20 Awesome Floor Kitchen Ideas for an Eye-catching Kitchen

Need some floor kitchen ideas for inspiration? We have lots of ideas here. The kitchen floor is often overlooked. Yet, this floor is just as important as other parts in the kitchen. In fact, you can change the whole mood of the kitchen with the floor.

Aesthetically, the kitchen floor can be used in three ways. One, as a backdrop for other decorations. Two, as a complementary part of the decor. Three, if you are courageous enough, as the bold and interesting focal point. The following ideas exhibits all three and they will help you make an eye-catching kitchen.

Brushed Limestone

floor ideas for kitchen Brushed Limestone
source : mandarinstone

If you want a backdrop for your decorations, one of the best floor ideas for kitchen for you will be to use natural stone flooring. Natural stone has a neutral look, which allows for the other decorations to shine and stand out.

Gray natural stone flooring like this also gives off a homely vibe, making the kitchen a comfortable space to spend time in.

Another good thing about natural stone flooring is that it is easy to clean. The downside, however, is in its price. It is more expensive than other materials but the benefits surely worth the price.

Farmhouse Floor Kitchen

Floor Kitchen Ideas Farmhouse Floor Kitchen
Floor Kitchen Ideas source : lizmarieblog

Looking for farmhouse-inspired floor kitchen ideas? Here’s one for you: clear and delicate flooring. One of farmhouse style design elements is white surface. And what’s better choice than white flooring like this to complement the farmhouse decor?

The flooring is not all-white, though. It also has defined, straight and bold black lines, which makes the kitchen feel farmhouse even further. The beauty of such flooring is that it has a neutral color, thus making other decorations, like the light brown island here, more noticeable.

Speaking of a kitchen island, here is no a modern kitchen without a kitchen island. Back then, the island is a luxury. Today, it is a must-have. Check out these kitchen island ideas to make the best out of your kitchen island.

Hardwood Flooring

Wooden Floor Kitchen Ideas Hardwood Flooring
source : uniquewoodfloor

To get the whole rustic look in the kitchen, you will need equally rustic flooring. Among the best floor kitchen tiles ideas will be rustic wooden flooring as seen here. Just look at how complete the rustic look thanks to the wooden flooring.

Notice while the wooden flooring does complement the rustic decor, it comes with something more. That is, it adds patterns and illusion of texture from its coloration. This is, of course, a welcome feature. It not just completes the whole rustic decor but also makes it far more interesting and eye-pleasing.

Black Floor with Rug

Black Floor Kitchen Ideas Black Floor with Rug
Black Floor Kitchen Ideas source : HGTV

There is nothing wrong with going for plain and simple kitchen floor design ideas tiles. In some cases, plain and simple flooring is the best option to choose from. Like in this kitchen, for example.

With such an amazing marble countertop and full-size cabinets, what the kitchen needs is neutral flooring. Yes, the kind of flooring that serves as a backdrop for the countertop and cabinets. And what’s better choice for that than plain and simple flooring like this?

Perka Wood Steel

Modern Floor Kitchen Ideas Perka Wood Steel
source : perkabuildings

One of the most-fitting floor kitchen ideas is to use lightwood wooden flooring. An industrial style kitchen looks so organized and tidy.

This one here is a prime example of how gorgeous an industrial kitchen can be, especially if it has proper flooring to complement the decor.

The kitchen wouldn’t have such an integrated look without the flooring. And that is exactly why kitchen flooring matters. Notice the wooden flooring. It fits the industrial theme very well with its straight lines, rectangle shapes and orderly arrangement.

Dark Green Floor

Dark Wood Floor Kitchen Ideas Dark Green Floor
Dark Wood Floor Kitchen Ideas source : Pinterest

What kind of flooring goes well with dark cabinets? One of the best kitchen floor ideas with dark cabinets is to use lighter-colored flooring. The contrast between the dark cabinets and lighter-colored flooring like green here will create a balanced as it prevents the cabinets from overwhelming the kitchen.

Another benefit is that it brightens the mood and look of the kitchen. After all, wouldn’t a kitchen with dark cabinets look a rather grim with dark flooring? And you don’t want a grim kitchen.

Brick Floor Kitchen Ideas

New Floor Kitchen Ideas Brick Floor Kitchen Ideas
New Floor Kitchen Ideas source : BHG

Brick flooring fits those who want classic vintage floor kitchen ideas. How could it not? The aged looks and warmth that it brings make any room (yes, even the kitchen) feels nostalgic. Remember how your grandma prepared cookies? Yes, that kind of feel.

Brick flooring can’t bring such a vibe by itself, though. It is more of complements to the decor, rather than its main design elements. For the best effect, combine brick flooring with reclaimed wood ceiling, shiplap walls, wooden kitchen island, and lots of white surfaces.

Hardwood Floor Kitchen

Hardwood Floor Kitchen Ideas Hardwood Floor Kitchen
Hardwood Floor Kitchen Ideas source : theshakerkitchencompany

Wooden flooring comes in various styles. That is why it is so flexible. It can work with farmhouse decor, minimalist decor, and even modern decor. Lightwood flooring with patterns as seen here is among the best modern kitchen floor ideas one can try.

Black and white is a good color combination works on its own. Still, it looks better if there is another lighter color to accent it.

Look at how the light brown surface tones down the striking contrast between the black cabinets and the rest of the room while the patterns makes the kitchen far more interesting.

The kitchen cabinet needs not to be restricted for functional purposes only. With a bit of imagination, you can turn an ordinary, plain and boring cabinet into something interesting. These kitchen cabinet ideas will show you how.

Gray Slate Floor

Gray Floor Kitchen Ideas Gray Slate Floor
Gray Floor Kitchen Ideas source : bungalowclassic

Looking for simpler floor kitchen ideas? Try using slate tiles. Depending on the decor style of the kitchen, slate tiles can be either complementary parts or focal points. This one here is more of the latter than the former. It is a simple and effortless way to make a statement.

Notice the minimalist farmhouse decor style. Look at how contrasting the floor and the rest of the decor are. The blue slate tiles here serve as the focal point of the kitchen with the neutral-colored decor serving as the backdrop. The kitchen wouldn’t be as interesting if it were not for the blue slate tiles.

Polished Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile Floor Kitchen Ideas Polished Ceramic Tile
source : tilebar

There is no denying that patterns make a kitchen more eye-catching. This is true even for a kitchen that already looks attractive like the navy blue and white kitchen here. The combination of navy blue, white, and patterns create such a gorgeous look, a look that none can just ignore.

As amazing as they are, you need to use patterns carefully. Used properly, they complement the decor and add beauty. Used improperly, they will bring disharmony or worse, create a visual confusion. That’s what you need to avoid. Pick patterns that emphasize the decor, not ones that disrupt it.

‘Dual’ Flooring

Tile Floor Kitchen Ideas ‘Dual’ Flooring
Tile Floor Kitchen Ideas source : homedeco

These floor kitchen ideas are rather unique. The duality here, however, is an impression not a real thing. The kitchen gets dirty and messy real quick. Some people love wooden flooring but can’t afford to get it dirty. If you are like that, consider adding vinyl layer to the wooden flooring.

Aesthetically, such duality creates an impressive visual cue as seen here. Look how eye-catching the kitchen becomes thanks to the vinyl layer. Practically, the ‘dual’ flooring makes cleaning easier. Vinyl is, after all, the better choice than wooden when it comes to cleaning.

Reclaimed Wood

Floor Kitchen Tile Ideas with White Cabinets Reclaimed Wood
source : lizschupdesigns

If floor ideas for kitchen that provide ageless beauty are what you are after, then reclaimed wood flooring is for you. Look at how amazing this flooring is. It makes a very beautiful visual cue in a white kitchen. As expected from reclaimed wood, it has a very distinguishing look that has an ageless beauty to it.

The look is not the only benefit of reclaimed wood flooring, though. If you want to be greener and more environment-friendly, reclaimed wood flooring would further your cause as it is made of old and used woods. Quite amazing, isn’t it?

Dark Wood Floor

dark cabinets with creme tiles Floor Kitchen Ideas Dark Wood Floor
source : homebunch

Is your kitchen a cold, straightforward, and functional-only space? Change the mood with rustic wooden flooring. Of all floor kitchen ideas, only a few come close to rustic wooden flooring in bringing warmth to the kitchen. It is so warm can just feel the warmth here.

Want to go full rustic on the kitchen? One of the best floor ideas for kitchen you can try is hardwood flooring with finish. Hardwood flooring looks rustic enough on its own and finish enhances it even further.

Kitchen Floor with White Cabinet

Wooden Floor Kitchen Ideas Kitchen Floor with White Cabinet
Wooden Floor Kitchen Ideas source : housebyhoff

As many examples have shown here, there are varieties of options when it comes to wooden floor kitchen tiles ideas.  This one is another variety. This wide plank flooring, however, is a bit simplistic compared to the others.

While the other flooring involves smaller tiles, this one involves larger tiles. This creates a unifying look, making it a perfect backdrop for the kitchen’s decorations. Also, since the tiles are large and less patterns are visible, it is not visually distracting while still being attractive.

Spanish Tiles

Floor Kitchen Covering Ideas Spanish Tiles
source : stylebyemilyhenderson

Compared to Spanish tiles, only a few floor kitchen ideas can match them in terms of giving off a unique and stylish look. Just look at this kitchen. Looks both unique and stylish, isn’t it?

The Spanish tiles break the routine of white surface. Not only that, they also bring interesting visual cues with the patterns.

The beauty of the Spanish tiles is how they complement the kitchen’s decor and make it more appealing in a subtle manner, without making any disruption.

Country-style Tiles

white tile Floor Kitchen Ideas Country-style Tiles
white tile Floor Kitchen Ideas source : nestingwithgrace

What can you do with an almost entirely white kitchen? The white can be overwhelming for the eyes, especially if there is no variation in the room. Here’s one of the best floor kitchen ideas to try: create a focal point in the kitchen by adding country-style flooring tiles.

The black and white patterns of the flooring tiles not just break the routine but also add an eye-catching visual cue. Imagine entering the kitchen. What is the first thing you notice? That’s right. The floor. That’s just how impactful the country-style flooring tiles are.

Retro Patterns

Floor Kitchen Paint Ideas Retro Patterns
source : acorn_cottage

One of the benefits of kitchen floor ideas vinyl is that it allows you to cover the floor entirely with patterns. Most of other flooring can’t do so. This is the reason why vinyl flooring is among the best choice for small kitchens.

What a small kitchen needs is a visual cue that gives an impression of spaciousness. And that exactly what patterned tiles do. You wouldn’t notice how small this kitchen here when you enter it as you are likely to focus on how attractive the floor is. Aesthetical? Of course.. Practical? Without a doubt.

Farmhouse Patterns

Floor Kitchen Plan Ideas Farmhouse Patterns
source : Decorated Life

Wooden flooring is certainly the only option if you want to go farmhouse. There are still many other floor ideas for kitchen that accommodate that. For example, you can go with patterns like these. The farmhouse style uses black and white a lot, so black and white patterns will be very fitting for it.

The rest of the kitchen here has either white or neutral colors. On their own, they don’t look as attractive. With entirely patterned flooring, however, things become more interesting.

Black and White Diamonds

Farmhouse Floor Kitchen Ideas Black and White Diamonds
Farmhouse Floor Kitchen Ideas source : Holly Mathis

This one’s a classic. Black and white diamonds. The patterns are so simple and very recognizable. Yet, they do have a certain charm. It is not surprising if many homeowners pick this flooring idea for their kitchen. It is so simple, fun and attractive.

You can easily incorporate black and white diamonds into your kitchen using vinyl flooring. And since it is vinyl, the floor will be easier to clean and maintain. Not to mention it is sturdy and relatively inexpensive too.

Reflective Black

Dark Floor Kitchen Ideas Reflective Black
Dark Floor Kitchen Ideas source : Snaidero USA

The last on our floor kitchen ideas is black flooring. It is not ordinary black flooring, of course. This one is shiny and reflective.

The kitchen, as with any other room in the house, requires proper lighting. Generally, the brighter it is, the better. And this one is a good idea if you want to add more lighting into the kitchen.

That’s the flooring practicality. Aesthetically, they look so sleek and stylish, especially if used in a mostly white kitchen as seen here. The contrast and balance that the colors create a very eye-catching look.

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