21 Beautiful Living Room Wall Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Space

Are you looking for living room wall decor ideas? The wall is just as important as the furniture in a living room. That’s why it is important to decor the wall. To help you make the living room even livelier, we listed no less than 18 clever ideas that you can try.

From simple wall decor, minimalist art gallery, elaborate art gallery, rustic frames, to natural wall decor. The options are limitless. What are the best ideas for living room wall decor for you? See our ideas below and you will know. Ready? Let’s start.

Floating Shelving

Unique Living Room Wall Decor Floating Shelving
Source : craftyteacherlady

Living rooms come in various sizes. That is why there are plenty of ideas for living room wall decor.  One thing to note is that small living rooms have fewer options than larger ones. For example, conventional shelving won’t make a good option as they consume more space and make it looks cramped.

What alternative do you have then? Try floating shelving like this one. Floating shelving uses less space, functionally the same as conventional shelving, and they look great too. They also provide an air of openness in the room, making it feels and looks larger.

Rustic and Natural

Modern Farmhouse Living Room Wall Decor Rustic and Natural
source : angelascozyhome

Rustic and natural make amazing living room wall decorations. On one hand, the rustic elements give off a warm vibe while the natural a fresh vibe.

If you want to bring warmth and freshness, it is definitely among the best living room wall decor ideas worth considering.

Small Living Room Wall Decor Ideas Rustic and Natural 2
source : realsimple

Notice how the simple the wall decor here is. And yet, it can bring the rustic and natural vibe. The shelving and window frames are made of reclaimed wood, with various plants on top of the shelving, and a wreath hanging on the frames at the top. With the living room being mostly white, the wall decor has no option but stands out.

Planked Walls

Farmhouse Living Room Wall Decor Planked Walls
source : makingitinthemountains

There are indeed endless options for decoration living room wall. You can use wall decor that is delicate and complex.

You can also use simple wall decor, like this one. There are only three design elements here: a framed favorite quote and two unique lamps on its right and left sides.

Despite being so simple, this wall decor makes a statement. It makes the living room warmer and friendly, which suits the room as it is meant to be the place for the family and friends to enjoy quality time in. And thanks to its simplicity, the wall decor make things interesting without having to be a distraction.

A living room with TV is a good place to spend time with family and friends. Our ideas here will help you make the space comfortable and cozy for everyone.

Simple Gallery

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas Simple Gallery
source : crystalinmarie

Love arts? Why not make a gallery of your own? Rather than leaving the wall empty, hang some of your favorite paintings on it.

Paintings are great additions to any room. Yes, that includes the living room too. The key is to make the paintings as noticeable as possible.

Notice how the paintings are arranged in a 3 x 3 format, placed just above a wooden cupboard. This keeps the paintings organized and noticeable simultaneously. With the black frames contrasting with the white background, the living room wall painting won’t go unnoticed.

White Walls in Living Room

Living Room Wall Decor Pictures White Walls in Living Room
source : interdesain

Compared to many other living room wall decorations, minimalist wall decorations are very unique in terms of looks. While many other decorations fill up and constrict the space, minimalist ones make it more open and less constricting. Just look how open this living room.

If you are keen on the minimalist living room wall decor ideas and want to make it stylish, try adding paintings/photographs with a large and dark-colored frame on a wall. This way, you make a stylish statement while keeping things down to minimal. It is minimalism to the core.

Living rooms come in various styles. From minimalist, modern, contemporary, rustic, vintage to mid century living room.

Rustic Picture Frames

Boho Living Room Wall Decor Rustic Picture Frames
source : itsy bits and pieces

Make the living room extraordinary with unique living room wall decor. And what is more unique than frames within a frame?

Frames are common in the living room. Frames within a frame, however, are uncommon. It is so uncommon nobody will miss it.

To make the statement more personalized and more you, add your favorite photos and/or paintings in these frames. Want to bring a warm vibe as well?

Just use rustic frames and the warm living room will be set. It surely is one of the simplest and impactful living room wall decor ideas if you want an extraordinary living room.

Add a Contrast

Living Room Wall Decor Add a Contrast
source : dailydreamdecor

Imagine a gray living room without any living room wall art or decorations. Seems so boring, isn’t it? Thankfully, it is not that difficult to make a living room more exciting and livelier. How? Just play with contrast for the wall decor.

Black and white is the most obvious choice for contrast. It is also among the best and most foolproof, usable in just about any interior.

Notice how the gray wall here becomes more appealing thanks to the black and white artworks. The plants make the room livelier and fresher. The light wood shelving adds a vibrant accent color.

A Pair of Paintings

Elegant Living Room Wall Decor Ideas A Pair of Paintings
source : theeverygirl

As you have noticed, many of our living room wall decor ideas here involve lots of picture frames. But is number all that necessary?

Should you use more items than less? Not necessarily. It is not the quantity that matters. It is how you use it. Look at this pair of large paintings. They surely make a statement.

The mostly white paintings are surrounded by darker colors. Here, the accent wall makes a great background while the black sofa makes a great foreground.

The pair is in between them, bringing a stark contrast in the room. Such an amazing visual statement with no more than a pair of paintings.

Each and every part of interior matters. Yes, even accent walls. Accent walls not only complement but also complete the whole theme of an interior. Get inspired by accent wall ideas here.

Boho Decor

Modern Living Room Wall Decor Ideas Boho Decor
source : michaelhowellsstudio

Sometimes, the best living room wall decorations are the ones that blend well with the rest of the decorations in the room.

Nothing makes the wall decorations blend more with the other decorations than ‘invisible’ shelving. Due to its color, the shelving makes as if the frames are floating and just there.

Using such shelving is surely among the best ideas for living room wall decor if you are a minimalist or want to add a minimalist touch to the living room.

Occupying less space and be functional are two main traits of the minimalist decor, two things which the ‘invisible’ shelving exhibits here.

Bohemian Style

Ideas for Living Room Wall Decor Bohemian Style
source : etsy

Among the other living room wall decor ideas we listed here, ethnic wall decor is undoubtedly one of the most unique living room wall decorations.

No ethnic interior decor is complete without equally ethnic wall decor. Even if yours isn’t ethnic-themed, adding ethnic wall decor can make it more interesting.

Notice there are five pieces of decorations here. Two pairs of ethnic-themed decorations and one family photo in the middle.

On one hand, the ethnic decorations complete the interior. On the other, they bring attention to the family photo, underlining what matters most for the homeowner.

Hanging Family Photos

simple Living Room Wall Decor Ideas Hanging Family Photos
source : chrislovesjulia

Nothing is more personal than using family photos as the wall decor. Compared to the other types of living room wall decor pictures, family photos also make the living room feels livelier, friendly and inviting. Who wouldn’t want a living room like that?

The living room here is white with accent colors from wooden surfaces and plants. The color of the frames creates a visual cue where to put the focus on.

Put it simply, the family photos here become the focal points of the living room. So if you want lovely wall decorations, using family photos will be a great idea.

Dark Bohemian

Hobby Lobby Living Room Wall Decor Ideas Dark Bohemian
source : pinterest

The next idea in our living room wall decor ideas list is Bohemian wall decor. Remember the hippies? The Bohemian wall decor is revolved around that lifestyle. Just look how unconventional and unique these living room wall decorations are.

There is no single theme that these wall decorations adhere to. The only single common thing is that they are freedom from conventions.

They break the habit, so to speak. If an exciting and unconventional is what you want, the Bohemian wall decor is among ideas for living room wall decor you want to consider.

Tosca Wall Clock

Cheap Living Room Wall Decor Tosca Wall Clock
source : ashleyfurnitureburlington

The clock is a device that we use to track the passage of time. Everyone knows that. But not everyone knows that a clock can be turned into a decoration living room wall too.

This living room is simple and clean. Adding superfluous decorations will downgrade its look. Adding a simple decoration like clock, on the other hand, makes it charming.

If you want a decoration that can serve you functionally and aesthetically, look no further than a large clock. The best clock will be the one that less obtrusive, noticeable, and looks unique.

Mirror on the Wall

Living Room Wall Decor with Letters and Mirrors Mirror on the Wall
source : real simple

A mirror reflects light and makes any space it is in not just brighter but also appears larger than it really is. If you want to make a living room looks brighter and larger, adding a large mirror on the wall is definitely among the best living room wall decor ideas for you.

Take a look at this mirror, for example. It is situated at the center of the wall, surrounded by four smaller decorations.

Due to its position, it can reflect light to every corner. That’s the functional aspect. Aesthetically, it becomes the centerpiece of the living room, adding beauty and elegance to it.

Prints and Paintings Art

Living Room Wall Decor Painting Ideas Prints and Paintings Art
source : janskacelik

There is no limit in choosing what kind of living room wall color ideas to use. You can, for example, paint the wall in a light, neutral color and let the wall decorations speak for themselves. Yes, just like in this living room.

Notice how the wall turns into a background, enabling each and every piece of living room wall decorations to stand out and make a statement. Want to showcase your wall decorations? Paint the wall with a light, neutral color.

Family Stuff

Large Living Room Wall Decor Family Stuff
source : citygirlmeetsfarmboy

Some of the previous living room wall decor ideas include family photos. This one, too, uses family photos as the centerpiece of the living room.

We did it for a reason. The living room is the room where we spend quality time with family, so it is only fitting if you put family stuff as the main focus in the room.

This wall decor not only uses family photos but also include rustic touches into it as well. Rustic decor is known for its warmth, making it the perfect choice to encase the family stuff in. It certainly is a great combination that makes the living room livelier for the family.

Windows to the World

Large Living Room Wall Decor Ideas Windows to the World
source : vannie.beauty

Loves traveling and painting? Why not combine these two topics and turn them into something unique for the wall decor?

Say, for example, a living room wall art like this. With a window on either side, the colorful world map here takes the center stage as the main decoration.

Of course, that’s not the only nice thing about this wall decor. Such an artwork not only adds appeal to the living room but it also serves as a beautiful reminder how colorful and large the world is. There are always places left to explore.

Hang a Collection

DIY Living Room Wall Decor Hang a Collection 1
source : realsimple

The last in our list living room wall decor ideas involves pieces of wood. Not just ordinary pieces of wood, though. Each of one these wooden artworks has different shapes and size.

The only thing that they share in common is their circular shape, which makes them a unique set of wall decorations.

Living Room Wall Decor Murals Black Coacj Hang a Collection 2
source : realsimple

If you want a unique living room wall decor, consider wooden artworks like these. They make great additions to any kinds of living rooms as they make the room more attractive, appealing, and of course, unique.

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