7 Best Lighting and Mirror Ideas for a Smart Home Living 

Beyond practical use, some things are used for home grooming and elevating its value. One of those things is the mirror. Mirrors, if used strategically, can bring sparkle and add life to your place. They have a magical ability to turn your darker room into a lighter one and a smaller one into a bigger one visually.

However, all this charisma is only achievable by using them strategically and with planning. Go for whatever design you want: square, rectangle, circular, etc., but place them where they work for you. Round mirrors help you create a focal point and make your space inviting and relaxed. Similarly, if you go out of the box and try different or irregular shapes, you can give a more energetic vibe to your home.

Below are seven smart home mirror decor ideas that give a brighter and spacious look to your home. Follow the ideas to get the maximum benefits from mirror interior designing.

1. Create a focal point

While choosing decorative art for your living space, an ornately carved frame is the best choice to put an impact on your guests. Hang the mirror a few inches high above the fireplace, which is often the most popular spot to create a focal point. If you don’t have a fireplace, hanging around mirror behind the couch can act as the focal point for your living room.

Alternatively, you can even go for the group of small mirrors on a plain wall to give a new life to your home. Create a mixture of designs and sizes, and the result will be astonishing.

2. Add an LED+ Fogless mirror in your bathroom

The bathroom is a core part of any house. If you design the other part of your home according to the modern trends and ignore the bath space, it surely won’t pass a nice image of you. So, bathroom design is an important thing to have a brighter and spacious restroom.

To make your room spacious and brighter, add an LED mirror over the bathroom vanity as it is a new trend that’s getting popular. If you already have a LED mirror, go for a shower shaving mirror in your bath space. A shaving mirror can be installed in the bath or shower area that helps you see your face clearly while shaving. It ensures that you don’t feel embarrassed by missing parts left during shaving or by having some cuts on your face.

Additionally, you can opt for a fogless shower mirror in the shower area. It is a shower mirror with water-repellent technology that prevents it from condensation. Such mirrors are helpful when you enjoy a hot bath, or the hot water is still in the shower area.

3. Mirror as a window is a good idea

If you are eager to make your room brighter and have a window in that room, then it’s an easy task. Bringing in natural light using mirrors across the window in your room is a unique and traditional way. Following this technique, you can create the illusion of light through a windowpane and make your room’s ambience truly beautiful.

4. Add class in a classic way

Brightening a space can be a challenging task if there is no window. When you encounter this scenario, place a mirror near the light sources. It’s a traditional way of enhancing the light in a room.

Plus, go for the candles and fairy lights to add a touch of glamour and bring ambiance. Following this technique gives a tremendous charm and therapeutic feel to the place.

5. Adapt the technology

Get a touch interface smart mirror that is connected to the Wi-Fi in your home. It displays the local time, weather, and other missed notifications from your phone. Such updates are useful while you shave or brush your teeth in the mornings.

Moreover, you won’t get late from your office anymore by viewing time in the bathroom.

6. Standalone smart lightbulbs

If you are a careless person who often forgets to turn the lights off while leaving the room or house, the standalone smart lightbulbs are indeed for you. You can install these standalone smart lightbulbs at the place of any regular bulbs. The fundamental characteristic of these bulbs is, they are controlled by the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi of your smartphone or via the Amazon Alexa voice assistant.

Use of such technology not only illuminates your place but also saves energy.

7. Create a mirror gallery

Mirrors make a small space look spacious and allow you to create a gallery of round mirrors creating a focal point. The round mirrors soften the space and are a better choice while making a mirror gallery.

Placing a study table beneath the mirror gallery gives a charm to your place.

The Bottom Line

Designing the home interior using mirrors is a traditional way that never fades. When the mirrors blend with some functionality such as bringing light, they look more elegant. So, install the mirrors in your place and get your hands on the technology to brighten your home while saving energy.


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