17 Amazing Window Treatment Ideas Add Drama to a Room

Window treatment is very important. And yet, many homeowners overlook it. You need to design the window treatment properly. You can choose it to be entirely décor, entirely functional or both. If you don’t know what to do about it yet, you should take a look at our window treatment ideas here.

Do you like to add drama? Or perhaps just want to have a comfy look from the window? The thing is, you can do a lot with your window treatment.  The possibilities are limitless. That’s right. The sky is the limit here. Now, let’s see what the ideas are.

Rustic Sliding Barn Door Window

Window Treatment Ideas for Bedroom Rustic Sliding Barn Door Window
Window Treatment Ideas for Bedroom img src : pinterest

Let’s start our list with something unusual. Sliding barn doors are usually used as, well, doors. However, you can always be creative with them. For instance, a pair of small sliding barn doors can be good windows, too.

If the interior has a rustic style, adding a pair of sliding barn doors will be a good idea as it will complement the overall theme of the space. If the interior has a different style, the sliding barn doors will become the point of interest of the room.

Kitchen Windows Treatment Ideas

Window Treatment Ideas for Kitchen Kitchen Windows Treatment Ideas
Window Treatment Ideas for Kitchen img src : adventuresindecorating

Does your kitchen have a window? If it does, being creative with window treatments will certainly make the kitchen even more interesting. For instance, you can add high curtains for the windows and overhead decorations above it.

In the picture above, you can see the curtains are installed high on the wall. When opened, the curtains reveal the word “EAT” which of course a proper word for the kitchen. Adding a personal touch is always among the best window treatment ideas.

Looking for some inspiration for your kitchen window treatment? We also have window kitchen ideas that will inspire you. Check them out here.

Lovely Bay Window Treatment

Window Treatment Ideas Living Room Lovely Bay Window Treatment
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Some homeowners like a dramatic touch for their windows. Do you like it too? If the answer is yes, consider installing fabric drapes for your windows. To make it more dramatic, you can divide the windows into several parts, each of which will be covered by a fabric drape.

When the fabric drapes are folded, they give a dramatic vibe to the room. This is especially true if you choose the proper color for the drapes.

DIY Barn Door Window Treatment

Window Treatment Ideas Bedroom DIY Barn Door Window Treatment
Window Treatment Ideas Bedroom img src : homedepot
Window curtain Ideas bedroom DIY Barn Door Window Treatment 2
img src : homedepot

This one is another variant of the sliding barn doors. Unlike the previous example, the sliding barn doors don’t have a rustic style. Rather, it has a farmhouse style.

One of the characteristics of farmhouse style is that it brings a cozy and comfy vibe to the room. Look at the image above. The window with sliding barn doors succeeds in bringing coziness and comfort. Better yet, it blends really well with the rest of the room too.

Simple Windows with Criss-cross Scarf

Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas Simple Windows with Criss-cross Scarf
Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas Simple img src : pinterest

Next in our list of window treatment ideas is for those who want both simplicity and dramatic look.  You don’t need a lot for this. All you need is two fabric curtains.

To get a simple yet dramatic look, hang the end of a curtain in the opposite direction. For example, if the curtain is on the left side of the window, hang its end on the right side of the window. Do the same with the other curtain edge and create a criss-cross with them.

Custom Shades

Window Treatment Ideas for Bay Windows Custom Shades
Window Treatment Ideas for Bay img src : draperystreet

Every window can be decorated. Yes, including windows with layers. If your windows have layers, adding vertical blinds to them is a good idea. Here, vertical blinds are both functional and aesthetical. That is, if you choose a color that matches with the rest of the room.

Adding vertical blinds allow you to block sunlight when it gets too bright. It will give you privacy, too. Generally, vertical blinds are a great addition to have, especially if your windows are large and layered. If you want to balance functionality and aesthetic, this is one of the best window treatment ideas for you.

Unique Large Windows

Window Treatment Ideas Bay Window Unique Large Windows
Window Treatment Ideas Bay Window img src : pinterest

There are many ways you can decorate large multiple windows. If you

  • have large multiple windows
  • have unused window sills near the windows
  • want to make your windows look more interesting

then we suggest you try to decorate your windows like in the above example.

Though the windows look simple on their own, by adding valance above and pillows and other decorations on the sill, the windows become more unique. Since the windows are not facing the sun, curtains are not needed.

Windows with Valence Curtains

DIY Window Treatment Ideas Windows with Valence Curtains
DIY Window Treatment Ideas img src : URBAN OUTFITTERS
Unique Window Treatment Ideas Windows with Valence Curtains 2
img src : pinterest

Take a look at the window and its valance curtains above. What do you think? Unlike the previous window treatment ideas, this one is very, very simple. Despite being very simple, it looks very gorgeous.

The window has two curtains, both of which are installed on the left top of the wall. There are also two squares on the right top of the wall, which are used as the curtains’ hanger. This window proves that, sometimes, less is certainly more.

Interested in window curtains? There are many ways to style your window curtains. Check out our window curtain ideas here for inspiration.

Gray Roman Shades

Window Treatment Ideas for Living Room Gray Roman Shades
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Gray is not a boring color. If properly used, gray can look beautiful, too. The gray Roman shades above is a good example of that. The windows and the furniture have neutral colors, allowing other items to be the focal points in the room.

This is a good idea if you have interesting items that you want to showcase in your living room. In the picture above, the focal point is the items above the coffee table. The lighting and the setting only make it easier for those items to stand out.

Fabric Linens and Blinds

Window Treatment Ideas for Large Windows Fabric Linens and Blinds
img src : sonyahamiltondesigns
Country Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas Fabric Linens and Blinds 2
img src : sonyahamiltondesigns

For window treatments, you are not limited to have either linens or blinds. If you want, you can use both. So, our window treatment ideas here are to use linens and blinds for the windows.

When you do use linens and blinds, be sure that they have different colors that complement each other. In the picture above, the linens are ivory while the blinds are light brown. With such colors, both linens and blinds complete the overall theme of the room.

Traditional Window Treatments

Modern Window Treatment Ideas Traditional Window Treatments

Want to have a royal and regal look? In that case, try installing Louis XV valance curtains on your window. This kind of valance drape works really well with a long window.

To make complete the look, you can add white blind on the window and paint the wall in red. Wood flooring and rug are great additions as they will complement the royal and regal vibe even further.

Windows Treatment for Living Room

Window Treatment Ideas Valances Windows Treatment for Living Room
img src : centeredbydesign

This is another example of window treatment ideas you can try with Roman shades. This time, you pair the Roman shades with drapery panels.

The combination of drapery panels and Roman shades create a simple yet elegant look. It works especially well if the room is mostly in white. Don’t forget to add a piece or two of furniture with bold color to be the focal point. In the picture above, the golden and white table is the focal point.

Shabby Chic Window Treatment

Window Treatment Ideas for Kitchen Shabby Chic Window Treatment
img src : thenewlighterlife

What makes the shabby chic design interesting? That’s right. Its warmth and inviting appeal. The best thing about shabby chic design is that it is applicable to just about any part of the interior. Of course, window treatment is included.

You can imitate the style above if you want a shabby chic window. Just vintage window decorations, use lots of whites, and neutral colors. If you want to put more focus on the window, add an overhead lamp.

DIY Asymmetric Curtains

Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas DIY Asymmetric Curtains
img src : pinterest

Simplicity can bring elegance. If you don’t believe it, just take a look at the window treatment above. Really gorgeous, isn’t it? The windows may be ordinary. But with asymmetric window dressing like the above, now the windows are anything but ordinary.

It looks intricate but is not as difficult as it seems. You need two long drapes with contrasting colors and install one on each side of the window and install them unevenly for each fold. Then, take one part and hang it on one side of the wall.

Monochrome Minimalist

Bow Window Treatment Ideas Monochrome Minimalist
img src : store.lynnchalk

If a dramatic or royal look does not suit you, try playing with monochrome colors. Monochrome colors, like white and gray, can make a living room looks great, too.

Install long drapes with gray on their edges and white on the middle for your windows. Then, play with contrast on other furniture. Although the resulting window treatment may not look bright and bold, monochromatic colors certainly have their own charm.

“Boho” Window Treatment Ideas

Window Treatment Ideas French Doors “Boho” Window Treatment Ideas

Last but certainly not least in our window treatment ideas is to decorate windows in “Boho” style. This style is ideal for you if you like your window looks really extraordinary and unique.

In the example above, the curtain is long but almost transparent and hollow in the middle. It also has unique patterns on it, too. To complement the “Boho” look, you can add paintings, pillows, a vintage music player and even pots.

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