20 Inspiring Rustic Bedroom Ideas to Ignite Your Creativity

When it comes to giving off a warm and familiar vibe, nothing beats the rustic décor. If you want this kind of vibe for your bedroom, then you need to add some rustic touches to it. How do you do it, though? Well, our rustic bedroom ideas here will show you how.

From fail proof navy blue and white combo décor to modern and minimalist ones, our list of rustic ideas for bedroom has it all. How you apply these ideas is, of course, up to you to decide. At the least, they will help you get started. Ready to ignite your creativity? Let’s get to the ideas now.

Make It Natural

Rustic Bedroom Ideas Decorating Make It Natural
Rustic Bedroom Ideas Decorating source : wayfair

Let’s start our list with something fresh. While rustic décor does bring warmth and familiarity, that doesn’t mean you can’t add another vibe to the room. Adding natural touches with pots here and there, for example, is a great idea too. Look how fresh this rustic bedroom is.

The unfinished bench, the wooden flower and the hanging wicker basket above bring about the rustic vibe to the room. The pots and greeneries are on the wall-mount shelf above, thus giving the fresh feeling while not interrupting the rustic elements. It is an excellent example of rustic wall bedroom ideas.

Applying rustic touches is, of course, not the only way to make your bedroom beautiful. There are many other things you can try. Check out these bedroom ideas and get inspired!

Rustic Farmhouse

Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas Rustic Farmhouse
source : aninspirednest

Unlike the typical farmhouse bedrooms, this one mix and match white and gray. Despite not having much unfinished wooden surface, the room still radiates warmth, thanks to the white and gray. It is certainly a unique interpretation of rustic bedroom ideas.

What makes the bedroom rustic, then? Well, the door, the hanging lamp, and of course, the chair and the bench. The white and gray carpet and bedroom give the perfect backdrop for these rustic elements, allowing them to stand out and make a statement.

‘Old but Gold’

Rustic Country Bedroom Decorating Ideas Old but Gold
source : archzine

There is always a room for chic and vintage décor style. After all, who doesn’t like to feel a bit nostalgic? Not to mention rustic chic bedroom ideas have their charm as well. Such décor ideas are the epitome of ‘old but gold’ as they show timeless beauty.

And as you can see, this bedroom certainly goes all out for that. Look how chic and vintage the light blue bed, the rug, the walls and ceiling, and the accessories on the bed’s side. All these create such a beautifully rustic and chic bedroom.

Antique Black Bed

Modern Rustic Bedroom Ideas Antique Black Bed
Modern Rustic Bedroom Ideas source : savvysouthernstyle

Of the rustic bedroom ideas we listed here, this one is among the most foolproof rustic ideas for bedroom. The reason is quite simple. Navy blue and white combination works just about for any décor style and any room. That includes the rustic décor and the bedroom, of course.

Notice how the color play is done in the bedroom. The navy blue becomes the focal point while the white creates the ideal background. In addition to that, the light brown on the sides complete the whole rustic theme.

Modern Bedroom

Country Rustic Bedroom Ideas Modern Bedroom
source : Zone 4 Architects

The previous rustic bedroom ideas decorating involve lots of styling. But what if you like your bed as is? Can you make it rustic? The answer is yes, you can. All you need to do is to look up and decorate what you see. Make the ceiling rustic and it will change the mood of the room.

Notice how the bedroom here looks modern. Yet, thanks to the rustic ceiling above, it has warmth and a cozy vibe to it. You can also decorate the wall to make it more rustic, too.

Classic Country Style

Cozy Rustic Bedroom Ideas Classic Country Style
source : Zillow

The country rustic décor is the next on our rustic bedroom ideas list. This décor looks classic. It reminds you of a home in the countryside with all its wooden elements, simplistic decorations, and neutral colors. Oh and yes, the fireplace too.

The beauty of the room is how the upper and lower halves of the room blend and complement each other nicely. The upper half is a high ceiling with lots of rustic wood, while the lower half is mostly white and neutral with texture from the fabrics. They both balance each other, creating a gorgeous rustic bedroom.

Log Bed Frame

Rustic Chic Bedroom Ideas Log Bed Frame
source : theownerbuildernetwork

If you have a large bedroom and want to make a statement with the bed, consider using a rustic bed frame like this. The rest of the room has little to no rustic element, thus allowing the bed to stand out and unmissable. In a sense, it looks like a room within a room.

Most of the colors are neutral, which is so rustic-y. The bed cover, blanket, and pillows work together to create texture and bring even more warmth to the bed. It is a unique way to make a rustic bedroom. So yeah, if you want different rustic chic bedroom ideas, this one is for you.

Play with Contrast White & Black

Rustic Bedroom Paint Ideas Play with Contrast White & Black
source : hunker

This one is a bit different from the other rustic bedroom ideas here as it is mostly white with only bits of rustic elements. You can still, however, feel how rustic it is. It is a good example of rustic bedroom color ideas with a modern twist.

Other than neutral colors and wooden surfaces, white and black is also a common characteristic of rustic décor. And this room is mostly white with a black backdrop behind the headboard. The wooden flooring also contributes to the rustic vibe as well.

Play with Colors and Texture

Rustic Master Bedroom Ideas Play with Colors and Texture
source : @jellinadetmar

Just because you want to try rustic bedroom ideas, that doesn’t mean you can’t play with colors. Of course, you can. And you are not limited to white, black, or brown, either. Take a look at this bedroom for example. Notice how colorful it is compared to the other rustic ideas for bedroom on the list.

The green bed and brick wall adds color to the room while the brown blanket and rug add texture. There is also a small plant on the table at the bed’s side, too. Overall, besides rustic vibe, the bedroom also gives a clean, simple and sleek impression.

Simple Farmhouse Bed

Small Rustic Bedroom Ideas Simple Farmhouse Bed
Small Rustic Bedroom Ideas source : ana white

Not everyone likes intricate rustic bedroom ideas decorating. Some people just want simple ones that bring warmth and familiarity. If that’s what you want, then this décor idea is for you. Look how simple the bedroom is. Little to no intricate decorating doesn’t necessarily mean boring.

This farmhouse bedroom is a great example of a simple rustic bedroom that makes everyone want to lay down and rest on it. It is quite inviting in fact. Because of its simplicity and neutral tone, this décor is among the best rustic guest bedroom ideas you can try.

Due to its warmth and welcoming vibes, the rustic décor makes a great choice for the guest bedroom. The thing is, styling the guest bedroom is a bit different from that of the master bedroom. No worries, though. These guest bedroom ideas should give you an idea or two on how to style the guest bedroom.

Rustic Bedroom Headboard

Rustic Bedroom Ideas DIY Rustic Bedroom Headboard
Rustic Bedroom Ideas DIY source : futuristarchitecture

The lighting is a good way to make the room feels and looks warmer. All without taking extra space, too. As such, this is one of the most creative small rustic bedroom ideas.

If you have a small bedroom, you need to make each and every inch matter. In this case, by adding decorating lighting on the headboard.

Classic B & W

White Rustic Bedroom Ideas Classic B & W
White Rustic Bedroom Ideas source : simplelifefarmhouse

This one is a prime example of simple rustic bedroom ideas. Don’t be mistaken, though. Although this rustic bedroom seems simple, it looks so gorgeous and inviting. It plays with two main colors; black and white. The others are accent colors, who balance and accentuate the black-white.

Playing with contrast is among many ways you can try to make a room looks more appealing. And here, the contrast between the walls and the floor, the bed frame and the bed cover, and of course, the rug and the wooden box, all these create such an amazing rustic look. Simple yet very profound décor idea.

Rustic Here, Luxury There

Black Rustic Bedroom Ideas Rustic Here, Luxury There
source : homedit

Yes, you don’t have to choose either luxury or rustic décor. With simple tweaks, you can get both. The bedroom here is decorated with black and white walls, which create a rustic background, as well as a rustic bed frame and neutral colors. Yet, there are also luxury pieces of furniture as well.

The small bits of luxury décor add style to the warm and textured rustic bed, creating an inviting and very attractive look. It is applicable for bedrooms of any size as the beautifully decorated space makes you forget how large or small the room is.

Simple and Cozy

Rustic Guest Bedroom Ideas Simple and Cozy
source : hikendip

Sometimes, less can be more. In this case, the bedroom is much less intricate than the other rustic master bedroom ideas here and yet, able to gives off rustic vibes nicely. Notice how the bedroom is rather minimalistic and gives a simple and cozy impression.

The main focus of this bedroom is its rustic bed frame. It creates a starking contrast with its bedcover, making it the center of attention. It is also complemented by the gray wall and rug, which bring warmth, and the lamps and decorations, which add style.

Hang Some Mirrors

Rustic Bedroom Ideas and Furniture Hang Some Mirrors
source : shanty 2 chic

Looking for other simple rustic bedroom ideas? Try adding rustic mirrors above the headboard. Mirrors, in general, are functional as well as aesthetical. This is even more so for rustic mirrors like ones in the bedroom here.

Notice how not only the mirrors make the room brighter and more spacious, it is also complete the rustic theme of the space. If you have a rustic room that isn’t that bright, just hang some mirrors. They may help in making the room looks brighter.

French Country Décor

Rustic Bedroom Ideas French Country Décor
source : thediymommy

Make your bedroom more stylish and beautiful with a modern French country style. While many rustic master bedroom ideas involve darker colors, this one puts most of the focus on lighter colors. Notice the mostly white ceiling, wall, and bed.

The white surfaces are not there without reason, of course. They give not just a bright but also textured impression to the space. As for the darker furniture and flooring, they provide contrast and complete the rustic look.

Minimalist Rustic Bedroom Ideas

Cute Rustic Bedroom Ideas Minimalist Rustic Bedroom Ideas
source : behance

If you are looking for small rustic bedroom ideas, then you should take a good look at this one. Many other ideas on the list involve a bedframe. This one, on the other hand, has the bed on the ground. In fact, there is only a layer to separate the bed and the ground.

The lack of a bed frame makes the room appears larger and more spacious. The wooden wall behind the headboard and the flooring give the rustic look while the textured rug adds warmth.

Back to Nature

Farmhouse Rustic Bedroom Ideas Back to Nature
Farmhouse Rustic Bedroom Ideas source : ideiasdiferentes’s

This bedroom is another example of rustic bedroom ideas with natural touches added into it. It makes you feel grounded as you are very close to the ground. Not to mention the earthly colors, greeneries, and other decorations make it even more so.

This décor style creates not just a rustic, warm and welcoming look but also a fresh one. If anything, it makes you go to and wake up from bed fresh. Want to make it better? Open the window and feel the breeze hitting your face.

Rustic Boho Décor

Rustic Bedroom Ideas Pinterest Rustic Boho Décor
source : decoracaominimalista

Rustic décor is all about making the space warm and welcoming. This can be achieved in many ways, including adding Bohemian touches to the room like this one here. Notice that the rustic bedroom has no definite theme, making it a truly personal styling.

The rustic elements are still there of course. Notice the black table and chair set, bed support made of unfinished wood, and the wall decorations. These small little things bring the rustic vibe while the Boho decorations make it personal.

Simply Warm and Comfy

Rustic Bedroom Design Ideas Simply Warm and Comfy
source : stylethebullseye

Last but not least on our rustic bedroom ideas list is a warm and comfy rustic bedroom. The styling doesn’t include any bold color or decoration.

There are only neutral colors. And it is simply a warm and comfy rustic bedroom. It is the kind of bathroom that allows for a good, undistracted good night rest.

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