21 Creative Kid Playroom Ideas to Keep your Toddler Entertained

Looking for kid playroom ideas? If you have a child, you’d want to build a kid playroom for them. Why? First, you give your child a separate space where they can play all they want. Second, it makes things a lot more manageable. These are more than enough reasons to build a playroom.

We listed 20 creative ideas that are easy to implement in your house to bring fun to the house. Ready to get inspired? Let’s get to the ideas now.

Kid Study and Playroom

Kid Playroom Decor Kid Study and Playroom
Kid Playroom Decor Kid Study and Playroom
kid playroom ideas decor source : valleyandbirch

Let’s start with a simple kid playroom design. In this room, the storage is placed on one side of the room, a table for games in the middle, a chalkboard in the corner, and a rug on the floor. This organization makes the playroom easily manageable. Notice there are baskets for a quick clean up.

Does your child love to draw? If they do, include their lovely drawings in the playroom. Frame those drawings and hang them on the wall.

A Montessori Play Area

Kid Playroom Storage A Montessori Play Area
kid kid playroom ideas source : growing.kind

Who doesn’t like a cute cabinet? Everyone likes it, no matter whether it is an adult or a child. So, adding a cute cabinet is certainly among the best kid playroom ideas you can try. Not only such a cabinet make the kid playroom looks better, but it also makes organizing things much easier too.

A cabinet with a neutral color is your best option if you want to showcase items. A neutral color gives the appropriate background, allowing items with bold colors to stand out.

Want to create a designated room for a toddler? It can be a bit difficult to design a toddler’s room, especially if this is the first time experience for you. Check out our toddlers room ideas here to get some insight.

Fun with Minimalism

Kid Playroom Organization Fun with Minimalism
source : crabappledesignco

Just because it is a minimalist playroom, doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. On the contrary, a minimalist kid playroom décor can be just as fun as other decors.

And since it is a minimalist playroom, no space is wasted and no furniture is without purpose. In other words, managing the playroom will be very easy.

For quick access to toys or other stuff, use hollow cabinets as storage. As for the drawers, use them as storage for items such as pencils, pens, drawing books, and small toys. The boxes underneath can be used for quick clean up.

Kids Play Area In Living Room

indoor kid playroom ideas Kids Play Area In Living Room
indoor kid playroom ideas source : BHG

The next in our kid playroom ideas is something bright and colorful. Indeed. A playroom should always be fun, and what is more fun than a bright and colorful playroom?

The best thing about it is that you don’t even have to paint the walls in colors to do so. A plain white background will suffice.

Here, the ones that do the coloring are toys, books, and other kids’ stuff. The interior has wooden flooring, white walls, and shelving. These provide an excellent background, which highlights decorations and makes them stand out even more.

Kid Playroom Ideas

Kid Playroom Design Kid Playroom Ideas
source : amberthrane

There are plenty of ways you can decorate kid room. Of course, that includes creating an ‘open’ kid playroom design. While the usual kid playroom seems constricted, this one is different. You can sense the air of openness here. This is especially true if you connect the playroom with the backyard.

To create the ‘open’ vibe, gives enough in-between spaces between furniture. As such, a room with a high ceiling makes a great ‘open’ playroom. Painting the upper half of the room in white and the floor black helps, too.

Kid Playroom Organization Ideas

Kid Playroom Organization Ideas
source : gemma.leigh.r

Having only a small space to spare shouldn’t deter you from making a kid playroom for your child. If anything, that should make you more creative and ingenious. Here’s an idea if you have small space: line up the furniture on one side of the wall.

With the furniture on one side, the opposite side is empty, giving enough room for your child to play. Use light and neutral colors for the furniture to make the space seem less constricted.

Children love toys. When they play with toys, they often create a mess the adults have to clean up. No worry, though. Our toy storage ideas will help make things more manageable.

Pretty in Pastels Playroom

cheap kid playroom ideas Pretty in Pastels Playroom
cheap kid playroom ideas source : projectnursery

Our previous kid playroom ideas can be used for both boys and girls. This kid playroom design, however, is specifically for girls. How boys and girls play is different.

While boys play with their cars and legos, girls play with their dolls and drinking tea. That means the playroom organization will be different.

The playroom is divided into two: storage and play space. Notice how the storage hugs the wall, leaving a lot of space in the middle of the room. The middle of the room is occupied by a set of table and chairs, in which your girl can play with her dolls and stuff.

Clean and Simple

Kid Playroom Ideas Clean and Simple
Kid Playroom Ideas source : thedowntownaly

When it comes to decorating a playroom, there is no need to go overboard. Sometimes, going for a cleaner and simpler look works best for everybody. It is easy to clean up, fun to play in, and of course, pleasing to the eyes.

The beauty of a cleaner and simpler playroom is in subtlety. Notice the playroom is filled with light, neutral, and earth-tone colors. This adds beauty as well as relaxing and familiar vibe so your child will like to play in the room.

Play and Study

best kid playroom flooring Play and Study
source : projectnursery

Next in our kid playroom ideas is for both playing and studying. Studying should be fun too, especially for younger children.

If you want to make studying fun, you can combine the aspects of a study room with a playroom. Of course, balance is required so one aspect doesn’t overwhelm the other.

Notice how colorful this playroom is. While it is bright and colorful, there is a studying desk on the side and bookshelves just above it.

This allows a child to both play and study in the same room. The middle of the room is empty, giving ample playing space for the child.

Kids Playroom With Chalkboard

kid playroom designs Kids Playroom With Chalkboard
source : thesweatmanfamily

Why not allow your child to handle the kid playroom décor for a change? Of course, not the entire décor but a very important part of it. Here’s how you do it: Add wall-mount bookshelves and a large blackboard on the walls.

For the bookshelves, let your child pick their favorite books and put them on display. As for the blackboard, let them draw or write whatever they want. Getting a child involved in decorating? Check. Making a fun kid playroom? Also check.

Kids Art Displays

Kid Playroom Ideas Decor Kids Art Displays
Kid Playroom Ideas Decor source : designimprovised

Display your child’s artworks in a gallery. In a kid playroom design, there is always a room for a gallery. Don’t worry. There is no need to frame each and every drawing of your child. A couple of simple ropes and a bunch of clothespins will be more than enough.

The best thing about the gallery is that you don’t need a large kid playroom to make it. Indeed, even a small corner will do just fine. If the background is neutral, add bright and colorful furniture to make it looks more playful.

Train or Lego Table

Kid Playroom Furniture Train or Lego Table
source : shanty 2 chic

There are lots of games for children nowadays. Many of these games require a table to be played.  Our next idea is to have a dedicated table for games. Unlike other kid playroom ideas, this one puts the focus on the table.

Notice how the table is placed in the middle of the room. Not only that, but the table also functions as storage as well. If a kid ones to play and need more toys, they can just get it from the storage below.

Cool Kid Playroom Ideas

kid playroom design ideas Cool Kid Playroom Ideas
source : pinterest

Kids do love physical activity. Have a very active child? This kid playroom design is for you. Most of the playroom is focused on physical activity.

Notice the lack of storage for toys. Notice also the abundance of functional decorations for climbing and other activities.

The playroom is filled with ladders, climbing rocks, and rope. Besides all these elements, the playroom also filled with lots of soft surfaces from cushions, pillows, and rugs to ensure safety.

Kid Playroom with Blackboard

best kid playroom chairs Kid Playroom with Blackboard
source : pinterest

Imagine a kid playroom with a huge blackboard as a wall. Imagine how playful it can be. That’s what this room is. Awesome, isn’t it? The room is full of colorful things, which is looks so fun. Better yet, the wall is a blackboard.

A wall of blackboard like this is very versatile in terms of design. After all, you can change the looks of the interior anytime and anyway you want.

Not to mention you can also involve the kids, too. It is one of the best kid playroom ideas if you want the children involved for sure.

Creative Kids’ Rooms

Big Kid Playroom Ideas Creative Kids’ Rooms
Big Kid Playroom Ideas source : HGTV

What is the best kid playroom for a growing girl? Girls love to play dress up and role play. If your girl loves that, why not create a playroom to accommodate what she wants? Create a mockup singing and dressing room in the playroom.

Want to make it more fun and playful? Don’t forget to add the kid-size microphone and chairs for the audience too. Choosing pink and other bright colors is also a good idea.

Magnetic Wall for Playroom

kid playroom wall decor Magnetic Wall for Playroom
source : cupofjo

Want to involve your child but don’t want to deal with the dust from chalks? Here is an idea: build a magnetic wall. A magnetic wall allows your child to stick metal toys and design the wall to their liking.

It may not allow as much creativity as a blackboard wall does, but your child can still be creative and have fun with magnets. And that is the most important thing about our kid playroom ideas here: fun. In this case, dust-free fun.

Kids Playroom Ideas with Couch

kid playroom rugs Kids Playroom Ideas with Couch
source : projectnursery

What if you have both a son and a daughter? Or perhaps expecting a child without knowing their gender yet? In either case, you will need to create a kid playroom for everyone. Yes, a gender-neutral playroom.

The key here is to create a room where boys and girls can have fun. A mix of a slide, a set of table and chairs, and storage for toys will suffice. Everyone can play in a playroom with these.

Climbing Spot

Older Kid Playroom Ideas Climbing Spot
Older Kid Playroom Ideas source : Pinterest

Not all kids like or can sit down and play with their toys. Some kids are just very active and prefer running around, climbing, jumping, you get the idea. If your child is very active, you may want to create a playroom that allows your child to play around.

For example, you can create a climbing spot for the playroom. On one side, install climbing platforms on a wall. On the other, a net made of rope for climbing. Add soft cushions, too.

Farmhouse Kids Playroom

Kid Playroom Storage Ideas Farmhouse Kids Playroom
source : sarahjoyblog

Just because it is a kid playroom, it doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish about it. In fact, there are many examples of stylish kid playroom décor out there. This one is among the most stylish kid playroom ideas with a calm and relaxing décor.

Most parts of the interior are white. This puts the focus on the decorations. You can say that the star of the room is your child’s stuff, be it toys, books or even a teepee.

Cool Basement Playroom

Cool Kid Playroom Ideas Cool Basement Playroom
Cool Kid Playroom Ideas source : myprimaryparadise

What if there isn’t any room left in the house to create a playroom? In that case, check your basement. If it is mostly unused, why not turn it into a beautiful kid playroom like this?

In the basement, you can go all-out in designing a playroom. You can add a set of table and chairs, lots of storage for toys and stuff, a game table, and so on. Just be sure that the playroom is well-ventilated with proper lighting.

Attic Kid Playroom Design

Older Kid Playroom Attic Kid Playroom Design
source : planete deco

The last in our kid playroom ideas is the attic kid playroom. Just like in the basement, you can go all-out here. Color the whole attic white and turn the wooden beams into decorations rather than obstacles. And there you have it, a nice and fun attic kid playroom.

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