21+ Best Bathroom Mirror Ideas to Inspire Your Home Refresh

Bathroom Mirror Ideas – Bathrooms are often forgotten about when it comes to making them reflect your style needs.  This is because they are often small, and there’s not much that you can customize, other than, say, the shower curtain.

That’s what most people think, anyway, but the reality is that there is another thing to really help you reflect the atmosphere that you are looking to create, and that’s the bathroom mirror.

You can take the mirror that you have and totally customize it, or you can really play around with different options that you can pick up cheaply.  It presents lots of options to think about.  So, let’s take a look at these bathroom mirrors ideas.

Mosaic Mirror Frames

Framed Bathroom Mirror Ideas Mosaic Mirror Frames
Framed Bathroom Mirror Ideas image source : pinterest.com

This is a style that is done with existing glass.  You have to take the bits of glass (whether it be clear, coloured, sea glass, or a combination, and turn it into a frame for the mirror that you have already.  It adds definition and fine detailing to the mirror and makes it stand out.

If you are really coordinated about it, you can even match the glass shades to the colour scheme that you have going in your bathroom design already.  Fun to do either as a craft, or as something you buy already in mosaic form.

Tile Backsplash

Bathroom Mirror Ideas for a Small Bathroom Tile Backsplash
image source :

Despite how it may look to you right now, this is done as minimalist and subtle way to get a mirror together.  It looks like a backsplash of tiles, which it is, technically, but it’s also a mirror that is right against the all, offers you a huge expanse to admire yourself, and still is quiet in a way that also reflects light and make the room look much bigger than it is right now.

You can either create the whole wall with this idea, or simply “build a brick wall” of the mirror sections that you are hoping to use to create your ideal mirror.

There are lots of options and it’s something that is going to give you a lot of possibilities when it comes to the style.  Even better, combine it with a few options of coloured tiles one in a while and you’ve got a stellar option.

Antique Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Decorating a Bathroom Mirror Ideas Antique Bathroom Mirror Ideas
Decorating a Bathroom Mirror Ideas image source :

Using a dining tray from antique times is a great idea.  You simply need to apply a mirror that fits to the bottom of the tray and then hang it securely on the wall.

If you have an old antique mirror with a great, elaborate frame, that works, too!  You’ll love the look it will create for your bathroom.

It’s an easy finish to add to the look you’ve already got going and you’ll get to reuse old belongings and give them a new purpose, which is always enjoyable.

Strange Shapes

Bathroom Mirror Ideas on Wall Strange Shapes
Bathroom Mirror Ideas on Wall image source :

You can really create neat looks with your bathroom if you combine some smaller, strange shaped mirrors together and create a collage look that is both modern but totally unique, so those who come in to look at it will be really impressed.

For this look, frameless and finished edge mirrors are always a good idea to give it a unique look and feel.  It’ll make the job a little easier, too, which many will enjoy right off the start of things.  Go crazy with the shapes that you can combine together, it’ll pay off!

Bathroom Mirror Ideas in Backlit

Bathroom Mirror Ideas for Double Vanity Bathroom Mirror Ideas in Backlit
Bathroom Mirror Ideas for Double Vanity image source :

These add a modern look to your home that is really going to freshen up the room and give you a final overall look that will give you an excited thrill every time that you walk into the room.  You take an edgeless mirror and mount it so that there is space between that and the wall.

Then you take a florescent bar light, apply it to the top and bottom of the mirror, and you’ve got a backlit mirror that is going to create a futuristic but dramatic look in your bathroom.

Also, when paired with regular lighting, you’ll be able to see that this will give a warmer glow to the complexion of the person looking in the mirror, which everyone loves to see.  It’s all about creating a refined look that is all things intense and modern.

Multiple Mirrors

Bathroom Mirror Ideas for Double Sink Multiple Mirrors
Bathroom Mirror Ideas for Double Sink image source :

It’s common in our world to have one large sheet of mirror on the wall, which is great, but don’t be afraid to really work with the idea of smaller mirrors, too, whether you want to match them up with sinks, or simply enjoy the idea of putting a few similar mirrors next to each other.

It gives a break to the design and adds a fresh look at what you doing to your space.  If you have multiple mirrors, you can combine shapes, but don’t be afraid to put similar shapes together too.

It’ll give a put together look that is sharp and clean which is great.

Exciting Shapes

Unusual Bathroom Mirror Ideas Exciting Shapes
image source :

If you are putting together a kid’s bathroom, or you are simply trying to add some fresh fun to the bathroom to include the children in your home, go with a cute shape for a mirror.

It’ll give you time to really explore all of the great options for decor without going too intense in it.

A funky mirror shape, put where they can use it, brings the child’s role into the home, but also makes it so that you are playing around with the mirror.

These can easily be used in other places after the child grows up and no longer needs it, plus it’s a lot of fun for parent and child during the time when it is needed.  Consider it!

Oversized Mirrors

Big Bathroom Mirror Ideas Oversized Mirrors
Big Bathroom Mirror Ideas image source :

If you have a small wall in your bathroom, or a small bathroom period, you should look at the idea of using an oversized mirror (such as a full wall mirror, or even a floor to ceiling mirror) to make the room look fresh and fun, plus making that particular wall much bigger.

It will give you a put together look that will present you with the option of exploring neat frames, too, if you want to add some colour or definition to it.

The point is to make sure that the room looks as big as possible and that the mirror is actually usable to the people using the room.

Lit Up Mirrors

Bathroom Mirror Ideas Under Square Lighting Lit Up Mirrors
image source :

This is a great way to get some extra lighting into your mirror, give it a celebrity look that guests are going to love, and it makes it an extra useful mirror as well.

Like the backlit option that we’ve already looked at, it will give you the better lighting which is great for applying makeup, styling hair, etc.

It really allows for each person to really make the most out of their complexion, and it really is an adorable option for those who love to primp and fuss, which is all the more fun and exploration when it comes to lighting up the mirror with these bulbs.  If you want to create a mood look, put a frosted bulb on the light and it’ll give it a soft white glow.

Some Cool Examples  Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Bathroom Mirror Ideas for Double Sinks Some Cool Examples Bathroom Mirror Ideas
Bathroom Mirror Ideas for Double Sinks image source :

So, now that you’re learned about some great ways to spice up your bathroom mirror, you need to take a look at some of these ideas in action.

These are really cool examples that combine or twist up some of the ideas above so that you can see how they are really going to be looking in your home.

Each person who is looking at decorating bathroom mirror ideas will see something different.  The trick is to see how each one is going to inspire you to refresh your own room.

Lack of Frame

Oval Bathroom Mirror Ideas Lack of Frame
Oval Bathroom Mirror Ideas image source :

In this example, you can see that it is a frameless mirror, which are all the rage right now, but it’s a cute and modern shape that will be irritating if you want to stick with the original look, but really fun if you want to play around with the idea of a mirror that is unique and sure to give you a great overall effect in your bathroom. This uses a small mirror to create movement and a fresh feel.

Round Mirror

Round Bathroom Mirror Ideas Round Mirror
Round Bathroom Mirror Ideas image source :

Also using a small mirror, this combines a couple of the above ideas, allowing for the small shapes to be combined together, using a smaller mirror that will give you the practical use but still give an accent, and all sorts of things like this. You can see that it’s used to contradict the sharp edges of the rest of the bathroom in this particular example.

Patterned and Shaped

Unique Bathroom Mirror Ideas Patterned and Shaped
Unique Bathroom Mirror Ideas image source :

Similar to the mosaic idea, this uses etching in the sides of the mirror to create definition, depth and a fresh introduction to a modern room. It really attracts the eye and adds small levels of detail that will make a huge difference to your guests.

You can use white etching, reflective etching, black etching, or even colored etching.  Play around with the different options and you’re going to absolutely love what you’ve created for your room. i love this bathroom mirror ideas

Free Form Mirrors

Master Bathroom Mirror Ideas Free Form Mirrors
Master Bathroom Mirror Ideas image source :

This one is similar to the idea of using an antique tray or frame, but is does it with the mirror. Very classic and softens up the room incredibly well.  Great for those who have a plain bathroom otherwise, as it will naturally draw the eye and dress up the rest of the bathroom.

Minimalist Appeal

Unique Bathroom Mirror Ideas Single Sink Minimalist Appeal
Unique Bathroom Mirror Ideas Single Sink image source :

Using muted tones and a grey baseboard, the light is softened and reflected to create a really warm space in this room, despite the cool colours. A very neat approach.

Play With Lighting

DIY Bathroom Mirror Ideas Play With Lighting
image source :

This is an extreme option, but you can use light to create an illusion of sorts with the combination of its orientation (light) and the mirror placement.  It can really get a conversation going, that’s for sure.  It also provides excellent lighting.

Bathroom Mirror Ideas Light and White

Bathroom Mirror Ideas with Lights Bathroom Mirror Ideas Light and White
image source :

This uses the backlight and a fresh bright colour to create the same backlit idea, but in a fresh and warm look that will really impress you even if you aren’t sure you liked it before hand. It gives great lighting for cosmetics, too, similar to the Hollywood idea.

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Classic Architecture

Modern Bathroom Mirror Ideas Classic Architecture
image source :

Like the unique shape option, this plays with fun architecture and classic looks to add decor to this Victorian themed room. Definitely a great idea to explore and use to your advantage.

Works well in a large bathroom where you have the space to really play around with the shapes and edges available.

His and Hers

Framing Bathroom Mirror Ideas His and Hers
Bathroom Mirror Ideas image source :

This is a clean and fresh look that splits right now the middle and gives everyone a side to use for their own reasons. You can see the mirrors perfectly replicate each other and the whole bathroom is a reflection.

It’s easy and simple, but creates a modern look to the small or big bathroom.  Easy to do, too, because you simply have to purchase and set up two of everything.

Modern Appeal

Small Bathroom Mirror Ideas Modern Appeal
image source :

Going back to the strange shape and edgeless creation that we’ve already looked at, this draws the eye and makes it something to be admired in a magazine.

While it may not be as practical as others, it’s a great idea for, say, a half bathroom.  It really offers a modern taste and appeal to get the job done.  Perfect for large or small bathrooms, especially if you want to have your guests use it instead of another one in your home.

Landscape Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Large Bathroom Mirror Ideas Landscape Bathroom Mirror Ideas
image source :

A lot of options use portrait style mirrors, or full wall mirrors, but something that has been ignored up until this point is the idea of a simple, basic landscape orientation mirror.

It can be backlight, side light, or Lightbulb lit, like above, but it’s all about enjoying the bathroom mirror ideas of playing with what a mirror can do.  You can see in this example, that it is all about playing up with the natural shape and the room to reflect the light.

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