21 Clever Hidden Door Ideas to Make Your Home More Fun

Who doesn’t like to have a hidden door or secret passage? Everyone likes it. It is a nice amenity to have. It makes the home more interesting and fun, too. Are you planning to create one in your home? If you are, we listed 15 hidden door ideas that can inspire you to make your home decor more fun.

There are many ways you can create a hidden door or a secret passage. You can hide them behind a wall, a bookshelf or even a cabinet. Yes, there are many places where you can create a hidden door as you will see in our ideas below.

Hidden Passage in the Basement

Wall Hidden Door Ideas Hidden Passage in the Basement
Wall Hidden Door Ideas img src : FBC Remodel

Have a nice basement down below? Make it even nicer with a hidden door. Now, you may wonder where to create a hidden door in the basement. There are many places. For instance, you can create a hidden door just under the staircase.

Hide the room by installing a rotatable cabinet. This cabinet will be both a bookshelf and a door to access the hidden room.

Awesome isn’t it? If you install a door frame that blends with the cabinet, no one will know that there is a hidden room behind.

Behind the Bookshelf

Bookshelf with Hidden Door Ideas Behind the Bookshelf
Bookshelf with Hidden Door Ideas img src : hometalk

Next in our list of hidden door ideas is a hidden door made out of a revolving bookshelf. At a glance, the bookshelf looks just like, well, an ordinary bookshelf. It doesn’t look special at all. When pushed, however, the hidden door is moved. Now the hidden room is revealed.

A bookshelf hidden door is more believable. The reason is that you can stuff the shelves with books. The books basically camouflage the door. For unobservant eyes, the bookshelf is just a bookshelf.

Stone Hidden Door

Bed Nook with Hidden Door Ideas Stone Hidden Door
Small Hidden Door Ideas img src : homify

Want to create a really, really unique hidden door? Consider using a stone door as your hidden door.

Unlike the first two hidden door ideas, you need to be more elaborate with a stone door. Make sure that the secret door has the same look and texture as the wall.

Notice how the stone door above is invisible when closed.  It looks quite, isn’t it? If you want to create a similar hidden door, paying attention to details is a must.

Hidden Door with Storage

Best Hidden Door Ideas Hidden Door with Storage 1
Cool Hidden Door Ideas Hidden Door with Storage 2
Best Hidden Door Ideas img src : murphydoor

An elaborate and delicate hidden door is always nice to have. However, not every one of us has the luxury of such a door.

Some of us have to work with what we have. What if you have an unfinished cabinet like the above? Can you still create a secret passage? The answer is yes.

Our eyes tend to be attracted to something unique in front of us. Something ordinary tends to be overlooked.

A hidden door with storage like the above is likely to be overlooked, making it a perfect option to be a hidden door.

Speaking of doors, how does your front door look like? Does it blend well with the overall theme of your house? If you need some inspiration for your front door, you can check our front door ideas here.

Wood Wall Hidden Door Ideas

Modern Wall Panel with Hidden Door Ideas Wood Wall Hidden Door Ideas
img src : yelp

A wall composed of wooden panels can be a great hidden door, too. They may not be as functional as cabinets or bookshelves, but they can be really invisible to the eyes. The above door is a good example of what we said.

Imagine the door closed. Can you identify it? Most likely not. The wooden panels have unique patterns, making it difficult to determine where the door is.

If you want an invisible secret door, a wooden panel door is one of the best hidden door design ideas to try.

Unexpected Hidden Door

Small Hidden Door Ideas Unexpected Hidden Door
Modern Wall Panel with Hidden Door Ideas img src : Peter Pennoyer Architects

The previous hidden door ideas use different colors for the wall and the bookshelf or cabinet. This one, on the other hand, is very different. If you have

  1. a wall in a bright color
  2. an empty room
  3. a door frame that can be fitted with a bookshelf

then you can create a hidden door that no one really expects. Notice how the wall and the bookshelf have the same color. Thanks to the color, no one will expect that there is a secret room inside.

Hidden Man Cave

Bookshelf Hidden Door Ideas Hidden Man Cave
img src : houzz

Having a hidden room is always nice, especially if the room is large. To be able to access a large room, you will need a large door.

The question is, can you hide such a large door and make it undetectable by other people? The answer is yes. Yes, you can. The picture that you just saw is an example of this.

To hide the door, you need to turn it into something else. For example, extra storage on which you showcase your favorite items.

This way, no one will suspect there is a comfy room just behind the large shelves. This one is among the best hidden door ideas if you want a large hidden room.

Cabinet Hidden Door

Hidden Door Ideas in Shower Cabinet Hidden Door
Cool Hidden Door Ideas img src : Mildred Bunenirir

This hidden door is very similar to the previous one. The difference is that this hidden door is much smaller.

Being smaller doesn’t mean it can’t be hidden, though. Smaller doors can be hidden just as much as large ones. What matters is how you mask it so no one knows.

How do you mask a small hidden door, then? Easy. Just turn it into a makeshift cabinet. Place interesting decorations on the cabinet and voila! Now you have a cabinet hidden door.

Basement Hidden Storage

Basement Hidden Door Ideas Basement Hidden Storage
Hidden Door Ideas Basement img src : FBC Remodel

Wooden doors are certainly among the best option for a hidden door. Why? Because the door frames are often made of wooden, too.

This allows the doors and frames to blend nicely, making the doors as if they are an ordinary bookcase.

Take a look at the hidden door above. It has the same color as its frame. When closed, the door and frame join as one, giving the appearance of a whole bookcase that is attached to the wall.

Barn doors can be used as hidden doors as well. If you are interested in barn doors, be sure to check out our barn door ideas.

Painting Hidden Door

DIY Hidden Door Ideas Painting Hidden Door
DIY Hidden Door Ideas img src : adamhunterinc

Unlike the other hidden door ideas on the list, a painting hidden door looks very unusual.

While the other doors are made to look like a wall, a cabinet, or a bookshelf, this hidden door is basically an attached painting used as a door.

When the painting door is closed, no one will think that it really is a door. As far as they concerned, it is just a large painting on a wall, nothing more nothing less.

Elegant Hidden Door

Closet Hidden Door Ideas Elegant Hidden Door
img src : pinterest

Not every hidden door needs to be delicate and elaborate. Sometimes, less can be more. In this case, the hidden looks simplistic and elegant.

It is painted black with vertical lines that give it texture. Despite its simplicity, it doesn’t fail to hide what is hidden behind.

The all-black door here is among your best option if you are looking for something simple yet elegant to be used as a hidden door. The bonus is that the door can serve as a focal point of the room.

Secret Door Ideas

Jambless Hidden Door Ideas Secret Door Ideas 1
Easy Hidden Door Ideas Secret Door Ideas 2
Easy Hidden Door Ideas img src : mydesigndump

When talking about hidden doors, there is no limit on where you should create it. That’s right.

You can create it in your living room, under the stairs, in a hallway, in the basement and even in the attic. It is all possible if there is enough space available.

Speaking of which, the above is a good example of an attic hidden door. Notice how it looks very minimalist and relatively small. A hidden door in the attic is a good option if you want a hidden reading nook.

Modern Flush Door

Modern Hidden Door Ideas Modern Flush Door
Modern Hidden Door Ideas img src : ArchiDesiign

Look how “seamless” the wall and the door are. When the door is closed, you will not be able to see it at all. Thanks to the patterns and texture, the door is truly hidden from the eyes.

If you have wall paneling, be it made from wood like the above example or from other materials, you can create a “seamless” hidden door by using patterns and texture on the wall and door.

Hidden Door with Wallpaper

Cheap Hidden Door Ideas Hidden Door with Wallpaper
img src : thebeatthatmyheartskipped

If wall paneling doesn’t fit your taste, you can opt for wallpaper instead. Indeed, you need to apply wallpaper in a way that the door is concealed just like in the picture above.

What’s great about this kind of hidden door is that the door can be customized easily. You can just change the wallpaper when you are bored and there are many options available, too. Awesome, isn’t it?

A Pair of Hidden Doors

Art Deco Hidden Door Ideas A Pair of Hidden Doors
img src : pinterest

The last on our hidden door ideas list is not one but two hidden doors. There are two doors that hide the secret room.

When closed, the doors appear as if it is one and hide the secret room nicely. When opened, the doors get out of the way and allow what is inside the room to stand out.

Also note the texture and patterns. Just like the previous example, the texture and patterns help the doors to be hidden.

More Ideas Secret / Hidden Door

Hidden Door in Cabinete

Double Bookcase Door

Wall Panel with Hidden Door Ideas Double Bookcase Door
img src : hiddenpassageway

Hidden Kitchen Door Ideas

Secret Hideout

Hidden Door Ideas Under Stairs Secret Hideout
img src : vonfitzdesign

Hidden Pantry

Hidden Door Ideas Kitchen Hidden Pantry
img src : Mark Williams

Hidden Trap Door Ideas

Bathroom Hidden Door Ideas Hidden Trap Door Ideas
img src : Zillow

Secret Door from Wood

Concealed Hidden Door Ideas Secret Door from Wood
Big Picture Hidden Door Ideas Secret Door from Wood 2
img src : homedit
Hidden Door Ideas for Steps Secret Door from Wood 3
img src : homedit
Hidden Door Ideas Basement Secret Door from Wood 4
img src : homedit
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