Tips to Convert Your Basement into a Functional Home Office

It’s been for ages that we make basements in our homes to build extra storage. Did you ever try utilizing your basement to make, a home office, gym, or simply a car garage? If you’re looking for some space to build your little office, then give a read to this write-up. Here, we are going to show you guys how brilliantly you can set up your home office in your home’s basements. By using simple lights, full-length wall mirrors, or some useful furniture, you can easily set up your office on a budget. Don’t know how to start it? Let’s get going and explore the brilliant tips to convert the basement into a functional office.

Why is the basement an ideal space to set up a home office?

If you have ever done your office work at home then you must be aware of the distractions you have to face while working at home. Most people consider it an easier job to work from home but literally, it’s a harder proposition than you assume it to be. In the beginning, distractions are endless and if you’ve newly started working at home, you will end up taking lots of breaks. Even your kids can be a great distraction, but converting the basement into a home office is the only way to beat these hassles.

Ideas to convert the basement into an office on a budget

Inspect your space

Well, the very first thing to consider before setting up a basement for any project is to inspect your space. Basements are usually neglected as we consider them a rough space and additional storage in our home. It shouldn’t be so. The basement is the perfect place that can be used for any purpose. Just make sure to examine your space thoroughly. If there are any spots that need to be repaired, consider them before you start building a home office. In basements, water leakage is a common issue, so check out the pipelines, too.

Make a rough plan of which spot is perfect

Before setting up the office, you must choose a spot where you are going to place the furniture and all that. This is crucial because some spots are darker than others, and your offices should not be dark and extremely capacious. So, choose the spot which is brighter, spacious, and airy enough.

Make sure it cancels the noises

When you’re setting up home offices, make sure the space is far away from noises. If it permits noises to enter your office, trust me you can never feel comfortable and get irritated from your office over time.

Increase the lighting

That’s crucial. Basements are usually deprived of good light, so you have to spend on adding more and more lights to make space brighter enough. Well, here we have two options to brighten up the room on a budget.

Firstly, add lights strategically. Examine where lights can perform well, and where they shouldn’t be installed. The best way to increase brightness with fewer lights is to add them up in layers and darker spots. So, examine your space and then add lights, floor lamps, and other recessed lights to increase the brightness of the space. Do you know what the second option is? Check out the following tip.

Make your basement brighter with mirrors

So, you might be thinking about how to increase lighting with mirrors? As you all know, mirrors reflect the image as well as light. If you place full-length wall mirrors or a large round mirror near to windows, or the place where they can reflect light conveniently, then it will surely increase the brightness. That’s a budget-friendly tip that can add value to your space along with an increase in the lighting of that space.

If you don’t feel like adding full-length wall mirrors then go for a LED makeup mirror. No, no! Don’t step back. It’s just a simple mirror with LED lights. These LED lights help a lot to brighten up any space. If the size of a 30 inch round mirror looks odd or ultra-big, you can simply switch to a 24 inch round mirror!

Separate entrance

If you are building a proper office and your clients are also supposed to pay visits, then go for making the separate entrance of your office. It would make your home office quite professional. For this purpose, you have to contact the architect so that you can meet building codes easily.

Pay attention to the floor

If you have a rough floor in the basement, then swap it with a light wooden floor. The reason why we recommend it is, it will help to increase the brightness. One thing you should keep in mind before setting up your home office is, to choose a hard and stronger flooring option as you have to place furniture also. Usually, office desks are heavier than normal tables, so make sure either you’re selecting wooden or tile floor, it’s harder enough to bear the weight.

Make sure to add a bathroom and open kitchen

Don’t make it boring! Add a little kitchenette to the basement, just near to your office space, so you have easy access to make coffee or tea yourself. Also, if you don’t have a bathroom in your basement, you must go for it. Also, add an oval bathroom mirror or even a square-shaped mirror to your bathroom. Paying attention to these little things will increase the value of your space.

These are necessities of any place, also you don’t have to move to the ground floor for such trivial matters. These are only obstacles and break the flow of your work.

Add everything strategically

It’s not enough to place a table and chair in the corner and you say, ‘Alright, my home office is ready’. No, it would be damn boring also, you can’t just put anything anywhere, you have to be a keen observer. And, place furniture and other items strategically, so that your little space would be fully occupied in the right way.

Let your walls inspire

Leave your basement walls open and make one such wall that enhances motivation and inspires others. You can simply place charts, maps, and goal sheets on your office wall, to create a professional office interior. Also, you will be able to focus more.

At the End!

Declutter your space to avoid distractions. This way you don’t only avoid distractions but also add value to your home offices. Decluttering smaller spaces and increasing the storage spaces to hide stuff make smaller spaces appear larger and airy. Also, put some top-notch quality and design custom mirrors to make your space even brighter. So, you don’t feel like working inside the box!


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