21 Amazing Living Room Rug Ideas to Make the Room Livelier

How does your living room look like? Does it need extra touch so it looks livelier? Consider adding a living room rug. A rug can be used not only to complement the existing decorating style but to make a statement of its own as well, as our living room rug ideas below will show you shortly.

From a bold to patterned living room rug, there are just myriads of options for you to choose from. We have collected no less than 20 ideas in our list here, so you are bound to like a few or more of them. Ready to make your living room livelier? Here are the ideas.

Subtle Patterns

Living Room Rug Ideas Ikea Subtle Patterns
Living Room Rug Ideas Ikea source : thriftydecorchick

A living room rug doesn’t need to be plain and boring. In some living rooms, like this one here, patterned living room rugs are the better option.

Notice how neutral the decorating style of the living room is. Such a living room needs an additional decoration to make it more interesting, a role that the rug fits perfectly.

The earth tone and subtle patterns of the rug add interest to the neutral room. This makes the living room more interesting and pleasant to look at, things that you’d want if you have a neutral living room.

Patterns and Texture

Living Room Rug Ideas with Brown Couch Patterns and Texture
Living Room Rug Ideas with Brown Couch source : CozyPlaces

Compared to the other example in this living room rug ideas list, this one takes the place as one of the most impactful living room rugs. How could it not? Not only it adds beauty to the living room, but it also brings texture to it as well.

The texture that the rug has here brings warmth to the living room, making it the perfect choice for fall or winter seasonal decor. It also makes a great choice when you want to make a subtle point of interest in the living room, too.

Warmth Rug

Grey and Red Living Room Rug Ideas Warmth Rug
Grey and Red Living Room Rug Ideas source : leclairdecor

Take a look at this modern minimalist living room. It has a very simple look, isn’t it? Yet, it is its simplicity that makes it interesting.

The thing is, if it looks too simple, it wouldn’t be an attractive and comfy living room. It still needs a rather bold addition like a red rug here.

The red rug brings colors to the living room. As such, it looks and feels livelier. It also prevents the living room from looking too plain and boring as it becomes one of the focal points in the room.

Dark Rug

Area Rug Living Room Rug Ideas Dark Rug
Area Rug Living Room Rug Ideas source : pinterest

The next in the living room rug ideas is about placement. Yes, the living room rug placement does matter. This is especially true if the rug is meant to blend and merge with the rest of the decor. That is, not just complementing but more of becoming ‘one’ with the decor.

For such a rug, you need to place it very close to the other decorations with a similar color scheme. In this case, the rug is underneath the sofa and extends to the sofa’s immediate front. Sharing the same black and white color scheme, the sofa, cushions, pillows, and rug merge into a single focal point.

White/Black Area Rug

White Living Room Rug Ideas White Black Area Rug
White Living Room Rug Ideas source : luluandgeorgia

Just because you want to add beauty to the living room, doesn’t mean you have to add a delicate or intricate rug. Sometimes, simple living room rugs can fulfill the role just as good, if not better. This living room rug here is a good example of that.

Notice how the black and white color and patterns of the rug brings life to the living room. Thanks to the rug, it now has become lively and interesting. As the rug contrasts with the two tables, it brings attention to the tables, turning them into interesting visual cues.

Colors and Patterns

Create Living Room Rug Ideas Colors and Patterns
Create Living Room Rug Ideas source : Jansenist

How to choose living room rug? There are many things to consider. Two of these things are colors and patterns. To put it simply, the colors and patterns of the living room rug must match with those of the living room décor. It is either the rug becomes a complementary part or a focal point of its own.

For example, for a living room with lots of colors and patterns like this, the best option is to go for a similarly colored and patterned rug.

So rather than fighting the colors and patterns of the room, the colors and patterns of the rug complement them, creating a beautiful space as seen here.

Touches of Blue

Large Living Room Rug Ideas Touches of Blue
Large Living Room Rug Ideas source : west elm

Blue is a very versatile color. Combine it with white, and you will get a foolproof color scheme that can be used in most decorating styles.

Here, the blue of the rug creates an interesting visual cue. It makes the space more intriguing and successfully doing so without looking like a sore thumb.

Another great thing about a blue rug like this is that it can be a focal point of its own, especially if the living room hasn’t had a focal point yet.

If the room already has one, it complements it. If you want foolproof living room rug ideas, using blue is surely one of those ideas.

Moroccan Shag Rug

Modern Living Room Rug Ideas Moroccan Shag Rug
Modern Living Room Rug Ideas source : justinecelina

Of course, not every homeowner wants to use living room rugs as the focal point. Some homeowners just want to complete their existing decorating style. If you are among these homeowners, then adding a living room rug grey and white is one of the best ideas to try.

Notice how the grey and white rug here doesn’t stand out. Instead of standing out and becomes the focal point, it adds subtle contrast and complements the whole brown and white decor style. Without it, the lower part of the living room will be full brown, which looks a bit overwhelming visually.

Keep the Balance

Small Room Rug Ideas Keep the Balance
Small Room Rug Ideas source : misskyreeloves

When you are looking for living room rug ideas to try, you must keep in mind that balance is very important. Look at this living room as an example. The living room is filled with solid and monochromatic colors. There is little to no pattern on it.

That is the purpose of the living rug here. It is there to keep the balance by adding patterns. The patterns here break the silence from the monochrome look. Of course, it adds beauty to the living room, too. Want an easy and quick way to add beauty? Living room rugs black and white are your friends.

Mid Century Inspired

Formal Living Room Rug Ideas Mid Century Inspired
Formal Living Room Rug Ideas source : oldbrandnew

The living room here is decorated in mid century style. You can see it from the use of the bright and solid colors as well as the lack of pattern. Fortunately, the patterned rug underneath prevents the mid century inspired living room from looking plain and boring.

Living rooms come in various decorating styles, among them is mid century style. Are you interested in decorating your living room in mid century style? If you are, you don’t want to miss our mid century living room decoration ideas here.

Vintage Rug

Rustic Living Room Rug Ideas Vintage Rug
Rustic Living Room Rug Ideas source : rebeccaandgenevieve

What kinds of living room rugs that can always bring warmth and uniqueness to a living room? Yes, the answer is Middle Eastern rugs.

Incorporating Middle Eastern rugs is definitely among the best living room rug ideas if you want to make the living room warmer and more interesting.

The living room here looks kind of minimalistic. Yet, thanks to the exotic rug, now it looks very lively. It introduces not just warmth but also a unique visual cue too. If anything, the amazing rug here becomes the focal point of the living room.


Living Room Rug Ideas Pinterest Bohemian
source : theflamingoandthefox

Compared to other types of living room rugs, Bohemian rugs are definitely among the freest and less strict in terms of styling. The Bohemian style is inspired by the Hippie culture of the 60s, so it is just fitting if it is bright and colorful.

You can just feel the fun and lively mood of this Bohemian living room. The rug underneath, unlike the other living room rugs in the list, seems to not have fixed colors and patterns. It just looks random, free and without any restriction. Very Bohemian, isn’t it?

Coastal Living Room Rug Ideas

Grey Living Room Rug Ideas Coastal Living Room Rug Ideas
source : studio-mcgee

The next in our living room rug ideas list is for those who want to add a coastal vibe to their living room. What kind of living room rugs should you use? The answer is a pale blue rug like this one.

This kind of rug brings a coastal vibe to the room as its appearance reminds you of the beach. It also serves as a great background for the furniture as well, which stands out and becomes more noticeable.

Striped Lines

Black White Grey Living Room Rug Ideas Striped Lines
source : hunkerhome

Nothing complements the rustic vibe of this room better than a rug with striped lines. Look just how it continues the black and white color scheme of the sofa. The texture of the rug is also visible, making the room even more rustic.

When it comes to adding a rug, it is important to consider living room rug size. As seen here, the rug doesn’t go from wall to wall.

Instead, there are several inches of space in-between the rug and the walls. Visually, this prevents the room from being overwhelmed by the rug. Practically, it is easier to clean.

Mediterranean Style

Living Room Rug Ideas with Grey Couch Mediterranean Style
source : hunkerhome

Need living room rug ideas to make a statement? Consider a living room rug modern that has a stark contrast with the dominant color of the living room. As seen here, the living room is dominated by white, so the appropriate rug color is shades of black and white.

Notice how interesting the living room becomes due to the rug. The contrast of the black and white here makes a visual statement that nobody can ignore.

Beautiful Patterns

Living Room Rug Ideas Beautiful Patterns

Look at this rug. It has white, pink, and blue. Compared to other parts of the living room, the rug here is very beautiful and attention-grabbing.

On one hand, the rug’s color scheme is in tune with the living room’s color scheme. On the other, it really stands out and becomes a point of interest.

Turkish Rug

Dining Room Living Room Rug Ideas Turkish Rug
source : coastalhamptonstyle

As you have seen from the previous living room rug ideas, balance is important. If the decorating style of a living room is unbalanced, it won’t look good, let alone amazing. So, always remember to keep things balanced.

The living room rug cheap here provides a good balance to the living room. In comes in black and white, contrasts with the blue of the living room.

Since the balance here is subtle, the colors don’t seem to fight each other. Rather, they complement and complete each other, creating a very interesting living room as seen here.

Extra Warmth

Brown Living Room Rug Ideas Extra Warmth
source : crispcollectiveig

What does this rustic living room need? A warm living room rug, of course. And nothing can beat textured black and white living room rugs when it comes to that.

This rug proves how a rustic living room can be warmer with such a simple rug. It might not add an interesting visual cue like the other, but its colors and texture surely do bring extra warmth which everyone will enjoy.

Amazing Background

Farmhouse Living Room Rug Ideas Amazing Background
source : myhoustonhouse

This rug over here is another example of living room rugs black and white. Unlike many others, however, this one serves to bring attention to the middle of the living room.

Indeed, instead of becoming a focal point of the room, it serves as an amazing background to allow the wooden table to shine.

A Focal Point

Living Room Rug Ideas for Neutral Modern Living Room A Focal Point
source : _homebirds_

Although many previous living room rugs have simple colors and patterns, those aren’t your only option. That’s right. Do you like a rug with unique patterns? If you do, go for it then. A rug with unique patterns like this is definitely among the best living room rug ideas to make a focal point.

One thing to keep in mind is that you need to find a rug that has proper color. Yes, proper in the sense that the color won’t fight with the colors of the living room. As long as the colors are harmonious, it is good.

Just like the flooring, the wall of a living room is an important element of décor that none can neglect. If you are unsure of what to do with your living room walls, check out these living room wall decor for inspiration.

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