21 Incredibly Cozy Reading Nook Ideas to Inspire Serious Snuggle Time

Do you have a unused place in your house? If you do, consider turning it into a reading nook. A reading nook is a cozy place where you can read a book, listen to music, have a long phone call or just simply relaxing. Here we have collected 17 reading nook ideas just for you.

In creating reading, there is no strict, absolute rule on how you should do it. That means you are free to design it the way you wants and needs. For example, if you want it to only be a reading space, you will need a lot of storage for the books. The ideas below should help you to get started.

Library Reading Nook Ideas

Library Reading Nook Ideas Library Reading Nook Ideas
Library Reading Nook Ideas img src : countryliving

If you have kids, your reading nook should not only accommodate you but your kids as well. You need to make the nook as comfortable as possible. The books should also be easily reachable by your kids as well.

To create a cozy reading nook for kids and adults, you need a cushion, couples of pillows and simple décor. As for the books, you can create makeshift shelves on the wall and put the books on it.

A Reading Alcove

library Reading Nook Ideas A Reading Alcove
Library Reading Nook Ideas img src : bloglovin

Do you have a large collection of books or perhaps planning to build one? If you do, a reading alcove is among the best reading nook ideas for you.

A reading alcove, like the above, allows you to store a lot of books and at the same time give you a comfortable place where you can read the books.

A good place to create a reading alcove is near the window. Install a large rack to surround the window and fill the shelves with books and the space near the window with a cushion and pillows. There you go, a reading alcove.

Elegant and Stylish

Best Reading Nook Ideas Elegant and Stylish
Best Reading Nook Ideas img src : veesko

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a book in an elegant and stylish reading nook like this? It is not just elegant and stylish, though. It is also practical and unique, too.

Notice how the books are stored not in usual bookshelves. Rather, they are stored on built-in rectangular shelves on the wall.

The sofa, chair, and tables in the reading nook only make it better. The wooden surfaces and the dim lighting bring out the elegant and stylish vibe, while the sofa provides comfort.

Near the Window

Window Reading Nook Ideas Near the Window
Window Reading Nook Ideas img src : decorpad

Many homeowners don’t use the space near the window. You shouldn’t do the same mistake. Rather than leaving it unused, you should turn it into something useful. For example, a reading nook.

The most important for a reading nook is that it can provide comfort and accommodate the activity you want to do. If the activity is reading then the reading nook should have storage for the books, for example. You don’t need much for that. Ample storage, a cushion, and several pillows will suffice.

Comfy Reading Nook

Reading Nook Ideas for Small Spaces Comfy Reading Nook
Reading Nook Ideas for Small Spaces img src : flamingotoes

Next on our list of reading nook ideas is a comfy reading nook. Just look at this reading nook. It looks very inviting, isn’t it? There are soft chairs and leg support, proper lighting for reading, and easily reachable books.

“Hidden” Reading Nook

Cozy Reading Nook Ideas “Hidden” Reading Nook
img src : bookbub

A reading nook can be unique and extraordinary, too. If that’s what you want, try a “hidden” reading nook like this. It is basically an extra space where you can do any activity, be it reading, calling a friend or family, or just relaxing, comfortably.

Notice how the bookshelves are “hidden.” There are built-in shelves on the side and there are shelves below the cushion as well. The rustic wooden in the nook warms up the atmosphere, making the nook even more comfortable to spend time in.

Corner Reading Nook Ideas

Corner Reading Nook Ideas Corner Reading Nook Ideas
Corner Reading Nook Ideas img src : stylebyemilyhenderson

If you

  • love to read
  • have a large, yet unused corner
  • want to make a space where you can read comfortably and undisturbed

then consider creating a nook on said corner. The corner is often overlooked and unused. As such, turning them into a reading nook is a smart way to make use of the space while adding value to your house. Who wouldn’t want to spend their time in a nook like the above?

Window Space Reading Nook

Reading Nook Ideas for Adults Window Space Reading Nook
img src : Miller-Roodell

This is another example of clever ways to use the window space. What makes it different from the previous example is that the window space is quite large here. With a larger window space, you have more options.

This reading nook is basically an extra bedroom in the house only more open, with books and more storage. It doesn’t have an elaborate design yet its simple design and natural lighting is what makes the nook even more inviting.

Speaking of window space, you can turn them into an extra comfy zone in your house and not just a reading nook. If you need inspiration, you should check out our window seat ideas here.

Reading Nook Ideas for Toddler

Reading Nook Ideas Toddler Reading Nook Ideas for Toddler
img src : projectnursery

Don’t like a complex and elaborate design for your reading nook? Don’t worry. Even a simple reading nook can be great, too.

Notice how this nook has no bed, let alone elaborate decorations. It is not placed near the window, either. And yet, you just want to pick a book, sit down, and read.

This is reading nook is perfect for you if you like simplicity. It works as well if you have children, too. If the reading nook is also for your children, be sure that the books can be reached easily by them. Putting them in a basket is a good idea, for example. Want to make it more fun? Add an indoor hanging chair.

Reading Corner Girls Room

Toddler Reading Nook Ideas Reading Corner Girls Room
img src : prettylittlerowhouse

Unlike the previous reading nook ideas, this reading nook is made specifically for kids. There is a soft cushion for the kids to sit or lean on, stuffed animal dolls on the side, and easily reachable books on the wall. The room is colorful, a perfect choice for children’s reading nook.

Reading Nook for Teens Girl

Bedroom Reading Nook Ideas Reading Nook for Teens Girl
img src : lessthanperfectlifeofbliss

Now, a reading nook for teenagers. Although it might not be as colorful as children’s, reading nook for teenagers must not be boring.

Just look at this reading nook. It is dominated by white but a few touches of black, gray, yellow, and red ensure that the room looks interesting.

Unlike children’s reading nook, you don’t have to put the books on wall shelves. For teenagers, you can put the books on cabinet instead.

Small Reading Nook

Small Reading Nook Ideas Small Reading Nook
img src : brightgreendoor

Our previous reading nook ideas are mostly for large space. What about small space? Having a small space doesn’t mean that you can’t create a comfy reading nook.

It just means that you have fewer designing options. Even with fewer options, you can still create a comfy reading nook. Just be creative.

This reading nook is an excellent way to use a small space. Rather than using an elaborate bed, the homeowner uses a simple and small bed instead.

It has a built-in cabinet as well. There is also the white and black checkerboard flooring below, which makes the nook appears larger than it is.

Mini Library

Reading Nook Ideas Living Room Mini Library
img src : buzzfeed

Perhaps a reading nook is not bookish enough for you? A mini library like this can satisfy your wants. The space for sitting or lying down is reduced, but there are more shelves for the books.

Thanks to this, you can create a comfy mini library filled with your favorite books. To make it more inviting, use bright colors.

Reading Nook with a Bed

Reading Nook Ideas for Adults Porch Reading Nook with a Bed
img src : Plantation Design

Look at this reading nook. Instead of a cushion, it uses a bed. In case you want a very cozy and comfy reading nook, a nook with a bed like this is, without a doubt, among the perfect reading nook ideas for you.

Since the lower part of the nook is occupied by the bed, the books must be stored on the upper part. Several layers of shelves are more than enough for that. The lighting above ensures that the reading session can be done easily.

Minimalist Reading Nook

Bay Window Reading Nook Ideas Minimalist Reading Nook
img src : thehabco

For the minimalists, a minimalist reading nook like this will be the best choice. Most of the nook is white, with a few touches of other darker colors here and there.

The cushion and pillows are minimal but still provide enough comfort. All is there without a purpose. It is a perfect minimalist reading nook.

Dreamy Reading Nook

Reading Nook Ideas Baqchelor Dreamy Reading Nook
img src : kylebornphotography

What if you want your reading session to be colorful? A dreamy reading nook can help with that. To create a dreamy design, you will need to incorporate lots and lots of colors, especially bright ones. Books with colored covers, colored pillows, rugs, and painting will bring the dreamy look.

One thing to keep in mind is to be moderate in using the colors. No single color should be used too much. Yes, there should be lots of colors in the nook but don’t let one of them stand out too much.

Large Reading Nook

Closet Reading Nook Ideas Large Reading Nook
img src : stylebyemilyhenderson

The last idea on our reading nook ideas list is a large reading nook. In this nook, you can see how the shelves are almost full while the cushion is mostly free. This creates a unique balance, which makes the large reading nook even more interesting.

More Ideas

Cute Reading Nook Ideas

Reading Nook Ideas for Kids Cute Reading Nook Ideas
img src : learningliftoff

Gray and Pink

DIY Reading Nook Ideas Gray and Pink
img src : projectnursery

L Shaped Reading Nook

Reading Nook Ideas for Kids L Shaped Reading Nook
img src : pinterest

Wood Wall

Built in Reading Nook Ideas Wood Wall
img src : grayhousestudio

Sweet Little Nook

Home Reading Nook Ideas Sweet Little Nook
img src : impressiveinteriordesign
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