20 Gorgeous Black Living Room Ideas to Improve the Looks of Your Living Room

Among other colors, black is one of the most versatile, all-time fashionable and effective in improving the looks of any room. Yes, that includes the living room as well. Here, we listed no less than 20 gorgeous black living room ideas to help you improve your living room with black.

Unlike the other parts of the house where it is more private like (e.g. the bedroom or bathroom), the living room is less forgiving with mistakes. Rest assured. More often than not, black works effectively in transforming the living room. Our black living room décor ideas shall show you that.

Black Wall with Storage

Black Living Room Design Black Wall with Storage
source : emmatulloch

With black being an amazing color, many homeowners color their living room black just like this one here. It looks sophisticated, stylish, and just gorgeous.

What also nice about black living room decor ideas is that it allows bright colored items to stand out. Notice the shelves on the right. Each and every item gets highlighted.

This also frees you to use bright colors for other parts of the living room. Like a blue sofa with footstool, a small coffee table, and a neutral floor.

Black Wall Living Room

Luxury Black Living Room Ideas Black Wall Living Room
Luxury Black Living Room Ideas source : systrarnablom

The next idea on our black living room ideas list is to turn it into a ‘gallery.’ This idea works well regardless of the size of the living room. Why? Because then the attention is turned to the wall.

For a small living room, this makes the room appears larger. For a large living room, it will become the focal point.

In this living room here, the wall successfully displays the art collections. With the sidewalls and ceiling being white, you can’t help but focus on the ‘gallery’. The zebra-motif rug on the floor adds a sweet touch too. Now that’s awesome.

A rug is a quick and easy way to impact the tone of a living room. It is relatively cheap, widely available with myriads of options, and adds style and comfort. Want to know how impactful a living room rug can be? Check these living room rug ideas out.

Black Traditional Living Room

Black and Cream Living Room Ideas Black Traditional Living Room
source : mscraftberrybush

We all have our favorite items that we’d love to show off given the chance. What are yours? Whatever items that may be, you need something to display it. Like black furniture, for example. Look at the cabinets in black and the fireplace here.

The stark contrast between the black surface and the items put on display allow said items to stand out. It works like putting bright and bold colored items on a white background. But here, the background is black rather than white.

Unlike the white background, the black background adds sophistication to the space. So if you have lots of items you want to show off, putting them on black furniture will be among the best black furniture living room ideas for you to try.

Black, Grey, White

Black and White Living Room Ideas Black, Grey, White
source : decorside

Continuing on our black living room ideas list, this time black is combined with only two other colors: white and grey. This tri-colored living room looks so modern and stylish, despite not having any bright and bold primary colors.

The beauty of black and grey living room ideas is that you don’t have to include lots of colors to change the tone of the living room. The black sofa here is the center of attention, with the white components becoming the background and the grey components accentuate the black.

Black Wall Decor

Grey and Black Living Room Ideas Black Wall Decor
Grey and Black Living Room Ideas source : bloglovin

Not all black living room set ideas use lots of decorations and delicate designs. There are ideas that are much simpler and still look gorgeous. This living room with a black accent wall makes a good example of that.

Notice the black wall is decorated with a phrase on the upper right corner. Other than that, the wall is empty. Yet, it adds style and interesting sight to see as now the attention is turned on the phrase. The sofa cushions and pillows have various shades of grey, which complement the black wall.

Sophisticated Black

Black Velvet Sofa Living Room Ideas Sophisticated Black
source : Neopii Interior

There is no denying that black couch living room ideas make a living room looks sophisticated. How sophisticated it looks is, however, depending on the layout of the living room itself. This living room, for example, is set to be not just a living room but also a minibar as well.

This living room/minibar layout furthers the sophisticated look, especially with the black stools and tables on the side. The wall where the TV is has a different color to prevent visual confusion. The red stripe on the couch is a nice touch that breaks the routine, preventing the living room from looking too plain.

Black Living Room Ideas

Black Leather Living Room Ideas Black Sofa Black Living Room Ideas
source : yatze

Of all black living room ideas here, this is among the most unusual. The contemporary styles often employ light-colored, wood, or metallic furniture. So it is not surprising if you wonder whether or not it will work with black. Well, this contemporary living room here is the answer.

Look at how black suits the on-the-now furniture. The unique fireplace in the middle, the also unique set of sofa and table, and even the speaker. All are in black, and all look great. Now that you know it, you shouldn’t hesitate to combine black and contemporary style.

Accent Wall/Gallery for Awkward Space

Modern Black Living Room Ideas Accent Wall Gallery for Awkward Space
Modern Black Living Room Ideas source : Laura Garner

When it comes to black and white living room ideas, there are various ways you can employ black and white combination. In this case, decorating an awkward space. The black wall here undoubtedly makes a statement. But it doesn’t stop there. It also serves as the perfect background for the artwork as well.

The best thing about this setup is how the white surface draws attention to the black wall. In turn, what used to be an awkward space turns into the focal point with a unique shape. This is just how impactful black can be to a living room.

Black and White

White and Black Living Room Ideas Black and White
White and Black Living Room Ideas source : architecturaldigest

Black and white living room decorating ideas always have their place. They are examples of timeless designs. In this living room, you can notice how the space is dominated by black and white. What makes interesting is how balanced it is.

The lower half of the room is black, and the upper half white. There is a white decoration and a black sofa underneath. Even the lamps are balanced, too. This balance creates a stunning view that none can ignore. The vibrant red rose in the middle is a welcome addition, as it adds a beautiful visual cue.

Going Elegant with Black

Black Living Room Ideas Minimalist Going Elegant with Black
Black Living Room Ideas Minimalist source : pinterest

Go elegant with black living room ideas. Black can be elegant, too. The black high walls, the l-shaped sofas, and tables work together in bringing the elegant vibes. Of course, black is not the only color at work. White and earth-tone color on the flooring helps to accentuate as well.

There are various ways you can decorate the living room. If you want to make it feels and looks, your best idea it to make a rustic living room. You can find out more about this here.

A Touch of Nature

Teal Black Living Room Ideas A Touch of Nature
Teal Black Living Room Ideas source : homestolove

There are black living room décor ideas that incorporate nature in it. This one here is an example of such a black living room with natural elements in it. As you can see here, the sophisticated vibe is still there. Thanks to the greeneries, the black living room is also fresher now.

If you want to incorporate a  touch of nature, be sure to do it moderately. Too much of everything is, after all, never good. So is adding too many plants.

Black and Gold Living Room Ideas

Black and Gold Living Room Ideas Black and Gold Living Room Ideas
source : Oroa – Eichholtz Furniture

This is another example of elegant black living room ideas. As expected from an elegant living room, in this room there are beautiful tints of gold. With golden tint and black contrasting each other, you can’t but notice the elegance that comes from them.

The mix and match between the golden tint on the wall and black furniture make an interesting visual cue. The hanging lighting fixtures make it even more so. The grey patterned rug brings warmth and complements the whole.

Serene and Calm

Grey Black Living Room Ideas Serene and Calm
Grey Black Living Room Ideas source : homestolove

We often say that black living room set ideas look sophisticated. They are, as many previous ideas have shown you. But by no means, it is the only vibe that black can gives. Combined with lighter shades of grey, black can give a serene and calm vibe too.

In this living room, black becomes the accent color. It complements the light grey and defines the space. If you want a serene and calm living room, adding black into it will be a great idea.

Look at Me!

Black Living Room Ideas Black Walls Look at Me
Black Living Room Ideas Black Walls source : patirobins

No black living room ideas on the list say ‘Look at Me’ louder than this one. This living room is brimmed with personal statements. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that. We just point out how the black wall, frames, and furniture create the perfect background for these items.

Notice that the colors used are rather a pastel than bright and bold. Pastel stands in contrast with black but in a more harmonious, subtle way rather than stands out like a sore thumb.

Rustic Warm

Living Room Ideas Black Leather Sofa Rustic Warm
source : carpetright

Black living room furniture ideas can be rustic as well. The rustic vibe, however, does not come from black. Rather, it comes from wood or leather pieces of furniture. In this living room here, the leather sofas and wooden boxes add a touch of rustic to the black living room and bring in warmth.

Again, the colors used here are those of lighter shades. Yes, for a good reason. Darker shades wouldn’t work just as good with a black living room.

Cozy Modern

Black and White Living Room Decor Ideas Cozy Modern
source : sorokinadesign

The next idea on our black living room ideas is a cozy one. We all want a cozy living room where we can spend our time with friends and family. The question is, can we do it with black? Yes, of course, we can. Look at how cozy this black living room is.

With black, you need to provide balance by introducing lighter colors to prevent the room from looking gloomy. In this living room, the ceiling, the fluffy rug, the cushion, and paintings bring the balance. The fluffy parts of the living room also bring in the coziness.


Modern Black and Grey Living Room Ideas Masculine
Modern Black and Grey Living Room Ideas source : Addison Grace

Want to make your living room masculine? Black is the perfect color of choice for that. Black adds an air of mystery, sophistication, and simplicity. These black leather couch living room ideas bring the masculine. The look of the living room is straight to the point, with no distraction or bright colors in it.

Open and Airy

Black Living Room Set Ideas Open and Airy
source : elledecor

Just because you go for black living room ideas, that doesn’t translate to being constricted in space. Why? Well, because black works wonder if worked with the outdoor too. Look at how amazing this open and airy living room thanks to the large black wall on the background.

The large black wall provides not just the perfect background for the furniture but also sets the tone of the living room as well. It brings the modern out of the living room.

Dark Farmhouse

Gray and Black Living Room Ideas Dark Farmhouse
Gray and Black Living Room Ideas source : homeaura

The farmhouse style often employs white as the background color. But can the black living room still be a farmhouse and gives off a rustic vibe? It can. This farmhouse living room has black here and there and it doesn’t lose its farmhouse-ness.

So if you want a farmhouse-style living room but want something other than the usual, dark farmhouse décor is a great idea. Just use grey as the background, introduce wood materials, and add the black. And there you have it.

Black Minimalist

Small Black Living Room Ideas Black Minimalist
Small Black Living Room Ideas source : decorationlove

The last one on our black living room ideas is very different from the rest. How could it not? Rather than going elegant, farmhouse, rustic or masculine, this one is going minimalist. Notice how simple and clean the living room is.

Everything in this living room is there for a reason, be it decoration, practical, or both. If you want a minimalist living room that looks different, using black is certainly a good idea.

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