Amazing Cinder Block Fire Pit Design Ideas For Outdoor

Cinder Block Fire Pit – There is always a good reason to build a fire pit in your backyard. And when it comes to building a fire pit, cinder block is always a good material to use.

Here we will explore everything about cinder block fire pit, including reasons why you should build a fire pit, reasons why you should use cinder block for your fire pit, and how to build cinder block fire pit in your backyard.

Cinder block fire pit grill
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Reasons to Build a Cinder Block Fire Pit

Fire pit is great because it is warm, it provides lighting, and it can be used for outdoor cooking. Here are the most common reasons why people build a fire pit in their backyard.

Fire pit makes your backyard a cozy gathering place.

Throughout the summer, the weather is so clear and the air is so warm that you want to spend most of your time outdoors, even during the night. There are a lot of partying and entertainment outdoors throughout the season.

Suddenly, fall arrives and the air gets colder, but you don’t want to lose the excitement of spending your time outdoors at night.

With fire pit, you can restore the summer’s warmth and excitement and have a great time with your peers outdoors at night not only during the fall, but also during the winter.

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Cooking on fire pit is better than cooking on barbeque grill.

Barbequing using barbeque grill is undoubtedly a great outdoor activity because eating outdoors with your peers is always better than eating indoors.

But cooking on fire pit is much more exciting than cooking on a standing barbeque grill.

It is more exciting because you cook in the same way adventurers and survivalists cook, because you cook on blazing fire instead of not-so-cool smoldering charcoal, and because more people can cook at the same time. With a standing barbeque grill, you are the only one who prepares the food, so it is not cool.

DIY Cinder Block Fire Pit
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Fire pit is a great decorative element.

A fire pit is a great decoration for your backyard. This is the reason why unlike campfire and bonfire, fire pit is usually left burning even during the day.

Fancy fire pit will make your backyard look more attractive and feel more exciting, but even simple fire pit that is made from cinder blocks will still do the job excellently.

You can surround your fire pit with outdoor benches to improve the atmosphere of your backyard greatly. Sitting around a fire pit with your family or relatives, at night or daytime, is therapeutic and may improve your mood.

Fire pit improves the value of your home.

Because a fire pit improves the atmosphere of your backyard and your home, it can be a great asset to improve the value of your home DIY.

Home buyers and renters love to see a backyard that doesn’t look bland and empty. With a fire pit, which is very cheap to make especially if you build cinder block fire pit, you can make your home more valuable.

Reasons to Use Cinder Block to Create Cinder Block Fire Pit

Fire pit can be created using a large variety of materials, so why should you use cinder block for your fire pit project? Here are some reasons why cinder block can be the best material to create fire pit.

Cinder block is cheap

Cinder block is a cheap building material. The price of cinder block ranges from 95 cents to $3 each, so you don’t actually need to spend much money if you decide to create cinder block fire pit.

Cinder block is easy to arrange

Cinder block has homogeneous form that makes it easy to arrange. You can stack your cinder blocks as easily and as creatively as you stack Lego blocks.

With cinder block as the base material for your fire pit, you will not have to spend much time and energy to make a fancy fire pit assembly.

Cinder block is sturdy, durable, lightweight, and heat resistant

Cinder block is study and durable because it is made from concrete. It is lightweight and heat resistant because it is constructed with hollow center.

All of these features make it excellent material for building a fire pit, which is supposed to continue burning day and night.

Cinder Block Fire Pit Concrete Block Fire Pit Ideas
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How to Build a Cinder Block Fire Pit

Here is step-by-step instruction to build a cinder block fire pit in your backyard.

Prepare the blocks

You can buy cinder blocks with price ranging from 95 cents to $3 each, so collect your cinder blocks as many as you want. In general, you need less than $20 to make a fully functioning cinder block fire pit.

Prepare the fuel

A fire pit can use various types of fuel, including wood, coal, propane or natural gas, and gel fuel; however, if you are building a cinder block fire pit, the most likely fuel for it is either wood or coal. If you plan to use other cleaner fuels, you need to build additional structure that allows those fuels to be used.

Prepare the base

This is optional, but if you want to build your fire pit on grass or another kind of easily flammable surface, preparing the base for the fire pit might become necessary to prevent contact between the fire and the grass below.

Red bricks arranged into a 1 x 1-meter square, a large concrete block, or even laid out cinder blocks can be used as the base.

Round Cinder Block Fire Pit
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Arrange the blocks along the four edges of the base.

You can now start to arrange the walls of the fire pit. Use your creativity to arrange the locks and make the wall along the four edges of the base.

Be sure to leave several inches of space between the outer edge of the base and the edge of the wall to ensure stability.

You also need to build the walls tall enough to make sure that no spark is spreading outside when the fire pit is burning, thereby preventing unwanted danger.

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Cinder Block Fire Pits Design
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Cinder Block Fire Pits Ideas
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Cinder Block Fire Pit Fireplace Hall
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