7+ Shower Curtain Ideas Make your Bathroom Look More Spacious

Versatile shower curtain ideas can help you to décor your bathroom and even create more spacious look and feels if you choose the right one. In most bathrooms, the flexibility to get ability and enough space for moving around often becomes challenge especially when the bathroom is limited space.

Bathroom and shower area are the areas that most forgotten to consider having space saving and utilizing shower curtain can save valuable space in your bathroom. If you want to make your bathroom look larger and spacious then you can consider these shower curtain ideas that very helpful.

Shower Curtain Will Add Space to Bathroom

Unique Shower Curtain Ideas Shower Curtain Will Add Space to Bathroom
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Who does not need any additional space in your bathroom? Shower curtain is great option for bathroom that does not has enough space for swing doors or glass enclosure doors. There are many shower curtains that install low profile tracks in the ceiling that make it enables for the curtain to still open while it make your bathroom look larger.

You also can consider adding valance or hanging such as decorative fabric for creating formal approach to your shower or bathtub area. These curtain type is also have liner that placed behind the fabric curtain for ensure water not damage the decorative curtain or valance.

  • Choose the best color. Ask yourself, what the best color that will make your bathroom look larger? Most of expert will recommends using neutral or light color as it is easiest and safest solution to add for small bathroom walls. You can choose yellow, white or cream for standard option to choose.
  • You also can choose add little zing into bathroom by choose shower curtain that have more color. Instead of, you can paint your bathroom wall with dark color and use pale shower curtain or white to make your bathroom feel more open and spacious.

Create Drama to Your Bathroom

Walk in Shower Curtain Ideas Create Drama to Your Bathroom
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Do you know that shower curtain also offer other purpose, adding drama and set scene for great bathtub or shower wall area? By consider draping fabric that installed from ceiling to add softness from hard ceramic tile or bored shower/bathtub area.

By adding the dramatic shower curtain in your bathroom it is perfect for those who need focal point or decorative aspect in their bathroom. You can corporate decorative sheets, window treatment material, or fabrics to make your shower area beautiful. Here are several ways that you can choose to make your bathroom shower curtain look great.

  • Hang the fabric from ceiling for adding visual height and make your bathroom look more spacious and larger. It will create height more on your bathroom.
  • Add colorful wallpaper or you can also choose decorative bath accessories to complement with your bathroom shower curtain. Think as your shower curtain is window wall and you can meet with many surprised things when you open the shower curtain.

Fashionable Shower Curtain

Double Shower Curtain Ideas Fashionable Shower Curtain
Shower Curtain Ideas image source : decorpad

Do you remember how bored old shower curtain in the past? With few patterns, color and styles available to add to your bathroom? It was once has been associated with dorm college bathroom and small apartments but now you can choose fashionable shower curtain that more colorful and attractive.

Depending on your bathroom theme, you can work with so many options. For example, when you add decorative ruffled fabric, you can create romantic bathroom ideas or you also can create high contrast colored bathroom that will match with rest of modern bathroom design nicely. Shower curtain also able to pull back that can add visual space into bathroom interiors and pep up the bathroom interior styling.

  • Choose appropriate pattern. Choose solid shower curtain that have same color as bathroom walls actually just make your bathroom feel smaller. When you choose shower curtain, choose the complementary color. Use various hues color from same color to add more spaciousness feeling. Also consider shower curtain that have texture to create weave on the fabric.
  • If you have low ceiling, the vertical stripes can help you to add sense of height from the entire space on your bathroom. If the bathroom has modest size, then choose horizontal stripes. The horizontal stripes will create illusion as your bathroom space is keeps going. Choose right shower curtain that will add your visual look will help your eye to draw back into the room. This simple trick will make your bathroom look larger.

Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas for Small Bathroom

Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas for Small Bathroom
image source : Amazon – Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas for Small Bathroom

Bathroom most often becomes the smallest part in home. When the space is limited, then you need to corporate many things to make your bathroom still comfort in limited space. Besides of these tricks beyond, such as choose pattern and colors, you also need to choose best materials to choose for your shower curtain.

Use waterproof material is the best as it will prevent mold and mildew. The other benefit, waterproof material is it is also easier to clean. You just need to swipe out with mild cleaner and cloth.

Hang your Shower Curtain in New Ways

Elegant Shower Curtain Ideas Hang your Shower Curtain in New Ways
Elegant Shower Curtain Ideas image source : Amazon

There are many shower curtain types, model and patterns that you can choose. But when you hang it in conventional way, it will look like as traditional one. By hang it on new ways, certain typical shower curtain is noteworthy to see. You can try to have double curtain rod in your shower curtain to apply.

This is new hanging way that can make your shower curtain look different. This second shower curtain is also great to create luxurious feeling on your bathroom. Next, you also can choose hookless shower curtain to set in your bathroom.

The hookless shower curtain will give you difference feeling to your bathroom and décor the bathroom as well. You just need to buy the hookless shower curtain and hang it on your bathroom shower curtain.

Allover Fruits Shower Curtain Ideas

Shower Curtain Ideas Pictures Allover Fruits Shower Curtain Ideas
Shower Curtain Ideas Pictures image source : urbanoutfitters

Plants Shower Curtain

Outdoor Shower Curtain Ideas Plants Shower Curtain
image source : urbanoutfitters

Beach Scene Shower Curtain

Unique Shower Curtain Ideas Beach Surfboards Beach Scene Shower Curtain
image source : urbanoutfitters

There are various pattern, color and materials available to choose and you can find the one that will complement with your interior bathroom. With creativity, people can create unique shower curtain ideas that reflect their personal style.

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