20+ Remarkable Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas (Special Edition)

Farmhouse has been chosen as one of desirable house concepts. Combining ranch style with a slight touch of rustic idea, it is not surprising to know farmhouse bathroom ideas are really wanted.

Do you need inspiration to upgrade your bathroom with farmhouse concept? The following ideas will satisfy your desire.

Take a look at these 21 bathroom décor ideas that evoke farmhouse nuance and copy the idea. Be ready for the abundant inspirations!

Farmhouse Floating Shelves

Urban Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas Farmhouse Floating Shelves
Urban Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas img src : blessed_ranch

Bathroom is not merely about personal hygiene but also sanctuary. Transform your boring washroom into calming space to release stress after each working day.

This floating storage will be a perfect addition to pronounce the farmhouse concept you are adopting. The washed out white planks with metal holder provides sturdy support for your personal items, besides serving as focal point in the room.

The open shelves are suitable for toilet paper, cosmetics, or bathroom ornaments for lively atmosphere.

Maximize Space Over the Toilet

Small Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas Maximize Space Over the Toilet
Small Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas img src : pinterest

Provide more space for your small bathroom with these farmhouse bathroom ideas. Wood rack over the toilet gives additional storage for your toiletries, or even candle with aromatherapy. Spending time inside the washroom is never this cozy before!

From aesthetic side, the wood rack above the toilet also adds more value. Instead of plain bathroom wall, the open shelves serve as decoration especially if you know how to organize it properly.

Metal Rack Above Sink, So Practical

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas Metal Rack Above Sink, So Practical
Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas img src : farmfreshhomestead

Washing your face or brushing your teeth in bathroom sink will be more convenient with this metal rack. Coming with towel holder, you can reach out the towel and dry your face immediately. No more water drops on the floor!

Metal rack above the sink is also great idea to add decoration inside your bathroom. Grab some indoor plants and put it on the rack for natural accent. Oh wait! Do not forget the industrial task lighting that makes everything visible.

Secure Your Shelves with Industrial Pipe

Industrial Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas Secure Your Shelves with Industrial Pipe
Industrial Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas img src : houseofhawthornes

Do you need to install open shelves? Industrial pipes are all you need to employ. The pipes will suit best with washed out wood plank to perfect your farmhouse or rustic bathroom ideas.

The pipe is so sturdy that you can hold almost anything, even the heavy one. Either you want to make open shelves for towel storage or accessories, industrial pipes are trustworthy.

Here are some tips to use industrial pipes as your shelf holder:

  • Measure to get the precise location and mark with pencil.
  • Make hole on the wall for the screw to secure the pipe.
  • Choose lightweight wood to reduce the load.

Farmhouse and Industrial, Match Enough

Gray Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas Farmhouse and Industrial, Match Enough
img src : cherishedbliss

Combining farmhouse and industrial concept results a fresh look inside your bathroom. The warm atmosphere from farmhouse nuance blends with cold ambience resulted from industrial style.

To create an amazing bathroom with farmhouse-industrial combination, you can try to employ industrial pipes to hold rustic wood planks. Besides, light fixture will accentuate industrial concept you are adopting. Do not miss the bordered giant wall to reflect the light.

Farmhouse Bathroom Storage for Tiny Space

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas from Home Depot Farmhouse Bathroom Storage for Tiny Space
Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas Small img src : hometalk

If you need farmhouse bathroom ideas for narrow space, this all-white floating storage will be sufficient. Above the toilet is a strategic location to organize your personal items without disturbing your movement.

To create a chic farmhouse nuance, choose solid white scheme. Combine with farmhouse cabinet for harmonious appearance.

The bathroom remodel ideas are applicable for any narrow bathroom, either you live in an apartment or urban house.

Bring Some Greens

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas Small Bring Some Greens
Pictures of Urban Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas img src : rock.n.robs

Bathroom is your sanctuary to relax after stressing days. Bring in tranquility and get closer to nature by employing greeneries inside the bathroom.

Open shelves will be a perfect place to keep the small plants in place. Not only do the plants fresh up the bathroom, it also serves as additional decoration among earth-tone elements.

Here are tips to bring plants to bathroom:

  • Small plants are suitable for bathroom as they do not take much space.
  • Choose indoor plants that do not require high intensity of sunlight.
  • Consider hanging the plants if you cannot find proper location.

Bathroom Farmhouse Tile Ideas

Coastal Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas Bathroom Farmhouse Tile Ideas
Coastal Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas img src : steamshowerdealer

Not many people know that farmhouse can be elegant. This bathroom indulges every eye that sees it, with the combination of gray wall and shiplap wall on the other side. Eclectic tub provides classy accent together with marble top vanity sink.

Wait! This farmhouse bathroom also has industrial chandelier that matches with black bordered mirror. Harmonious window treatment complements the elements. Overall, the following farmhouse bathroom ideas give a new definition of farmhouse concept.

Be Creative with Shiplap

Black and White Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas Be Creative with Shiplap
Black and White Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas img src : pinterest

Farmhouse and shiplap are matched together. This farmhouse style bathroom employs shiplap wall with gray scheme, combined with double rustic mirrors in contrast color. The wall is also contrast with marble double vanity in white.

To organize your belongings, white bathroom cabinet ideas will be a nice addition to add brightness into the room. The cabinet is designed with open shelving and drawer to keep your personal items in place.

Minimal Is The New Maximal

Victorian Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas Minimal Is The New Maximal
img src : beckiowens

When you are having bathroom remodel project, you desire it to be maximal. Do you know? Minimal is the new maximal. This bathroom décor proves that even simple design can upgrade your bathroom to its best.

Open shelving over the toilet looks simple but it provides high function for the entire bathroom. No more messy area, no more hectic morning as everything is kept in place. This is the real meaning of maximal bathroom.

On Budget Decorating Ideas You Shouldn’t Miss

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas On Budget Decorating Ideas You Shouldn’t Miss
img src : thefrugalhomemaker

Giving a makeover to your bathroom is not always identical with huge budget. With these farmhouse bathroom ideas, you will find that upgrading bathroom can be economical!

The floating shelves are affordable addition that will give major change in your bathroom. Especially for those having small space issue, open shelves above the toilet will be helpful in resolving the problem.

Creating DIY floating shelves are definitely easy. Here are some reasons why you should have one:

  • The materials are everywhere around the house. You can reuse wood planks to save cash.
  • Floating shelves gives extra storage without eating space on the floor. This is a solution for narrow bathroom.
  • This is a creative idea to remodel your bathroom. It gives excitement to know your floating shelves are one of a kind.
  • Open shelves are suitable everywhere. It can also be a great addition for powder room ideas.

Farmhouse Bathroom with Unique Touch

Pictures of Urban Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas Farmhouse Bathroom with Unique Touch
img src : whitecottagehomeandliving

At the time you are bored with recent bathroom design, renovation is all you need to bring back the vibe. What if employing something unique inside? These Moroccan tile adds texture to your plain, boring bathroom.

The black and white ceramic tile on the wall gives extra vibe on your morning routine. Combined with eclectic mirrors, give a new definition to your bathroom.

In the following farmhouse bathroom ideas, bathroom table will give different experience while using the sink. Extra storage is also provided beneath the double sinks.

Cottage Farmhouse Ideas

Simple Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas Cottage Farmhouse Ideas
img src : onekindesign
Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas with Garden Tub Between Vanitys Cottage Farmhouse Ideas 2
img src : onekindesign

Have you ever visited Californian foothills? Then you will find cottage houses with typical interior decorations that are inspiring. Why don’t you bring it home?

Try this cottage idea to evoke fresh atmosphere inside the bathroom. With ladder storage behind the toilet and table with sink, you can feel the freshness of Californian foothills. Do not forget to have shiplap walls and patterned ceramic tiles.

Ladder Shelf, Why Not?

Contemporary Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas Ladder Shelf, Why Not
img src : pinterest

Get rustic ambience with ladder shelf in the bathroom. This traditional shelving design brings you back to medieval era, perfected with rope hanging and textured wall.

This is a creative idea that will redefine your bathroom. Ladder shelf help provides extra storage without eating floor space, making it recommended farmhouse bathroom ideas.

Your toilet paper, towels, and toiletries are now secure. You can also add towel holder to hang the wet ones.

Farmhouse Bathroom Designs with Shiplap

French Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas Farmhouse Bathroom Designs with Shiplap
Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas img src : irwinbuilds
DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas Farmhouse Bathroom Designs with Shiplap 2
img src : irwinbuilds

There are too many ideas in one pictures! This bathroom gets all farmhouse concepts in one place. It combines barn door, shiplap wall, wood grain tile and subway tiles.

It does not stop there! The bathroom also employs rustic bathroom mirrors with border and washed gray cabinet that pronounce farmhouse nuance. Not to mention the rail lighting with halogen bulb to evoke country style. What can be better than these farmhouse bathroom ideas?

Be Creative with Glass Bottle

Boho Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas Be Creative with Glass Bottle
img src : ellaclaireinspired

Actually you can use almost anything to revamp the bathroom including glass bottles or mason jars. This vintage-inspired bathroom is so creative with glass bottles. You can keep soap, loofah, even aromatherapy in glass bottles and let them decorate the room.

Combine with floating shelves to make it more pleasant to your eyes. Here are some tips to use glass bottles or jar for bathroom decorations:

  • Play with size. Choose bottles in different sizes to create accent.
  • Combine bottles with various shapes to add decorative effect to your bathroom.
  • Keep reachable but secure enough to avoid unwanted things.

Clutter No More!

Tiny Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas Clutter No More
img src : thehandmadehome

Simple makeover is effective to keep away clutter from your bathroom. This picture shows how floating shelves are powerful to keep everything in place.

Even if you have tiny bathroom, arrangement is a priority. Maximize space to its most, such as behind the toilet or bathroom corner. Floating shelves help organize your personal items without obstructing your vision to create visually roomier bathroom.

French Country Bathroom

Old Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas French Country Bathroom
Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas img src : pinterest

If you are a big fan of French style, these farmhouse bathroom ideas are what you need to take into account.

Bring country French concept to your urban house with these decoration ideas. The shiplap wall gives warm nuance while the ornaments make it more pronounced.

Combined with framed mirror and bathroom cabinet in rustic style, this is what you need for upcoming bathroom remodel. Small plants provide natural touch that will make your bathroom far from boring.

And don’t miss the tiny detail! Ornament lamp offers magical touch that will make you feel like entering another world.

Decorative Towel Hanger to Define Your Space

Small Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas Decorative Towel Hanger to Define Your Space
img src : lilluna

Towel hanger is never this charming before! Make over your bathroom with this tiny yet powerful decoration to give amazing sensation within the room.

The square rustic frame provides towel hanger with wreath detail in the center. Express your thought by framing expressive words to complete bathroom decoration. This will be a perfect addition for rustic farmhouse bathroom.

If you are employing vintage washroom, these decorative towel hanger ideas are also applicable. You can enhance the decoration with flower wreath combined with aromatherapy candles.

Simple Storage, Farmhouse Perfection

Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas Simple Storage, Farmhouse Perfection
img src : uptownbutrustic

Farmhouse is identical with affordable and simple decoration. These principles lead you to bathroom ideas that are inexpensive and gorgeous.

Open shelving above the toilet gives you easy access for toiletries, towels, including Q-tips that usually hide whenever you need them. This is the end of hectic morning as you know where to get what you need.

Bathroom graphics are also available to express your feeling. Small indoor plants are also great addition for fresh atmosphere. Overall, open shelving are inexpensive and easy to build. Make it for upcoming DIY project!

Relaxing Rustic Decoration with Ladder Rack

Country Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas Relaxing Rustic Decoration with Ladder Rack
Country Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas img src : homedesigninspired

Your rustic farmhouse bathroom deserves creative decoration to upgrade its appearance. For one of a kind storage, consider using ladder racks that are versatile to organize your items including magazines, towels, and toiletries.

Place the ladder rack next to bath tub so that it will be reachable when you are soaking in the tub. For fresher ambience, small plants are suggested to hang above the tub.

Some graphics adds nice detail inside your bathroom. Hanging rustic accessories such as medieval pocket watch or vintage ornaments gives accent to the room.

Farmhouse bathroom ideas are timeless that you can use it anywhere and anytime. Combine farmhouse concept with rustic, vintage, or industrial nuance for more attractive bathroom design ideas. Either you have small or master bathroom, farmhouse are applicable. Are you ready for bathroom remodel?

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