Some Misconceptions about Using Glass as a Railing Material for Your Balcony, Deck or Staircase

Adding glass railings to your property is a great way to bring value and luxurious appeal. Whether it’s the deck, staircase, or balcony, glass railings have been the favorite choice for interior renovation. Because of the ability to fit in with all types of décor and settings, glass railings never lose their charm.

Unfortunately, there are certain misconceptions associated with glass railings that they aren’t a safe option to install. We plan to debunk some of these myths and help you to make informed decisions to elevate the interior of your home.

Misconception# 1: It is prone to break or develop scratches

The first thing that comes to mind regarding glass railings is that they are delicate and break easily. However, this is far from reality. The glass that is used for the railing is strong, and a high quality safety glass is used for the purpose.

This glass type is four times stronger than ordinary glass. Therefore, it is durable and hard to break. Moreover, if you have doubts about scratches, some railing glass has a protective coating that makes them prone to scratches. You can install glass railings without any worries of breaking and having scratches.

Misconception# 2: It’s quite dangerous and unsafe

It’s time to stop believing that glass railings are dangerous when the truth is the other way around, glass railings are safe and amazing additions to our homes. Glass railings are made of tempered glass, which breaks into small and harmless pieces making it a safe alternative. Furthermore, laminated glass further saves hassle to clean those tiny pieces upon breakage. Laminated glass is so strong and it never break into pieces, making it shatter-resistant.

As we talk about safety, glass railings don’t offer slats or openings. So, if you have naughty kids or hyperactive pets, glass railings are the best for you. The kids and pets can’t try harmful activities or stunts by putting their arms, legs, or heads in the gaps or fall over.

Second, children can climb on glass railings, which prevents countless accidents and falls. Third and last, glass railings don’t rot over time. If we talk about wooden railings, they usually deteriorate with time, so leaning over them is dangerous for everyone. While the glass railings preserve their structure with stainless steel fasteners that don’t rust for years.

Misconception# 3: It’s quite expensive

It is widely believed that glass railings aren’t always suitable for the pocket. However, in reality, they are less expensive as compared to other materials. The visually appealing and unique glass railings offer a lot of benefits. Therefore, you get what you pay for!

Misconception# 4: DIY Installation is too difficult & risky

Coming to the next one, installing glass railings is an easy process. It is so simple and hassles free that you can do it on your own without expert help. For example, Plexiglas is simple to cut and install, so most people succeed in the DIY installation of glass railings.

The requirement is that you already like to try DIY projects and have the confidence to nail them. If you are good, you can easily ace the glass railing DIY installation like a pro.

Misconception# 5: It looks monotonous & wearisome

If you love to have an unobstructed view from the balcony, glass railings are an excellent first choice. There are various designs and styles available to choose from such as silk printed glass for balcony, frosted glass for pool fencing, clear tempered glass for staircase and lot more.

For the designs, glass railings come in framed and frameless options. They complement wooden stairs, traditional decks, and balconies with an impeccable view.

Glass types range from frosted, tinted, and Plexiglas options. Therefore, you can always get something that blends well with the other elements. If you want something catchy and appealing, colored glass railings will help you stand out.

Because of the many variations, we can say that glass railings give a versatile and trendy feel rather than a monotonous and boring look. It just depends on what design you choose for your house staircase, deck, or balcony.

Where to buy top quality Glass to design your elegant railing?

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Final Thought

With so many designs and promise of durability, glass railings offer you the peace of mind that you deserve. We hope that now you can steer your mind clear of all the misconceptions related to glass railings. The best part is that they bring a fresh look by brightening up any space. It’s time to give a modern touch to your place and get glass railings, as they are the best choice for every style of the house.


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