21 Terrific Coffee Bar Ideas to Help You Prepare Your Morning Coffee

Who can start their day without their morning coffee? It is always nice to start the day with a cup of coffee. Sure, we can just go to a local coffee shop and grab a cup but wouldn’t it be awesome if we have our own coffee bar to prepare our daily need? Here we listed 21 coffee bar ideas to help you do just that.

From the simple and minimalist, rustic, to the modern. Our ideas here will inspire you to create your dream coffee bar. Ready? Let’s get started now.

Corner Coffee Bar Ideas

Coffee Bar Ideas for Home Corner Coffee Bar Ideas
Coffee Bar Ideas for Home source : afarmhousereborn

Let’s start with something smart and creative. Here’s a question: what is the most underused space in the whole house? That’s right.

The answer is the corner. The thing is, you shouldn’t leave any space underused. You need to make the best out of it, including the corner.

If you have an unused corner, transforming them in your own coffee bar table is a smart idea. Don’t have shelving for the mugs? Install hangers on the wall and hook your mugs on them. Smart? Of course. Creative? Without a doubt.

Coffee Bar Sign Ideas

Coffee Bar Sign Ideas Coffee Bar Sign Ideas
source : luvleecreations

Add more style to your house with a rustic coffee bar design. While the main purpose of a coffee bar is, well, to enable you to make coffee, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it stylish. If you can, you should.

Making a rustic coffee bar is one of the best coffee bar ideas to add style into your house. If your house has a rustic décor, the coffee bar will complement it. If it doesn’t, the coffee bar will become an interesting focal point given how attractive it can be.

Charming Coffee Station

Coffee Bar Ideas for Party Charming Coffee Station
Coffee Bar Ideas for Party source : our 4 walls

Be it to make a morning or afternoon coffee, having a relaxing coffee bar design is certainly nice. How could it not? You make a cup of your favorite coffee while enjoying the relaxing vibe from the coffee bar table.

Don’t worry, designing a relaxing coffee bar is not that difficult. Just keep everything simple, add a pot of living plant, and wall décor with your favorite quote on it. It shouldn’t take much space so you probably can make it even if you have a small space left.

Coffee Bar Shelf

Kitchen Coffee Bar Ideas Coffee Bar Shelf
Kitchen Coffee Bar Ideas source : pinterest

When you have lots of items and equipment to store, you will need more storage. So the next in our coffee bar ideas list is to create a coffee bar shelf.

With shelving, you will have more storage to keep whatever you need while keeping the table only for the necessary ingredients and equipment.

What if the shelving is not enough? Say you need to place your coffee mugs. That’s easy. Just hang an iron bar underneath the shelving and install hooks. Voila! Space-efficient and easily accessible mug storage.

Looking for some inspiration for your coffee table? We got your back. Here we collected lots of coffee table ideas to inspire you. Be sure to check them out!

Home Coffee And Tea

Coffee Bar Ideas Home Coffee And Tea
Coffee Bar Ideas Home source : society19

For some homeowners, the modern style is the best option. Unlike other styles, the modern style doesn’t require complex or elaborate designs to look good. It tends to keep things simple but manages to look good at the same time.

Notice how appealing the small coffee bar design is. Yet, complex or elaborate designs are not in the vicinity. As it turns out, simplicity is its strongest point. It is not a mistake, let alone a weak point.

Coffee Bar Ideas for Kitchen

Coffee Bar Ideas for Kitchen
source : amazinginteriordesign

Some of our coffee bar ideas here are fitting to be used on space of any size. This ‘pocket’ coffee bar table is among the best ones that use the available space efficiently. It is created in one corner of the room, doesn’t eat up too much space, and looks very good. Amazing, isn’t it?

Since it uses the corner, the space that is often left unused, you can go all out. Occupy most of the walls on the corner. So long as you keep things organized and not look cramped, it is all fine and dandy.

Farmhouse Coffee Bar

Home Coffee Bar Ideas Farmhouse Coffee Bar
source : diannedecor

No one can deny how beautiful the farmhouse décor is. In addition to its good look, the farmhouse décor also bring warmth and an inviting vibe to the space. That makes it a great style choice for a coffee bar table, especially if you often a lot of guests visiting.

Most of the items in this coffee bar design are in cream. There are several darker colors as well, which accentuate and balance the farmhouse look.

These color combinations are what make the farmhouse coffee bar table look appealing without needing any bold color.

Coffee Bar Table Ideas

Coffee Bar table Ideas Coffee Bar Table Ideas
Coffee Bar Station Ideas Coffee Bar Table Ideas 2
source : Ana White

The next example in our coffee bar ideas list is an amalgamation of the past and the contemporary. That is, the old décor style meets the new contemporary style.

On the left side of the coffee bar table, the decorations and items look aged. On the right, there is a shiny, metal refrigerator that looks futuristic.

The best thing about this amalgamation is that since the two styles are separated, they balance and contrast each other, creating a very attractive coffee bar design. It is a ideal balance. If they are mixed, it will not look as attractive.

Sideboard Coffee Buffet

Coffee Bar Ideas Pinterest Sideboard Coffee Buffet
source : Ana White

Utility and function shouldn’t be the only that you put your focus on. Why is that? Because how the coffee bar looks and feels are important, too. This is especially true if you often enjoy your cup of coffee with your guests.

This coffee bar is separated into two halves: upper and lower. The upper half is mostly dark brown with other colors sprinkled here and there. The lower is mostly white. This color scheme, along with the mini barn doors at the bottom, gives off a warm and welcoming vibe.

Modern Coffee Bar Ideas

Coffee Bar Design Ideas Modern Coffee Bar Ideas
source : lonny

Some décor styles are just foolproof. They can be used in any interior at any time and will look good every time. Among this décor style is black and white. So if you want something that just can’t go wrong, picking black and white décor style is certainly a great idea.

Notice how most parts of this dining room is in white. And yet, somehow the coffee bar upper half is mostly black. The color difference brings attention to the coffee bar, turning it into an unmissable focal point of the dining room.

Perhaps you want to redesign your dining room along with your coffee bar? If you do, you don’t want to miss our exciting dining room ideas here.

Coffee Bar Shelf Ideas

Coffee Bar Ideas for Office Coffee Bar Shelf Ideas
source : sweet homedecor

A mostly white coffee bar décor isn’t bad, either. However, if you want to go down this route, you need to add a few accent colors so the white won’t be overwhelming. For example, green from plants and brown from wooden decorations.

Another thing you need to do is to give enough space in between the items. Giving enough space will prevent the coffee bar décor from looking overcrowded, which is never good. Just like other coffee bar ideas, paying attention to small details will make a huge difference.

Small Coffee Bar

DIY Coffee Bar Ideas Small Coffee Bar
source : shopstyle

Choosing a rustic style doesn’t mean you have to go for the old-school looks. Rustic is much more than that. It is more about the warmth that it brings. As such, you can combine it with other styles like the modern style.

The partition of items and décor on the square cabinet is a nice move. It showcases what is the inside while simultaneously ensuring easy access to the items.

Above, the layered platforms do the same thing. The coffee machine gives a modern touch. The framed decoration at the top is an excellent finishing touch.

Rustic Coffee Bar Decor

Rustic Coffee Bar Ideas Rustic Coffee Bar Decor
source : etsy

In some cases, a simple coffee bar design can look better than an elaborate one. This is particularly true in a small space setting, in which you have to be ingenious in using the limited available space. Notice how simple this coffee bar is.

What makes this coffee bar memorable is the mug hanger. It has the owner’s favorite quote written on its surface. With such a simple overall design, this quote becomes more noticeable. And as a whole, the simple coffee bar feels more personalized because of that.

Vintage Coffee Bar Cabinet

Built in Coffee Bar Ideas Vintage Coffee Bar Cabinet
source : pinterest

There is always a room for the vintage style in our coffee bar ideas. There is a good reason for that, of course. For example, no other style can bring a classy, nostalgic, and elegant feel and look better than the vintage style. This style is all about those.

Except for the coffee machine, most of the items and decorations look so old, even the wooden cabinet. The cups, the ingredient containers, the color scheme, and the rest have a vintage look. Notice how the white items are placed on the top shelves, creating interesting visual cues.

Keep It Simple

Coffee Bar Ideas Keep It Simple
source : silicatestudio.shelfology

Going overboard rarely works. On the other hand, keeping things simple is almost always works. While we don’t suggest all of our readers to be minimalists, we do suggest keeping the coffee bar design simple.

That’s not to say you can’t go for a more elaborate design. You can, but make sure that all of the items on the coffee bar have a purpose, either functional, aesthetical or both just like items in the coffee bar here. This coffee bar is a good example of how keeping things simple can make a coffee bar looks amazing.

Coffee Bar Chalkboard Ideas

Modern Coffee Bar Ideas Coffee Bar Chalkboard Ideas
Modern Coffee Bar Ideas source : grayhousestudio

Combine rustic and vintage to get a warm, welcoming, and nostalgic vibe. The coffee bar design here looks old and endearing. It makes you feel comfortable. If you have a guest, they will feel at home, thanks to the design of the coffee bar.

There is no focal point in the coffee bar as there is nothing that looks stand out from the other. Instead, it is, as a whole, is the focal point of the room. It is among the most unique coffee bar ideas here.

Coffee Bar Cart Ideas

Coffee Bar Cart Ideas Coffee Bar Cart Ideas
source : pinterest

Less is more is the main principle of minimalism. If you have a small space, want something simple or both, this very minimalistic coffee bar suits you better than the other coffee bar ideas.

Not only this coffee bar looks very simple, but it also contains mostly essentials. Better yet, this coffee bar is portable, thus allowing you to move it around to the spot you’d like it to be.

Coffee Bar Shelf Ideas

Coffee Bar Shelf Ideas Coffee Bar Shelf Ideas
source : sweet homedecor

When you choose the rustic style for your coffee bar décor, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to mix lighter and darker colors to create a contrast. A mostly white décor can work just as well. In some cases, works better.

Since the coffee bar is mostly white with several accent colors, it looks quite pleasant to the eyes. Indeed, this coffee bar just makes you feel warm and comfortable.

Coffee Bar Ideas for Kitchen

Coffee Bar Ideas for Kitchen Counter Coffee Bar Ideas for Kitchen
Coffee Bar Ideas for Kitchen Counter source : dearlillieblog

There is nothing more inviting than a coffee bar with a blackboard and fresh, natural touch to accompany it. And this coffee bar has them all.

A blackboard behind the coffee bar is a nice addition. It allows you to write your secret coffee recipes, your favorite quotes or just about anything. The greeneries on the left makes the coffee bar for kitchen feels alive and more inviting.

Simple DIY Coffee Bar

Coffee Bar Ideas for Small Spaces Simple DIY Coffee Bar
Coffee Bar Ideas for Small Spaces source : pinterest

The last in our coffee bar ideas is a simple coffee bar DIY. For this coffee bar, you will need a cabinet with two drawers and space underneath, a wooden tabletop, and shelving at the top. Very simple, isn’t it?

While it may be so simple in terms of design, it is fully functional and looks good. And thanks to its simplicity, it is easy to manage and organize the ingredients and equipment. This design fits you well if you like to be simple and organized.

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