17 Stylish Fireplace Tile Ideas You Should Try for Your Fireplace

The fireplace should be an interesting focal point in the living room. As such, it needs to be as attractive as possible. What about yours? How attractive is it? If yours is not attractive enough yet, you probably need fireplace tile ideas to improve it.

Below, we listed some ideas for the tiles that you can use as inspiration in creating your own attractive fireplace. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Limestone Fireplace Tile

tile ideas for fireplace Limestone Fireplace Tile
img src : Tehama Homes

Let’s start our fireplace tile ideas list with limestone fireplace tile. Limestone tile gives off a warm vibe to the room. So it is certainly a great modern fireplace tile if you want to make the fireplace the center of attention during winter.

Limestone tile also has a natural look as well. Since limestone tile tends to have earth tone colors, you will be able to add pieces of furniture with bold colors liberally.

Stacked Stone Fireplace Tile

Fireplace Tile Ideas Pictures Stacked Stone Fireplace Tile
Fireplace Tile Ideas Pictures – img src : pinterest

Need more stone tile ideas? There are many ways you can incorporate stone tile as the fireplace tile. One example is to add stacked stones. Similar to limestone tile, this tile also brings warmth to the living room, making it a perfect choice for the winter.

Tile like this can be combined with various fireplace mantels. Speaking of fireplace mantels, we have some amazing fireplace mantel ideas to bring style to your fireplace. So, check them out.

Patterns Fireplace Tile

Contemporary Fireplace Tile Ideas Patterns Fireplace Tile
Contemporary Fireplace Tile Ideas – img src : ablissfulnest

Bricks are common materials used for houses. But, can bricks be used as fireplace tile? It turns out, they can. In fact, bricks can give the fireplace a unique look, too. The wavy herringbone patterns like in the picture above surely grab the attention of whoever enters the living room.

Bricks with herringbone surely turn the fireplace into the focal point of the room. How could it not? The patterns differentiate the fireplace from the rest of the room. Add some accessories (like greeneries, for example) and you will have a very interesting fireplace.

Colored Brick Fireplace Tile

Fireplace Tile Ideas Modern Colored Brick Fireplace Tile
img src : decorist

Bricks can be styled in lots of ways. Of course, painting is among them. You can create an interesting fireplace by using painted bricks as the tiles. Bricks painted in black, for example, bring a sophisticated and dramatic vibe to the room.

To get the best effect from painted bricks, you will need to play a bit with contrast. In the example above, the all-black bricks are contrasted with the wall and accessories.

‘Honeycomb’ Fireplace Tile

fireplace design ideas with tile ‘Honeycomb’ Fireplace Tile
img src : Maria Speer

Do you like unique pattern? Speaking of fireplace tile ideas, there is no limit on what kind of pattern you should have for your fireplace tile.

This includes ‘honeycomb’ fireplace tile. ‘Honeycomb’ tile will stand out from the rest, bringing all the attention to the fireplace.

This kind of tile is surely a good option if you want something unique and out of the ordinary for your fireplace. That’s right. If you want a special fireplace, adding tile with ‘honeycomb’ is a good way to do that.

Geometric Tile

fireplace tile design ideas Geometric Tile
img src : drivenbydecor

This is another unique pattern in our fireplace tile ideas list. As we said earlier, there is no rule that limits us to choose what kind of pattern we should use for our fireplace. So yes, we can choose whatever we like. That being said some patterns do look better than the others.

A geometric pattern is among patterns that look unique for a fireplace. It makes the fireplace more interesting and adds depth to it. When combined with proper mantel, it becomes an amazing focal point in the room.

stone fireplace tile ideas
img src : Fireplace Tile Ideas Pinterest

Black Terracotta Tile

Fireplace Tile Ideas Photos Black Terracotta Tile
img src : sfgirlbybay

Terracotta tiles are quite common for fireplace these days. Just like many other materials, there are lots of ways to use terracotta. For example, you can opt for all-black terracotta tiles like in the picture above. A black fireplace always has a certain charm to it, especially if there is a white surface nearby.

If you want to create a stylish, sophisticated, and elegant fireplace, using all-black terracotta is among the best fireplace tile ideas you can try.

Granite Tile

Gas Fireplace Tile Ideas Granite Tile
img src : Anthony Concrete

Take a look at the picture above. What do you think about the tile? Some homeowners love the natural look of granite tile. How could they not? Having earth tone color, granite tile brings warmth and comfort, which are two things that we all want from a fireplace.

Granite tile is also versatile as well. It can be used for any fireplace of various sizes and types. One-sided fireplace, two sided fireplace, narrow fireplace, tall fireplace, you name it. Yes, granite tile is that versatile.

Farmhouse Tile

brick tile fireplace ideas Farmhouse Tile
img src : heatnglo

Many homeowners like the look of farmhouse design. If you like it as well, you should consider creating a farmhouse fireplace. One way to do so is by using tiles like in the picture above. The tile brings radiance and comfort to the room, which complements the farmhouse design.

To complete the farmhouse look, you can create shiplap fireplace mantel, use dark-colored pieces of furniture as well as a wood surface. Jars, pots, and mirror are welcome, too.

Airstone Tile

tile fireplace makeover ideas Airstone Tile
img src : makelifelovely

Stone tile is certainly interesting. However, installing them for a fireplace can be a bit difficult. Fortunately, there is a good alternative available: airstone tile. Airstone tile has the same look, texture, and beauty of real natural stone. The difference is that it is a lot easier to install.

Does it look great? Yes, it does. The above picture is a good example of a fireplace with airstone tile. In case you want to try it, you can bring a more natural vibe to the room by using unfinished wood as well as add greeneries.

Subway Fireplace Tile

fireplace tile ideas glass tile Subway Fireplace Tile
img src : stylemepretty

Next in our fireplace tile ideas is subway tile.  Subway tile has a distinct look that differentiates it from others. It is not surprising if this classic look is still used until today. For a fireplace, subway tile can fit just about any design. Modern, contemporary, rustic, vintage, subway tile can fit into them.

Since subway tile is very flexible, you don’t have to worry about it fitting your fireplace design or not. If you are looking for a fireplace tile that is timeless and beautiful, subway tile is your best go-to option.

White Brick Fireplace Tile

White Fireplace Tile Ideas White Brick Fireplace Tile
img src : simplyinspireddesign

Is elaborate fireplace not your style? While some homeowners like their fireplace to be elaborate, elegant, and dramatic, some homeowners prefer simplicity instead. If you are among this kind of homeowners, white brick tile is one of the best fireplace tile ideas for you.

With white brick tile, a fireplace will not look too elaborate or dramatic. Rather, it provides a simple yet comforting look, something which is sought for by many homeowners. After all, sometimes less is certainly more. A fireplace with white brick tile is a good example of that.

Black Porcelain Fireplace Tile

fireplace tile design ideas photos Black Porcelain Fireplace Tile
img src : kristinalynne

There are many ways you can design a fireplace to grab attention. One of them is by playing with contrast. In the example above, the fireplace is all black, while the surrounding areas (the walls, the ceiling, and the floor) are covered mostly in white.

Light colors for the background and dark colors for the fireplace. What will you get? That’s right. A fireplace that grabs attention from whoever enters the room. If you want to design your fireplace similar to the example above, you can use black porcelain as the tile.

This idea is a good option for homeowners who like a minimalist fireplace. Also, since not many items or colors are needed, it can be emulated and managed easily.

So if you

  • are a minimalist
  • like simple yet stunning design
  • like black and white

this idea is ideal for you.

Regular Brick Fireplace Tile

wood tile fireplace ideas Regular Brick Fireplace Tile
img src : glenfort

Do you like the look of a regular brick and simplicity? If you do, why not create a fireplace with brick tile and wood mantel like the above? Despite being simple, a traditional fireplace like that certainly has its own charm. It is another example of less is more for sure.

A fireplace does not need to be complex to be attractive. Sometimes, a simple fireplace can do wonders for the interior, too. Best of all, since the design is very simple, this kind of fireplace can be imitated easily. Simple? Yes. Beautiful? Also yes.

Marble Fireplace Tile

fireplace wall tile design ideas Marble Fireplace Tile
img src : Jeffrey court

Marble is one of the most common natural stones used for the interior. It is not a surprise considering how beautiful a marble surface looks. The question is, does it work as a fireplace tile? The answer is yes. Yes, it does work as a fireplace tile.

A fireplace with marble tile looks elegant, beautiful, and simple. It does not require any bold color. And yet, it still looks very attractive. Among the other ideas on the list, marble fireplace tile is one of the best in terms of being both simple and beautiful.

Rustic Fireplace Tile

Fireplace Tile Ideas Rustic Fireplace Tile
Fireplace Tile Ideas Rustic img src : Atlanta Specialty Woods

Last but not least in our fireplace tile ideas is rustic fireplace tile. As you probably have known, rustic is one of the most popular interior designs today. It is a good example of “old but gold” trope. A fireplace with rustic tile brings calmness, warmth, and comfort to the living room. Who wouldn’t want that?

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