Home Vitals: A List Of Must Haves to Make Your Home Summer Ready

Summer is about to begin officially and there is no better way to welcome it than by preparing your home for it. My favorite thing about summer is that I can finally ditch the sweaters and unpack the light and breezy summer clothes.

However, it is not just clothes that need to get changed. Your entire house deserves a summer makeover to celebrate the spirit of the season.

Instead of thick curtains and dark-colored cushions, put up sheen curtains and add some color in your house.

There are some essentials that every home must have to survive the summer heat. Have a look at the list below and see if you need to buy something this season!

Garden Shredder

Now that the summer is here, you need to get your garden back into shape. Cut off the rogue twigs and extra grass.

However, doing that can be time consuming and boring, especially if you have a large garden with trees and bamboos. A grass shredder is the solution to all your problems!

These machines come in many sizes and shapes, and the more you pay, the better the chopping and shredding will be. In order to buy the best grass shredder in the UK, go here and check out the reviews.

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are some of the most useful inventions when it comes to controlling your home’s temperature.

While the device is appropriate for any home in any season, it is in summer that we can truly relish the perks of this technology.


The primary purpose of any smart thermostat is to provide you convenience, which is why you can easily control the functions through an app.

If it is getting hot in the house, and you are too lazy to get out of your couch, you can simply ask the smart assistant to turn on the air conditioner.

A smart thermostat can even remind the homeowners when the air conditioner needs maintenance.

Keep the Bugs Away

Summer brings with it all the insects and mosquitos. Sitting outside on your patio and enjoying the summer breeze without itching your entire body is a dream we all have.

While there are bug repellents available, they are not always efficient and sometimes you don’t feel like soaking in a smelly ointment. Install the Bug Zapper Light Bulb. The device has different modes which you can choose with a switch.


The bulb has an LED blue-violet light band that attracts mosquitoes. The device is safe for everyone (except the bugs) as there are no toxins or chemicals.

An Ice-Cream Maker

Who doesn’t love ice-cream, especially in summers? There are few things that can make a hot day better than a bowl of ice-cream.

While the natural solution is to go out and get some ice-cream, having your own ice-cream maker at home can make things easier. The Whynter ICM-15LS not only makes some of the tastiest ice-creams but is also ranked as the best ice-cream maker by its users.

It is easy to operate, and you don’t have to worry about freezing an insert bowl. Next time you have guests at your place, everyone can enjoy the party with some home-made ice-cream!

Stay Clear Of Allergies

While I love spring and summer, I hate the idea of spending half the days sneezing and blowing my nose. In summer there is a rise in pollen and other allergens, and for some people, that can make it difficult to breathe.

One way to combat these seasonal allergies is by monitoring these conditions on a hyperlocal level. There are a lot of smart air-monitoring devices and that too, of great quality. They are more than capable of helping you steer clear of dust.

Awair is one of the more popular and reliable additions recently. It not only keeps tabs on humidity and temperature but can detect changes in dust levels, CO2 and more.

With its connectivity options, you can pair the device with your home assistant so you can control it with your voice.


The air conditioning runs almost all the time in summer, so it can get annoying when someone forgets to shut the windows.

Keep the cool air in by closing all the windows and doors. It will also save your energy bills. Door and window sensors are designed to alert you to a break-in or when a window has been left open.

Buy these home essentials and get ready for summer! Have a great day!

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