Incredible Wainscoting Bathroom Ideas

Wainscoting Bathroom – When it comes to design or renovate bathroom in your house, it may one of the most confusing jobs. It is because designing or renovating bathroom is a bit tricky. Specific concerns are needed because the humidity and the temperature of bathroom is different from any other rooms in your house.

The humidity in the bathroom is usually higher compared to any other rooms. So that you need to be careful mostly about the material used for designing your bathroom. Yet the functional and aesthetic component still need to be there.

There are a lot of ideas of designing bathroom, one of them is wainscoting bathroom. Here are some ideas of wainscoting bathroom for you who look for some inspirations.

Wainscoting for Bathroom
Wainscoting Bathroom Ideas source : wikimedia

Materials Can Be Used for Wainscoting Bathroom

There are some materials which can be used and suitable for wainscoting bathroom in your house. Here they are.

Wainscoting Bathroom Ceramics

This kind of material is timeless, never out of style. Ceramics is one of the best materials which is able to be used for wainscoting your bathroom. It is because ceramics is the perfect material to be placed in bathroom. It is resistant to the changes of temperature, as well as steam and also moisture.

The treatment for ceramics is easy. Moreover, it has a huge variation and combination, from classic style to modern style. You are able to choose one which is suitable with the style of your house. For example if you want an industrial style, you are able to wainscot your small bathroom with colorful ceramics.

Wood Wainscoting Bathroom

It may surprise you when woods are chosen for the materials used for wainscoting in your bathroom. This idea is not really surprising if you remember that most sauna and spa places use wooden material for their walls.

If you want to use woods materials to wainscot your bathroom, it will be better if you choose the kinds of tropical forest woods, such as teak wood.

It is because woods from tropical forest are more resistant to humidity and steam compared to any other kinds of woods. Woods will bring warm atmosphere to your bathroom because of its natural colors.

But you cannot forget that wooden materials need a regular treatment. It is a good idea if you apply protection of polyurethane for your wooden wainscoting in your bathroom.

Natural Rocks

If you really want natural rocks as the material used for wainscoting your bathroom, it means you also really need to spend some money. This kind of material for wainscoting is quite pricey though the range of the price is various.

Natural rocks material in order to wainscot bathroom is a unique choice. It is able to bring unique yet elegant style to your bathroom.

Each natural rock is able to bring different style to your bathroom in your house. For example if you want a rustic style, you are able to choose marble for the wainscoting. Limestone and slate are also suitable as the materials used to wainscot your bathroom.

You may think that bricks is not common material used to wainscot bathroom. It is because bricks has rough surface, the treatment is pretty complicated and need to be done regularly so that dirts and fungus do not pile up. But bathroom wainscot which uses bricks as the material is pretty trendy nowadays.

Bricks is the unique and attractive choice to be brought to your bathroom as the wainscoting. This kind of material is really suitable for you who love industrial style or unfinished style in your house. Bathroom wainscot with bricks material is suitable for bathroom for guests.


When it comes to wainscot bathroom, plastic is able to be said as the most suitable material to be used. The resistance of plastic to dampness, steam, and also water is really great.

The treatment is also easy, you just need to rub it with wet cloths. Moreover, the price is really low, so that it is suitable for you who want a small budget for wainscoting.

Types of Wainscoting Bathroom

Wainscoting a Bathroom
Beadboard Wainscoting Bathroom source : Jacqueline Marque

There are 3 types of wainscoting, the first is beadboard. Beadboard is the basic type of wainscoting. It consists of panels which are made from wooden materials with vertical lines. This kind of wainscoting is really suitable for you who want bring elegant atmosphere and country style to the rooms of your house.

The second type of wainscoting is shadow boxes. This type of wainscoting is literally suitable for you who want to add some depths and dimensions in the room of your house you plan to wainscot.

Shadow boxes kind of wainscoting uses ogee molding in order to make frames series on the walls of the rooms in your house. This is the way how this kind of wainscoting able to add some depth and dimensions in your room.

The last but not least type of wainscoting is molding of panels. The panels which are raised used in order to create secretive boxes which are classic. The boxes are placed in the lower parts of the walls in your rooms.

When you decide to wainscot the rooms in your house, you decide to change the whole look in your room. Wainscoting is the instant way to bring a completely new look to your room you plan to wainscot.

The materials used for wainscoting is also various, and each material is able to bring different style and each material also has its own pros and cons. Some materials for wainscoting is able to be painted, stained, and also modified. So that you are able to make it matches with the style in your house you already have gotten.

The durability of each material is also different. When it comes to choose materials for wainscoting, you need to be concerned about the temperature and the dampness of the rooms in your house you plan to wainscot. Because the resistance of each material for wainscoting is also different.

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