17 Creative Kitchen Window Ideas to Dress Up the Kitchen

The kitchen window is always an important part of a kitchen. Be it to provide privacy, better lighting, better ventilation or simply to add more style to the kitchen. Since you are here, you probably looking for kitchen window ideas. Well, we got you covered. Here we will give you lots of ideas for that.

Our ideas vary a lot. Some of our ideas here may suit you, some others, not so much. It will mostly depend on your needs and the situation of the kitchen. Alright, without further ado, here are our window ideas that will inspire you.

Farmhouse Kitchen Windows Ideas

Kitchen Window Ideas Treatments Farmhouse Kitchen Windows Ideas
Farmhouse Kitchen Window Ideas img src : pinterest

There are many ways you can decorate your kitchen windows. For example, you can try a farmhouse design on it. Farmhouse kitchen windows blend well with various interior designs, including even modern design. Of course, it still works best if the kitchen has a farmhouse design too.

A good idea to make your kitchen window more farmhouse-looking is by using window décor. It can be the tiles around the window or even above window décor.

Rustic Country Kitchen Windows

Farmhouse Kitchen Window Ideas Rustic Country Kitchen Windows
Rustic Kitchen Window Ideas img src : home_itsmorethanahouse

Rustic country design is very popular nowadays. If you want to test how rustic country design will work on your kitchen, you can try to design your window like the above example. Notice how the window has unfinished wood and rustic flower pots on its bottom, both of which give the rustic feel to the kitchen.

A good thing about rustic country design is that you don’t have to design your whole kitchen in a rustic design to get the rustic feel. So you can just go ahead and experiment with it. See if it is to your liking.

Serene Window with Subway Tiles

Bay Kitchen Window Ideas Serene Window with Subway Tiles
Best Kitchen Window Ideas img src : Fiorella Design

Earth tone colors are always able to bring a warm feeling to a room. In the picture above, the farmhouse-style window is surrounded by subway tiles. The combination brings warmth and a serene feeling. If a warm and serene feel is what you want , using earth tone colors is among the best kitchen window ideas.

The window and the tiles have neutral colors. As such, they allow other items to stand out and be the focal points. In the picture above, the focal points are the greeneries. Other items can work as well so long as they have bold colors.

Small Window with Curtains

Small Kitchen Window Ideas Small Window with Curtains
img src : Proverbs31Girl

Need some privacy? Or perhaps you just want to block the sunlight when it gets too bright? Curtains are a great option for that. Better yet, if you choose appropriate curtains, they can complement the look of the kitchen window, too. That includes even if you have simple and small kitchen windows.

If you think white curtains are boring, go for other colors that match with the whole room. For instance, curtains with brown and white stripes match a kitchen with a white and brown color scheme.\

Modern Kitchen Window

Simple Valance Kitchen Window Ideas Modern Kitchen Window
img src : North Carolina

Our previous kitchen window ideas involve farmhouse designs. What if you like modern designs instead? Modern designs are awesome, too. Just take a look at the windows in the picture above. What do you think? They look gorgeous, aren’t they?

You can further accentuate the modern design by using contrasting colors. For example, the windows are darker grey while the walls are white. The contrast between the two allows the windows to stand out, creating beautiful focal points.

Over the Sink with Window Box

Covering a Kitchen Window Ideas Over the Sink with Window Box
img src : houseofholder

Placing the kitchen window over the sink is nice, too. This can help make your work in the kitchen more enjoyable. For example, you can enjoy the view outside and the breeze when you wash your kitchenware or ingredients that you are preparing to cook.

Is there is enough space in the window box to place pieces of furniture? If so, don’t hesitate to place them. Items such as a flower pot can enhance the look of the window. It helps to make it appear fresher.

A window box is almost always a good addition to a window. In case you want to know more about window box, here we have window box ideas that you should know.

Wide Windows Ideas

Dressing Kitchen Window Ideas Wide Windows Ideas
img src : Bob Narod

Next in our kitchen window ideas list is wide windows, Some homeowners just like to have wide windows in their kitchen. Are you among these homeowners? Wide windows are an ideal option if you want to allow as much natural light to enter as possible and/or want to enjoy the outside view.

If you want wide windows yet want to protect your privacy or block incoming sunlight, just add curtains on the windows.

Large ‘Open’ Kitchen Windows

Small Kitchen Window Ideas Large ‘Open’ Kitchen Windows
Double Kitchen Window Ideas img src : Be Creative

‘Open’ kitchen is an interesting concept. Unlike conventional kitchens, ‘open’ kitchens are not limited by space. Everyone can just enter and leave the kitchen easily. ‘Open’ kitchens tend not to be separated from other rooms as well.

Windows that open outwardly surely are a great addition to an ‘open’ kitchen. They make the kitchen more open and roomy, which is great.

Very Simple Kitchen Window

Double Kitchen Window Ideas Very Simple Kitchen Window
Small Kitchen Window Ideas img src : lizmarieblog

In certain cases, less is certainly more. If you love simplicity, you may want to try to imitate the kitchen window above. The window is very simple. The area is colored mostly in white, with bold colors here and there to serve as the focal points.

The pots under the window are a good touch. With a white background, the color of the plants stands out, creating very interesting focal points while still maintaining simplicity. This is among the best kitchen window ideas if you want simplicity.

Windows with White Curtain

Large Kitchen Window Ideas Windows with White Curtain
img src : homebunch
Kitchen Window Ideas Blinds Windows with White Curtain 2
img src : homebunch

Not everyone likes to have simplistic windows, though. There are homeowners who like a more dramatic look for their windows.

In the picture above, the windows have dark frames. Being surrounded by white, the windows really stand out. All these thanks to the window treatment that makes the windows more appealing.

Speaking of which, you can enhance the look of your kitchen windows further with window treatment. If you need some window treatment ideas, we got some here. Be sure to check them out.

Windows Across the Kitchen

Kitchen Window Ideas Pictures Windows Across the Kitchen
img src : connecticutstone

Perhaps one or two windows are not enough for you. You really love sunlight and the view outside the kitchen, too. What can you do? Here’s a good idea: build windows across the kitchen. Unlike previous kitchen window ideas, this one involves several windows in your kitchen.

Thanks to the windows, the kitchen feels spacy, cozy, and comfortable. How could it not? Just imagine the breeze when you open the windows.

Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Windows

Kitchen Window Ideas Shelf Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Windows
img src : athomeonthebay

Feeling the warmth of the sunlight when you prepare your morning coffee and breakfast in the morning is a great way to start the day.

You just feel joyful, energized and prepared for what is to come. Do you want to feel this way? If you do, try creating bright and joyful kitchen windows like in the picture.

Curtains and Overhead Décor

pass through Kitchen Window Ideas Curtains and Overhead Décor
img src : blessthisnestblog

This is another example of a farmhouse window. This time, the kitchen window is decorated in many ways. Above, there are curtains, pots with plants and unique decorations. On either side, there are kitchenware and greeneries.

You can’t help but feel cozy and warm with such decoration. If you want to get a farmhouse vibe without having to go overboard with it, this idea is perfect for you.

Kitchen Window with Gray Curtains

curtains Kitchen Window Ideas Kitchen Window with Gray Curtains 1
img src : dearlillieblog
Boho Kitchen Window Ideas Kitchen Window with Gray Curtains 2
img src : dearlillieblog

Some people rather go with monochromatic kitchen windows than a bold and colorful one. Do you like monochromatic kitchen windows too? If so, you can try imitating the example above.

In the example above, the window, the cabinets and even the sink have gray colors, which are neutral. Their neutrality allows the green plants and yellow fruits to stand out, making the kitchen more inviting.

Red and White Curtains

Modern Kitchen Window Ideas Red and White Curtains
img src : etsy

It is not a secret that unfinished wood surface has its own appeal. As you can see above, the windows become the focal point. Added with two red and white curtains on both sides, the windows certainly become an attention-grabbing focal point.

To make things even more interesting, the owner added two hanging wreaths on both sides. All of these elements mix together, resulting in a very interesting kitchen.

Windows with Window Sill Décor

Above Kitchen Window Ideas Windows with Window Sill Décor
img src : designsponge

Adding window sill décor is a certain way to make kitchen windows more interesting. This is especially true if the wall and the window have neutral colors. The décor in the sill becomes the point of interest, highlighted by the incoming sunlight. Simple? Yes. Gorgeous? Absolutely.

Modern and Minimalist Window

Kitchen Window Ideas Over Sink Modern and Minimalist Window
img src : © Andreas Mikkel Hansen

The last in our kitchen window ideas list is a modern and minimalist window. Let us ask you something. Do you

  • like the utilitarian design?
  • like the modern design?
  • like to have less clutter yet a good looking kitchen?
Kitchen Window Ideas Without Curtains Modern and Minimalist Window 2
img src : onekindesign

If the answer to any of the questions above is yes, then a modern and minimalist window like the above is a perfect option for you. As you can see, the window has minimal decoration, looks utilitarian and modern with no clutter. If you like a dramatic look, a modern and minimalist window will not suit you.

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