20 Amazing Examples of Attic Closet Ideas You’d Want to Try

When it comes to the closet, no one can get enough of it. The problem is, there is only limited space in your house. What you should do to meet your closet needs, then? Look up to the attic. Here we will show you how amazing attic closet ideas can be.

Our closet ideas in attic vary wildly. That means you are likely to find some to your liking whatever your favorite décor is. From simple and compact closets, kids’ closets, to a luxurious one, we have it all here. Alright, let’s get to the ideas now, shall we?

Luxury Closet

Attic Walk in Closet Ideas Luxury Closet
source : Mary Cook

Let’s start with slanted attic closet ideas. The attic is indeed a flexible space that can be turned into just about anything, including a closet. Although it is flexible, the main downside is its awkward shape particularly the slanted walls and a narrow ceiling.

To deal with such a situation, you can add cabinets and shelves at the parts where the wall is straight. Adding dark wood furniture will help as well.

This one here is a great example of such ideas. The cabinets and shelves are functional and at the same time, move the attention away from the slanted walls to them.

Compact and Simple

Slanted Ceilings Attic Closet Ideas Compact and Simple
Slanted Ceilings Attic Closet Ideas source : Andrea Gary

When it comes to the attic, no one homeowner has the exact attic. Some have a large attic. Some have a small attic. If you are the latter, these attic ideas are for you. Notice how the furniture is cleverly arranged in such a small attic.

The slanted and narrow part is occupied with a long, large cabinet for shoes and clothes. On the other side, there is a hanger on the side for longer clothes, dresses, and the likes. Yes, be mindful and creative with your attic, regardless of its size. If you have a small attic, keep these attic closet ideas in your mind.

Attic Walk-in Closet

Finished Attic Closet Ideas Attic Walk-in Closet
source : TG-Studio

The best thing about closet ideas for the attic is that you can’t go wrong. First, it is because of the attic’s flexibility. And second, because no one has the same attic which means you have to be creative with what you have.

For instance, if you have a long attic, you may want to try one-sided attic walk in closet ideas. The one-sidedness of the closet not just makes it easy for you to find what you want but also makes the best use of the long space of the attic. The bonus is that it looks just amazing.

Wall Closet in Attic

Custom Attic Closet Ideas Wall Closet in Attic
Custom Attic Closet Ideas source : decorpad

When we mentioned that you have to be creative with what you have, we really mean it. Yes, including even if you have a pillar of bricks in the middle of the attic.

Rather than thinking the pillar as an obstacle to your décor, think of it as a visual separator that divides the space into two parts.

Notice how on the right side, there are clothes, shoes, and other items. While on the left, there are storage and a comfy chair.

Thanks to the pillar, now you can separate the attic functionally and aesthetically. If you have a pillar or the likes, this is one of the most creative attic closet ideas you’d want to try.

Kids’ Closet

DIY Attic Closet Ideas Kids’ Closet
DIY Attic Closet Ideas source : styleroom

This one is a bit different than the other closet ideas in attic. This attic closet is for the kids, as you can see from the less serious and dramatic décor.

Since the attic is narrow, it can be turned into such an amazing closet for kids. Why? Because everything is within reach for kids.

The items can be easily reached by kids. Even if they can’t, adding a step will be enough to accommodate for that. Having a designated closet for kids on the attic is also makes managing and cleaning easier as the kids’ and the adults’ clothes are separated.

DIY Attic Closet

Slanted Attic Closet Ideas DIY Attic Closet
Slanted Attic Closet Ideas source : pinterest

The main advantage of DIY attic closet ideas is the fact that you can make the attic closet however you like it. Yes, including adding a changing room in the closet. Don’t worry. Adding a changing room doesn’t take much to do.

What you need to do is to add curtain rails sticking on the ceiling. Of course, you want to position the room in the corner as it will be easier to make. As for the storage, you can add anything that makes use the best out of the space.

Comfy Closet with Bedroom

Attic Closet Ideas Bedroom Comfy Closet with Bedroom
Attic Closet Ideas Bedroom source : homesthetics

Generally, the larger the attic is, the more attic closet ideas you can try. Have enough room for more than a closet? Why not add a comfy bed in it? No one says that you can’t make a closet and a bedroom in a single place. So, go ahead and try.

The only problem for such closet ideas for attic bedrooms is how the attic is arranged. If it is arranged properly, like this one here, then the attic closet/bedroom will look comfy and nice. Otherwise, it will disorganized or worse, crampy.

Keep It Simple

Small Attic Closet Ideas Keep It Simple
Small Attic Closet Ideas source : bonjourblissblog

When it comes to attic closet organization ideas, there is no need to go luxurious or superfluous if you don’t want to. That’s right. You can go minimalist and keep things simple for the attic closet.

For example, installing simple hangers like this rather than adding full-size cabinets for clothes. Such a simplistic approach will free up lots and lots of space, giving you more space to work with. It is also a great solution for the awkward shapes in the attic.

‘Hidden’ at the Attic

Small Slanted Attic Closet Ideas ‘Hidden’ at the Attic
Small Slanted Attic Closet Ideas source : gapinteriors

There are people who don’t like to showcase their wardrobe or want to keep things private. If you are like this, then consider these attic closet ideas: create a closet that hides what’s inside well. The closet is there when you open it and ‘hidden’ when it is closed.

To camouflage the closet better, paint the storage doors with the same paint as its surroundings. For example, paint it white if the walls and ceiling are white, like this one here. Other than being less visible, this will give the closet a tidy and organize look.

On the Corner

Attic Closet Ideas On the Corner
source : alleideen

Admittedly, corners are the most difficult area to manage. That doesn’t mean you should leave them alone unused. On the contrary, you need to make use of them so there is no wasted space in the house. For that, you need a bit of ingenuity.

This one here is a good example of how you can make use of a corner in the attic. Notice how the corner is turned into a cabinet. Two parts are for hanging clothes while a part is for smaller items. This alone saves lots of space, allowing you to use them for other purposes.

All-white Closet

Cheap Attic Closet Ideas All-white Closet
source : houseofjinteriors’s

The next on our attic closet ideas list is an all-white closet. Why white? There are many reasons why but most importantly white is a great background color. This will make your colorful clothes and other items to stand out, showcasing them.

Another great thing is that it looks bright, clean, tidy and modern. As the closet is mainly white, you can easily spot stains and clean them. White may be a basic color, but it is a great choice of color, nonetheless.

More Than Just a Closet

Attic Storage Room Ideas More Than Just a Closet
source : bhg

There are just so many things you can try on your attic. Turning it into a closet is just one of them. If there is space left, you can turn it into something else. For instance, a master bedroom.

A master bedroom with a closet gives you extra space to relax. This works especially well if you have little closet needs, a large attic or both. Either way, having such an extra space for a bedroom and closet will be nice.

Speaking of the attic, you can turn your attic into a room too. Want to know what kind of a room an attic can be? Check out these attic room ideas.

Ambient Lighting

Attic Closet Door Ideas Ambient Lighting
source : closetcity

The mood of a room is set by not just the furniture and its arrangement. The lighting is also important. Of course, this also applies to the attic closet as well. If you want to set the mood of your room, one of the best attic closet ideas is to add ambient lighting like this one here.

Notice how an otherwise normal closet turns into something more, something special. The closet looks and feels warmer. And it all thanks to the lighting.

Maximize the Space

Sloped Attic Closet Ideas Maximize the Space
Sloped Attic Closet Ideas source : apartmenttherapy

Have a small attic? Don’t be sad. Even with a small attic, you can still do so many things. Just look at this attic closet. Okay, it might not be as aesthetic as the other attic closet ideas on the list. Yet, it still looks good and fully functional as a closet. And it comes in pink, which sets a bright and cheerful mood.

Tidy and Organized

Attic Storage Shelving Ideas Attic Closet Ideas Tidy and Organized
source : apartmenttherapy

It is never bad to be tidy and organized. An attic closet, just like the usual closet, should be made in a way that managing and cleaning are easy.

Notice how the closet consists of layers. The top layer for boxes, the second and third for folded clothes, while the bottom layer is for hanging clothes. Tidy and organized.

Stylish Attic Closet

Attic Storage Door Ideas Attic Closet Ideas Stylish Attic Closet
source : Better That Home

While the attic can be turned into just about anything a homeowner wants it to. It is, however, among the most overlooked space in a house. It is not surprising that many homeowners don’t think the attic can be a stylish closet. Well, it can. This one you see here is an excellent example of how stylish it can be.

These are amazing attic closet design ideas. The closet is divided into two parts with two ambient lightings that set the mood. When it is opened, it looks as if the attic closet is welcoming you. Who wouldn’t want that?

Attic Closet Small Space

Deep Attic Closet Ideas Attic Closet Small Space
Deep Attic Closet Ideas source : thisoldhouse

An attic with small space available requires different treatments than a big one. Since having standalone cabinets will only cramp the space, one of the best attic closet ideas will be to incorporate built-i cabinets instead.

Look how these built-ins fit nicely in the attic. You still get all the functionality and storage with minimal space usage. This enables you to move freely in your attic closet. Visually, it can be made better by incorporating the same color palette as the attic itself.

Keep It Bright

Attic Storage Space Ideas Keep It Bright

Depending on how your attic looks like, some attic room closet ideas may or may not fit you. Let’s say that your attic has no window. In that case, you need to ensure that the attic closet is well-lit. Yes, all closets must have proper lighting, particularly ones that don’t have a natural light source.

Keeping the attic closet bright is also good for another reason too. With a well-lit closet, you can showcase your favorite clothes in your closet. After all, who wouldn’t want to see their favorite clothes in the closet? So, always keep your attic closet bright.

Try Short Closet

Closet Ideas in Attic Try Short Closet
source : closetcity

If you have an angled roof, then this is among the best attic closet storage ideas for you. An angled roof leaves you with awkward space in your attic. But don’t fret. You need to see your surroundings and make the best out of it. In this case, adding cabinets that fit the angle of the roof.

Notice how here there is no space is left unused. Each and every nook is turned into storage. Now that’s what you call maximizing the space. Another amazing thing about this attic closet is it has room for everyone, both adults and kids.

Warm and Welcoming

Attic Closet Ideas DIY Warm and Welcoming
Attic Closet Ideas DIY source : Amber Interiors

The last but not least in our attic closet ideas list is a warm and welcoming closet. Look how beautiful this closet is. It is so beautiful you wouldn’t even think it is an attic.

The styling is smart, combining modern and chic touches. The rug on the floor adds a warm and welcoming vibe, making it even better.

As for the organization, the closet has enough room for each group of clothes. For example, light-colored clothes are in a single storage. So are dark-colored clothes and shoes. It is an amazing attic closet, both functionally and aesthetically.

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