7 Reasons to Install Surveillance Cameras in your Home

You may be asking yourself If the cost of installing a surveillance camera is worth the price. This articles covers some reasons as to why you should have one. A surveillance camera will provide home security, for yourself and your property.  It will allow you to get an emergency response in case of a breach and lower your proper depreciation rate significantly.

Let’s delve into seven reasons to install surveillance cameras in your home in our article below.

1.    It Will Provide You with Home Protection

Your family is important to you, and you work hard every day to provide. With the increase in the number of burglaries,  it is vital that you secure your home.  A surveillance camera  Is part of your security system and will act as a deterrent.  Further, it will allow you to collect valuable footage in case of a breach.

2.    It Will Alert You In Case Of A Fire Breakout Or Gas Leak

A good surveillance camera has additional features like a fire or smoke sensor.  The surveillance camera will send an alert to your smart device if it detects a breakout. The signal will give you enough time to call in responders.

With the use of heat detection,  the system will notice any spikes in temperature and send you a timely notification.

Other benefits you can enjoy is gas leak detection.  We have all heard cases of people who died because of inhaling carbon monoxide. The gas is odourless, colorless and is therefore hard to detect.

3.    Manage Your Electricity Bills with Smart Home Automation

The more modern surveillance cameras can integrate with smart home automation. One such function is the turning on and off of electricity. Even if you left the house in a rush, you could control it remotely.

The same applies to electrical appliances.  So many times you run out only to realize that you did not put off the iron box or coffee maker.  With a touch of a button on your smart device, you can switch the appliances off.

Depending on how you set up the automation,  you have additional functionality like shutting off cooling devices, or anything that consumes electricity. In this way,  you can manage bills because you eliminate wastage.

4.    It Will Impact On Insurance

Every homeowner requires insurance, by showing that you have adequate home security; you can get reasonable premium rates. You need to shop around because different companies offer different packages.

You will be able to prove to the insurance company that you are taking sufficient steps to minimize damage. Installing home surveillance cameras is a sure way of showing that you care about your family and property.

5.    Remote Monitoring Of Your Home

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We lead busy lifestyles, and sometimes you may need to be away from home for an extended period. Surveillance cameras will allow you to monitor everything that is going on within the house remotely. You can get live streaming on your smart app.  if you are using a monitoring company,  you can rest easy because you know your home,  family, and property are safe.

6.    Access to Medical Assistance

A good surveillance camera is essential if you live in a house with a senior or someone who has a life-threatening condition. Some monitoring companies provide medical assistance for those who are on their system.

7.    Collection of Evidence

A visible surveillance camera will act as a deterrent to burglars. Reports indicate that a house with surveillance cameras is less likely to be a target for thieves. In the case that they break in, you will have sufficient evidence that can go towards looking for and prosecuting the criminals.

It is not only about burglars, we may have all had the misfortune of watching caregivers terrorize or abuse children or elderly patients. The only way to bring such characters to book is by having hard evidence. If they’re aware that there is a camera,  they are also less likely to heart those under their care.

If you see a situation developing,  for example, if the nanny has left your child is alone; you can call in someone to rescue the child.

Final Thoughts

A good surveillance camera will protect while letting you know what is happening around you. If you integrate it with other smart devices and home automation, you can control your home remotely. It will give you protection against fire, gas, or water leakage. You can also manage your electrical appliances, thus a reduction in the amount of money spent on bills.

The best part about it is that technology advancements are many, and you can easily access an affordable surveillance camera. Some are simple-to-use and install because they are wireless and mostly plug-and-play. Make sure you have someone monitoring the footage at all time or seriously consider having a monitoring company do it for you.


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