20 Terrific Small Kitchen Table Ideas to Maximize the Kitchen Space

Do you live in a small apartment or house? If you do, you probably think that there is not much you can do in terms of styling. Well, you should stop thinking like that. Don’t let the limited space cramps your style. What you need is to creativity. For example, by incorporating a small kitchen table in your kitchen.

Here, we will share some ideas small for kitchen tables that will add not just style but also functionality to your kitchen. We have 20 of them, so you will find some to your liking. Ready to maximize your space? Let’s get to the tables now.

Small Kitchen Table Round

Round Small Kitchen Table Small Kitchen Table Round
source : ourhouseofthree

Let’s start with a small kitchen table rustic. A farmhouse kitchen table like this adds a rustic touch to the kitchen. If the kitchen is rustic themed, then the table will complement it. If it isn’t, the rustic touch will make the space warmer. Awesome, isn’t it?

Where you put the kitchen table also matters a lot. Say, for example, the table is put in the middle. This will set the mood of the kitchen and become the focal point of the room. Likewise, if it is put on the corner, it will complement the kitchen as a whole.

Cottage-style Kitchen Table

Rustic Small Kitchen Table Cottage-style Kitchen Table
source : fadedcharmcottage

Just because the kitchen is small, doesn’t mean it can’t be good looking. On the contrary, it can look amazing. Your choice of the small kitchen table is, of course, what makes it so. Look at this cottage-style table. It is simple and yet, so inviting.

The charm of this kitchen table is how its look, which makes the kitchen as if it is in a cottage. The unfinished wood and flowers make the table even gorgeous and chic. Enjoy your breakfast or morning coffee with a cottage vibe on your kitchen.

Stylish Minimalist

Small Kitchen Table and Chairs Stylish Minimalist
source : kuistinkautta

Rustic and delicate tables don’t fit your taste? Try a stylish and minimalist small kitchen table décor. The kitchen table looks simple, sleek and stylish.

There is nothing superfluous about it. Combined with similarly stylish and minimalist chairs, the set makes such an eyecatching breakfast nook.

With such a simple design, the table surely makes the kitchen pleasant to the eyes. This is especially true if you want a kitchen that balances functionality and looks.

Do you want to make your stylish without making your kitchen superfluous? A set of stylish and minimalist table and chairs is what you need.

Small Kitchen Table with Bench

Small Kitchen Table with Benches Small Kitchen Table with Bench
source : importtestsite

It is true that if you have a small kitchen your styling options, including the kitchen table, will be fewer than if you have a large one.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to stick with a boring small kitchen table. There are plenty of beautiful kitchen table options, like this one here.

This one is not just all about looks, though. Notice that the table also doubles as extra storage. Such a very small kitchen table gives you functionality and style. Just add a small bench and it is set.

Kitchen Table for Small Spaces

Small Kitchen Table for Small Spaces Kitchen Table for Small Spaces
source : arquiteturadecoracao

The next on our ideas for small kitchen table is quite different from the previous ones. Rather than placed on the usual spot like in the middle or the corner, the table is on the often-overlooked space. Yes, those ‘awkward’ space which you don’t know how to make use of.

This table here makes a great example of how you can creatively turn ‘awkward’ space in your kitchen into something useful like a kitchen table. Better yet, since it doesn’t have any legs under, it gives a sleek and contemporary impression.

Mobile Rustic Kitchen Table

Small Kitchen Table with Storage Mobile Rustic Kitchen Table
source : shanty 2 chic.

When it comes to a small kitchen table there is absolutely no need to make it stationary. This is particularly true if you want a kitchen table that you can move wherever and whenever you want. The solution? A mobile kitchen table like this.

Notice how there are rollers underneath the legs of the table. These rollers allow the table to be moved easily and quickly. If you don’t have a kitchen island, such a table can be a makeshift kitchen island, too. Such an amazing addition for a kitchen.

Cute Breakfast Nook

Modern Small Kitchen Table Cute Breakfast Nook
source : thekitchn

Even if you have a small kitchen, you can still make a comfy breakfast nook. This very small kitchen table creates such a nice space where you can enjoy your breakfast. It doesn’t take a lot of space, either. All you need is a set of a small kitchen table and chairs.

Notice that the kitchen table sticks to the wall. This not only saves space but also makes it easy to decorate the breakfast nook. Look at those cute decorations on the table and wall. Such a nice way to set the mood for breakfast.

Street Cafe-style

Small Kitchen Table for Apartment Street Cafe-style
source : apartmenttherapy

Ever spend your time in a street cafe before? Why not bring the same vibe to your kitchen? It doesn’t take much to recreate the vibe. What you need is a round, rustic small kitchen table with curved iron legs and a pair of chairs.

Other than the common functionalities of a kitchen table, this street cafe-style table makes a great space for spending time with guests and converse as well. Yes, not unlike in a street cafe. The wall shelves and greenery on the table make it even better.

Warm the Kitchen with Style

rectangular square Small Kitchen Table Warm the Kitchen with Style
source : cocolapinedesign

Do you have a white or gray kitchen? A white or gray kitchen can look a bit dull. How do you make it more appealing? That’s easy. Try adding a bold and dark-colored kitchen table. Better yet, add black chairs to the set as well.

Playing with contrast is among the easiest way to make a statement. A white or gray kitchen will look a lot more appealing if it has contrasting elements like a small kitchen table rustic and black chairs. It makes the kitchen stylish and warmer, too. What’s not to like?

Small Kitchen Table Ideas

Small Kitchen Table Set Small Kitchen Table Ideas
source : futuristarchitecture

Can’t choose between adding a kitchen table or a kitchen bar? Why not just choose both? Look at this sleek kitchen table/bar. There is no need to eat up extra space for the table or bar. Instead, you get two functionalities in a single place. Neat, isn’t it?

The best thing about this kitchen table/bar is how it is placed. Notice that it is neither in the middle nor near a wall. Rather, it is placed in the entryway to the kitchen. It is a good example of how creativity can turn even a small kitchen into a stunning one.

Regardless of the size of your kitchen, having a kitchen bar is always nice. And speaking of a kitchen bar, do you want to make your own? If you do, you don’t want to miss these kitchen bar ideas here.

Simple, Modern and Stylish

Small Kitchen Table Rectangle Simple, Modern and Stylish
source : domino

A minimalist small kitchen table can be stylish, too. This table here is barely there as it is small and only takes very little space. And yet, paired with minimalist chairs around it, make a personal statement on the kitchen.

As you can see, the white table really complements the whole minimalist kitchen décor. It makes such a small kitchen into something stylish and beautiful. All that without having to be intricate, detailed, or taking up lots of space. Such an excellent addition for small kitchens.

Comfy Breakfast Nook

Small Kitchen Table Round Comfy Breakfast Nook
source : Erika Cartmell

But what if you want to make your small kitchen table modern stand out? There are various ways to do it. One of them is by adding a rug underneath the table. Notice how the rug highlights the table, turning it into the focal point of the kitchen.

The rug also adds comfort and warmth to the small kitchen table and chairs set. It makes such a nice spot to eat your breakfast or sip your morning coffee. A small kitchen table modern, chairs and a rug are all you need to make a cozy and comfy breakfast nook.

Small Kitchen High Table

Bar Height Small Kitchen Table Small Kitchen High Table
source : kitchendecorpad

When it comes to the height of a small kitchen table, there is no such thing as the best height for everyone. Rather, the best one for you is the one that you are most comfortable with. Some people prefer to have a medium-height kitchen table, while some others prefer a small kitchen high table.

If you like a very small kitchen table that is a bit taller, this table here is for you. Notice how the table is tall but small. It allows you to sit comfortably without your feet touching the ground.

Out in the Corner

Small Kitchen Table with Folding Sides Out in the Corner
source : Mari Kushino Design

A smaller kitchen means that you have to use the space effectively. And that means utilizing every crook, cranny, and corner. If you have an unused corner, you can turn it into a pocket breakfast nook like this.

Look how the table sits comfortably on the corner, facing the window. Of course, you don’t need a delicate kitchen table for it to be good. A simple minimalist small kitchen rustic like this works well too.

Island and Table? Why Not!

Small Kitchen Table That Expands Island and Table Why Not
source : proverbs31girl

A small kitchen means prioritizing. You have to choose whether to include this item, remove that item, and so on. What if you want a kitchen island and a kitchen table? No need to worry. In this case, you can have both. Look how nice this kitchen table/island here.

A kitchen table/island gives you the space to not only prepare food and beverages but also the space to eat and drink them. Put it simply, this small kitchen table island hits two birds with one stone.

Back then, a kitchen island is a luxury. Today, it is almost a must-have. Just like a kitchen table, a kitchen island should be not only functional but also aesthetic. Check out our kitchen island ideas and make the kitchen more stylish.

Rolling Kitchen Table

Small Kitchen Table with Bench Rolling Kitchen Table
source : ana white

No one says you have to have a stationary kitchen table. A portable small kitchen table, in particular, would be a great option for those who have a small kitchen. With a portable table, you can create a breakfast nook, an island, or even a bar wherever you want.

There is also the fact that you can make moving around in the kitchen easier if you have a guest or two coming. And when you don’t need the table in the kitchen, you can just move it somewhere else. Managing the space can’t be easier.

Bring the Contemporary Vibe

Counter Height Small Kitchen Table Bring the Contemporary Vibe
source : dailydreamdecor

What can a small kitchen table round do? Many things, including bringing a certain vibe to the kitchen. For example, this kitchen table will make any room feel contemporary.

Look at the design, shape, and color. It is as contemporary as it gets. The contemporary vibe is further enhanced by the similarly contemporary chairs.

Beauty in Simplicity

Small Kitchen Table Beauty in Simplicity
source : mywoodworkingsite

Perhaps you are the old-school type? In that case, this kind of small kitchen table will suit you well. It looks rustic and inviting. It makes you want to sit and spend time there.

The contrast between the light brown table and the white chairs adds beauty to the kitchen. It is an example of the beauty of simplicity.

Wall-mounted Table

Cheap Small Kitchen Table Wall-mounted Table
source : apartmenttherapy

The legs of a table do eat space regardless of whether the table is small or large. Well, worry about that no more. A wall-mount kitchen table is the answer.

Look how this table is just as functional as a regular table without having any legs for support. Instead, it is mounted on the wall.

The table is also space-efficient in another way as well. Just add a chair or two and you get a bar. You don’t need it? Just fold it and there you have it. Out of sight and thus, out of mind. After all, it virtually doesn’t use any space at all.

A Statement in the Kitchen

Small Kitchen Table Centerpieces A Statement in the Kitchen
source : Forever Decorating

The last small kitchen table is meant to be a focal point. Notice how the kitchen table is centered on the kitchen. On one hand, this clearly makes a statement in the kitchen, especially with the red rug underneath. On the other, it allows for easy movement in the kitchen as the table doesn’t get in the way.

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