Save Your Garden: 6 Natural Remedies for Pest Management

If you own a garden, then you would know how annoying and painful it can be when it gets infested by pests. They ruin your plants and flowers, and all your hard work goes to waste. When you think about it, plants are very likely to get attacked by pests. It is how you keep them that matters.

Here we have some natural remedies for you that you can use for your garden to keep the bad bugs away!

1.   Peppermint

Fleas can be tenacious, and it is challenging to get rid of them. What is worse is that they can latch on to your pet cats too! Fortunately, we have a solution for them.

You can plant flea repellent plants in your garden as they are environment-friendly and effective. One of such plants is peppermint that also has a refreshing odor, so your garden will smell good. What is surprising is that fleas hate the same odor.

You can also plant lavender, spearmint or rosemary as they are safe for humans as well as pets. Look up cat flea and tick treatment review to find out other effective solutions!

2.   Tomato Leaf

Not many people know tomato leaves can act as a natural pesticide. Tomato plants are from the nightshade family and contain alkaloids. These alkaloids (tomatines) effectively control a number of insects.

Making tomato leaf spray is easy. Take fresh tomato leaves from the bottom part of the plant and chop them. Add them into some water and let the mixture steep overnight. Spray the solution onto plant foliage.

3.   Oil Spray Insecticide

Vegetable oil is not just useful for cooking, but it can also save your garden. A mixture of vegetable oil and soap can rid your plants of the troublesome insects.

The oil spray is easy to make. Mix vegetable oil with soap and shake the solution thoroughly. Spraying the oil on the surfaces of the plants forms an oil coating on the bodies of the insects. This suffocates them by blocking out the pores through which the insects breathe.

4.   Chile Pepper Spray

Make chile pepper spray by mixing chile powder with water and mild liquid soap. You can use this mixture on the leaves of affected plants. It can certainly save them from all kinds of insects and infestations. Also, it is the simplest to make since red chile powder is available at every home.

5.   Soap Spray

A soap spray can control mites, beetles, whiteflies, and other insects. Make a basic soap spray insecticide by mixing a mild liquid soap with water. Spray the mixture directly on the plant areas that are infected.

A soap spray insecticide is very similar to the oil spray, and you can apply it as you need. It is recommended that you only use the spray in the evenings or early mornings when the climate is not too hot.

6.   Neem Oil Spray

Last but not least, neem oil is considered a natural antifeedant for insects that feed on parts of plants. Neem oil is non-toxic to pets, birds, and other wildlife, so you can use it without getting worried about the pets at your home. It can help you get rid of a variety of common garden pests.

Use these natural remedies against pests and save your garden! Let us know if it helped you out!



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