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Overhead Garage Storage –  Garage is a place to store all kinds of stuff, ranging from large vehicles to small appliances and tools.

Storage thus becomes an important matter when it comes to renovating or remodeling your garage. Storage units can be placed on almost every part of your garage.

You can use traditional floor cabinets, peg board and floating cabinets on your garage wall, and tall racks, shelves and cabinets on the corners of garage.

In fact, even the ceiling of your garage can be exploited for storage purpose.

Overhead garage storage that is mounted on your garage ceiling is certainly excellent for expanding the storage function of your garage.

How to Build Overhead Garage Storage
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Reasons to Install

There are many reasons why you should mount an overhead garage storage unit on your garage ceiling.

Freeing Up Floor Space

Many homeowners prefer to keep the floor of their garage free of clutters. They need ample floor space to park their cars and smaller vehicles, including motorcycles and bikes.

Using ceiling and wall to accommodate storage units is a great way to keep the floor clutter-free.

Easier Access to Stored Stuff

Believe it or not, objects stored in an overhead garage racks and shelves are easier to access than those stored on floor.

If you store stuff on floor, you will end up stacking objects over objects and over card boards until it becomes tedious for you to find a specific object.

Stacking is not possible on overhead garage storage, making it easier to access stuff stored there.

Safer for and Securer from Children and Pets

No child and pet can reach your overhead garage storage.

If you store in your garage stuff that you don’t want your children and pets to touch and the one dangerous for them, overhead garage storage can be the best place to store it because it is always beyond their reach.

Overhead Garage Storage Installation Safer for and securer from children and pets
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Larger than Wall and Floor Cabinets

Overhead garage storage can actually be larger than other kinds of storage that you have in your garage.

The rack occupies a large portion of the ceiling, whose space is as large as that of the floor.

If you can organize your ceiling-mounted storage properly, you may actually not need to use floor and wall-mounted cabinets at all.


Water and moisture mostly accumulates near the floor. If you worry about mold and mildew infestation as well as tool damage caused by water, you should store your stuff over your head.

Overhead garage storage not only protects your stuff from moisture, but also from flood when it really occurs.

Precautions Before Installing Overhead Garage Storage

DIY Overhead Garage Storage Precautions Before Installing Overhead Garage Storage
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Although there are many benefits that you can reap from installing overhead garage storage, there are also some risks associated to it that you have to beware. Here are some precautions that you should mind before you install overhead garage storage.

Safety First

There is a large selection of overhead garage storage products that you can buy from home accessories shops. In fact, this kind of storage can actually be a DIY project.

Either way, you need to make sure that you can install the storage unit safely and securely. Even small errors like loose bolt may cause expensive and even lethal accident.

Weight Limit

You cannot store all of your stuff on your ceiling. If there are too many or too heavy objects stored in your overhead garage storage, the storage unit may not be able to bear the weight and serious accident may occur.

When you buy an overhead garage storage kit that is ready to install, you will get information about its weight limit so that you can understand how far the storage unit can go.

Fleximounts Overhead Garage Storage Rack Weight limit
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Harder Installation

Due to gravity and height, installing ceiling-mounted rack might be more difficult than installing floor and wall cabinet.

Installing alone might not be the best idea and you will end up asking a partner to help you install the storage unit.

If you are not sure of whether you can accomplish the job yourself and guarantee the safety of your overhead garage storage, it’s much better for you to hire a professional.

Although hiring a professional costs your money, the expense can be considered a valuable investment that gives you peace in mind because you don’t need to worry about the safety, security and reliability of your overhead garage storage.

Factors to Consider When Installing Garage Storage

Overhead Garage Storage Racks Factors to Consider When Installing Garage Storage
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If you are ready to install overhead garage storage, here are some important factors to mind to make sure that the storage that you are going to install is the best for you and for your garage

Storage Type

There are various types of storage unit that you can mount on your ceiling. There are storage unit that is mounted right above your vehicles, storage unit above your car’s hood, and storage unit over your garage door.

You can install all of them if you want, but you certainly need to look into your garage structure and, especially, its door mechanism.
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Storage Size

The size of an overhead garage storage unit ranges from 2 x 2 feet to 8 x 4 feet. Larger storage units are also available depending on who sell the unit.

You may need to measure the approximate amount of storage space that you need in your garage and the budget you can prepare to buy the unit. Buying a modular unit is a good idea because when you add more units later, they can make a single unified system.

The Drop

The drop is the distance between the ceiling and the base of the rack. The drop may range from 10 inches to about 50 inches. You should measure the height of your garage ceiling to make sure that your overhead garage storage has drop that offers enough clearance for you and your vehicles.


Lastly, there are a number of accessories that you can add to your overhead garage storage project to improve their function and safety.

When shopping, you may want to check accessories like sport utility hooks, rail hooks, deck hooks, and safety nets. They will make your overhead garage storage safer and more reliable.

Overhead Garage Storage Ideas

These garage storage ideas will help you get rid of anything you don’t need.

Garage Storage Rack

Overhead Garage Storage Rack Garage Storage Rack
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SafeRacks OverHead Garage

Saferacks Overhead Garage Storage SafeRacks OverHead Garage
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Slide-in Storage System for Overhead Garage

Overhead Garage Storage Systems Slide-in Storage System for Overhead Garage
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Storage Basement Ideas for Garage

Husky Overhead Garage Storage Storage Idea for Garage
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Overhead Garage Shelving Ideas

Overhead Garage Storage Ideas Overhead Garage Shelving Ideas
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Garage Storage Ideas

Best Overhead Garage Storage Garage Storage Ideas

Overhead Garage Storage Solutions

Overhead Garage Storage Solutions
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