16 Clever Way to Reinvent Your Basement into a Neat Laundry Room!

Some houses happen to have a basement that can be used for an extra space. Even sometimes the basement is used to accommodate several activities altogether such as storage area, laundry room, bathroom, and studying corner. The most common use of basement area is usually for laundry room and bathroom.

If you are planning to remodel your basement for a laundry room or multi-function, here we compile 16 clever ideas to reinvent the space.

Check them out before you start to carefully pick what you want to have in there.

1. Neat and Tidy with Smart Cabinet

Basement Laundry Room Ideas - Neat and Tidy with Smart Cabinet

Since laundry is one of the housing chores that most household need to do frequently, it is important to make the space neat and tidy. Doing chores can be hard sometimes, so let’s levitate the mood through the design!

You can create a neat and tidy laundry room in the basement by installing a smart cabinet to also accommodate other utilities all in one place including the washing and drying machine, the detergent box, soap bottles, sink, and towels.

Use a stacking washer and dryer to save more space, especially if your basement area is not that big. You can also choose whether you want a closed cabinet or an open one. Here, we recommend the open one, to make its look not too heavy and easier to reach.

2. Connected to Basement Bathroom

Basement Laundry Room Ideas - Connected to Basement Bathroom

If you happen to, or planning to, also have your bathroom in the basement, it is good to plan the laundry room connected to it. Using this open layout from the laundry area to the bathroom area will help you to use the basement space more effectively.

It is also more practical since you can do your laundry and wait for the clothes to dry while taking a bath. This idea will separate the wet areas: laundry room and bathroom; with the rest of the area in the basement. Then, you can use the spare area for other function like a wet kitchen or a dry storage.

Most of the washing and drying machine are white, so having a white bathroom will create a nice monochromatic ambience and brighten up the space. To avoid the room becomes boring, you can add accent material with a softly stand-out colour like teal or turquoise as the wall finishing.

3. Filling the Corner

Basement Laundry Room Ideas - Filling the Corner

Many houses are struggling with limited space that requires them to arrange the space as effective as possible and make it compact. Again, it will be very effective to save space when you combine your bathroom with laundry room in the basement. Most of the times, it also make it easier in doing laundry inside the bathroom.

You can put the stacking washer and dryer filling the corner in your bathroom. It can be next to the shower. Just make sure you measure the machine before putting up the partition. Also, if the room is quite small, use all white colours to make it feels more spacious.

4. Well Integrated with Wash Basin

Basement Laundry Room Ideas - Well Integrated with Wash Basin

Another way to put the laundry area inside the bathroom in the basement is to make it integrated with the wash basin counter. This idea will fit you if you use an all-in-one washer dryer combo machine, so you will only need a space for one machine.

This will perfectly fit next to the wash basin and you can adjust the counter height above the machine. Then, you can add open shelves above the machine to store other stuff like detergent box and soap bottles.

5. Steel Curtain and Iron Boards

Basement Laundry Room Ideas - Steel Curtain and Iron Boards

Laundry room does not have to take up such a large space in the basement. You can divide the basement space into several areas for different functions. To make it easier for you to do the remodelling yourself, you can use curtain as a divider between areas.

Choose the steel curtain to make it looks cleaner and neat instead of the fabric ones. Then, put the washing and drying machine in the integrated cabinet that is also storing your iron boards! You can easily pull the iron board out after your clothes dry and iron them right away.

6. Clean and Fresh Basement Laundry Room

Basement Laundry Room Ideas - Clean and Fresh Basement Laundry Room

The laundry room located in the basement of the house can easily be messy since it was hidden and separated with the rest of the living space.

So, let’s make it easier to clean and organize.

You can use stainless steel counter top and back wall, since this material default looks is clean and easy to maintain. Then you can install four big open drawers, labelled each one of them, and put the stuff inside a pretty basket.

These pretty baskets can also be a decoration for your basement. This way, your laundry area is well organised and looks freshly clean.

7. All in One Laundry Storage and Wardrobe

Basement Laundry Room Ideas - All in One Laundry Storage and Wardrobe

The laundry room can be just one spot or one corner in the basement of your house. You do not really need a big space.

Create a corner where you place an integrated cabinet to store the washing and drying machine, clothes hamper, and open shelves filled with decorative baskets.

If you are working on a budget, save some money by making the cabinet simple and open. Also, you can use recycled wood for the counter top.

8. Warm Ambience of Wood and Stone

Basement Laundry Room Ideas - Warm Ambience of Wood and Stone

Happen to have a spacious basement in your house? Then, let’s create a warm laundry room with more touch of natural materials.

Putting an effort to design your basement can brighten up your mood when finishing some domestic chores. It can also be the place where you relaxing after a long day at work.

Use natural materials like stone wall and wooden floor in your basement. Then, place your laundry area in the corner organized with wooden drawers and open upper shelves.

Put a carpet tile in the middle of the room so that you can relax there while waiting for your whites to dry. Also, adding some decorative lighting fixture can help enliven the basement.

9. Baby Blue Basement Laundry Room

Basement Laundry Room Ideas - Baby Blue Basement Laundry Room

Black, white, or grey are colours that commonly used in the basement area. It will be a nice change to put a fresh and calming colour into the space like baby blue.

This time, you can try to conceal your laundry area to make the basement more spacious and neat. Use a custom set of cabinet with double door to hide the washer and drying machine neatly.

The rest of the basement can be used for living space for your family. Create a comfortable ambience by using carpet tile and add some artworks.

10. Monochromatic and Compact

Basement Laundry Room Ideas - Monochromatic and Compact Laundry Room

Another way to battle a limited space is to put all of your service rooms including laundry room and bathroom together in the basement.

It is easier and cheaper for the plumbing installation and give you more space in the upper floor. Design it to be monochromatic and compact by using light grey wall and floor tiles.

Placed the combo washer dryer machine next to the shower booth and add glass open shelves for storage space.

11. Multi-function Room in the Basement

Basement Laundry Room Ideas - Multi-function Room in the Basement

How is the current condition of your basement? This is an important aspect to investigate before starting your own remodeling project.

If the current condition is like dark, messy and dull, it is the right time to create a multi-function room accommodating your laundry room and living area with a warm touch.

Install the full-height cabinet with soft coloured tone like off white or beige. Then, you can add some decorative elements like warm coloured rug underfoot and some antiques in the open shelves.

12. Make Use of Curtains

Basement Laundry Room Ideas - Make Use of Curtains

Gypsum partition or wall can be too have as a room divider and sometimes can make the space feels narrower. Curtains are one of the solutions to create a light divider so that your basement can be divided into several areas.

Allocate one side in the room for your laundry room and surround it with warm coloured curtains. Leave the wall and ceiling exposed, but if you feel that it will be too messy, the easiest way is paint them white.

Hang some decorative lamps to enhance the ambience and place a rug in the middle for a relaxing clothes-folding time during laundry days.

13. Minimalist with Touch of Greenery

Basement Laundry Room Ideas - Minimalist with Touch of Greenery

Even a small corner in the basement can be used to create a laundry room. Make it minimalist and modern by painting the wall with white colour and using a black solid surface as the counter top.

Solid surface is a good material for kitchen counter tops and it is also perfect for a laundry drawer since it is easy to clean and hygienic. Put some touch of greenery potted in a pretty baskets to warm up the laundry room even when it is located in the basement.

Also, you can play with the floor tiles. Install them in a herringbone pattern to make it looks unique

14. Combined with Small Study Corner

Basement Laundry Room Ideas - Combined with Small Study Corner

Who says you cannot do other activities while doing laundry? Sometimes it is hard for us to take some time off just for doing house chores.

Place your laundry room combined with a study corner in your basement to make it possible for you to multitask while waiting for the clothes to dry. You can easily get your work done and yet still be able to finish your laundry at the same time.

With proper lighting and neat storage, this can also be your home office in the basement and it is far from the disturbance from your kids.

15. Industrial Vibes with Exposed Ceiling

Basement Laundry Room Ideas - Industrial Vibes with Exposed Ceiling

The basement area also commonly used for utility room in many houses. This utility room can be easily combined with bathroom and laundry room with some works and low budget.

Since the space will be filled with pipes as well as gas lines that should be left exposed, it will create an industrial interior style effortlessly.

You can do some tidying up for the pipes and allocate a corner for the laundry room. Place the washing and drying machine on one side and the full-height cabinet on the other side creating a narrow alley in between.

To make the room feels not cold with all the exposed pipes, you can add some wood tones into the room. Does not have to be real wood, you can also use plastic composite wood that looks exactly like the real one.

Using some warm spotlight can be nice touch and make the place feels more welcoming.

16. Enlivening the Basement with Open Shelve

Basement Laundry Room Ideas - Enlivening the Basement with Open Shelve

Sometimes the basement area is already fully used for storage or utility room that you barely have any space left for your laundry room.

Do not worry, you will only need to put aside a little corner in your basement and turn it into a cute laundry room. Use white subway tiles for the back wall and add some touch of simple mural on the other side to make it fun.

For the counter top, you can use grey solid surface that is very easy to clean. Then, install an open shelf using stainless steel above and put some decorations into it.

So, what do you think of our 16 ideas for your basement laundry room? Most of them are easily done and relatively on a low budget. There are various ways to brighten up your basement area, effectively saving space and create a multi-function room.

Different styles and colours can be used for a laundry room even some decorations like rugs and hanging lamps.

One thing you should remember, basement is a like a spare space inside your house, so plan carefully what you want to put in there to optimise your living space.

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