Ideas to Design Dance Floor Stages That Will Draw the Focus of Your Whole Audience

Getting people together for a dance or party is supposed to be a great fun. It’s a chance to let loose and forget about stresses and worries. What it can be is a respite from real life. What it’s not supposed to do is break the bank to make it happen.

The center of these events, of course, is the dance floor or the stage. To make the event the best it can be, you should keep the focus on the dance floor stage and make sure it dazzles the guest or attendees.

However, putting the focus on the dance floor stage is only the first step. To take the design a step further, here are some ideas that will surely entertain the crowd.

Lexan glass vs plexi glass, a branded name for polycarbonate sheeting, that are both durable and flexible materials, often compared to one another because both are transparent and both stand as two of the most frequently utilized types of see-through plastics.

Use a Plexiglass Floor Stage System

One easy way to impress the audience and stay on a budget is to design a Plexiglass dance floor stage, which will surely draw everyone’s attention. Plexiglass dance floor stages are unique in that they reflect light and have a shine that a typical dance floor or stage would not. This results in a much more eye-catching design that will keep the crowd focused on the entertainment.

Plexiglass dance floor stages are made from thick acrylic, which is a strong material that is resistant to scratches and nearly shatter-proof. And perhaps the best part about Plexiglass dance floor stages is that they are a highly affordable option for even the tightest budgets.

RGB Full-Color Control LED Dance Floor Stage

Wondering how you can take a Plexiglass dance floor stage to the next level? Upgrade the Plexiglass dance floor stage to an RGB full-color control LED dance floor stage. These platforms are typically divided into even squares with LED lights running beneath them, adding an element of flair to an otherwise fairly plain layout. You may not realize it until you see it, but adding colored LED lights to the dance floor can make all the difference!

Best Color-Changing Smart Lights on the Background

To upgrade a Plexiglass dance floor stage does not always mean changing what is under your feet. It can also mean changing what is behind you. Color-changing smart lights can illuminate the background and make the stage pop to all onlookers. This is a particularly strong aesthetic when the stage is being occupied by a band or a DJ. They can hang their band or show the name behind the stage and light it up in various colors, which can change with the rhythm or speed of the music. Not only is this visually striking, but also it adds an extra element of professionalism.

3D LED Dance Floor

Adding 3D LED lights to your Plexiglass dance floor stage is a great way to take your RGB full-color control to the next level. Rather than simply running lights beneath the Plexiglass, 3D dance floors run light downward and, with the assistance of mirrors, project what appears to be an endless depth to the floor. It is a creative and affordable way to liven up the Plexiglass dance floor stage and increase the entertainment.

Stage Lights

Not all upgrades to Plexiglass dance floor stages need to come from beneath. An interesting way to shine a light on the entertainment, literally, is to install stage lights. These typically either hang behind the stage, are positioned along the floor at the back of the stage, or are across the room shining light on the band or DJ or dancers that are performing. This is not a practical upgrade when the dance floor is being used by the audience members, but when it functions strictly as a stage it is an affordable way to keep the spotlight on the most important and engaging part of the show.

Red, Green, and Blue Spotlight and Smoke on Dark Background

While stage lights illuminate the entire stage, you could also think about adding red, green, and blue spotlights to your Plexiglass dance floor stage. These are creative lights for highlighting certain aspects of the performance. You can also take this upgrade a step further by installing a dark background and pumping in stage smoke. The smoke will offer a unique contrast to the dark background and the spotlights will reflect off it, creating an aesthetically-appealing sight.

Plexiglass Dance Floor with Mirrors

Mirrors are known to brighten up a space and make it feel much larger than it really is. If your Plexiglass dance floor stage is perhaps smaller than you would have hoped, you can place mirrors behind or beside it to make the platform feel much larger than it is. If the event is particularly dark, with no overhead lights, the effect of mirrors is even more pronounced, because it lessens the contrast between the stage and the walls.

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