17 Awesome Pantry Shelving Ideas to Make Your Pantry More Organized

How is your pantry shelving look like? Shelving is no doubt an important part in organizing the pantry. If you don’t have proper shelving, it will be difficult for you to organize your pantry.

You need to keep in mind of your needs, the space available for shelving, and items you want to store.  To give you inspiration, we listed 17 pantry shelving ideas you can try below. Let’s start.

Pantry Shelving Ideas

Farmhouse Pantry with Cabinet-like Shelving

Walk-in Pantry Shelving Ideas Farmhouse Pantry with Cabinet-like Shelving
Walk-in Pantry Shelving Ideas img src : littleglassjar

This is the first idea in our pantry shelving ideas list. Even if you don’t have many needs in the kitchen, pantry shelving will still help you organize things in the kitchen. In the picture, you can see that the shelving is very simple, consisting of no more four rows of wall racks.

This kind of shelving is a good option for homeowners who don’t have many needs but still want their stuff to be organized. In the example above, the pantry has a farmhouse kitchen ideas theme thus making it look even simpler.

90 – Degree Pantry Shelving

Farmhouse Pantry Shelving Ideas 90-degree Pantry Shelving
img src : jenron-designs

Not everyone has the luxury of a large pantry. Some of us have a small pantry. Despite having limited available space, that doesn’t mean you can’t organize your items properly. You can but you have to be a bit creative about it.

A good example is by having 90-degree shelving. With 90-degree shelving, you will have more storage without using extra space. Just make sure that each rack of the pantry shelving is strong enough to support whatever items you put on it.

Open Pantry Shelving Ideas

Kitchen Pantry Shelving Ideas ‘Open’ Shelving
Kitchen Pantry Shelving Ideas img src : jenloveskev

So far in our pantry shelving ideas, we give you closed shelving. What if you want something different, something more ‘open’? Well, why not? Pantry shelves need not be closed. You can put them outside, too. Does it look good? Yes, but it will depend on how you organize it.

‘Open’ shelving like in the example above no doubt shows simplicity. As such, it is a perfect option for not just homeowners’ who have a minimalist kitchen but also homeowners who want both simplicity and organization in their kitchen.

Space Saving Shelving for Small Pantry

Pantry Shelving Ideas DIY Space Saving Shelving for Small Pantry
Pantry Shelving Ideas DIY img src : personalprideconstruction

Let us ask you the following questions.

  • Is your pantry small?
  • Do you have lots of items to store in the pantry?
  • Do you want simple shelving for your pantry?

What are your answers? If your answer is ‘Yes’ to all three questions, then you may want to consider building pantry shelving like the example above.

Since the racks are three-sided, you have plenty of space to store your items. Yes, even if your pantry is small to begin with. The shelving may not look fancy, but that shouldn’t be a problem since what really matters is how it can help you to get more organized.

Built in Shelving Systems

DIY Kitchen Pantry Shelving Ideas Built-in Shelving Systems
img src : hometalk

The previous pantry shelving ideas involve wall-mounted racks. Are they the only wall shelving ideas? No, of course not. On the contrary, instead of wall-mounted racks, you can also create built-in racks for your kitchen pantry shelving.

Since your items will be basically ‘stored’ inside a wall, they will not take more space in the pantry. As a result, your pantry will look larger than it is. Not to mention your items will be safer too as they are enclosed by the racks.

Want to make save more space in the pantry and make it look larger? Choosing a proper door can help with that. If you don’t know what kind of door you should use for your pantry, take a look at our pantry door ideas here.

Floating Pantry Shelving Ideas

Pantry Shelving Ideas for Small Appliances Floating Shelving
img src : yellowbrickhome

Suppose you have a long pantry. You want something unique, perhaps custom pantry shelving. In that case, you can consider designing your pantry shelving like the above example. It is a floating shelving. The rack is mounted on the walls, covering the distance between two walls.

Floating shelving looks neat without looking too crowded. Since this shelving is attached to the walls, it is able to hold more items compared to wall-mounted ones. Another good thing about this shelving is that it gives you easy access to your items.

Pantry with Shelving on Two Sides

Small Pantry Shelving Ideas Pantry with Shelving on Two Sides
img src : jillianharris

The more sides are occupied for shelving, the more items you can store in it. This is especially true if the shelving almost as tall as the wall, just like in the picture above.

This shelving idea is among our space-saving pantry shelving ideas. While it looks good, you need to organize your items properly to avoid the pantry from looking too crowded. For that, regular organizing may be needed.

Simple Shelving for a Small Pantry Closet

Small Walk in Pantry Shelving Ideas Simple Shelving for a Small Pantry Closet
img src : lifebylee

There is a saying that less is more. Well, in some cases less is certainly more. Simple shelving you see in the picture is an example of that. The racks the same color as the walls, making them look one with the walls.

Despite being small, the small pantry closet in the picture does not look crowded. On the contrary, it looks larger than it really is. Among the other pantry shelving ideas in the list, this idea is certainly worth considering if you have a small pantry closet.

How do you organize your pantry closet? In case you are still unsure how to organize your pantry closet, we have pantry closet ideas to inspire you.

Deep and Tall Cabinets

Closet Pantry Shelving Ideas Deep and Tall Cabinets
img src : myrafterhouse

Take a look at the picture of shelving above. Shelving systems don’t need to occupy more than one wall to be functional and look good. A deep and tall shelving system works, too. Yes, just like the picture that you just see.

Deep and tall cabinets work especially well as a pantry shelving if your home has a high ceiling. It can work with a low ceiling but it may not be as good, especially if you have lots of items to store in the cabinets.

Very Simple Wall-mounted Racks

DIY Pantry Shelving Ideas Very Simple Wall-mounted Racks
img src : christinasadventures

As we mentioned earlier, sometimes less is more. For homeowners who don’t need a lot of items to store in their pantry, very simple wall-mounted racks like the above are a great option. It doesn’t take a lot of space in the kitchen and still help in organizing things.

So, if you want simple shelving, you can just install two racks on the wall and add a table underneath. That’s all. You have your shelving. Simple? Yes. Effective? Very.

Pull-out Pantry Shelving Ideas

Pantry Shelving Ideas Photos Pull-out Shelving
img src : masterbrand

When we talk about pantry shelving systems, there is no absolute rule to follow. The most important thing is that shelving should give you the necessary space to store your items. That’s all. As such, you can design your shelving in many ways, including pull-out shelving.

Compared to previous shelving ideas that ‘showcase’ the items you store on the shelving, pull-out shelving hides them. They are visible only when you pull them out. This is great for homeowners who don’t want to make their pantry closet look too crowded.

A Pantry Laundry Cabinet

Walk in Pantry Shelving Ideas A Pantry Laundry Cabinet
img src : New Closet

For your pantry laundry needs, you will need a pantry laundry cabinet. By having a cabinet, you will be able to organize all your laundry needs properly.

This allows you to get them in time of need easily. Not to mention, your pantry will look more organized and tidy, as well. Who wouldn’t want that?

Simple Walk in Pantry Shelving Ideas

Corner Pantry Shelving Ideas Simple Walk-in Pantry Shelving
img src : pinterest

The next in our pantry shelving ideas list is simple walk-in pantry shelving. A walk-in pantry provides you with more length. If you design the shelving similar to the example above, you will have more storage to store all your items.

The best thing about this kind of shelving is that it is easy and simple to make. It doesn’t need any fancy or difficult shape. Yet, it looks really good.

Cabinets on L-corners with Easily Accessible Drawers

Food Pantry Shelving Ideas Cabinets on L-corners with Easily Accessible Drawers
img src : closetfactory

Do you have children in your home? If so, your pantry shelving should accommodate their needs as well. In the picture above, the shelving follows the L-shape of the pantry.

On the right bottom of the shelving, there are easily accessible drawers. You can store snacks there so your children can get them easily at any time they want.

All White Walk in Pantry Shelving

Pantry Shelving Ideas Ikea All White Walk-in Pantry Shelving
img src : gjgardner

This is another idea for a walk-in pantry. The pantry is a bit wider and has the same color as the walls. Since the shelving has the same color as the walls, it immerses with the wall thus erasing the boundary between the shelving and the walls.

The in-between space of the storage is quite high, allowing more items to be stored on the table.

Colorful Pantry Shelving Racks

Under Stairs Pantry Shelving Ideas Colorful Pantry Shelving Racks
img src : alisonkandler

Having an all-white pantry is a good idea. But that does not mean a colorful is bad. On the contrary, you can have an all-white pantry while getting brighter colors from other parts of the pantry to make it more appealing.

For example, you can paint the pantry door with bright green. Or, put items with bright colors on the racks.

Farmhouse Open Cabinets

Open Pantry Shelving Ideas Farmhouse Open Cabinets
Farmhouse Pantry Shelving Ideas img src : kitchen design

Now we get to the last idea in our pantry shelving ideas list. It is an open cabinet. An open cabinet like in the picture above allows easy access to the items.

Not only that, if you place them properly, they can become a focal point in the kitchen. This is especially true if you showcase items with bright colors with unique shapes.

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