16 Creative Methods to Optimise Your Basement for a Great Bathroom!

If you got a basement in your house that means you have an extra space. That is such a good news and a privilege! Some household are struggling with small space or compact living. By having the basement, you can optimise the spare space for utility room like bathroom.

Many of you maybe hesitate if this is a good idea or not considering it can be quite complex. However, it is actually easier for your plumbing installation and you can easily do this on a budget. You will need to pay attention to the insulation system if you happen to live in a four-season country.

So, if you want to start remodeling your basement for a new bathroom, let’s start and take a look at these 16 creative methods that you can use to make it great!

1. Make it Rough and Get It Quickly Done

Basement Bathroom Ideas - Make it Rough and Get It Quickly Done

If you happen to be tight on a budget, do not worry, this first basement bathroom idea is for you. There is a particular beauty of a rough surface and unfinished touch.

You can use cement as the basement’s wall finish and you can do it yourself! It is easy, cheap and quickly done. Also, you won’t need to worry if it gets a bit messy, that’s the beauty of rough surfaces. To avoid the space becomes dull and dark, try to put some reflective materials like mirror to brighten the ambience and set a warm lighting.

2. Bright and Grey-ish Basement Bathroom

Basement Bathroom Ideas - Bright and Grey-ish Basement Bathroom

Grey is a colour that goes along very well for a bathroom. It is calming, fresh and modern. It will also make your bathroom looks clean.

If your basement is not that big and you need to plan your space effectively, you can create a compact bathroom like this. Apply a monochrome grey tone using different materials for each elements like wall, floor and the cabinet.

The monochromatic materials will make the basement bathroom looks brighter and more spacious. Grey tone also match nicely with the colour of white ceramics.

3. Natural Combination of Wood and Stone

Basement Bathroom Ideas - Natural Combination of Wood and Stone

Sometimes the basement area in our house can be dark and filled with rats since there is no access for sunlight. But, you can actually remodel the basement into a clean and comfortable bathroom with natural ambience.

This natural ambience can be achieve by applying materials like wood and stone. These two material, when combined, never fails to create a warm space. Also, if your basement does not get any sunlight, you can play with the lighting to enliven the space and make it nicer.

4. Put It Next to Your Bedroom

Basement Bathroom Ideas - Put It Next to Your Bedroom

Some basements are semi-basement. That means the space is not fully sunken and still have a little access to the sunlight. If you happen to have a semi-basement, you are lucky!

A lot of activities can be done in the semi-basement since it still gets sunlight through the upper window. You can create a nice bathroom here with a stand-alone bath tub and connecting it with your bedroom.

Yes, bedroom! Who says you cannot have your bedroom in the semi-basement? Also, apply natural materials like wooden floor and exposed wood ceiling combined with concrete walls to create a warm ambience.

5. Neat Concrete Exposed

Basement Bathroom Ideas - Neat Concrete Exposed

Shades of grey, again, are always perfect for your bathroom especially in the basement. Why? Commonly, basement area is designed with exposed ceiling, wall and floor. It is the area in your house with minimum touch of interior finishing.

So, when you have a concrete exposed ceiling, it will be great to apply a polished concrete for the wall and floor finishing in your basement bathroom. Then, combine it with darker tone of grey for the wash basin counter and open shelf. To add some sleek touch into the basement bathroom, use a rounded mirror and greenery.

6. Fun Wallpaper Decoration

Basement Bathroom Ideas - Fun Wallpaper Decoration

Many of you maybe think that basement bathroom can be dull and cold. But, it does not have to be that way. Even when the basement do not get any sunlight and do not have any window, you can actually put it there. How?

Camouflage it! Using a custom printed wallpaper, you can create a window with a view into your basement bathroom. And to make it even more fun, you can also use a cheerful-patterned wallpaper as the wall finish. This basement bathroom idea works well if you happen to have kids in your house. They will love it!

7. All White and Bright

Basement Bathroom Ideas - All White and Bright

White bathroom is always a good idea. It is sleek, modern and fresh. Also, it goes along very well with all the sanitary equipment. This white bathroom will be perfect for your basement area in order to make it brighter and fresher.

Since there won’t be any sunlight coming in, having a bright ambience can really help enlighten the mood. You need to feel comfortable and relaxed in your bathroom. So, this idea is absolutely doable!

8. Create the Calming Ambience

Basement Bathroom Ideas - Create the Calming Ambience

If possible, check if you are able to get in some sunlight into your basement using a skylight. Some house is designed to have a basement under the front yard. If that is the case, you can install a skylight into your basement bathroom and create a calming ambience like a spa.

You can do this by applying natural materials like wooden panel for the wall finish and concrete floors. You can also use stone too, depends on your own preference.

Install a wooden bench in the bathroom so that you can have a relaxing time enjoying sunlight before or after shower. This idea will help you to have a basement bathroom with your own private spa.

9. Another Level of Industrial Bathroom

Basement Bathroom Ideas - Another Level of Industrial Bathroom

Basement space and industrial interior style? That is a great match! Industrial interior style is a style that will fit your budget. It is cheap but it does not look cheap.

This style can be applied into your basement bathroom by using exposed materials like concrete, white subway tiles with black accent to create a contrast, and also an exposed plumbing! This way, you save a lot of your budget.

Then, use lighting fixtures that also look industrial, like these light bulbs. Rectangular mirror is more industrial than rounded ones, so use that in this kind of style. This is another level of industrial interior style, it is a steam punk basement bathroom!

10. Chic Turquoise Basement Bathroom

Basement Bathroom Ideas - Chic Turquoise Basement Bathroom

Bored with grey and white? Want another colour scheme to apply in your basement bathroom? It is the right time for a turquoise bathroom!

This colour is fresh and appealing to your eyes, like a combination of blue and green. And of course it will make your basement bathroom lighten up and looks chic. Many subway tiles already produced in this colour. Combine this with white floor and ceiling to give a balance and some calming sense in between.

11. Make It Colorful Like Italian Bathroom

Basement Bathroom Ideas - Make It Colorful Like Italian Bathroom

Have you ever seen an Italian bathroom? It usually designed with mid-century interior style that plays with colours. For you who is adventurous and daring, this is perfect for your basement bathroom. Avoid the basement from being cold and dark, you can enliven the space by making it colourful.

Apply the colourful tiles to the wall and the floor but leave the ceiling white. Also, put aside a corner to be just white or grey, so the colours won’t be too much. Also, remember to pick muted colour tones to smooth the colour combination.

12. Make It White and Marbelized It!

Basement Bathroom Ideas - Make It White and Marbelized It!

If you are not too tight on a budget and have some spare, let’s use it buy marbles! Yes, a little touch of white marble can levitate the whole ambience of your basement bathroom and making it elegance and luxurious.

Even if you are on a budget, you can still give a touch of marble using wall tiles that look like marble. Usually these materials are cheaper than the real marble. Also, to achieve the sense of luxury, make it all white and combine it with clear glass. If you like, you can install brass sanitary equipment to make it even more elegant.

13. Fresh Bohemian Vibes

Basement Bathroom Ideas - Fresh Bohemian Vibes

Another interior style that you can apply into the bathroom in your basement is this bohemian style. It is eclectic and chic combining different patterns, colours, and materials.

This style can absolutely make your basement bathroom more alive and fun. You can start from the wall finish using patterned wall tiles or you can also use wallpaper. But, if you choose to go with wallpaper, you will still need to use wall tiles in the shower area.

For the floor, you can use wooden deck to make it warm. The key to bohemian style is decorations like a carpet tile in the wash basin area, potted plants, and hanging open shelf. These decorations will also brighten up your basement bathroom.

14. Bath Tub under the Skylight

Basement Bathroom Ideas - Bath Tub under the Skylight

This idea is also for some house that make it possible for the basement to have a skylight that lets some sunlight inside the room. The skylight is golden, so make the best out of that spot by placing your bath tub there.

Apply an open layout and let the flow inside the room be flexible without any partition. Place an open shower area next to the bath tub and the toilet in the other side next to the wash basin area.

For the wall finish, you can simply use white wall tiles. Then, for the floor finish, you can use dark materials like black terrazzo to create a contrast. To make the basement bathroom more relaxing, you can also place bench and an artwork.

Some people say that the bathroom is the place where you can get your inspirations in the morning. It is also the place where you will start the day. So, it is a good choice to put more effort in remodelling your basement bathroom and make it super nice!

15. Make It Simple, but Play with the Floor

Basement Bathroom Ideas - Make It Simple, but Play with the Floor

Is your basement quite small and not that spacious? No problem! You can still create a nice and comfortable basement bathroom. To make the space feels wider, apply a monochrome materials and remember to make it simple.

Small spaces are not the best spot to put different materials together. Also, make the layout more flexible and open and use a see through partition, like glass, between the toilet and shower area.

Lastly, after you make everything simple and monochromatic, now play with the floor! Put a nice patterned floor tiles to brighten up the space and become the point of interest.

16. Make It Thematic, Like Batman Theme!

Basement Bathroom Ideas - Make It Thematic, Like Batman Theme!

Having kids in the family? Or you just happen to be a fun person? Then, let’s make your basement bathroom thematic! This is a fun way to remodel your basement for a bathroom.

You can actually choose any theme that you like, but this one is a Batman themed basement bathroom. You can apply it to the decoration, custom printed wall stickers, and printed shower curtain. Also, use the colour tone from the theme that you choose. Since this one is Batman, so the colour scheme are black and white.

So, those are 16 creative methods that you can adopt in remodelling your basement for a new bathroom. Some of them are easily done and cheap, but some are quite complex and need more money.

Some of them are working for a semi basement while some of them are best for a basement with a skylight. You can choose a method that perfectly fits your needs and your house’s existing condition.

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