20 Creative Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas for a Comfy and Cozy Bedroom

The bedroom must be comfortable and cozy. It is the place where we rest after doing our daily routines. Each and every part of the bedroom needs to be taken care of.  Yes, including the wall decor. To help you make your bedroom more comfortable and cozy, we listed 20 bedroom wall decor ideas here.

The bedroom’s walls are often left undecorated which are of course plain and boring. Don’t let yours be plain and boring. Instead, make something out of them. The walls are basically blank canvas you can turn into something amazing, as our ideas here will show you.

Scenery Wallpaper

Ideas for Bedroom Wall Decor Scenery Wallpaper
bedroom wall decor ideas modern source : vain_designs

Don’t have the drawing skill to decorate your bedroom wall? No problem. Pick wallpaper with beautiful scenery like this.

A bedroom wallpaper decor helps to set the mood of the room. In this case, the mood of the bedroom is tropical. Notice how the wallpaper here completes the bright and fresh interior.

The best thing about wallpaper is that it is not permanent and easily removable. So if you like to change the mood every now and then, you just have to replace the wallpaper. No remodeling required. Sounds great, isn’t it?

The wall decor matters. The same goes for above bed decor. If your above bed space is currently empty, our ideas here can help you make it unique and extraordinary.

Geometric Shapes

Elegant Bedroom Wall Decor Geometric Shapes
source : ann.living

If you look for something simpler yet look elegant and amazing, consider geometric shapes. Geometric shapes don’t’ look complex as they are comprised of lines and repeated patterns. Yet, made with golden tint with a dark backdrop, it creates a beautiful accent wall for the bedroom.

If the bedroom here is white, it surely wouldn’t look as attractive. That’s just how impactful the wall decor is. There are many bedroom wall decor ideas. Incorporating geometric shapes like this is surely one of the simplest and impactful ideas for bedroom wall decor.

Natural Touch

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas DIY Natural Touch
Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas DIY source : jellinadetmar

Notice how the forest wallpaper here helps to define the mood of the bedroom. And what would fit a bedroom decorated with greeneries like this than a forest backdrop?

When it comes to bringing a fresh vibe, nothing beats nature-inspired bedroom wall decor. The large bedroom wall decor behind the bed makes it as if you are in a forest.

Not to mention when you wake up, you can see plants on your right, left, and front. Now that’s a whole another level of waking up fresh.


Master Bedroom Wall Decor Chalkboard
source : jellinadetmar

Of all bedroom wall decor ideas, using a chalkboard as the wall decor is certainly one of the most versatile. Yes, even if compared to bedroom wall decor pictures or wallpaper. Why? Because you can customize it the way you want to. And there are just endless ways to do so.

Let’s say you currently have a favorite song you listen again and again. Writing the lyric of the song is a good idea for the wall decor.

In a mood to draw? Then just draw to your heart content. A chalkboard also makes a great backdrop for small accessories like photos, pictures, and other wall decorations, too.

World Map

Ideas for Master Bedroom Wall Decor World Map
master bedroom bedroom wall decor ideas source : jellinadetmar

The next one in this list involves stickers. You can’t call yourself a world traveler if you don’t have a map of the world. So, why not decorate your wall with world map stickers like this one? That sure is an excellent way to make the bedroom more interesting. Not to mention it reminds you of your love of travel, too.

While the stickers here are black, which contrasts with the grayish-white wall, you can opt for more colorful bedroom wall decor stickers if you like. Better yet, marks the location on the map that you have visited and/or will visit in the future.

Black Interior

Master Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas Black Interior
Master Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas source : jellinadetmar

With a black accent wall and a black bed, you need to add some accessories to prevent the bedroom from looking bland.

This bedroom here has nice bedroom wall decorations. There is a window-like mirror with extra storage, a wall-mounted lampshade, a circular map, and two photographs.

The bedroom wall decor modern here is quite simple. Simple doesn’t equal bad, though. On the contrary, these wall decorations are unique and feel so personalized, especially with the map and the photographs. So if you have a black accent wall, consider hanging some of your favorite stuff like the wall decorations.

Laurel Wreath

Small Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas Laurel Wreath
Small Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas source : craftberrybush

Less is more, said the minimalists. Well, less certainly can be more if applied properly. And nothing gets simpler than a single letter surrounded by a fresh and lush green wreath.

If you are a minimalist or want a minimalist touch on your bed, such simple and minimalist wall decor is one of the best bedroom wall decor ideas to try.

The white wall serves as the perfect backdrop for the wall decor. With most of the bedroom being white, the wall decor stands out and makes the bedroom more appealing.

Heart Photo Frames

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas Heart Photo Frames
source Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas : Kikilota

Need a couple bedroom wall decor? Here’s an idea: frame the pictures of you and your spouse and hang them on the wall.

Arrange these photos so they become a ‘love’ symbol as seen here. These bedroom wall decor ideas pictures bring intimacy and a romantic vibe to the bedroom.

What’s a better way to wake up to a ‘love’ symbol in each and every morning? Well, there are no ideas for bedroom wall decor that can top that for sure. So, go ahead and hang memorable pictures and spice up your love life!

Flower Wall Hanging

Teenage Girls Bedroom Wall Decor Flower Wall Hanging
source : thelearnerobserver

The strings of flowers and leaves add beauty and air of freshness to the white bedroom. The branch holds them all and brings warmth to the bedroom.

Hanging on a white backdrop, the wall decor makes the otherwise boring and plain white wall into something interesting.

Compared to other ideas for bedroom wall decor, this one is among the simplest ideas. Yet, the wall decor’s simplicity is what elicits its beauty.

Just look how charming this hanging flowers and leaves are. If you want a seasonal bedroom wall decor DIY, put this one on your list.

Farmhouse Touch

Teenage Pinterest Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas Farmhouse Touch
farmhouse bedroom wall decor ideas source : thelittlewhitefarmhouse

Want to make the bedroom feels and looks warmer? Then consider adding farmhouse bedroom wall decor. The farmhouse is well-known for its ability to bring warmth and relaxing vibe to the space. So yes, it is among the best bedroom wall decor ideas to try.

This farmhouse bedroom wall decor here is a good example. The shelving and decorations have earth-tone colors, which not only make the bedroom warmer and relaxing but also add contrast and balance. The result? An attractive, warm and relaxing bedroom.

Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic Bedroom Wall Decor Shabby Chic
source : iamladyscorpio

No ideas for bedroom wall decor feel more personal than hanging memorable photographs on one of the bedroom walls.

The wall decor is, after all, composed of beautiful moments that have been captured. Waking up and seeing that wall of memories will surely put a smile on your face.

The beauty of using memorable photographs as the wall decor is that there will be variations of colors. That is, unless you opt for black and white photographs. Such colorful decorations will be perfect with a white backdrop, like the one you see here.

String Lights

Romantic Bedroom Wall Decor String Lights
source : gfswhotravel

This bedroom is simple, a bit minimalist, and has natural touches here and there. What can make it more appealing? None other than string lights as the bedroom wall decor modern, of course. These string lights make the bedroom brighter and mesmerizing without being too intrusive to the bedroom interior.

Want to make it even more mesmerizing? Arrange the string lights in certain patterns. For example, you can string them horizontally in straight lines, diagonal lines, or even curves. If you want to make the bedroom brighter in a unique manner, one of the most-fitting bedroom wall decor ideas is to hang string lights.

Memory Wall

Stylish Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas Memory Wall
Stylish Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas source : kels

This one is among the most practical and decorative ideas for bedroom wall decor you can try. While this also involves using photographs as the wall decor, this one doesn’t stop there. In addition to photographs, there is also a mirror in the middle as well as hanging decorations above.

The mirror here holds functional as well as decorative values. Decoratively, this makes it as if your reflection is part of the photos which of course makes the wall decor all the more interesting. Above, the decorations bring a cheerful and fun mood.

Naturally Bright

Farmhouse Bedroom Wall Decor Naturally Bright
source : pinterest

When picking bedroom wall decor ideas, you are not limited to just one idea to apply to your bedroom. You can pick two or more ideas for bedroom wall decor and incorporate their design elements to make the bedroom more comfy and cozy.

This one is a nice example of such combinations. Notice how the string lights are accompanied by strings of green leaves. On one hand, the string lights brighten the mood of the room. On the other, the leaves strings make the room feels and looks fresher. What a nice combination!

Simple Memorabilia

Master Bedroom Wall Decor Above Bed Simple Memorabilia
source : themetamorphosis

What do you think? Does this simple bedroom wall decor modern remind you of your college days? Memorabilia can always be turned into amazing wall decor, no matter where it is placed. Of course, that includes the bedroom as well.

These simple memorabilia help to make the room more personalized. And they surely make a visual statement. The best thing about memorabilia is that there are various types of them, which means your bedroom will be filled with various kinds of decorations. That would be an interesting sight to see.

Long Bedroom Wall Ideas

Black and White Bedroom Wall Decor Long Bedroom Wall Ideas
source : stylebyemilyhenderson

As you can see here in our bedroom wall decor ideas list, there are just myriads of ways to make amazing wall decor. The question is this: Is there any foolproof bedroom wall decor modern that looks great all the time? Lucky you, we have one here: use black and white.

The contrast brings not just unmissable bedroom wall decor modern but also makes the bedroom looks more balanced.

Notice how the black wall here allows the black and white bedroom wall decor to shine. And this works for just about any interior style and any room, including the guest bedroom.

The guest bedroom, just like the master bedroom, needs to be made as comfy and comfy as possible. An ideal guest bedroom is one that is relaxing and attractive.  Check out these guest bedroom ideas so you can make an awesome guest bedroom.

Blush Rose

DIY Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas Blush Rose
DIY Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas source : ladyscorpio101

Are you into Tibetan Buddhism or meditation in general? If you are, you probably recognize this tapestry. That’s right. It is a tapestry of a flower mandala. It is a very beautiful wall decor as it makes a subtle statement in the bedroom.

The thing with tapestry is that it can be replaced easily. So if you want a wall decor that can be replaced every now and then, a hanging tapestry is definitely one of the ideas for bedroom wall decor you should try.

Bohemian Decor

Minimalist Bedroom Wall Decor Bohemian Decor
source : vsco

Remember, while there are lots of bedroom wall decor ideas that can inspire you, there is always the DIY-way. Indeed. And nothing screams ‘You’ more than bedroom wall decor ideas DIY.

To add your own DIY wall decor, you don’t have to be skilled in drawing. What you need is a bit of ingenuity. Just look at these cute bedroom wall decor pictures.

They are so simple everyone can make it. So, just go ahead and try making your own wall decor. That would be a very exciting activity

Colorful Geometric Headboard

Bedroom Wall Decor Above Bed Colorful Geometric Headboard
source : akailochiclife

Need ideas for bedroom wall decor for your children? A children’s bedroom needs a bright and colorful decor. Of course, wall decor will be a crucial part of that.

A white wall always makes a great backdrop. As seen here, the wall decor consists of various geometric shapes with each one having a bright color. This kind of wall decor brightens the mood and make the bedroom more fun.


Beach Bedroom Wall Decor Calming
source : wendybellissimo

The last in our bedroom wall decor ideas list is something different. The wall decor here brings a calming and relaxing vibe, without adding anything superfluous or distracting. This makes the bedroom a very comfy and cozy place to rest.

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