15 Creative House Number Ideas to Improve Curb Appeal

House number signs may not seem significant. But, a good house number can improve the curb appeal of a house. Do you want to create an interesting house number? If you do, our house number ideas will give you inspiration.

As you will see shortly, there are many ways you can design your house number. From a simple wooden number to a rustic one. Alright, let’s get to the ideas.

Simple Wooden

house number sign ideas Simple Wooden
img src : onceupona1912

Let’s start with something simple. A simple wooden house number does add an interesting touch to the entrance of a house. The wooden sign not just fits in quite well with the other decorations but also complements them.

A large house number sign surely helps any incoming guests who are looking for the house. This is particularly true when the sign has a contrasting color from its surrounding. In the example above, the wooden sign has a light brown color, which contrasts with the white wall behind.

‘Direct and to the Point’

house number ideas on pinterest Direct and to the Point
img src : house number ideas on pinterest

Not every homeowner likes to have attention-grabbing house number signs. Some homeowners prefer something simple like visible numbers on the wall. Do you think like that too? If you do, this ‘direct and to the point’ house number sign is ideal for you.

Notice how simple the number signs are. It consists of three digits of numbers, arranged vertically and read from top to bottom.

Anyone who sees the entrance will know immediately what the house number is. It is among the best house number ideas for those who like simplicity.

Hanging Pallet Fish

house number display ideas Hanging Pallet Fish
img src : scavengerchic

Do you like the beach and other sea-related stuff? If you do, why not create a house number that reflects your liking? For example, a hanging pallet fish with the number of your house in it. Don’t worry, all you need to make it are a branch, pallet boards, a rope, and paints. That’s all.

First, create the fish from the boards. The number of fish you should create depends on your house number. If it is three digits, make three fish.

Make a small hole on each fish. Then, tie the fish on the branch and tie the branch so that you can hang it on a wall. Voila! A house number with a coastal vibe.

Navy Blue

Cool House Number Ideas Navy Blue
Cool House Number Ideas img src : Elizabeth McGreevy

You can rarely go wrong with navy blue. Navy blue is a color that can be used for many things. From furniture, walls to ceilings.

If you combine it with white, you will have a foolproof decoration that will surely grab attention. And you know what? This applies to house number signs, too.

Just take a look at the house number modern sign above. Notice how the wall, the sign, and the numbers, all work together to create an interesting sign that no one can miss. If house number ideas that are foolproof and always work are what you want, this idea is one of your best options.

Post Plant with a Planter

house number plaque ideas Post Plant with a Planter
img src : Shanty2Chic

You don’t have to use a rectangular-shaped sign for your house number. Why? Because other alternatives can look as interesting, too.

For example, a post plant hanger. Unlike most rectangular house number signs, you can install a post plant hanger in your curb.

Want to make it even more interesting? Hang a pot with vines or climber plants. This not just adds a natural feel but also makes the numbers more noticeable. It works even better if you have a garden in your front yard.

Simplistic Beauty

rustic house number ideas Simplistic Beauty
rustic house number ideas img src : Linc Thelen Design

This one is also among simple house number ideas. It is a perfect choice if your house has a farmhouse or minimalist décor. Note how the numbers just blend in with the rest of the house entrance. The numbers are very noticeable, thanks to the white background.

If a simple and noticeable house number metal sign is what you are after, this one will fit you well. To make the entrance looks tidy and less crowded, arrange the numbers vertically, from top to bottom. It looks great and complements the front door.

Speaking of the front door, are you still unsure of what kind of front door to use? If you are, take a look at our front door ideas. Our ideas can help you find the right front door for your house.

Address Numbers Post Planter

diy house number plaque ideas Address Numbers Post Planter
img src : shanty2chic

Previously, we listed a post plant hanger. This one is a post plant hanger, but it is different. The difference here is how the post is decorated.

Unlike the previous idea, here you hang a planter with flowers in it and keep the pot visible. This kind of house number works nicely if you have a garden with lots of pots.

Planter House Number

house number ideas diy Planter House Number
house number ideas diy img src : houseofrumours

Do you like items that have not just functional value but also aesthetical value as well? If you do, you’d like house number signs like the above.

The house numbers are placed on a small, portable planter. It has a small plant, too, which adds a natural touch to the entrance.

The house number is hanged on a white wall, allowing everyone to see the number of the house easily. If you want a house number that can be used as a part of the entrance décor, a planter house number is certainly among the best options for you.

Hanging from a Lamp

unique house number ideas Hanging from a Lamp
unique house number ideas img src : thehoneycombhome

A lamp on the entrance of a house looks classic, doesn’t it? A lamp certainly makes an entrance look interesting. Since the lamp attracts attention, utilize it as a hanger for house number wood sign. This makes it a lot easier for people who walk across your house to know the house’s number.

Not only that, since you are hanging the house number on a lamp, the sign will be very visible even during the night. It is a clever way to make a house number noticeable, day or night.

Ceramic or Terracotta Mosaic

cute house number ideas Ceramic or Terracotta Mosaic
cute house number ideas img src : Pinterest

The next in our house number ideas is a ceramic or terracotta mosaic house number. An artistic touch at the front won’t hurt.

If anything, it will improve the house’s curb appeal. Want something like that for your house number? If it is yes, consider making a mosaic house number ceramic or terracotta.

As you can see above, the house number is really visible. Is it noticeable? Very. No one can just ignore a unique and unusual house number sign like that.

Modern House Numbers

house number ideas Modern House Numbers
house number ideas img src : meandmybrightsides

Just because house number signs need to be

  • visible,
  • noticeable, and
  • easy to read

It doesn’t mean that you have to go for a house number with over the top design. On the contrary, you can have a house number that is visible, noticeable and easy to read with a plain and simple house number plaque. The above house number sign is a good example of this.

Notice how the house number is located on the gate. It is written with a darker color and has a large size, allowing people who go across the house to read it easily, even from afar.

Nautical House Number Wood

house number plate ideas Nautical House Number Wood
img src : littlethings

Take a good look at the house number above. Sometimes, unusual and out-of-place house number ideas are your best options.

This is particularly true if your objective is to have an unusual-looking house number that grabs attention from everyone.

The above house number is without a doubt looks unusual and unique. Perhaps even out of the place. Its unusualness is what makes it a good house number as it makes it easier for your incoming guests to find your house.

Flowery House Number

diy lighted house number ideas Flowery House Number
diy lighted house number ideas img src : lovelyetc

What is the best way to greet the incoming guests? Yes, with flowers on the entrance. Some of our previous house number ideas include plants in it. This one also includes plants, too. This one, however, uses flowers instead of greeneries.

Such a house number is certainly gorgeous. After all, flowers are always a good addition to just about any parts of the house.

Of course, that includes the entrance of the house as well. A flowery house number works especially well with a farmhouse or rustic décor.

Creative House Number

house number design ideas Creative House Number
img src : Pinterest

You can be as creative as you like for in making house number signs. Of course, including hanging decorations on the entrance with a number written on each one of them. That’s right, like the house number signs that you just see above.

The colors and the varying shapes make the sign very attractive. Especially since the background has only one color. It is certainly a creative and clever idea to create a house number sign.

Rustic with Wall-mount Pots

house number placement ideas Rustic with Wall-mount Pots
img src : etsy

The last in our house number ideas list is something that is warm and welcoming: a rustic house number with wall-mount pots.

This rustic decoration is not only informative by being visible from afar but also complements the rustic vibe of the house as well.

Notice how the sign is black and white, a common characteristic of the rustic design. Not to mention that the contrast makes the numbers easily readable. The ‘Welcome’ sign is a nice small detail, too

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