t it? Notice how the contrast between black and white, the rustic wooden floor underneath, and the warm rug. All work together to create a familiar feel.

You can make such a guest bedroom looks more comfortable by adding a soft bed and lots of pillows. A black bed cover is also a good idea.

Cozy Guest Bedroom Makeover

Small Guest Bedroom Ideas on a Budget Cozy Guest Bedroom Makeover
Budget Guest Bedroom Ideas Cozy Guest Bedroom Makeover 2
img src : sivanayla

Accommodating a guest doesn’t mean that you have to go overboard. Remember, simple things can be amazing too. The above guest bedroom design certainly proves that.

The bedroom is designed in a simple way. Yet, due to its simplicity, it feels like as if it is home. Your guests will be happy to rest in a bedroom that feels like home.

Mostly White Farmhouse

Neutral Guest Bedroom Ideas Mostly White Farmhouse
imgg src : lynzyandco

A bedroom that is mostly white doesn’t mean it is boring. As you can see from our guest bedroom ideas, white is among best color option as it looks clean, tidy, modern and pleasing to the eyes. A mostly white, farmhouse guest bedroom looks amazing.

However, to avoid the white from overwhelming the room, you need to add some complementary colors. For example, black or darker browns, light brown, red and green.

Simply Elegant

Guest Bedroom Ideas Themes Simply Elegant
img src : whittneyparkinson

What do you think about the bedroom above? Elegant, doesn’t it? An elegant guest bedroom décor doesn’t necessarily involve an intricate or complex design. Sometimes, simplicity can be elegant too. And the above example is a good example of that.

Notice how the bedroom is filled with distinct lines and shapes. Most of the furniture has simple shapes as well. The beds, the white walls, the black, defined lines, the mirror, the wooden surfaces and the chandelier above bring an air of luxury, all without intricate or complex designs.

Minimalist with Style

Guest Bedroom Ideas with Twin Beds Minimalist with Style
img src : drivenbydecor

This one is also an example of mostly white guest bedroom ideas. This one is a bit different, though. As you can see, the bedroom has a rather minimalist décor. And yet, despite its apparent minimalism, it looks quite stylish.

Just notice how no pieces of furniture in the bedroom are useless. The table, drawer, flower pot, lighting and mirror all serve not just functional but also aesthetical purposes.

Southern Style Guest Bedroom

Southern Guest Bedroom Ideas Southern Style Guest Bedroom
Southern Guest Bedroom Ideas img src : savvysouthernstyle

Do you want to give your visiting guests a warm and friendly room to stay? If that is the case, try designing the guest bedroom in a southern style. Why? Because there are only a few styles that can bring a warm and friendly vibe better than a southern style.

The bedroom is mostly white with several complement colors here and there. The white background enables other colors to stand out, allowing the rustic earth tone colors to bring a warm and friendly vibe to the room.

A Guest Bedroom with a Natural Feel

Guest Bedroom Ideas A Guest Bedroom with a Natural Feel

Do you want a

  • simple
  • natural
  • good-looking

guest bedroom? If the answer is yes, this idea is for you. A guest bedroom with a natural vibe is always great. How could it not? When you are surrounded by nature, you feel calm and relaxed. You can bring the same vibe to a guest bedroom.

You don’t need a lot of things to create a calming and relaxing guest bedroom décor. Simple things like a small bed, greeneries, a lot of wooden surfaces, a gray blanket and a rug can make a calming and relaxing bedroom.

Speaking of beds, do you use bunk beds for your bedroom? If you need some ideas for what kind of beds to use, check out our L shaped bunk beds here.

Warm and Luxurious

Rustic Guest Bedroom Ideas Warm and Luxurious
img src : shayfarm7

A warm and luxurious bedroom is always a nice place to spend the night. Of course, this applies to a guest bedroom as well. The above picture is a good example of how a guest bedroom can look both warm and luxurious.

Notice how the white, black, gray, and monochromatic colors blend really well. All these colors bring an air of warmth and luxury to the room.

The focal point here is the black bed frame. It provides a clear line of separation between the bed and the other parts of the bedroom.

Casual Guest Bedroom Colors

Home Office Guest Bedroom Ideas Casual Guest Bedroom Colors
Home Office Guest Bedroom Ideas img src : theidentite

The last idea in our guest bedroom ideas is a casual guest bedroom. What is great about this design is that it is quite minimalistic. The defined lines, rectangular shapes and only a few colors involved. All these are minimalist.

Don’t be mistaken, though. Despite being simple and minimalistic, the décor looks really inviting. The navy blue creates a focal point, while the mostly white background creates an inviting feel. You can just feel how you want to lay down after seeing this bedroom.

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