20 Beautiful Bathrooms to Add to Your “Dream Home” Pinboard Now

Your bathroom is probably the most personal and private area of your home and that’s why it should be a space where you’ll enjoy spending time alone, in a nice warm bath, or with a long relaxing shower.

Which style of bathroom represents you the most? Modern? Contemporary? What is your dream bathroom? Are you lucky enough to already own the bathroom of your dreams? The following pictures will definitely inspire you!

Good decoration!

1. Faux wood flooring


Wanting the look of wood floors in the bathroom without the risk of water damage has led many to embrace faux wood floors.

2. Integrated lighting


The designer of this modern home integrated lights into the vanity mirror. The streamlined look forgoes pendant lights from above or sconces to the side of the mirror. It also provides effective lighting at face level, which is ideal for plucking eyebrows, shaving and other grooming routines that benefit from good lighting.

3. Oversize Sink


If you’re not a fan of water splashing from the sink onto the countertop or floor, you may want to consider a larger basin.

4. Overhead Storage


To make the most out of every square inch, consider adding cabinets or a storage nook all the way to the ceiling

5. Small Bathroom


The soft green opalescent tile in the shower and on the floor creates a subtle tactile geometry, in harmony with the matte white paint used on the wall and ceiling; semi gloss is used on the trim for additional subtle contrast. The sink has clean simple lines while providing much-needed accessible storage space. A clear frameless shower enclosure allows unobstructed views of the space.

6. Master Bathroom


The layout of this bathroom was reconfigured by locating the new tub on the rear wall, and putting the toilet on the left of the vanity.

7. White Modern Bathroom


When you think about white and modern, this is the kind of bathroom that comes to mind. Clean lines, white, and a few organic touches are
all that’s needed. The shower disappears in the background, thanks to continuous flooring and wall tile throughout the room.

8. Think Pink


Design perfectly pink bathroom vanity with nothing more than some blush-hued paint and shiny gold drawer pulls. (The new mirror and sconce round out the sweetly modern refresh.)

9. Pattern Play

Looking for a natural way to play with fun patterns in a bathroom? Partially painted wood floors, like this white-checkered version we saw on Elle Decor, will liven up your bathroom without compromising an earth-toned color scheme.

10. Go for the Gold

Gold hardware is a gift that keeps on giving. Whether used to offset an all-white color scheme or to play up lightly patterned walls, shiny gold fixtures

11. Mixed Patterns


Hoping to mix a medley of prints in your bathroom? Stick to patterns in the same color scheme—like the blue palm-printed wallpaper and window treatments in this eclectic London bathroom—without overwhelming the space.

12. Mirror Image


Searching for an attractive way to open up a cramped Bathroom Mirror Ideas ? mirror the bigger the better like in this home tour, open up a small space by creating the illusion of depth and brighten up a dimly lit bathroom (by bouncing light around)

13. Keep it PG

Very classic, isn’t it? Do you like white color? Monochrome? I think this bathroom will never be old-fashioned. How can we not like the shower!?

14. Simple Bathroom

The golden faucet adds a special touch to any room, don’t you think? Do you like this kind of bathroom? I love the two separate sinks.

15. Bold Floor Tiles


Searching for a colorful way to liven up an awkwardly shaped bathroom? Brightly patterned floor tiles like these bring the perfect amount
of pizzazz.

16. B&W Bathrooms FTW


Whether with patterned floors or a fresh paint job, black-and-white bathrooms create a bold backdrop for colorful artwork and textiles.

17. Subtle Prints Matter


Subtly patterned wallpaper, like this light gray printed beauty is a perfect counterpoint to the colorful wainscoting on the walls and bright gold fixtures.

18. Make a Statement with Sconces


Searching for a design-savvy way to brighten up your bathroom without taking up any floor space? Mount a couple of shapely sconces to your bathroom wall to devise a better lighting scheme for your bathroom without sacrificing any style.

19. Bathroom Classic


The bathroom classic but modern space features grey tiles and a personal typography poster on the wall

20.DIY Bathroom


Create shelf out of an old galvanized bucket look elegant and unique.

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