20 Amazing Bathroom Window Ideas that Will Inspire You

A bathroom should have a window. Why? Because a window enables light to enter and make the room appear larger than it is. Not to mention it allows you to enjoy the outside view as well. Here, we will share no less than 20 bathroom window ideas so you know how amazing a bathroom with a window can be.

From a simple small window to a large and intricate one, we have it all. The size of the window is not that important. What is important is how the window is decorated and styled. We also put privacy into consideration as well, so there is nothing to worry about it. OK now let’s move on to the ideas.

Three in a Row

Curtains for Bathroom Window Ideas Three in a Row
Curtains for Bathroom Window Ideas source : overstock

How many windows should you have? When it comes to numbers, there is no limit on how many windows you should have for your bathroom. After all, windows do come in various shapes and sizes. What actually matters is whether or not the window(s) suits your bathroom.

Take a look at these windows. There are three of them within a single row. These windows allow the abundance of sunlight. They allow the breeze to enter as well, thanks to their design. What’s great about them is that you can open/close whichever window you like. You can’t do this with a single large window.

Low Window with Blind

Bathroom Window Treatment Ideas Low Window with Blind
privacy bathroom window ideas source : decorpad

The next on our bathroom window ideas are low windows with a blind. Adding a blind to a window is always a good idea. It gives you privacy when you need it and blocks unwanted sunlight when it gets too hot. And when needed, you can just store them above the window.

Although the windows themselves don’t have a unique or intricate design, they complete the all-white looks of the bathroom. The gray blind, on the other hand, stands in contrast with the room. It breaks the routine and introduces something interesting to the space.

High Windows

Bathroom Window Ideas for Privacy High Windows
Bathroom Window Ideas for Privacy source : frenchcountrycottage

What if you can’t create low windows but still want them? In that case, high windows would be an excellent idea. If it is not possible to keep the lower windows part open, just cover them with blinds and keep the high windows open.

With the windows high on the wall, there is no need to worry about privacy anymore. The placement should still give you ample natural light, too. That’s functionality. As for the aesthetic aspect, small, uniform-shaped rectangle windows do look amazing. The shadows make it even more dramatic.

One Is Enough

Small Bathroom Window Ideas One Is Enough
Small Bathroom Window Ideas source : keystoinspiration

There are cases when you can’t have multiple windows or a large one. Don’t be discouraged, though. Even a small single window can wonder. For example, if it is a basement bathroom. In that case, one of the best bathroom window ideas is to create a small window.

Notice how the window here not just lets sunlight enter the room but also complements the styling as well. The window is far from plain, being styled with a modern touch. Privacy is not a concern here as well, since the window is placed up there and is small in size, making it easily covered.

Windows to the World

Bathroom Window Covering Ideas Windows to the World
source : Siberian Floors

If there is enough space for it, landscape windows are an excellent idea. How could it not? It gives you the full view of the horizon ahead. This makes taking a bath much, much more relaxing. Especially if there is a breeze coming in from the outside.

The landscape windows here are separated into three parts, which you can individually adjust. They are also all-white, which helps to create an integrated look in the bathroom. As for privacy, putting on a thin blinder will be more than enough to protect your privacy while allowing natural light to enter.

Make It Natural

Bathroom Window Ideas Small Bathrooms Make It Natural
Bathroom Window Ideas Small Bathrooms source : contemporist

Unlike the other bathroom window ideas that rely on the outdoors for the relaxing greeneries, this one here includes them in the bathroom. That’s right. Make your bathroom more natural and fresh by adding some greeneries on the window.

What makes this window even better is the fact that it is a sliding window. When you close it, it will look like a large terrarium. Amazing, isn’t it? The window also has a blinder as well, so you can always keep your privacy safe at all times. The window, in and of itself, is an interesting visual cue.

Bathroom Window with Roman Shades

Large Bathroom Window Ideas Bathroom Window with Roman Shades
Large Bathroom Window Ideas source : Emily Webster

When it comes to bathroom window ideas, you need to be considerate of the layout around it. For instance, bathroom windows should be at least slightly taller than a bathtub. First, it is for privacy. And second, windows that are lower than the bathtub just don’t work, practically or aesthetically.

Just like any other windows, you can see the outdoors unobstructed through them. Since each window has a blind, you can set them up yourself whenever you need privacy or prevent excessive light. What is more interesting is the blind, which softly filter the light and protects your privacy at the same time.

‘Stacked’ Windows

Bathroom Shower Window Privacy Ideas ‘Stacked’ Windows
source : homestolove

Want to make your bathroom more stylish? Try ‘stacking’ the windows. These windows are a bit different than the other bathroom windows ideas on the list. Unlike many of the ideas here, these windows are there as both functional windows and as the focal point of the bathroom.

Look how distinguished and unique the windows are. Unlike the other examples, they take the spotlight as the focal points of the bathroom. Not only that, but they also break the routine of the dominant white as well. The ‘stacked’ position only makes them more unmissable.

Simple yet Stylish

Bathroom Window Decor Ideas Simple yet Stylish
source : lonny

A properly designed window is always a delight to have. Be it a simple or intricate window. The window here is of the former, with no intricate design at all. Don’t be mistaken, however. Style can come from simplicity. Notice how this simple window complements the bathroom décor, making it whole.

That’s not all. Notice also the curved arch at the top of the window. This small and subtle touch makes the window and the bathroom more stylish and appealing. It gives a sense of uniqueness too as the window frame is mostly lines and rectangles.

Uniquely Eye-catching

Master Bathroom Window Ideas Uniquely Eye-catching
Master Bathroom Window Ideas source : birminghamhomeandgarden

This is another example of focal point bathroom window ideas. If you want to make the window the focal point of the bathroom, then go for it and go all out. Incorporate unique shapes and patterns, like this yellow round window with unusual patterns here.

Most of the bathroom is in white. This gives the stage for the unique window to stand out and steals attention. The yellow glass from the window distinguishes it from the rest of the bathroom, not in an in-your-face-way but in a much more subtle way.

Is It There?

Bathroom Design Ideas with Window in Shower Is It There
source : desiretoinspire

Can you see where the window is? Correct. On the right corner. If you didn’t pay attention, you wouldn’t even realize there is a window there. This sleek modern window is a nice addition to any bathroom. It works particularly well with modern bathrooms, as expected.

The other windows offer a view on the outdoors, but this one is mainly for providing natural lighting and complement the modern décor. Again, what really matters is how you decorate and style the window. This window shows how a simple window manages to make the bathroom looks much more attractive.

Frosted Glass

Modern Bathroom Window Ideas Frosted Glass
Modern Bathroom Window Ideas source : Houzz

If your priority is privacy and enough natural light for the bathroom, a frosted glass window is among the best bathroom window ideas for you. It makes the inside of the bathroom not visible from the outside while still allowing sunlight to enter. All that without using any blind at all.

The beauty of a frosted glass comes when the sunlight hits it. It looks as if it is ignited and shining brightly, as you can see here. With such a bright color, it makes a unique and energizing statement.

Rustic Bathroom Window

Bathroom Window in Shower Ideas Rustic Bathroom Window
source : Weidmann Remodeling

What kind of window suits an attic farmhouse bathroom? Yup, a farmhouse-style one. You see, the farmhouse décor incorporates lots and lots of wooden surfaces. These wooden surfaces are the ones giving off warmth and a familiar vibe, which the farmhouse décor is known for.

Notice here how the traditional rustic window makes the farmhouse bathroom whole. Since the bathroom is in the attic, there is a subtle and beautiful touch made: the arch of the window. This simple touch makes the bathroom feels even more rustic.

Let It Slide

Bathroom Window Treatment Ideas Pictures Let It Slide
source : pinterest

Can’t be bothered with the opening mechanism of a window? In that case, why don’t you just let it slide? A sliding window makes a great option for many reasons.

Two of them are efficiency and ease of use. Efficient, because you can just slide it to open or close and ease of use, as a few fingers can move it.

Additionally, a sliding window looks slim and sleek. The part being slid does not obstruct the view nor make the space looks cramped. There is just no reason not to like a sliding window.

Minimalist and Natural

DIY Bathroom Window Ideas Minimalist and Natural
DIY Bathroom Window Ideas source : livebybeing

Who says you can’t combine minimalist décor and nature? You can. In fact, the two make a wonderful combination. Take a good look at this bathroom window here. The window is as minimalist as it gets. It provides a nice subtle contrast with the greeneries around and above the bathtub.

The minimalist touch also enables nature to stand out more. This gives the bathroom a relaxing and refreshing vibe. With no distraction, you can focus on easing yourself in the bathroom. One of the best bathroom window ideas if you seek to make the bathroom as relaxing as possible.

Complement the Surrounding

Bathroom Window Privacy Ideas Complement the Surrounding
source : thehousethatjenbuilt_

Although windows with intricate designs are interesting, there are times when choosing simpler windows is the best choice. Remember, the windows are parts of the bathroom. And as parts, they should work in harmony with the rest of the room, either as focal points or as complementing elements.

This simple window here is a great example of a complementing element. Notice how instead of standing out and making a statement, it complements the surrounding décor. As a result, the bathroom looks united with no element looking off.

In the Shower

Glass Block Bathroom Window Ideas In the Shower
Glass Block Bathroom Window Ideas source : houseofgracedesign

The previous bathroom window ideas include bathtubs. This one is very different. There is no bathtub. There is only a shower. Not only that, the placement of the window is interesting as well. Notice how the window is basically in the shower.

This placement works amazingly. First, the window allows for natural light to flow to the bathroom. Second, it provides privacy as the window is so close to the shower which means there is little to none to see from the outside. No blind required.

Landscape Window

Curtains Bathroom Window Ideas Landscape Window
Curtains Bathroom Window Ideas source : weheartit

Let’s say that you want to enjoy the outdoor view unobstructed. What kind of a window should you get? The best answer to that question is a landscape window. A landscape window allows you to see the view with no obstruction at all. You can just see the whole horizon through it.

Since a landscape occupies a lot of space, privacy becomes a concern. This is why a landscape window is best used in the bathroom on the higher floor or attic. Adding a curtain is a must as well.

Focal Point

Bathroom Window Ideas Focal Point
Bathroom Window Ideas source : waitingonmartha

Some of the previous ideas have shown you how window(s) can turn into a focal point for the bathroom. What you need to do is to make it different and contrast with the other parts of the bathroom so it stands out.

If you, for example, have a modern farmhouse bathroom, adding some bright and vibrant colors to the window will turn it into a focal point. It will also make the bathroom more visually appealing as well, as the window breaks the routine.

Windows on Two Sides

Bathroom Bay Window Ideas Windows on Two Sides
source : atlantamagazine

The previous bathroom window ideas use windows only on one side. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the only way to do it. Far from it, windows on two sides are great too.

Notice how there is a large window adjacent to the bathtub and a small window in front of it. Because of this positioning, there will be more lighting, which translates to less dark corners, and the bathroom will look better.

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