21 Exciting Bedroom Lighting Ideas to Set the Bedroom’s Mood

Need bedroom lighting ideas for inspiration? Like lighting in any other room, the bedroom lighting is often neglected.

Most homeowners settle with just adding a lighting fixture or two. What most homeowners don’t know is, however, lighting is a very important part. It sets the mood, not just providing light.

To help you set your bedroom’s mood, we listed no less than 21 ideas here. Which one will suit you best? Only you know the answer. What we do know is that our ideas will surely help you get started in making your bedroom looks better. Now, let’s get to the ideas.

Stunning Ambient

Ambient Bedroom Lighting Ideas Stunning Ambient
source : onekindesign

Look at this farmhouse bedroom. Not many bedroom decorating styles can be as warm and as welcoming as the farmhouse bedroom.

Add the farmhouse bedroom with such stunning lighting ideas for the bedroom as seen here and the bedroom will become amazing.

Creating a focal point in the bedroom is a bit different from the other rooms. As the bedroom is meant for relaxing and resting, the focal point shouldn’t be too distracting. The stunning ambient lighting above is a good example of such a focal point.

Want to make your bedroom looks and feels warmer? The farmhouse decorating style is for you then. Find out more about farmhouse bedroom ideas here

On the Sides

Bedroom Wall Lighting Ideas On the Sides
source : therusticboxwood

Installing the lighting fixtures on the ceiling is among the most common bedroom lighting ideas. But, it isn’t the only available option you have. Lighting fixtures on both sides of the bed is a great option too. Especially if you want to make a statement.

Unlike ceiling lighting, the wall-mount lighting highlights the sides of the bedroom. This allows you to showcase whatever decorations you want. Say, for example, you want to make your favorite plants stand out. That will be so easy with this lighting.

Elegant Chandelier

Master Bedroom Lighting Ideas Elegant Chandelier
source : anyonecandecorate

Although the bedroom is the place for relaxing and resting, we don’t mean elegant bedroom lighting fixtures ideas are off the limit. No, not at all. The most important thing is to incorporate elegance without making it stand out like a sore thumb. Be subtle.

Notice how this chandelier brings out the elegance to the bedroom. And it does so without being too bright, too bold and too distractive. It has none of that.

If you want to set the mood quickly, incorporating an elegant chandelier is surely among the best bedroom mood lighting ideas.

Globe Lights

Bedroom Lighting Ideas Modern Globe Lights
source : tapestrygirls

Need some girl bedroom lighting ideas? How adult and teen bedrooms treated is different. For the teen, the bedroom lighting should show their youthfulness.

The lighting should be bright, fun, and playful. This lighting here is an excellent example of proper lighting ideas for bedroom for teens.

The wall-mount lighting sets out a bright, fun, and playful mood. The string lights on the bed frame accentuate the mood further. It is such simple lighting, but the intended mood is achieved.

Lights Above Bed Canopy

Bedroom String Lighting Ideas Lights Above Bed Canopy
source : messagenote

Of all bedroom lighting ideas on our list, this lighting is the dreamiest of them. Rather than using ceiling- or wall-mount lighting fixtures, bright string lights are used. The lights then covered by semi-transparent fabrics, which set the dreamy mood of the bedroom.

The beauty of these dreamy lighting ideas for bedroom is how surreal it looks. It looks so unique, extraordinary and out of the world. It makes it as if you are lying down outside on the open with the sky as the roof and the stars as the lighting.

Girl Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Bedroom Mood Lighting Ideas Girl Bedroom Lighting Ideas
source : shelterness

Want to make each and every night feels romantic with your spouse? Then these room lighting ideas bedroom is for you.

The setting is quite similar to the previous idea. You have string lights, fabrics, and place the lighting above the bed. The mood, however, is very different. Here you just can feel the romantic mood.

The dim lighting and the shadows around create a very amazing visual cue. With lots and lots of textures, the bed looks so comfy and inviting. It is truly among the best bedroom mood lighting ideas if the romantic mood is what you are after.

Lighting Under Shelving

Overhead Bedroom Lighting Ideas Lighting Under Shelving
source : cristinamella

If you have a small bedroom, you need to be imaginative. Rather than going for space-consuming and tedious lighting, go for space-efficient and smart bedroom lighting ideas. For instance, install the lighting underneath the shelving above the headboard.

These smart small bedroom lighting ideas not only provide you with necessary light, but it also makes the bedroom a lot more interesting. The bonus is that since the lighting is just above your head, you can have your night reading session comfortably on your bed.

Simple and Luxurious

master bedroom Bedroom Lighting Ideas Simple and Luxurious
source : matthewcanedesigns

Going for the luxurious mood doesn’t equal incorporating superfluous and overboard lighting. If anything, such lighting ideas for the bedroom are ones that you’d like to avoid. If you want to bring a luxurious mood, choose a simple yet delicate lighting fixture as seen here.

The lighting fixture, despite its unique shape, fits well with the rest of the room. While it is true that the fixture is the most interesting visual object in the bedroom, it doesn’t seem out of place. Far from that, it complements the whole look of the bedroom and adds a luxurious mood to it.

LED Strip Light

Bedroom Lighting Ideas Pictures LED Strip Light
source : lednews.lighting

Previous bedroom lighting ideas involve shelving lighting and high ceiling lighting. But what if you want something really eccentric and extraordinary? Try placing the lighting ‘around’ the bed light this then.

The light does shine from the ceiling or the wall. Rather, it shines from the bed to all other directions. Since the lighting basically highlights the bed, the bed inevitably becomes the focal point. A very interesting focal point to be exact.

String Lights

Cool Bedroom Lighting Ideas String Lights
Cool Bedroom Lighting Ideas source : stayboho

String lights are always among the best bedroom lighting ideas DIY. They are easy to install, easy to manage, and easy to direct. Unlike conventional lighting fixtures, you can shape them however you like.

For example, decorative lighting ideas for bedroom as seen here. The wallpapers, the setting, and the string lights remind you of outer space. When you lie down on the bed, it is as if you are staring into the deep space.

Simple Beauty

simple Bedroom Lighting Ideas Simple Beauty
source : mydomaine

Many of the bedroom lighting ideas, like the dreamy and romantic lighting, involve a bit intricate designs. While they do create amazing visual cues for the bedroom, involving intricate designs is not a must. You can get your intended mood even with a simple design, as seen here.

The bedroom is as minimalist as it gets. There is no clutter. Everything has simple forms and nothing is purposeless and without functions.

The low ceiling lighting here accentuates the beauty of the room further. But, just like the other parts of the bedroom, the design of the lighting is so simple.

Lighting Bedroom Cottage

Teenage Bedroom Lighting Ideas Lighting Bedroom Cottage
Teenage Bedroom Lighting Ideas source : weheartit

You have already seen how amazing bedroom lighting ideas that use string lights. This one here is another example of that. But, instead of being focused on the bed, this time the string lights are spread across the ceiling. Yes, from edge to edge.

The dim string lights here create a warm yet relaxing mood. Since the string lights are spread across, the mood can be felt everywhere even from the entrance. The best thing about it is that if you need brighter light (say, for studying), you can just add floor lighting and the mood still wouldn’t change.

Let It Hang

Bedroom Lighting Ideas Low Ceiling Let It Hang
Bedroom Lighting Ideas Low Ceiling source : pinterest

What if you want cool bedroom lighting ideas instead? You can try this one. Hang small light bulbs form a branch. While this lighting set looks simplistic, it suits the well with the nature-inspired bedroom. It is simplistic enough to blend in and stylish enough to stand out.

So if your bedroom has a natural and/or simple décor, you might want to incorporate equally simple lighting. That way, the whole bedroom theme will be complete.

Kids Bedroom Lighting

Girl Bedroom Lighting Ideas Kids Bedroom Lighting
Girl Bedroom Lighting Ideas source : finabarnsaker

The next on our bedroom lighting ideas is for children and teenagers. The string lights are installed along with the stars and moon decoration.

When lit, it looks as if the light comes from the stars and moon. Quite simple but feels fantastical, nonetheless.

While a girl’s bedroom lighting should be decorative and functional, don’t pick lighting that is too bright and distractive. Dim string lights would be much better options than bright ones. Remember, the bedroom is for relaxing and resting and this applies to both adult and children bedrooms alike.

Keep It Subtle

Bedroom Lighting Ideas Pinterest Keep It Subtle
source : modernbedspace

We listed so many exciting lighting ideas for the bedroom. Some of them subtle. Some others, not so much. This lighting here is another example of being subtle. Just notice how there isn’t any bright light in the bedroom. There is light, but it is neither too bright nor too dim.

The bedroom, in and of itself, already looks good. But it is nothing without proper lighting. The beauty of this lighting is how its subtle lighting creates a dramatic look, highlighting several parts of the bedroom and turning them into attractive visual cues.

Let There Be Light

Bedroom Lighting Ideas Ceiling Let There Be Light
Bedroom Lighting Ideas Ceiling source : _kristinestien_

If you have an attic bedroom, the natural light is probably very limited. The attic is, after all, not specifically designed to be a bedroom. To compensate, you need lots of artificial lighting. So, go ahead and let it shine. Let there be light.

Since the attic bedroom is more of an extra bedroom than a master one, it is best to style it with neutral décor. Use the lighting mostly to brighten the room and the mood. With neutral décor and proper lighting, the attic bedroom can serve as a guest bedroom.

Preparing the guest bedroom is a must. However, deciding how it should be decorated can be a bit difficult as this type of bedroom is meant for incoming guests. Check out these guest bedroom ideas for inspiration.

Farmhouse Bedroom Lighting

Farmhouse Bedroom Lighting Ideas Farmhouse Bedroom Lighting
Farmhouse Bedroom Lighting Ideas source : antiquefarmhouse

There is no denying that country farmhouse-style bedroom lighting ideas look so good. This lighting fixture is proof of that.

While the lighting fixture is originally bright, its lampshades dim it out a bit and create a warm vibe, fitting the country farmhouse bedroom.

The lighting is not there only to brighten up the room, though. It adds aesthetic, too. Its unique lampshades turn it into the focal point of the bedroom. Not in an obnoxious way, of course. It makes the already warm and inviting bedroom into something more, something extraordinary.

Natural Touch

Small Bedroom Lighting Ideas Natural Touch
source : zebodeko

Of all lighting ideas for the bedroom, you might find this the most unique and ethnic. And you are right. This teepee-shaped bedroom feels so natural and ethnic at the same time. Like most lighting examples on the list, this lighting is both functional and decorative.

Functional, as it provides the necessary light for the bedroom. Decorative, as it, well, looks so visually pleasing. It makes you feel as if you are setting a tee-pee tent outdoor. The tee-pee sets the mood while the bright string lighting accentuates it further.

Multi Arm Chandelier

Bedroom Lighting Fixtures Ideas Multi Arm Chandelier
source : branchabode

The next in our bedroom lighting ideas is something that is both simple and antique. You can see just how vintage the bedroom looks. Of course, the lighting above contributes to the overall look of the bedroom.

Notice how the lighting fixture has a simple design with a golden surface, contrast to the more intricate, white and dark colors below. The simple design turns the lighting into a complementary part, a unique one at that.

Low Hanging

DIY Bedroom Lighting Ideas Low Hanging
source : dreambookdesign

When it comes to lighting ideas for the bedroom, you can go as high and as low as you want. Don’t worry, the low hanging lighting fixture can look just as good as its high hanging counterpart. In some cases, like in this bedroom, the low hanging lighting fixture is the better option of the two.

Notice attractive the bedroom looks thanks to the low hanging lighting. Imagine if it has high hanging lighting instead. It wouldn’t be as attractive.


Bedroom Lighting Ideas Dramatic
source : pinterest

The last on our bedroom lighting ideas is something dramatic. Elegantly and subtly dramatic. Look how the light is emitted from the side lighting, rather than ceiling one.

The downward light is bright, while the upward is dim. This allows you to read or write on the bed comfortably. At the same time, the upward light quietly sets the dramatic mood.

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