6 Decor Ideas for Small Homes & Apartments

Decor Ideas for Small Homes & Apartments – Having a small apartment does have its advantages. They usually have lower rent, are easier to clean up and maintain, and they are mostly situated in prime city locations.

But some people have concerns that living in a small home or apartment will feel very congested and claustrophobic. But the truth is if even a tiny apartment is designed and decorated the right way, it can feel quite spacious and welcoming.

Decorating a small apartment is not easy, you need to make it look good, but at the same time, you can’t spare any space for unnecessary decoration pieces. The idea is to decorate with functionality.

So, here are some amazing décor ideas for a small apartment that will make it look amazing and are convenient as well.

Use Lighter Colored Paints and Furniture

Decor Ideas for Small Homes & Apartments
Decor Ideas for Small Homes & Apartments

Lighter colored paints can make a small apartment look more open and airy, while dark and bold colors have the opposite effect. Many interior designers and real estate experts suggest using light colored paints on the walls.

Another great option you can use is to paint one wall in a bold color while making the remaining walls lighter. This adds a lot of style to your small home.

Also, remember to follow the light color scheme when selecting the furniture. Choose light colors with some signature pieces that are brightly colored. This creates a great effect of colors that make a rather small apartment feel open and welcoming.

Utilize Smart Storage Solutions

small living home decor ideas for small homes
small living home decor ideas for small homes

Of course, if you have a small apartment one of the biggest issues you will have to face is limited storage. Therefore, you will have to employ some smart storage tactics.

Use unconventional areas to add storage. You should make drawers under the beds, make a lot of vertical shelves and build some hideaway storage locations.

If your small home or apartment has some stairs, then adding storage under the stairs is a great solution. You should also use some smart hacks like hanging the shoe holder to the doors of your closets and use them to store small items.

Invest in Collapsible Furniture to Save Space

pinterest home decor ideas for small homes
pinterest home decor ideas for small homes

If you have a small apartment or home, your furniture needs to be mobile and collapsible. The market is full of some amazing furniture pieces that take up very little space and have a lot of functionality.

You can also get an amazing murphy bed that can collapse into the wall to save space. There are also many dining tables that can be collapsed to make larger tables if you have extra people over.

Getting collapsible furniture will allow you to maximize the utility of a small space. If you can’t find the right furniture for your small apartment, you can always have some custom wood furniture on https://bathbuiltfurniture.com made.

Maximize the Flow of Natural Light and Upgrade the Internal Lighting

Natural light is very important, especially for a small apartment. If you want your small apartment to look more open and airy, you should maximize the natural light.

You must use minimal curtains and drapes on the windows and if you do use curtains and drapes, make sure that they are light-colored so that the natural light isn’t completely blocked.

Natural light can really help make your small apartment more welcoming and comfortable. Also, remember to use adequate artificial lighting fixtures for the night.

Limit the use of fluorescent light and use LEDs which produce light more similar to natural light. Use table lamps and other exotic light fixtures to light up the small apartment to add both design and functionality.

Add an Element of Nature and Greenery

home decor ideas for small homes in india
home decor ideas for small homes best

The theme of decorating a small apartment is to make it feel more open, spacious and less congested to the inhabitants.

A great way to do so is adding some elements of nature into the décor. Put some amazing flowers in some decorative vases and display them on tables, shelves or counters.

You should also invest in some artificial ornamental plants to add some greenery to the rooms. The plants will make the rooms look more fresh and open, which is great for a small apartment or home.

Take a Minimalist Approach to the Decoration

Minimalist home decor ideas for small homes in india
Minimalist home decor ideas for small homes

A very common and effective tip that many interior designers and real estate experts give to small apartment owners is taking a minimalist approach while designing their apartments.

This means keeping only the items that are completely necessary. You should try your best to eliminate clutter from your apartment.

It is very easy for clutter to build up, especially in a small apartment.  So, declutter your home regularly and keep the furniture as purposeful and minimal as possible.

Don’t put out any of those large bulky armchairs or tables. Instead, look for more sleek and elegant furniture to have a great and open look to your small apartment.

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